What a difference a week can make!

This was today – Wednesday, April 25.

This was last Wednesday, April 18.

See what I mean? Ha!

13 thoughts on “What a difference a week can make!

  1. Diane

    It looks like two different planets! I am happy you have NO snow and hope it stays that way. Love Connie’s quilt. We might get to 80 next week. It seems like we have Winter/Summer/Winter with 3 or 4 days of Spring and Fall. Enjoy the sun:)

  2. Louise Murphy

    Ahhhh, the promise of spring. So happy for you. I really enjoy reading about Reed.

  3. LMK

    it is hard to believe but glad the snow is gone & warmer days are here, just so it doesn’t get hot & stay hot. nice to get outside, we still have to plant our seed potatoes. i’m trying to get ready for a garage sale, hope to have one may 4th then again may 11 during osage city-wide. by the look of things, i’m having more than i thought i would. hope rick is doing okay & back on his feet real soon. really enjoy hearing about everything you do on your farm (a life i wanted at one time) paul decided to go back to work part time at the chemical place, (this will be his 7th or 8th season there) him & his brother will go fishing next month when walleye season opens. (alot of lakes over by jackson, mn) enjoy the nice weather!!!!

  4. Martha Engstler

    Can spring be far away? Lets hope it’s on her way, SOON. The trees are starting to get some green and the weeds are really growing like crazy with all the rain. Always look forward to your blogs. Many thanks.

  5. Janice

    Amazing! It has warmed up here in MA quite a bit as well. In fact, today is almost tropical out there! We have had a lot of rain overnight and the temperature is about 60ish. Last weekend it was in the 20’s! Crazy weather. Love reading your blog! Jan in Topsfield, MA

  6. Janie

    I know what you went through. I helped my cousin shovel her city sidewalk at night. Next afternoon, most of piles of snow were melted! I see green buds on my lilac bushes. I hope flowers weren’t frozen out.

  7. Mary R.

    What crazy weather. Here in New Orleans we are freezing in the morning and running the A/C in the afternoon!

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