I loved hearing from you! 6-28-21

Regarding technology – I tell Kayla to walk me through any settings slowly and tell me like she knows I’m 73 and simply don’t understand it. I hate having to do EVERYTHING online – you can’t talk to a person in any business!

Have you numbered your Dirty Dozen for next year? Thursday is July 1 and I’ll be pulling the first number so get ready.

Patterns are on sale until July 5. When we put this book to rest we’ll have some brand new designs to show you – they won’t all fit in the book!

The guilt at the top of the page is one of my top favorites from the show – I think I will try it.

My opening paragraph has disappeared – I love hearing from you and even though I listen to the news, it doesn’t become real until I hear from a blog reader who is living it – like the hot weather on the west coast! It must be awful!

I will close and post another quilt picture in a separate post.

36 thoughts on “I loved hearing from you! 6-28-21

  1. Lynn Handberg

    Yes, this quilt is interesting! Sorry about the technology issues (again), but instead of saying “keep on truckin,” I will just say “Keep on bloggin!”
    One pic is better than no pics!

    The shop you wrote about, Sewing Seeds in New Ulm, is definitely one of my favorites too. I love the New Ulm area and hope to visit that shop yet this summer with a friend.

  2. Ellie

    Love this! Glad you got some rain but 3” at once is a bit much! Hope you can solved your problems with the blog because I love it!

  3. Jean

    I LOVE the quilt you love from the show! I have to have it! Pattern? THANKS ado much for sharing.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – I have no idea if there’s a pattern …. But why would you need one?

  4. Kristine

    I love the quilt you showcased in this post – it has so much soothing movement to it – maybe a soft breeze or a streams current; I really like it. We are so busy getting ready to host a 4th of July party this year that I haven’t had time to pull my twelve projects together – I’ll just a little late to the party.
    Thank you Mary for the blog posts – I enjoy reading them.

  5. Jo

    I was fortunate to stop and shop at Sewing Seeds in New Ulm Friday on our way to Iowa. What a wonderful place. Probably my new favorite. We are finally getting a nice gentle rain today in northern MN. Just what we have been praying for.

  6. Carrolyn V

    Yep….we literally are dying in the Pacific Northwest with record breaking temperatures. I used to live in Phoenix….but we were prepared there. Few have air conditioners out here….especially Seattle and Portland where it was rarely needed.

    Certainly not good quilting weather!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carrolyn V – I think of you guys every time I hear about those brutal temps!

    2. Susan K in Texas

      AC and being used to heat makes a BIG difference! Hopefully you’ll get some relief soon!

  7. Sue In Oregon

    The quilt you are showing today is very interesting. Is it a pattern or a technique? Seems like it would be a great scrap buster.
    It is foggy here this am (7:30) and about 62 degrees. But, when that fog burns off, I think it will get warm very fast. Somehow, I forgot to close up the chickens last night and now they are wandering all over the yard.
    I don’t think your problems are anything you are doing wrong. I think it stems from whatever drives it beyond where you are and out of your control. So frustrating, I know!

  8. Launa

    Mornin Mary,
    58o @ near 9 am…a plus of living @ 5600 feet altitude! In winter, not so much! Things are dry, but we have two tiny streams on the property and are near the Salmon and North Fork Rivers.
    Looking forward to sewing. There’s a free small Flag runner pattern on Temecula Quilt Shop’s blog this morning.
    Looking forward to the July DD! #!
    Stay hydrated!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – Good Morning to you! Very pleasant at your house today! Wish I had time to make that little flag quilt!

  9. Judy

    I like the quilt. Is there a story that goes with it? It reminds me of what I have in mind to do. When I sew 2 strips together, then cut off sections, there are always end pieces. My plan, someday, is to use the end pieces in a quilt. Hopefully that someday is soon,because I have plenty and more coming all the time.

  10. Pat

    Good morning Mary. This quilt reminds me of one by Amanda Nyberg “Birch Trees”.
    We’re getting plenty of rain in my part of Michigan this month!

  11. Linda from Oconomowoc

    I so miss the County Threads blog when it’s not there! I read all comments and think you are all friends in my head.
    I live in SE WI. Drought. But this weekend we did get spotty rain/ drizzle. I won’t have to water my garden and flowers for a few days now! Yippee. Of course, the ONLY weekend it has rained was on my son’s outdoor wedding! The rain stayed away for most part but not with me getting rained on drIzzled on before wedding trying to do tablescapes and flowers from a leaking tent. I have a lot of gray hair and it was frizzed out so bad even with my smoothing and spraying the heck out of it in morning. The dew point was 72%…horrible. but the families came and didn’t mind the cooling drizzle. It turned out better than I thought. I know rain is good luck on a wedding…my son and DIL never heard that but us old folks knew it.
    Mary, I am with you about computers. I try to understand them. Just not in my wheelhouse. Thank God for my son who lives 5 min. Away. But can’t bother him too much now being married. ☹️

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Hi Linda from NY. Yes I feel like we are all one big group of friends sharing our days, weather, shopping , frustration over technology, whatever our little hearts desire with no judgement. With all this heat slowing us down, I find my eating habits need to change….so cut up small sweet peppers, opened container of dip and made myself a glass of peach tea. Twinnings had a box of peach cold brew tea bags so I am loving that. So from one friend to another, Linda, we sure would miss if Mary didn’t let us extend our greetings to one another.

  12. Chris in Washington

    Here in Puyallup, WA. we are expecting temperatures of 111 today, cooling down to 92 tomorrow. We just aren’t use to heat like this. For those of us with AC, we just stay inside. Also, something we aren’t use to. I don’t want to whine about it because I know that’s not unusual for you. Trying to stay cool. I’m going to check out the patterns in your shop today. 😁

  13. Tina in Oregon

    We had record breaking temps in NE Oregon yesterday. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be the same. And wouldn’t you know it but our main floor AC quit working last night! I’m so thankful we installed a separate unit upstairs when we built our house 16 years ago. At least we were able to sleep. Probably time to replace both units since the same thing happened last year. They both went out – a month apart.
    Looking forward to the Dirty Dozen this year.

  14. Joanne Seruto

    I am ready for the Dirty Dozen challenge!
    Can’t wait to hopefully downsize my stash !!!

  15. NancyTD

    Just hang in there. Probably the providers problem and they will never admit it.
    Washing matching quit and we are having family that has been camping for a week. Nine adults and four children will have a lot to wash. Shortage of appliances now too. 8 weeks is a long wait- I will keep searching. Oh what a Monday!!
    A short shower early this morning and hopefully rain this afternoon. Rochester Fest parade was canceled Sat. because of rain. We only had half inch-better than none.
    Hope everyone’s weather becomes pleasant in your area.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy TD – oh, of course it would quit right now!! I don’t envy you all that company. I am becoming a recluse in my old age.

  16. Mary in Davenport

    Hi Mary sorry for those computer problems but it’s so wonderful getting your notes and pictures I love them and miss them like someone else said one picture is better than none I like that quilt I’m going to try it make and stay cool

  17. Judy

    Sorry you are having so many problems with the technology. That is so frustrating
    Yes it is extremely hot here just outside of Portland. They are predicting up to 115 today. We are fortunate to have air conditioning and are staying inside although I went out around 11 pm last night and it was still unbearable. Tomorrow it will be back down to 95 so better.
    We spent most of May in Kansas City, Mo at our sons house and I have a great cat story for you. The neighborhood has several feral cats due to a previous cat hoarder. My sons GF and several others make sure they have food and water. Most of them have been caught and neutered. One mama cat who is very wild has never been caught. This year after she had her litter she moved them into a space under my son’s house. After we arrived she brought them out and we knew they were old enough to leave mama. Long story short we were able to catch her and the 5 kittens and bring them into the house. We kept them in a playpen for animals that my sons GF purchased. It worked perfectly except for mama being so wild. When we tried to get her back in a cage to take her to be spayed she got away from us and was literally bouncing off the walls. Somehow my son and his GF got her in the cage. When my son’s GF picked her up at the vet they told her that mama was terrifying. I would agree as I have been around many feral cats growing up but none like this one.
    My son and his GF had to go out of town for a few days so my job was to tame the kittens and take care of mama before she could go outside. We kept them separated but she was not happy about losing her babies and howled for them at night. I was able to tame the kittens and we found homes for all of them. A couple in KC took one and they absolutely love her. We left KC with the remaining 4 kittens. Two of them went to friends homes in Idaho and two went to my daughter here in Oregon
    They have all gone to good homes where they will have good lives. As for mama cat we let her go after my son and GF came back to town. She took off like a shot across the lawn and we thought we would never see her again. She has come back to their place and hangs around on their porch wall and even has gotten to the point where she won’t run off when they go sit on the porch.
    I hope you enjoy reading about this as it is a story that ended in the best possible way for the kittens. Sorry it is so long.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judy – stories like this are never long enough! You guys went to great lengths to save that little cat family and I can’t thank you enough! I love successful stories like this and the next time I hear from you, you’re likely to tell me Mama is living inside at your son’s house! Haha!!

      1. Judy

        My son’s girlfriend would gladly let her live in the house but does not think she will ever be tamed enough to do so. One of the kittens my daughter took was the runt of the litter but has a huge personality. Everyone was drawn to him as he was the first to really want and ask for human interaction. He is totally black and looks so much like the mother except she is gray. I was glad that my daughter wanted him because he was my favorite. I can’t have cats as my husband is allergic so I have to get my pet fix at other people’s houses. My son and his girlfriend have two cats and one is a rescue from another KC neighborhood. They were visiting a friend who had been feeding him and when they went to leave GF called him and he jumped into her arms so they took him home. He wasn’t chipped and too friendly to have been feral so we have always assumed someone left him in the neighborhood. We tell him all the time what a lucky cat he is to have been taken in by them. He is another cat with a big personality. By the time we leave their house my husband is ready to come home because he has to be on allergy pills the whole time. and really doesn’t like taking them. Even though I would love to have a cat I just can’t do that to him.

  18. Lois Ann Johnson

    I relate to you and the technical problems with the blog–computer. I am learning to use a new cell phone and it has been challenging for me, at my age. I hate new things! I have a younger friend who is helping me learn how to operate it. I think our area had about the same amount of rain as your area. Things look so much better now with some moisture in the ground! Even though I do not quilt or sew, I still look forward to your blog each day and I enjoy seeing all of the lovely projects everyone creates. I also love seeing your farm and the animals who live there! Keep up the good work and thank you for keeping us all linked together.

  19. Sandy

    Hi Mary, you can have some of the rain from wellington, new Zealand, heavy rain forecast for the next few days.fortunately I’m in Rotorua with my brother for a few days, we went to a cat cafe yesterday, fell in love with an American Curl cat with curled back pixie ears and fur like a bengal cat.Lots of long haired cats too, one chewed everyone of my fingers, like a baby teething.Off to the Waikato today to stay for a week with my daughter in laws mother.perhaps Nancy can take her laundry to Bonnie Hunters, she has 2 laundry setups now!keep cool everyone, best wishes from sandy

    1. Diane and Squeak

      Hi Sandy, We visited Rotorua in 2003. If I remember correctly, there was a very nice quilt shop there. My husband also remembers going to The Pig and Whistle. Great food and beer! We had a fun time and loved your beautiful country.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Diane and Squeak – you’re very sweet to send such a timely card! Thank you Diane and Squeak!

  20. Lisa

    Yes, it’s hot here in North central Washington state. 114 today, 118 forecast for Tuesday. The extended 10 day forecast is showing every day will be 100 or hotter, but it will pass. We really coukd use some of your rain, we’re lucky to get 10 inches in a year and are way below that for 2021. Luckily we have irrigation, one flat fee per acre for all the water you want to use. Our sprinklers run 24/7 this time of year. I’m staying indoors and Quilting!

  21. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Very interesting quilt. I like the flow. Hot in Central Ohio, but definitely not as bad as the northwest. My stray cat, Buddy, still comes every night for food, water, combing, and petting. He is very sweet. I am hoping to catch him for neutering, de-fleaing, worming, and petting. I am almost ready for DD.

  22. Gwen

    I am with you on technology. I belong to several groups which meet on Zoom. I have skipped them all during the last year. I have no interest in meeting online. I could not even apply for the job I have had for 25 years. Application is all online. However, I do love reading your blog and a couple of other blogs. I also love shopping online. I do most of my shopping online except for groceries. I actually enjoy grocery shopping. My favorite quilt shop closed a couple of years ago. I did love shopping there. It is just as well. I could make a hundred quilts from my stash!

  23. Betty Klosterman

    Has anybody else looked at the pictured quilt and thought about the diagrams of how the building in Florida collapsed? Each floor off centered from the previous floor? I feel so badly for all the people involved. Guess I always think there must be a reason, but I never know what it is. Between the extreme temps, flooding and storms, I’m really glad to live in Rapid City. Dull and boring is pretty nice.
    We had Project Warmth today and it was great. There were about 15 of us and we made the best of our sewing time. So nice to get together with live people again. We all seemed to have the same problem — scatter brained. Must be a sign of the times.
    Take care. Betty in Rapid City

  24. Janice Brown

    Mary, What a great looking quilt. Makes want to try making one similar to it. The construction is very interesting and looks like it would be fun.

  25. Jane Boyer

    You are not the only one who does not like dealing with online sites. I get so very frustrated when a site doesn’t work the same way it did a few days previously. And I keep a log of passwords and the site won’t accept a password. A day or two later I’ll use the same password and the site accepts it. Do stores realize how many customers they lose by not having an alternative to online?

  26. Ann Roll

    Long time ago you mentioned a Bible Ladies book, could you please tell me what that was.
    I had seen it advertised but never wrote down the name or author. Thank-you

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