Sunday Night, 6-27-21

We finally got rain!

This blog is still messed up and won’t let me post pictures or make paragraphs. One picture is all per post! I’m not sure Kayla can fix it and I’m sick of it all. With that I apologize and will try again in a few days.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Night, 6-27-21

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    Wowzers, you got a lot of rain…glorious rain.

    No need to apologize for a short post, it’s a lot more than I can do.
    We love any and all that you post.

  2. Jan VanDeWalle

    Hi Mary , Hang in there, Yay for the rain was 108 here today 9PM and still 98. We are supposed to get more of the same tomorrow. I am writing from 35 miles SW of Portland Ore. Hay is all baled and half of it was picked up early Sat. morning, my sister in law has two horses. one of the neighbors will take the rest. We don’t have animals anymore used to raise sheep when the boys were home , but got rid of them when the youngest went to college. I miss them but my hubby doesn’t, , He will be 80 in Aug and too much work for old people, I am 82. we don’t plan on moving to town anytime soon. Look forward to your blog everyday.
    Maybe you could put the pictures on Facebook easier but I am not sure about that either Save the email for sales of patterns. Just a thought, My son makes it all look so easy, but not for me. Take care, Be Still!

  3. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, 3″ rain!! We’d give our eye teeth for that out here. I keep thinking several years ago. Lake Pactola was 17 ‘ below full. The lake supplies Rapid with water, lots of water activities and irrigation. It started raining and was FULL in 1 week! We keep hoping for that again.
    And Jan in Oregon. We all are thinking about the heat you are having. Just hold on, it can’t last forever. We have quite a few relatives living from Portland south to the California line. Be careful not to get over heated.
    Take care. Betty in Rapid City

  4. Sue in Oregon

    It got up to 90 degrees here on the Oregon coast. That is very hot for this neck of the woods. No air conditioning, of course. Whew.
    Stay as cool as you can everyone.


  5. Janet

    Betty, We all feel your frustration and sympathize – stupid computers. On the plus side, we sure are envious if your 3″ rain. We got about 1/2″ yesterday south of Minneapolis and hoping for lots more.

  6. Glenda Fletcher

    We know all about computers as we also get very frustrated with it. Wish we had the minds of our
    grandkids as they can do anything with them. Hope you can get it all cleared up again. Really enjoy your posts. We received in SE South Dakota 1″ of rain. Hurray!! Ground has been cracked in places.
    Chances today again for rain. Can use more but are thankful for the inch. It is so funny how weeds
    still seem to grow. Sounds like you had a great time in Minn. and at the quilt show. Would be fun to
    go to both areas. At least this week we aren’t in the high 90’s only to 89 one day. The rest of the
    week lower 80’s. Betty, did you get any showers over this last weekend? I hope so.
    Mary, hang in there.

  7. Kathy in western NY

    Morning Mary – show me something that isn’t messed up in this crazy upside down world we live in. Computers we are told to rely on for banking, paying bills, medical tests and how many times that doesn’t go as planned so don’t worry about what you can’t do. Just send us one picture whenever you want to show us something and we will smile knowing all is well with you at the farm.
    I hope you are enjoying sewing different fabrics for your new book. I am reading Golden Girl by Elin Hildebrand in all this heat. 93 again today and feels like 100 out there. It will be a long hot summer if it’s like this now for us.

  8. Susie Kepley

    No need to apologize!! Love hearing from you even with one picture and one looooong paragraph.

  9. Anonymous

    Good evening Mary, No need to apologize, it is great to hear from you! We need to get a rain gauge. It seems like we got a lot of rain over the weekend as well. We live about 15 miles north of Traverse City MI and it has been so dry. We haven’t had to cut our grass in over a month. After tomorrow, we get a tad cooler temps with highs in the mid-70’s going into the holiday weekend. I am just thankful we are not getting the kind of temps in the Pacific NW nor had the rain issues like in the Detroit area.

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