I screwed up! 5-5-22

I got the cart before the horse when I posted Connie’s quilts yesterday – I had forgotten to get them sent to Kayla! Yes, it is available as a paper pattern but also online as a pdf just as soon as the pattern reaches Kayla and she has time to get it posted.

Just came home from grocery store and I feel a need to vent. The store advertises a special so you plan your menu using that item. You get to the store only to see that they have none of the sale product but for $1.00+ more they have another brand available. What clever but unfair marketing!

Here are Connie’s Layer By Layer quilts again – paper pattern is $5.00 if you order through mail and include a SASE or at least an address label THAT I CAN USE. I don’t want one stuck to your letter – please include one with your $5 check or cash. No credit cards.

To those of you who left a comment on Country Threads Facebook page and a hacker responded, too, I think we got that stopped. Why would a hacker get any satisfaction out of spamming a bunch of old quilt ladies? I don’t get it.

It’s sprinkling here again today and is only 52 degrees with a brisk southeast wind. No outside work again today. Sigh. Reader quilts:

32 thoughts on “I screwed up! 5-5-22

  1. Margaret

    So glad you are on the mend. Love all the quilts and projects. So inspiring..
    about dogs we had 4, German Shepard, Dachshund Germans shepherd , Yorkie. They were all so very special.. it has been rainy and ugly so many days and now next week they are predicting 90’s.. keep posting love your emails. You are so special to so many. ❤️

  2. Teresa in Port Coquitlam, BC

    Grocery stores are frustrating us here as well. The newest scam you get that great price when you buy multiples of three. Some items I wouldn’t use three in a year. Or they only have one left on the shelf so you can’t buy multiples and the sign that says you have to buy a certain quantity is so small no one could read it. Very frustrating. A store clerk said more and more people aren’t buying the specials when they have it that you must buy multiples. Luckily we still have one grocery store not doing that.

  3. Diane from Colorado

    I like the last picture on this post. Yes, I’m definitely in that group who thinks they have the best dogs. Mine both got brushed and bathed today—a big project that hurts my back but must be done occasionally. Now they are clean and floofy!!! Next up? Walks! It’s finally sunny again! We needed the rain so I’m glad we finally got some.

    Planning to sew this weekend. I have a three day weekend for a change. I haven’t stitched anything in awhile.

  4. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    I’m sure no one is upset about the pattern
    We know it takes time to get it up on the website. So happy to hear you are feeling better. It is 67 right now and supposed to be in upper 60s all weekend and 70 on Monday. Been scrubbing floors today and my lower back is telling me what it thinks of this activity. Don’t understand why this bothers my back and bowling doesn’t. Outside work will have to wait until tomorrow. I need to get my asparagus and rhubarb patches cleaned out. Our TV quit on Tuesday and new one comes tomorrow. Hope to get it all set up and working before Saturday’s basketball games.

  5. Carla

    Every time I think about getting a fb, I find out something negative. Someone tried to spam you all?! Thanks, I’ll pass on that lol. I loved those bright pillows! Our weather has been pulling more of the bait and switch lately than our grocery stores! Of course, I have a big crew so I tend to stock up and multiples don’t bother me.

  6. Karla T

    I really LOVE the neutral pieced and embroidered quilt! That is alot of work and detail. Just beautiful! I made one similar to it with winter scenes and had mt mom do all the embroidery work. The quilter who made it should be proud of an awesomel finish! Pretty Kaffe Fawcett pillows too!

  7. Cathy D

    Love the Layer by Layer quilts! Very pretty fabrics. I struggle with choosing fabric. I get too matchy matchy in my choices. What’s the secret to putting fabric together for a quilt? Am I destined to purchase quilt kits where the choices are already made for me? Hahaha

  8. Launa

    Good to read CT today! Nice quilts all! Love our Dog! Sweet cartoon!
    Am thankful my husband was within hollering distance as a wheel n parts fell off my DRIVE brand 4 wheel seated walker this morning. Had to navigate pushing it on three wheels to my recliner while he did the repair! He decided it best to order another…in red…just in case this happens again sometime when I’m home alone!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – whoa!!! At least you made it to the chair! This could have been dangerous – falls are not good. A new walker sounds like a good idea.

  9. Nancy simpson bunt

    What is the name of the quilt that is embroidered and has the witches hat on it?

    1. Dot

      It’s called Calendula Patterdrip’s Cottage. Google will tell you where you can buy it.

  10. NancyTD

    Times have changed as for shopping for anything. My opinion is if they offer a substitute it should be the same price. Usually they say it didn’t’t come in.
    Nice finishes but, no names. Pillows are a neat idea to use a charm pack. Quilt was a lot of work with the embroidery. Be proud and put your name on them!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy TD – I so agree but apparently nothing I say will convince them.

  11. Sherry Whalen

    I finally went out this morning and started some yard work. Al started the fire pit so we could dispose of some (well many) sticks even though he’s been out picking up sticks for several weeks. It has been so windy and cold that it doesn’t even seem like spring! And here we go – going from highs in the 30s, and bounding to highs in the 80s in a few days time – skipping spring all together. Anyway – we stopped and made lunch, decided to dine by the fire pit – and when we got back out there it was sprinkling – it didn’t last more than a couple of minutes so we stayed out. After lunch we went back to raking, and by about 2:30 it was sprinkling again, this time more seriously. So….there was nothing left to do but go to the greenhouse and get my mom a hanging basket, go to the chocolate shoppe and get my DILs some chocolate. Oh and ice cream for me.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sherry – here it is Cinco de Mayo and I’m driving the golf cart with my parka on – and hood up! Sickening.

      1. Sherry Whalen

        It is disheartening – I haven’t gotten any spring things done, because it hasn’t felt like spring. Usually we get a couple of nice days and I am making to do lists, checking garden supplies, and probably planting too early lol. Last year we put the greenhouse cover on one of the gardens to warm up the soil and keep it dry and suddenly we had onions, spinach and lettuce growing from seeds I had fall planted – on April 4th! This year we did the same, today I looked and the seeds I sowed last fall, finally the lettuce is maybe an inch tall. On one day last week I was walking thru the house and covered my ears – I just couldn’t listened to the wind howling for another minute – so the last couple of days have been a good break from that at least, the sun almost came out today and it hasn’t rained much for a few days!

  12. Kim from TN

    Bait and switch grocery tactics are super frustrating, I try to stay in my budget and plan meals according to what is available and affordable. I have noticed that food costs are definitely on the rise. Love the pattern, thanks for the update on the PDF pattern.

  13. Dee in Ohio

    You cracked me up talking about spamming old quilt people.We are to meet our son on Sunday in the city he lives in and he is building a house. We are going to buy him furniture and I asked him if the restaurant is close to the furniture store. He told me yes.I said that is good for us old people to figure out

  14. Diane in WI

    Glad you are feeling better. The sun is actually out right now. The rain went farther south so it turned out to be a nice day. There was hardly any wind. I’ll take more of these days. I worked on cutting the strips for my grandson’s quilt for his first birthday, and things for the craft show myself and two others are doing. Have a good evening.

  15. Kris in WI

    My hybrid dandelions are enjoying all the rain we have had in the past few weeks and the fluffy green lawn will have to wait until the lawnmower and the snowblower trade places in the garage, so I have until the hopefully dry weekend before I have to get it in gear. Grocery ads…I give up. Why do I have to buy 5 snack foods to get the sale price on one bag of chips? That’s all I allow in the house with my ‘every 2 weeks’ shopping trip. And I agree with the comments about empty shelves where the sale items are supposed to be, Grr! Enough of that. Sherry has the perfect remedy for the rain and/or grocery blues…greenhouse, chocolate, and ice cream! My neighbor’s daffodils are in full bloom and her neighbor’s magnolia tree is about ready to burst. The sun will shine one of these days and I’m so glad you are feeling better, Mary. End vent.

  16. Jo in Wyoming

    Everyone had such fun news today.
    My kids are fostering a new dog this week. All of their foster dogs have this need to snuggle up with them on the couch. They must feel very warm and safe to get that close to strangers.

    Just for the record…my Loretta is the best dog,,,,today!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – I forgot to ask more about the foster dog? What kind? Circumstances? How’s it going?

      1. Jo in Wyoming

        I don’t know much about this dog. He looks like a shepherd/corgi mix. He has pointed ears.
        I don’t know the name he is going by, his age, where he’s from…nothing, except he’s friendly and very calm.
        Because it’s been warm, windy but warm, Loretta sits on the deck looking for things to move. She is so funny.

  17. Sue in Oregon

    Here on the West Coast…….It’s Terrible!! I have been depressed today as it has not stopped raining all day with lots of huge gusts of wind. Plus, its cold. Plus, we have only had a few nice days sprinkled here and there for what seems like months!
    We drove down to the ocean today for something to do and to look at the huge waves and white surf. Stormy all day and now it is 9 o’clock and still going at it out there. I should have been sewing, but I didn’t want to do anything but pout. I made a Cinco de Mayo dinner and now my stomach is upset. LOL Really…I am okay. Just had to vent.
    That embroidered quilt is lovely and so are the pillows. Connie’s are So very pretty as well.
    I’m not wrong when I say we had the best dog(s).

  18. Shirley

    Hi Mary-you might have suggested to the store that the other item should be substituted to make customers happy.

  19. Janet of MN

    Your site has changed somehow. It used to have ‘see all comments’ so we could read what each other wrote but that’s gone. Now it only has a ‘comment’ space to click on.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janet of MN – try this – unsubscribe and then subscribe again. If given the choice of receiving comments, check that box. If this doesn’t work please let me know and I’ll get Kayla to help you. Here’s another idea – close your device down comp,Evelyn if you haven’t done so and just turn it back on – it might reset itself.

  20. Kathy in western NY

    Any shopping seems to be whatever is in stock and we hardly see printed ads anymore cause supply chain is so iffy with a list as long as your arm with all the delays happening. Plan B is my go to now.
    I believe whomever made the gorgeous embroidery quilt colored in the designs so lots more work but it’s so beautiful. Wonderful job and I know the length of time to make them as I have made a couple Crabapple embroidery patterns.

  21. Betty

    Mary, I will need your address to send $ for pattern. Enjoy your posts. You get more things done than twenty people.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – my address is printed on the right side of the blog home page.

  22. Janet Kay

    Have always enjoyed reading your blog!!Was blessed to have visited your store several times and truly enjoyed it! What layer cake fabric did Connie use to make her orangeish layer by layer quilt? Would look great on my sofa in those colors.

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