It rained yesterday – yes, rain- and today this is what our yard looks like — a solid piece of ice all the way to the barn!  I have nearly threatened Rick about trying to walk outside but I doubt he’ll listen.  He does have chains for his boots which really help – I should have a pair.

Our high temp for tomorrow, the funeral, is 5.  Ugh!  Thank goodness I had a long weekend to search for music (the songs that I knew Margaret would like) and then practice that music.  It’s such beautiful music for such a sad occasion.

This is something else I did this weekend – I quilted my shirt quilt!  I love this quilt – the shades of blue with the bright shirts used as the tiny triangle squares in the borders.  I love sewing like this – just piecing bits together to create something interesting and every single piece with the exception of the white triangle in the triangle squares started as a man’s cotton shirt from the thrift store.

And someone asked where to find the pattern for Wildflower.  I hope for a better picture when we get some decent weather.

The pattern can be found in this book.

Stray barn cat is still in the barn and very timid – wary of my presence so I have not tried to pet him/her and if I tame this cat, you know very well I’ll bring this cat into the house which Rick will not be happy about so if he’ll just stay out in the barn, I’m happy.  No, he didn’t beat up Colton – he’s too timid.  I’m sure it was JB – the two of them even fight in the house!

Schools are starting 2 hours late because of the roads – I hope I can get to town!

19 thoughts on “Ice!

  1. Paula

    Love your thrift store shirts quilt. I love deboning them and then finding the perfect Pattern. I made one red and blue queen size and have used the left overs in several scrap quilts. I am getting where I like the scrap quilts the best. Paula in KY

  2. Felicia Hamlin

    If I knew how to skate I would be gliding from my house to places in Blue Earth. I rather have those terrible temps than ice. Be careful.

  3. Ann Barlament

    What a skating rink you have. I picture a block & tackle from the garage to the house, a sled and chair to sit on, then pull your way across the ice… to the barn. Be careful!!

  4. San

    Please be very careful Mary. Doesn’t LL Bean sell those ice grippers for the bottoms of boots? Years ago, when I typed medical reports for a very large Boston clinic, folks there were always going outside to get their newspaper, slipping on a small patch of ice, ending up with broken hips, etc., then pneumonia, etc. The list goes on and on. It’s dangerous stuff. Love the new blue quilt.

  5. Mary Says Sew!


    Please know that many of us will be thinking of you and your gift of music at Margaret’s son’s funeral.

  6. Lisa

    Oh honey, be careful with all that ice!

    And while you’re stuck indoors, start thinking of names because that pretty kitty is coming into the house sooner than hubby will expect. Just think about the “This is Mr Kitty” commercial on tv!! Makes me laugh out loud every time I see it!

    Hugs from Louisiana!


  7. Diane

    Mary, please be careful on that ice. I broke my ankle in 2008 on ice. Those things you hook on the bottom of your shoes work. Good luck tomorrow; it will be beautiful. My friend’s service is Sunday; three choirs, violinist, two pianists, one duet, one soloist. Should be beautiful.

  8. Carolyn

    That icy mess reminds me of what we had last year in NW Texas. There was not any safe way to try walking on that mess. Sir Paddington, mt miniature poodle, even hated going out on it. To say the least I am not a winter person, but also not enough money to head far enough south that the sun knows how to shine day after day. Stay warm and stay safe.

  9. Delores

    Mary, if there is a program with the music listed, could you take a photo and share the choices made. Not only are you playing to honor Margaret and Mark, you are honoring our Lord. Thanks.

    As always, the quilts are beautiful.

  10. Katie Hernandez

    Be safe, stay the shirt quilt fun..
    Happy New Year..good health in 2017 from Az🌵..

  11. Sue

    Hi Mary….I am a new subscriber to your blog and just want to say that I love your quilts and your writing style. Very ‘at home’ feeling and warm like the quilts. Except, you are probably cold with all that ice.
    We are having a cold snap here on the Oregon coast, too. We are usually very temperate here, but have been waking up to white in the mornings lately. Can’t say I like it much. I always feel so bad for my hens and for our cows. They look miserable. Of course, they are not used to the cold weather and are actually very spoiled.
    Won’t it be nice when spring returns?

  12. Bonnie

    I remember ice on everything from time to time. We grew up in northwestern Wisconsin and lived in St. Paul, Mn. for years. We landed here in the desert southwest 37 years ago due to a job transfer and couldn’t be happier. Love our weather, even the hot summers.

    Be careful walking and driving. Hopefully the salt trucks will get our before you have to leave.

  13. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    You and Rick be careful with all that ice! It was like that here a week ago (rain in freezing temperatures) and it turned our front path and road into an ice rink. Luckily I didn’t need to get out and about, but could hole-up and quilt.
    The two quilts look terrific: looking forward to seeng the shirt quilt off the machine.
    I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow: stay strong. I am sure it will be a comfort to Margaret to have you playing music that she also loves.
    Regards Fiona.

  14. Donna

    Mary please walk carefully as you go out. I went to local hospital for a mammogram this morning & sidewalk getting to hospital was glare ice. Hospital sidewalks were salted but city sidewalk was not. I told the office staff that if I fell & broke something at least I was heading to hospital 😉 Your quilts are so pretty. I have that book & I think I bought it for the exact one you did. The barn cat is so pretty and cute. Too bad she doesn’t warm to you since feed her & provide shelter. Cats are difficult to understand at times. My “Fluffy Henry” never sought out sunny spots in my place but lately he is. He’s being the alpha cat so my Gremlin doesn’t always get his favorite funny spot. He’s black so he really draws in the suns heat. I’ll send you s pic as they look so cute right now. Stay warm Mary & careful when you’re out & about.

  15. bernadette

    Glad stray kitty is comfy in your barn. I think it could be a female since it has a delicate – looking face. What do you think, Mary? Quilts are beautiful.

  16. Gayla kenyon

    I wouldn’t be without my Yaktrax in the winter. They can be purchased at sporting goods stores. You are taking a big chance for a fall with all that ice.

  17. Marsha Ransom

    I really love the wildflower quilt . . . thanks for the resource!

    And the shirts! I have been saving shirts for a while. Hope I can make something pretty from them, too. This one looks like it was fun to do!

  18. Holly

    Love your creativity and “re-use” of materials.

    I have been watching your quilting technique of using straight lines and LOVE IT. I attempted it on a table runner over the weekend. I’m happy that I accomplished it, but my lines didn’t stay exactly straight. I used my regular machine with my walking foot and guide, but I didn’t mark the piece first, I just jumped right in. Do you mark your quilts? The pictures you post make them look so nice and straight, is there a secret to it?

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