We said goodbye to Mark Jass this afternoon.  Here is the list of music I played before the service started.

Precious Lord, Take My Hand

How Great Thou Art

Precious Memories

His Eye Is  on the Sparrow

Mansion on the Hilltop

Just a Closer Walk With Thee

Jesus Loves Me

Peace in the Valley

Processional congregational hymn – What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Soloist – Amazing Grace

Recessional congregational hymn – Because He Lives

Postlude – Softly and Tenderly and Blessed Assurance

Many of the solos I played had a country music “blues” feel which suited Mark, I think.

I feel like I want to sew for 10 hours straight – just to get my head back to normal.  I am 2 steps behind in Bonnie Hunter’s mystery – she even revealed the quilt and I didn’t know it so I have much to catch up on.  And I think next week we will start another “sew-along” from our new book “Sew Charming”.  Hope you all have your book by now – maybe you got it from Santa?  Choose a charm pack or cut 42 – 5″ squares for the “sew-along” while I pick out which project we’re going to do.

I also have a gift quilt I’d like to make in the next few weeks – nothing fancy, maybe just a quilt from squares.  It could be a quilt to keep in the car for emergencies or for a picnic in warm weather.  And then there’s my New York Beauty quilt – remember that was going to be my winter project.  Well, it can’t get to be much more winter than 25 below wind chill which is what it was today so I think I’d better get started – seriously started, not just playing with one block or spring will come and I will regret not tackling this technique of paper piecing which I have never enjoyed.  Ha!

We’re also going to have a give away – check back to see another new book that we had a hand in.

28 thoughts on “Music

  1. Cindy

    Love all of those hymns. Went to a church once that didn’t play any of the old favorites. Couldn’t read this list without singing the title. Some of them bring tears to my eyes. Love your blog. Don’t have the book for the sew along, but might have to order it. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Connie Olson

    Your music list sounds beautiful. Wish I’d been there to hear you play. You are so great to share your talent that way. Happy New Year to you!

  3. Sneed

    Losing a friend, family member and sometimes a pet can be such a painful time until good memories begin to replace the sadness. Death is such an arbitrary thing…always leaves us wanting more.

  4. Ann Barlament

    Love your list of songs…have been sitting here humming out some of my favorites. Many songs remind me of family, already gone. It’s a comforting feeling.

  5. Delores

    Thank you for listing the music you played for Mark’s service. You chose such great hymns of our youth and unfortunately we don’t sing them often enough. I love everyone of those and am sure they gave comfort to the family and friends who attended.

  6. Kathy Schwartz

    Thanks for sharing your list of music. Great choices. I have a question, maybe you or one of your followers can help. I played at a funeral in Nov. When I got done, I put the music on the organ bench. I used several books and used a post-it note to mark each page. When I went back to the church to practice for the Sunday service, two of the books were missing. I looked through all the music and could not find the two books. I looked five times and nothing. Does anybody have the Nov. 1988 or the May 1993 edition of “The Organist” published by Lorenz? I contacted Lorenz and they said they do not have copies. I put an ad in the paper and had no response. At this time the books are not on ebay. I would like a photocopy of one song from each book. I would pay for this. Thanks for any help.
    I did get the book for Christmas and am looking forward to the sew along.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy – I will ask Margaret if she has this music. Someone stole your music IN CHURCH????? For cryin’ out loud!

  7. Rhoda

    Loved all your music and while you were playing for a funeral
    Was at jury duty all day and my friends
    Had their first baby – a big boy with no namebyet
    Rhoda E

  8. Kathy

    Sounds like you were deeply touched by your ministry of music for your friend’s funeral. Music is such a healing way of giving comfort to those in grief. It’s also like the warmth of a crafted quilt to envelope a person in hope and peace when buffeted by sorrow. I’m sure the hymns were a blessing to all. It’s wonderful to have such a musical talent. Your creativity in quilting also brings people to enjoy making scraps of material become fantastic artwork. Hope you continue to inspire and encourage everyone in all walks of life.

  9. Paula Nordt

    Also love those hymns. God gave you a great gift in being able to play them! I also am working on the last two steps of En Provence, but can’t wait for your quilt along. It will be my first time.

  10. Beverly

    Love all the hymns.
    My husband passed away 5 months ago & I had a wonder ful song that is played on Christian radio a lot – “Blessings” by Laurn Story.played at the funeral. If you haven’t heard it, it wills touch your heart

  11. Mareen

    Love all the music and a few of them were played for Jennifer’s service…..sad prayers for all of the family!

  12. Melody Lenart

    Love all the old hymns that you played for the funeral service. Blessed Assurance is one of my favorites.

  13. mary hawk

    Mary, JoAnn’s Fabric sells a tweezer type gadget that is about 6 inches long that is SO helpful for removing the paper from paper piecing. It really grips into corners and all. Comes with a little black rubber band that keeps the blades together when storing, I only mention that as it might help you locate it on the notions wall. I picked it up 1/2 price and was glad I did. What a bitter cold day for a funeral. Great list of songs. So sorry. Our sewing machines can be good therapy for working out grief and troubles. Today I finished sewing a cross stitch piece into a little pillow. My dear dear older friend Doris stitched it. Seh was my cross stitch buddy. I in the strangest fashion received some of her unfinished stitcheries after her death this year. ( that’s a whole other story). It made me so so miss her to work on this, but I think she’d be happy I was finishing some of her projects. Sending you a hug.

  14. Christina Mejer

    Sorry but I need to correct my earlier comment : your book is Sew Charming, not Simply Charming . Please forgive !/

  15. bernadette

    I bought your Wear Warm Clothes book and see many beautiful projects that pique my interest. Available thru Amazon, if you want a copy.

  16. Marian

    Wonderful choice of hymns, Mary. Brings back childhood memories.
    I love your quilt book and am excited to do number two!!!!
    How is the barn kitty doing? It is so cold.

  17. Jane Wolfe

    There were several of my favorites in your list of songs. I’m sure the Jass family appreciated each & every one of them. My heart has been sad all day as I thought about all of you. May you find peace in your animals & quilts.

  18. Pamela Williams

    I always feel it is such an honor to play for a funeral. I’m curious, do you play out of the hymnal and make it your own or do you play piano solo arrangements? My favorite arranger is Mark Hayes.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pamela – I play solo arrangements. I will look into Mark Hayes – thanks!

  19. Pamela

    I too love all the hymns. It’s unusual to have so many at one service. Looking forward to the car blanket square gift project. We really need those this week as it’s so very windy and COLD!!
    Blessings from Pamela

  20. ANITA Fetzer

    Oh I love all those hymns. Wish I could have heard them.
    It’s very cold here too. 23this am and 30 high. Brrrr. Will watch for the new book. Can’t wait. I always like to have new things o work on in the winter. You’d never guess I have many projects I cold be finishing,starting, etc. But a new book?. How grand is that. Warm thoughts anita fetzer

  21. Diane

    Stay warm, Mary. Isn’t it great you have a whole stash and a new book to keep you warm all winter? The service sounds lovely. Those are some of the best hymns.

  22. Christina Mejer

    Oh my mouth is already watering ! A new book ? Yes yes yes !!! I did receive your Simply Charming book from Santa and can’t wait to start my first project – as soon as I finished the last Christmas project and get it delivered 🙂 Thank you so much , you are so inspiring and I look forward to each and every post ! We are truly pen pals (remember those ? )

  23. Gloria

    Those are beautiful hymns. I can’t pick a favorite, like all of them. Music can be such a comfort to the family. Stay warm!

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