Sew Along  and Giveaway

The more I have to say, the easier it is to put off writing this blog.  I had to jot down my thoughts before I started typing – old age – can’t remember – ha!

1.  Sew Along from our book Sew Charming

Here’s the book you need to have to join the Sew Along.  

And here’s the quilt we’re going to make in the Sew Along called Homey Triangles (no, we did not name these quilts).  This is not difficult to make but since it involves triangle squares, I thought it was a good choice to expand the skills of a beginner.  Triangle squares can be made in numerous ways and everybody has their favorite.  Mine is to simply cut squares 2-3/8″ and pair them up right sides together.  Connie prefers Thangles and I have to agree that this method produces the most accurate triangle squares.  I think I’m going to use them for this project.

Your assignment is to pick your fabrics before Wednesday when we’ll start cutting and sewing.  I want to do something with a traditional look this time so I’m using Civil War Fabrics.

2.  Giveaway!

You may have seen this new book from Martingale about Tabletoppers – we have a number of projects in this large book, all from previous publications but now combined with other designers’ work all located in one place!  We are going to give away 4 of these books at this time.

This is how we’re going to choose the 4 winners – random numerical comments.  Our web server is not very helpful – I believe I’ve mentioned this before.  Recently he sent us a bill for our yearly fee a year in arrears.  Seems he forgot to bill us last year and then presented 2 years total.  If not paid we’d risk having our blog site removed from the server!

One of my burning questions is this – how many readers are subscribed to this blog?  Seems like a reasonable question, doesn’t it?  Since he won’t help me I’m asking everyone who reads this to answer this question with a yes or no.  Are you going to join the Sew Along?  We will pick 4 numbers at random and ask those readers who are chosen to send their mailing address to my email.  You will have until Wednesday to leave a yes or no – and I’m not even really interested in your answer – just t he fact that you comment and I get a number of readers.  On Wednesday we will pick and post the winners.

Since I feel homebound by frigid weather, I have quite a number of quilts to photograph and post but will need to wait for a nice calm day to hang the quilts outside.  I did finish the quilt that is going with Connie on the cruise – here’s a teaser until she gets home.

And here’s another bag of scrap rectangles that I found tucked away and I’m determined to finish as a project.

The barn animals are tucked in the barn when it’s this cold because there are several bullies who guard the door and won’t let the little ones back in which I just hate!

I even locked up my lone guinea because he chased all the chickens through the barn constantly and caused an absolute uproar all the time.  Stress in the barn!

And honestly I’d love to start another rug so I’d have one on hand for a gift but I’d rather sew than twine a rug.  Ugh!  Remember my New York Beauty project?  I made another block – take a look.

Since we’re expecting snow today, I’m not going far – maybe the grocery store and that’s all.  What’s new with all of you?  I love to hear from you and I absolutely read every comment even though I may not return the comment.  If you have asked a question or voiced a concern, check the comments section for the answer.

I can add another good book to my Thriller list – I sat at the dining room table for 5 hours yesterday in order to finish this mystery about a kidnapping.  I didn’t have to play for church so I spent my free morning reading and drinking coffee.  I had a terrible backache the rest of the day from sitting so long but the book was soooooo good, I simply couldn’t stop reading.

And here’s another good one I read last week but don’t want to pass on to Connie until she’s home from the cruise.

Okay – that should do it for now.  I really shouldn’t wait so long – look how long this post is!!!

Remember – you have until Wednesday to leave a comment (even if it’s just a yes or no and you’ve never left a comment previously) to be elegible for a book.

Until Wednesday……..

841 thoughts on “Sew Along  and Giveaway

    1. Vicki

      I look forward to reading your blog and seeing the pictures you post. They give me inspiration. I won’t be participating in the sew along as I have other projects I am trying to finish.

  1. Joan S

    I’ve read your blog for years, Mary, and always look forward to it. I will not be participating in the sewalong – too many other unfinished projects to complete. And work always gets in the way! Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  2. Jean Elliott

    No for sew along…my sewing machine is packed away until the remodel is finished. I love your blog! Especially the animal stories even though I’ve never had a pet!

  3. Cindy L

    Yes! I will sew along! Your blog is my absolute favorite! I love hearing about your projects, quilts and animals!

  4. Kaye Kingsbury

    YES! I look forward to seeing your inspiring quilts and sweet creatures that are so lucky to live at your farm. Please do keep blogging! Happy stitchin’!

  5. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,

    Yes I am subscribed to your blog, and yes for the sew along.
    The New York Beauty blocks look fabulous. We are having very cold and snowy weather here too: ideal for quilting!

    Regards Fiona.

  6. Kathy Matchett

    I am going to try to keep up with the sew along. I am going to use the Accuquilt dies to cut mine out. Thank you for this site. I enjoy reading it.

  7. Nancy

    Yes. I would love to win one of your books and I do enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for all you do for quilters!

  8. Phyllis

    Yes!! I love your new book and recently made the Split Squares. Cute and went together beautifully. It is sooooo windy here today ( 75 mph gusts ). I will be quilting with my group. Hope your day is awesome.

  9. Sue

    Love your blog… especially enjoy your decorating in your home and of course, the animal family. I think I will try the sew along. I just got this book!

  10. Kathy

    Just finished newest Fannie Flagg book “The whole Town’s Talking”. Quaint down home storytelling. She is great.

  11. Lynn

    Thank you so much for your blog. Sorry, but I will not be doing the sew along. I am in the middle of planning my mom’s celebration of life and caring for my dad, age 90,

  12. Debi Gilpin

    Mary I love your blog, it’s my favorite of all I follow! I consider you a friend I haven’t met yet! I’d love to win a book.

    1. Joyce

      Yes, subscribed to your blog. Miss seeing you vending at Houston. You both were always so nice, and your quilts/booth were one of my favorites. Love seeing how well you take care of (spoil) all the animals. Can totally relate. Thank you for the giveaway.

  13. Diane

    Yes, I hope!! My friend’s beautiful music Celebration of Life was Saturday. I headed up the food for all of the people who came to their house after it. LOTS of help from Sewing group. I will go pick fabrics. I like that second book, too. Of course, I need another book–lol.

  14. Pat O'Neill

    No, due to health issues I cannot quilt but hope to again at a future time! I enjoy your blog so much that it keeps me motivated!

  15. Barbara Myrick

    Yes, and please don’t let your blog go away. It’s so enjoyable to read!

  16. Tanya Quilts in CO

    I follow via a link on my blog roll. I will not be participating in the quilt along–I already have too many WIPs and UFOs. I am reading The Couple Next Door right now and should finish it tonight. I already read The Woman in Cabin 10–they were both excellent!

  17. Elaine Russell

    Yes, I love reading all of your blog writings. Thank you for time spent doing this for our enjoyment.

  18. Bobbie Casey

    Yes, I’m going to join the sew along, it will be my first one. Got you book in my stocking from Santa😀

  19. Shirley

    Yes, I want to do the sew along. Also, do you still have the Uncle Sam wall hanging pattern? If not, do you know where I could get one? I made the rabbit (Harvey?) and would love to make that one as well.

  20. marie mcdonald

    YEs I read no enjoy your posts. No am not going to start the quilt right now. Have stacks of quilt tops to quilt and projects in process I want to work on, would love to win the book,. HAppy New Year and please do continue your posts.

  21. Signe Burgen Vaughan

    Yes, I read your blog faithfully. No, I am not participating in the sew along.

  22. Sandy Bessingpas

    Yes, I am a faithful blog reader. I did the split squares sew along..made three they were so much fu., and am looking forward to this next one

  23. Linda B

    Yes, I love reading about your pets and barn animals, your quilts and your excursions. I am still working on en Provence but have only finished two steps. I had to finish a quilt for my grandson to take back to college while he is still there. He is a freshman so I think I did pretty good.

  24. PJ

    As always love your blog n especially the pictures. Sadly NO I cannot do the project…but would love to win???? Maybe I can’t beings I said NO…it is much warmer today thank goodness…Happy New Year….

  25. Carol

    No I will not be joining the sew along. Read your blogs to keep up on the activity of you and Rick, though.

  26. Jan davis

    I read your blog and always look forward to it. Thanks for your enthusiasm and for a peek into your farm life.

  27. Kelley

    No to doing the project. I like looking at your projects but am too busy to participate right now. I love all your barn reports…keep them coming, and stay warm!

  28. Kathy

    Not able to join in with the sew along. However I love when you share good books with us. I have a long to read list.

  29. Mary

    Yes, I follow your blog, and enjoy reading about the farm and all your projects. And, yes I am going to do the sew along.

  30. Jill

    I love reading all your posts. I love all your quilts. Please continue to post for those of us who need a quilt friend. Thank you.

  31. Vickie

    Yes. I love your posts. You make everyday life so interesting. Glad all the outside animals are tucked in and you have found a way to make them behave.

  32. Susan R

    I love your books and blog. Somewhere around here I believe I have a small bag of wool from one of your sheep from many years ago. Please add me to the long list of quilters who would love to win the book.

  33. Diane Emanuelson

    Yes, I read every blog you post. I find your blogs very enjoyable to read. It brings me back to the Camps i had soo much fun at. We are very cold here as well 1 degree this morning. Wish I was home stitchin!

  34. Judy

    Yes to the sew along. I so enjoy your blog. I’m pretty isolated quilting and it keeps me motivated. Love seeing your projects and your animals. (It was 72 here yesterday)

  35. Wendy

    I love reading your posts. I am not joining in this sew along as I already have several projects going but I always look forward to your pictures and stories. Such an animal lover – that really resonates with me.

  36. Holly

    Yes I subscribe to and read your blogs!! I did the last sew along from your book and made a table topper from the scrap fabric I had from the MN quilt fabric. Will have to take a picture and send to you, I love it! I hope you do continue your posts, I enjoy hearing about all you adventure, both on and off the farm. If you are unhappy with this particular blog, there are numerous others out there you could try, but not sure it would be worth the switch.

    Keep blogging Please!

  37. Jackie B.

    Yes. I am subscribed to the blog and enjoy it very much. I’m not doing the sew along but enjoy your quilts and seeing the quilts others make.

  38. Cassie anderson

    Yes Mary I read your blog and enjoy it. Don’t know how you keep up! Your new book is fun and will try and sew along.

  39. Linda

    No I will not be sewing along. I love reading your blog. I am helping my son move. Brr it is cold.

  40. Mary Lou

    Hi Mary, I receive your post at work and share it with 3 other ladies here. It brightens our day and makes us laugh sometimes. We enjoy seeing and hearing about your quilting projects, plants and animals. Thank you!

  41. Mary Waller

    NO I will not be making this quilt, make quilts of valor mostly.. I love your blog and never miss a posting.

  42. Denise Peterson

    Yes. It is so fun to read your blog. The pictures of the animals, quilts and just life. Love it!

  43. Carol

    Yes, for the sew along. Also, I love reading all about your sewing and farm adventures, and I love the feeling of support this group generates for one another, and you for us. Whether it’s prayers for family illness and loss, or for a lost kitty, or shared laughter about our misadventures, the communication on this blog is so real compared to the trivial nature of Facebook communication. Keep it up, Mary, unless the bill outweighs the benefit!

  44. Barbara Powers

    I do read your blog every day, in fact I look forward to it. I can’t do your quilt along because my DH
    gave me a new sewing/embroidery machine and it’s not user friendly. lots to learn.
    Until next time

  45. Robby H

    I found you pretty recently through Jo Kramer’s blog. I don’t get to you every day, but enjoy seeing what you’re up to with your stitching. Sorry your server host is not on top of things.

  46. Pat Williams

    Love all your animal stories and of course all the helpful quilting ideas. Hope you can keep the blog going.

  47. Janet

    no, unfortunately I am not able to participate in the sew along this time.
    I LOVE your blog and read it immediately each time I see a new posting.
    I enjoy quilting, but mostly I like hearing about your life and your animals. I am sewing on a kit I purchased from Country Threads when you were closing. I miss your shop, I miss the inspiration I got seeing what you made, and this blog really does fill that need for me. I hope you are able to continue it.

  48. Mary Wakefield

    Reading the blog; Yes, I thoroughly enjoy reading every one and following all the things going on at the farm. I sure miss the store being open and being able to visit. But so happy for you ladies to enjoy your retirement .

    See along; No, I won’t be able to this time

  49. Carole S.

    No. Too many deadlines at this time, but this one is definitely on my to-do list!

  50. Gloria

    Yes. I love reading your blog and finding out how all your animals are doing. I’m an animal lover too and feel your pain when something sad happens. On the other hand I feel your joy and the love you have for your furry friends.

  51. Mary Silver

    I can’t believe that he won’t / can’t tell you how many followers you have. I have been following you since you started the rug making last year. I want to do a rug but just like the sew along, so many projects needing to be finished that I don’t dare start a new one right now

  52. Donna Campbell

    No. I am working on another quilt right now. I read your blog religiously, always like to see how the
    animals are doing! Stay warm, Donna

  53. Sandy Hughes

    Yes, I love your blog. I won’t be doing the sew along….my Dad just passed away and I’m going to be away for awhile.

  54. Eva Smith

    I have just joined you and this is my first e-mail I have received. I know I’m really going to enjoy this especially the Civil War parts. Thank you.

  55. Debra

    I so enjoy reading your blog. A highlight of my morning! I follow your book recommendations and love your animals. I won’t be sewing along this time… too many irons in the fire already!!

  56. Jeanne H

    Dear Mary, Yes, I do subscribe to your blog and love reading it. Sometimes it leads me to other blogs and websites of interest, but yours is the one I always go to. : ) Although I did buy the book, I am going to pass on the sew-along, since I prefer to knit than sew in cold weather. We live in western New York, and heat our home with a woodstove so the temp swings quite a bit in the house, and it can take a long time to get the living room up to temp when it’s particularly cold.

  57. Marcella

    Yes I will join along. I don’t reply very often but I am here listening and enjoying your enthusiasm for life. Your pictures and stories brighten my day. Thank you!!!

  58. Karen Chaudoin

    I so want to say yes to the sew along but I work full time and have a handicap grandchild I take to school also so my days are very long. My sewing machine hasn’t been used in several months due to all that has gone on to include the sudden death of one of my beloved little dogs. She spent a week in two different hospitals and was put on a ventilator and we thought she would make it only to go into cardiac arrest when then took the ventilator off of her. We are so devastated. Anyway no I can’t do the sew along but I look forward to seeing your work! Best wishes!

  59. Judy

    I love reading your blog about your animals and quilts. Reminds me of my growing up years on the farm. Have been a fan for years and years. I cannot participate in the sew along … sniff sniff … just too many quilt obligations for the coming year. Please don’t go away.

  60. Penny Miller

    yes, Love seeing what you are up to. Projects and life. Stay warm and enjoy the down time!

  61. Debby Zona

    no to the sew along…yes to the blog! love the farm pictures and animal stories and your quilting projects.

  62. Dorothy Sheldrake

    Yes, I so much hope you keep your blog. I am more than willing to send a donation to help with the expense. I am 75 and always wanted to live our farm your words and pictures I am enjoying the farm life. California girl so hear you about the snow when ice is something I can only imagine through your words. It is raining here right now and that was a big deal I have been at Quilter for about 30 years and have a group of ladies meet at my house once a month usually 20 to 25 ladies with sewing machines. Sure would be nice to have your sewing room. We have to move the furniture out of my living room to set up the many six-foot tables . Every bit of the work is worth it to be with these lovely ladies. I believe your energy level exceeds mine, and I keep really busy. But I don’t even come close to you. I tell these ladies about your blog all the time, don’t want them to miss it. Brings me much joy. Hope you keep it up. May God bless you much

  63. Jeanne H

    Darn! I closed before telling you that my husband gets billed for his website biennially, and it’s always around Christmastime and an unexpected zap on the credit card! : \

  64. Martha Engstler

    Yes!! When you did the other one it was to close to Christmas but even though I have a lot of UFO’s I look forward to doing one with you. When I hear of your snow and cold weather I think of my cousin on the farm outside Story City and know what they are going through. Here near Gettysburg they are making snow at the ski resort because we have almost none on the ground. Thursday it’s going up to 61f and yet today it’s 20 something. Love seeing all the chickens together, I’m thinking to stay warm. First thing I look for when I open my email is your blog. Thanks for your time.

  65. Elizabeth Evans

    Regretfully no, I promised myself to finish a few of my projects before starting another. So far this year, I have almost 3 done.

  66. paula mckinlay

    Yes!!!I love all that you do and have visited you at your home….you were so kind to take our little ones walking the dogs around the HUGE block…..miss you being there

  67. Kathy Hanson

    YES! I love following you! I will be doing the sew-along too. I am on my second Split Square piece. I am ready to quilt it with your straight line quilting – I really liked how the first one turned out.

    I read The Couple Next Door too – Yes, it was so very hard to put down!

  68. Lori Isvik

    Yes, I love your blog and I will be joining the sew along. I received your book for Christmas!

  69. Angie

    Yes, but not quite at your pace! I have some travel coming up. I love your blog and everything you share with us and really look forward to reading it. We all appreciate the time and effort you put into it- thanks so much!!

  70. Jean

    Yes I follow your blog. Might do the sewalong since I have your book, and a lot of waste triangle squares from Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt.

  71. Becky R in IL

    Yes, plan to do this sew along. I did finish the Split Square quilt top but did not post it yet as is not quilted or bound.

  72. Donna O

    “YES” Mary count me in on your next sewalong. I have your book and will do mine in civil war fabrics as well. I love receiving and reading your blog. It’s my day brightened and love seeing all your sewing projects and your farm animals. I’m sorry those bullies are mean. My Henry can be a bully to my other cat at times and I tell him so.

  73. Shirley Flowers

    Yes indeed Mary, I do subscribe to and read the blog. I love the quilty stuff, but also enjoy all the news about the goats, chickens, cats, etc. I miss the old Goat Gazzette. Don’t know if I will be able to fit the new sew along in, but I really appreciate that you do these things for us.

    Stay warm out there………Shirley Flowers

    p.s. And if you and Connie have it in you to produce another Civil War book, I would be first in line to buy it!

  74. Marylou Krish

    Yes I subscribe! I love your blog posts with all the variety with quilts and farm doings! Thank you!

  75. Robin McGuire

    Yes, I subscribe to your blog, and yes, I plan to do the sew along. Love your books!

  76. Carol Holt

    Yes….Rose makes me! Just kidding, I would anyway but she keeps me on my toes for challenges and that’ s a good thing!🙂

  77. Karen Kopp

    Yes, I plan to join in the sew along. My book is ordered and on its way.Love reading your blog.

  78. Sue

    Yes….I love to make table toppers and I love quilt books. I also love sew alongs. Hope the severe cold leaves your area soon and that the animals can go outside again. Although….they look pretty comfy in the barn.

  79. Gloria

    No, too many irons in the fire. My mother fractured pelvis in Nov, still in respite care.

  80. Cathy Platzer

    I love your blog. I don’t usually comment (except to myself).
    I miss you and your barn so appreciate all the pictures.
    Wish you were doing the cruise with us, maybe next time, then I could do another one. Not sure if I’ll do the sew along, although I want to learn to do tangles.

  81. Marie J.

    Yes, Yes!! Thanks for all the wonderful stories, here in southern California our weather is pretty boring, so I kinda get to experience the seasons through you! Your blog is a wonderful gift to read each and every time!

  82. Cheryl Nesbit

    I received your new book for Christmas, and just love it. I will try to keep up with the new project you are going to start. Love the blog you write, keep up the good work.

  83. Robin Boggan

    I read your blog all the time and look forward to see what you are up to! I might not do your sewalong but I always follow to see what you are doing. Thanks for everything you do!

  84. Carolyn Van Petten

    Yes! I am going to do this sew along, I work full time–sometimes I get home from work and too tired to do anything except fix dinner and cleanup–making a resolution to sew every night–even if for 30 minutes. Will be using something from my stash.
    I had asked a question about your pressing methods, did I miss your reply?
    Live in the Twin Cities, it is much warmer today than it has been, a balmy 22 degrees today, if the sun was out it would be tropical!
    Love your blog–it motivates me–only 995 days until retirement!

  85. Dee T.

    No. I haven’t been able to sew 3 years. However I enjoy reading about what you are up to and the animals. I have been quilting for over 30 years and have so many UFO’s.

  86. Gaile Schriber

    No as i need to finish a rag quilt for my son . He is a Veteran who did 2 deployments and he has ask me to make him a rag quilt. How can i say no to him?
    I do follow your blog and will peek in during the sew along.

  87. Paula Nordt

    Yes, I am going to participate in the sew along. I am going to pick up a copy of your book today at the quilt shop. I would also love to win a copy of the table runner book! I feel for your animals! Two of my cats have had cabin fever and took turns bullying each other. I live about an hour away from the Gulf coast and our weather is extremely variable. For two days, we had temperatures in the 20’s, which is rare here. Our water well pump froze, so it took a whole day to thaw it out! I thank God that we could do it ourselves. Today it is in the 60’s and will climb to the 80’s by Wednesday! Shorts and sandal weather. Trade off – we get rain with it. Good luck with your readers count.

  88. Jan

    Hi Mary,
    Yes, I do think I will participate in the sew a long. I love your blog, as it is full of some of my favorite things: animals, books, gardening, sewing, rural life, Iowa… When I see a post from you it is the first one I open. I am spending part of my northern WI. winter reorganizing, taking all of my little starts and turning them into a finished project. Thanks for a great blog!

  89. shirley

    Yes I look forward to your blog plan on doing the sew along. Hope you continue your blog. Cold and snow here in millerville, MN.

  90. Ruth Ann

    Yes. I am wanting to make a bunch of table toppers and would love this book! I really like your blog.

  91. Marilyn

    Yes I will be doing the sew along. I have the book and did the split rail table topper and loved it. I really enjoy all the wonderful blogs you share with us. God bless you.

  92. Alice

    Yes . Have to get my daily dose of Mary wisdom and humor. P.s. This year have to compare snow levels too. We have two feet too much and snowing again now. Good quilting weather.

  93. Loris Mills

    No, won’t be joining in 🙁 movers coming today to move us back in after whole house floor renovation. I hope to quilt sometime in February!

  94. Lisa Mikel

    I subscribe to your blog via email. I enjoy your blog. I also have house dogs, goats and chickens. I would love to win a copy of the book. It looks like there are lots of wonderful projects in it. I love making little and big quilts. I am working in Bonnie’s mystery quilt right now so I may not do your quilt a long right now but I will enjoy reading about yours and may make it sometime. I love the quilts you design, so lovely. Your teaser quilt looks so cute, I love the fabrics. Have a wonderful day! I will be spending my day (here in cold Minnesota) inside mostly sewing and also doing some crocheting with a cup of hot tea.

  95. Karla Thompson

    Hi Mary– I don’t plan to do the sew along at this time, But I sure do love the pattern!

  96. Jody Irwin

    I love to read your blog . Wont be doing the sew along ,am trying to get back to a quilt that’s been in the works for a year or so .

  97. Helen Jane

    No:( to the sew-along. I look forward to reading your blog. I have been reading since you sent out (paper) news. The animals are delightful that you take good care of. Love your quilts! Cold in Texas. Saw snowflakes on Friday.

  98. Sally babcock

    I read every word of your blogs. No, I’m not going to make this quilt but I am working on one from your new book. I love it! (The book and the quilt)

  99. Marsha Ransom

    No – not this time. I have two months to make a baby quilt for a very special little boy . . . trying a new technique – chenille! Bought the cutter on a recent trip to Shipshewana, Indiana/Yoder’s Department Store. Watched a video on using it today . . . just need to find the right fabrics!

    Thanks for the book suggestions; I’m always trying to find good authors! I have boxes and shelves and closets holding books waiting to be read so I don’t really NEED more books to read, it’s an obsession! LOL

  100. Mary H

    Yes, I read your blog. Your darn server should give your reader numbers! Definitely winter-reading, sewing and some organizing going on.

  101. Peggy

    I read all your posts. The book looks really interesting. I have some of your charm books but don’t know if I have the one you are using, but would like to follow and will check when I am back at home. now. Keep on sending your blogs.

  102. Carol Berry

    I do not plan to join the sew along but I do plan to continue reading your blog, which I really enjoy. Thank you!

  103. Rhonda Snider

    I read your blog, but will not be joining the sew along. I am working on a quilt as a gift for a niece’s upcoming wedding.

  104. Ellie

    Count me in as a reader! I love reading about your doings and the animals. You have been really busy, guess being confined has benifits. Thanks for the book suggestions. I’m always on the lookout for a good thriller! Have read several places The Woman in Cabin 10 so I’m looking forward to that one. I’m afraid I won’t booing the sew along because I’ve already go too many works in progress! I will follow along and admire all the pictures. I’m a subscriber and sure hope you are able to continue the blog.

  105. Mozzie's Grandma

    No to the sew along. I always enjoy reading your blog! It is always interesting. As our son will be moving from the Garner area, I will miss the visits to your area.

  106. Louise

    I look forward to this project since I have the book. Yesterday I was going through it trying
    To decide which quilt you would be choosing for us to do.

  107. Susan Burger

    Yours is the first email I look for every day. I feel like I’m having coffee with a friend and love it. I will probably be doing the sew along but haven’t decided on colors yet. Keep it up.

  108. Sharon

    Yes, I subscribe and read your blog. I had the privilege of visiting your shop once a few years before you closed. It was wonderful and I enjoyed myself a few bags full! Not sure if I will join the sew-along, but will make an effort to get my WIP off the table. Thank you for the giveaway.

  109. Karen Cottom

    Yes and I do look forward to reading your emails! Have a Sweet Sixteen Handiquilter which I haven’t used a lot since life got in the way. This book has a lot of small projects that I could practice on.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Stay warm!

  110. Susan McCabe

    Dear Mary,
    Not to be stupid but I receive your posts in my email is that the same as subscribing to your blog? If it is then the answer is yes! I don’t comment very often but just want you to know I really enjoy your posts, I used to stop at Country Threads when I’d go to Buffalo Center to visit my grandparent’s. I’ve lived in Illinois for many years now but will always be an Iowa girl at heart which is another reason why I enjoy your posts so much. I’m not going to join your sew along right now although I am planning to buy the book. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to catch up on the pile of pieced but not quilted projects I have hanging in my sewing room so I’d best not start something new until I make a dent in that pile!!!! Unfortunately quilting is my least favorite part of the process. Stay warm up there in North Iowa and keep writing as long as you enjoy it because I enjoy reading it!

  111. San

    Good morning Mary, Cannot help but think of you as I look out on our snowy/icy landscape. I don’t think we reached 30 degrees yesterday and last Monday I had the front door open for Dolly, as we reached 65 degrees. This is one wacky winter here in NC. I do have some triangle papers I’ve been meaning to try so I may join in the sew along. However, I did start 2 new projects recently and really need to get those finished up first. Before my bunnies left, I had 2 in one cage and the one would not let the other one drink or out of the hutch house for some reason. Up until then, I had no idea animals could be bullies. I’m always enlightened by what goes on in your barn. Thanks for hosting the quilt along. It’s always fun to sew with friends on wintry days.

  112. Carol H

    Yes I’m going to sew along and I love reading your blog and following what you and Connie are up to.
    I also love hearing what your critters are up to too! Thanks

  113. Debbie Smith

    Opps…I totally messed up on the yes or no. Sleeping again I guess! YES I do read your blog everytime you send one out. To me it’s like visiting with an old friend. I hope you will be able to continue.

  114. Dale matlock

    No, I won’t be joining the sew along, but I read all of your emails and pass them along to a
    Friend who enjoys them too!

  115. Jane Wolfe

    I don’t sew…just enjoy the benefits of someone who does! And yes…I follow you & all the farm antics. Very much like at my house!

  116. Amy

    No to the sew along but I read every word of the blog, sometimes multiple times! And absolutely love seeing the pictures and what is going on at the farm.

  117. Dorothy Eggerss

    Yes to the daily news and pictures, but no to the sew along. Too much charity stuff to do….

  118. susan

    No I won’t be doing the sew along, but I love reading your blog, my husband says I talk about you like my best friend. When you write I feel like we are friends and you are keeping me up to date. I like to know what you are reading. Keep writing please.

  119. Sneed

    Wish I could join in, but will be busy making fidgety toys for daughter to use in special ed classes at school. I spent yesterday trying to do some thread painting. Can’t say it worked right out of the gate, but I will keep working at it.


    Not joining the sew along but also read and look forward to the emails. My niece got 2 goats this year and I felt I knew lots from your sharing your events with the goats. You make a difference in more lives (and animals) than you can imagine!

  121. Brenda

    No, I will not be participating as I’m taking of my 95 y/o mother so I don’t have much time to sew. I enjoy reading your posts, though.

  122. Jane eilderts

    Yes I read the blog and I am going to do the quilt along!! I love your blog!!

  123. Tanya T.

    Yes, I read every word of the blog postings. I dream of doing every project, but don’t always carry through. I appreciate the inspiration though!

  124. JD

    No – but love reading your posts. I’m still recovering from the Gypsy Wife sew along!!

  125. Sandy Kolarik

    Yes I plan to follow sew along. Not sure what fabrics probably civil war I have so many. I would truly be upset if you close up the site. I feel like your a kindred spirit. I LOVE the stories about all your farm animals, pets and borders. Your quilts are fabulous and inspire me to do more and think outside of my box. Maybe all of us can put some $ in the pot (so to speak) to help offset the costs.

    1. Pam

      Sandy, great idea! This is the only blog/email out of the bunches I subscribe to, that I would pay for!

  126. Susan

    I subscribe to your blog and love hearing your farm/pet/chicken anecdotes. I keep wishing we could get our Christmas tree to you for your goats. Thanks for keeping us inspired!

  127. Karen

    I didn’t know one could subscribe to your blog, but I just did as I have you bookmarked and always check for updates anyway. Thanks for the chance to win! I am going to do the quilt along and love the book it’s from.

  128. Mary Lu Snodgrass

    Yes. I remember fondly the opportunity I had to be in your shop. I always look forward to your blogs.

  129. Connie Blyler

    Hi Mary – I follow and read your blog religiously and have ever since visiting your little quilt shop on a trip from CA to MN to visit daughter/grands….. has to be more than 15 years! Is that possible? 😮 I subscribed to and devoured The Goat Gazette – every issue. I don’t comment often but I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts and the comments on some of them. I won’t be exactly following along on this quilt but do have two flannel layer cakes I want to do something with and may use this pattern/design resized for making a larger quilt…… does that count??? Or is it allowed??? 🙂

  130. Janet

    Yes, I read your blog. I love your sewing ideas, the books
    you are reading and hearing about your church music.
    (I am a church musician, too). Keep it all coming!

  131. Nancy Pleimann

    YES, I have the book and looking forward to making several small quilts from the book. Nancy P.

  132. Linda Klauer

    I have your book and may make a few of the quilts. Too many other things started.

  133. Jane Clinton

    Yes !!! I follow your blog I love it! I look forward to it and love all the animals in the barn and your wonderful plants you inspire me!!! Next time I am visiting our daughter and son-in-law (Luke and Melissa Crotty) in Garner I plan on stopping by to say hello! I plan on following the sew along! Thank you !!!

  134. Susan

    I enjoy reading your blog and hearing about the farm animals. No to the sew along this time.

  135. Nikki Mahaffey

    Follow your blog, love a quilter, reader, and live on a ranch in Texas..would love to win one of the books. Have a sare day if you get out in the weather.

  136. Lori

    I subscribe to your blog, so I ready every one of your posts.
    I may do the quilt along, but am more interested in the new york beauty blocks.

  137. Marge

    No. I love your blog. I was brought up on a farm in New Hampshire and I also love to sew. Like many of us I have a few UFO’s that I need to complete.

  138. Shirley Gutzeit

    No to the project. Thank you for the blog so I can follow in your life and hear a bit about my brother, too. As a card player instead of a quilter, I still enjoy following along on your projects. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  139. Judy

    Yes. This looms like something I could finish. Just started reading before Christmas. I enjoy hearing about the projects you are working on.

    1. Judy Linn

      Are you trying to make the numbers go up? Three replies! You Funny!

      Mary, watch out for her!
      Texas friends

  140. Joyce Edmeier

    No but I love your blog. Miss Country Threads but happy for you in your retirement!

  141. Carolyn Boutilier

    Yes, I am going to join this sew along. I follow your blog all the time and enjoy your pictures of quilts and all the stories and pictures with your animals. Like you we are home bound due to the cold here in Shenandoah Valley Va with 4 degrees this morning . Would live to win the Table Topper of quilts.
    Carolyn B

  142. Karen J.

    I follow you via Bloglovin’ and yes, I do plan to participate in the sew along – scrappy all the way.

  143. Beth T.

    Most likely no, although I love the idea and the look of the book and quilts. Too much going on right now–we had a death in our family, and you know that means I have just added a whole bunch of quilts to my list.

  144. Kris Gavin

    Mary… I love that you share your life with all of us…. the animals, the quilts, your sense of humor!!! Thanks for taking the time to share!

  145. Carol Garverick

    Yes! I look forward to hearing all about your animals and quilts! I have to admit that I just pieced the quilt you are starting. I have to put the borders on it yet. Does that count for doing the sew along?

  146. Kristine F.

    I really look forward to reading your posts – life on the farm is always a hit; it takes me back to my youth; I especially love to read about your goats – my niece recently adopted two for her small ranch in MT – her goats are the fainting breed; she posts videos once in a while – they provide great humor. I have too many other sewing irons in fire at this time so will not be able to participate in the sew along; darn – I have so many fun 30’s fabrics that would be perfect for this project.

  147. Susan

    I love your blog and enjoy your stories about the animals! Yes I will join your quilt along!

  148. pam forsling

    I love your site! Its funny about the animals blocking the door. Yes for the sewing.

  149. Norma Gebhardt

    Yes, I plan to join the sewing project class. Hopefully I can find the book soon enough. I have a few questions about your vertical quilting. Do you start in the middle of the piece or on the side? Also wonder if you use the spacer bar attachment to keep rows straight or do you just gauge it as you go? I know it sounds easy but, any help you can give with that method of quilting would be appreciated. thanks,

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Norma – just reading over some past comments – did I answer your questions regarding straight line quilting?

  150. Marian

    YES to the quilt a long and please continue your blog! My life would be boring without them!! Love your book and enjoyed making the last little table quilt. And, love your animal stories…the chickens huddling together is a prize winner. I just finished A Man Called Ove by Fredrick Backman…a wonderful book and I think you would like it!

  151. Karlene

    Have too many things in the works right now so won’t be able to do this sew-along. I enjoy reading your blog.

  152. Cheryl

    Yes I hope to join the sew along and enjoy reading your blog, so I hope you don’t lose it!

  153. Holly TH

    No for the sew along, other projects in progress, but YES for reading your blog! And those bully animals are such a pain–drive the other nice animals nuts, but they’re all yours, so what do you do? So frustrating.

  154. Susie L.

    No ,to the sew along this time.I love all your books and patterns,the blog,and all your animals.
    Keep up the great work!

  155. Paula

    No, I am finishing UFOs , just finished one that was started in 2007! Lol!
    Thank you for the book recommendations.

  156. Kathy Downie

    Yes Mary, I’m subscribed and love keeping up with what you are doing. You inspired me to start a blog. listed above, but have been sick a lot this winter so I haven’t posted lately. I will start again this week!

  157. Sarah F

    Don’t plan on doing the sewalong but love reading your blog. You are in my home state of Iowa and it takes me home every time I read your blog.

  158. Diane Boes

    I typically do not read the bog but get the topic via email. I absolutely love reading and following your adventures. I have your book, but not sure if I will be able to join in the sew along.

  159. Deanna A

    No, though I would love to! Have a 6 mo. old puppy who is demanding what used to be my spare sewing time when not at work. But we wouldn’t have it any other way! Love seeing your creations, reading of the animals and hearing of your retirement fun, Mary!

  160. Darby

    I do subscribe and look forward to your posts. I will try to participate in the sew along. Very icy here in western WI.

  161. JanetB

    Yes, I am subscribed to the blog. No, I probably won’t join the quilt-along. I have the book and can’t wait to start on some of the projects. BUT, I have a commissioned quilt to finish, several UFOs, promised quilts for my granddaugter, a charity sew-in at one of my guilds next week, and a neighbor who is expecting their first child in June.

  162. Bobby Sutton

    Not able to start a new project right now. I just know it will turn into a UFO which I will find a year from now and wonder….what is it and when did I start it???? 🙂

  163. Carolyn

    I love your blog and hearing about your animals and of course everything quilting. I have been thinking about you and the extra energy it requires for you to keep them going in this frigid weather. We have one outdoor cat and have a fire for her in the garage wood stove and can only imagine what you do for your animal family. Thanks for sharing the stories! The sew along is a maybe, was supposed to take this year for finishing projects but may give in to the temptation.

  164. Kathy

    Yes, love your blog. I never made it to your shop when it was open, but always loved your booth in Chicago! I actually loved it too much!! I will not be doing the sew along, too many ufo’s, bug would love some new tablerunner patterns!

  165. Debbie R

    I have been reading your blog for years….so that’s a YES!
    Signed, a fellow farmers wife from Wi.

  166. Martha from Maine

    YES!!! I totally look forward to your blog postings.

    Have you ever tried the Studio 180 Tucker Trimmer? It’s absolutely the BEST tool for making
    half square triangles in a multitude of sizes!!

    I love the opportunity to win this book. The cover quilt is one I’ve made and love using.

    Stay warm,

  167. Becky T

    No…I do not subscribe but your on my list of favorites that I check each morning with a cup of tea.
    No I will not join the quilt along (do not have the book) but love reading about it as it grows,

  168. Chris

    No. I did finish the top on the first quilt along and found backing material. It is a fun project.

  169. Susan

    Although your sew-along looks wonderful (and VERY tempting), I am in the process of finishing many, many UFOs this year. I look forward to joining a future sew-along!

  170. Karen

    Yes, love your postings. Even though I don’t comment I love reading about quilting & farm life -two of my favorite subjects.

  171. Lillian Whitworth

    I always enjoy reading your blog especially when you show and talk about your animals. Of course I enjoy the quilting notes and pictures. We had chickens at one time when we moved here but hawks got several of them when they were out plus our dogs were always barking at them. It was fun but it has been a long time since we had chickens. Keep up your great work. I live in Portland Tennessee on 10 acres. most of it is woods.Thanks Lillian

  172. Lisa

    Yes! I love your blog! I perk right up when I see an email from you in my Inbox!

    I get such a kick out of reading about all the babies, particularly the cats & Chicklet!! That little one has a face only a mother could love!

    No snow here, but we did have flurries for about 20 minutes last week. It was SO neat to sit in my studio & watch the flakes swirl. Our last snow was abt 3 inches in Jan 2014 and we normally get 3-4 inches once every 10 years or so which brings everything here to a screaching halt. To get the swirlies was novel! Our little poodle definitely did NOT like it. Hubby took her outside to pee & she gave him a very nasty look when they came back in!


  173. Lisa

    Yes, I’m subscribed via Feedly. No to the sew along–too many projects, sewing and that other thing called life that keeps interfering with sewing! Thanks for blogging and sharing your life, pictures, and reading recommendations with us.

  174. andrea

    yes I will always read the blog , Ilive across the border and like to know what you do to get thro the winter!

  175. Bonnie

    Wow! Is this a record number of replies?

    I am subscribed to your blog but will not participate in the sew along. I have countless quilts to make, many are partly done already, plus counted cross stitch and scrapbooks in the works. Oh, and I’m knitting a sweater. And reading books. Good grief!! How do I find time to clean and cook for us???

    I enjoy your blog. Your home/animals etc remind me of growing up in rural Wisconsin. Before your blog I loved reading EVERY WORD in the Goat Gazette. I read a lot of the books that were reviewed there and also passed the jokes along. That was the only publication I’ve ever subscribed to that I would sit right down the day it arrived and read the whole thing. I’m sure I speak for many when I say I miss it but do understand the reason you had to stop publishing.

    Thanks for the book tip. We are going to the book store this week and I will look for it.

  176. Mary McCarron

    No I won’t be able to do this sew along Busy with January clearing out of magazines books cds and books Then will tackle the mess that should be my sewing room Maybe next time

  177. Chris Harrington

    Yes, I’m a faithful reader of your blog. I enjoy hearing about all of your projects and what the critters are up to. Thanks so much.

    1. Jan

      I am subscribed to your blog and love it! I am in the middle of making a quilt for my son and new daughter-in-law, so won’t be participating in the sew along. Thank you for all you do.

  178. Maria Honkala

    Yes, I am a reader of your blog, and look forward to it. I live in central Vermont on a small flower farm with various farm animals and find our lives similar in so many ways. I won’t be doing your quilt along this time, although I am working on one of your quilts from an earlier book as a table topper right now!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Maria – I am working on past comments and some housekeeping and read your comment. What do you mean – a small flower farm? Do you raise flowers for the public or a florist? And what kind of animals do you have?

  179. char

    Yes, I am subscribed to – and READ – your blog! Love it. I won’t be able to participate in this sew along, but hope to in the future.
    Sorry you are having issues with your provider. He should easily be able to give you the info you need.
    Thanks for sharing your lives with us!

  180. Cathy Davis

    Yes! I am subscribed to your blog and read each and every word! I love hearing about life on the farm and what you’re working on. I’m a long time lover of Country Threads and used to say when I died I wanted to come back as a cat and live in the quilt shop! I honk everytime I drive by your place ❤

  181. Sandra Pierson

    Hi Mary, I just have to say how much I enjoy your blog. It makes me feel that we didn’t loose you and Connie when you “retired” .
    Yes, I am going to do the sew along! I love this pattern .


  182. Tina W

    Yes – I read your blog and love it!
    NO – I’m not doing the sew-a-long. As many others have said – too many other unfinished projects!
    Tina in Oregon

  183. Geri Gieseke

    Yes! I love your blog! I look forward to every post and can’t wait for the next one!

  184. Linda Brandau

    My first time to see your blog. Would love to join the SAL but need to finish some of my UFOs first.

  185. Sharon Ernst

    Yes! A sew along sounds perfect with it being so cold & nasty outside!
    I LOVE your blog! I’m currently finishing up the top for Farm Girl Vintage — and I can’t believe you’re not making it!! It’s a darling quilt!
    I hope you’re having a nice warm sewing day!

  186. Nancy Norris

    I love your newsy posts. Question, did you paper piece the starburst block of the New York beauty quilt. I have a quilt that I want to get done that has a starburst pattern in it and I’m having trouble making the pieces fit like they should.

    and YES!

  187. Esther Lautenbach

    I look so forward to your blog, I read and save every one of them. I am still working on the last sew along quilt, with the holidays and my family I am so behind. I also have goats chickens ducks 🦆 and 7 dogs , Pyrenees’s Jack Russell terriers and Treeing 🌲 Feist and a mini dachshund.

  188. Marilyn

    Yes! I love your blog. I have your book and video for the rugs and a frame. Recently I found you and Connie in an old book, Fast, Fun, & Fabulous Quilts from 1996!

  189. carol l

    Yes I read your blog and look forward to it every day. I live in NE on a ranch and understand your worries over your animals.

  190. Louise

    No, I won’t be participating in the sew-along. I just have WAY too much UFOs to finish. I really love your style of quilts and thoroughly enjoy your blog. I would love to have a copy of the book.

  191. Sara Reynolds

    Yes, I will join the sew-along. I love your blog and it is the first thing I look for in my e-mail every day. Stay warm!

  192. Susan McGirr

    Yes and Yes – I love your blog. I love the animal stories and pictures and the book reviews and the sewing. I love Colton!!! You almost had me talked into making a rag rug, but I’ve been able to resist so far. I’ve been snowed in in North Carolina since Saturday and have no plans to leave the house again until Wednesday. I have a handyman working at the house today. He’s been making a lot of noise and has the cats freaked out. Stay warm! Susan

  193. Felicia Hamlin

    Yes to reading your blog. No to the sew along, I am already behind in two that I was doing. I do enjoy your blog because it is refreshing. I hope you can keep on blogging. Happy New Year in case I didn’t say it before.

  194. Kelly Pearson

    Yes, I read your blog. No, can’t participate in the sew along as I work full time an hour from home and also live on a farm. However, I will follow along so that when I have time, I’ll know what to do. Thanks!!

  195. Dee Winter

    Yes I subscribe to your blog, I love to read about the animals, the quilting, I’m not a hardcore thriller fan, I’m really a cozy mystery reader. Yes, I read lots of other things, I do biographies a lot. No, I’m not doing the quilt along, I am so backed up with projects. I spent 5 weeks in the fall after the flood using a generator while they got a new electrical line and deck for the new electric connection done, that I got behind. So I got 3 US fabric maps in the mail Saturday, bought by the husband because we saw them and the shop only had 1, and they are becoming travel trackers for 3 families I love so the little ones can track their travels and learn about the country. It’s hard for them to visualize the map when they never see it. Keep up the good work!!!!

  196. Marie Fibelstad

    I love all your comments and pictures of quilts and especially of the animals too, miss your shop!

  197. Nancy England-Poole

    Mary I love to read your blog. I have been in love with Country Threads since way back when. And was able to visit years ago. I’m a Minnesota transplant to California when I was 10 yrs old. I made a trip back in the early 90’s after my kids finished high school. Connie wasn’t at the store that day. I’m a 3rd or 4th cousin some were on here mother’s side of the family.
    I often share your farm photos with my Mom, Marian England, who was born and raised on a farm near Worthington, MN. Mom is 87 and still loves to quilt baby blankets for great-grandchildren.

  198. Linda Baker

    I read your blog every day, would not feel right if I didn’t. No for the sew-along, I have a bunch of UFO’s I’m trying to work on right now.

  199. Rina

    Yes I do subscribe to your blog and found you through Martingale. Haven’t decided if I’ll be doing the sew along but more than likely will.

  200. carolyn stevens

    No. But I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing from you and occasionally ordering some patterns from you. Please don’t go away!

  201. carolyn stevens

    No. But I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing from you and occasionally ordering patterns from you. Please don’ t go away!

  202. Marie

    Love reading your blog. Your stories on all the animals are wonderful and I get my “doggie fix” when you have photos of yours and the ones that come to visit. Not sure about the sew-along as I am trying to get a couple of charity quilts put together. Really appreciate how giving you and Connie are with sharing your patterns. Have a great day!

  203. Judy Linn

    Yes, I am a subscriber.

    Yes, I will join the sew-in. Back to triangles will be a good exercise.

    Thanks for putting up with all you have to do to blog!!! I am SO inspired by the blog! Your life is SO real and you make us laugh along the way! Your pace at which you quilt and design new projects is such an encouragement to me – you MAKE time work for you and that is inspiring!

    Hugs from Texas

    ps We had a blizzard last week – must have been two dozen flakes! 🙂 But my wood stove has been cranked up and the warmth heals my soul and body as we withstand the bitter cold that north winds bring. My two English Cream Goldens look so creamy against the white snow! Fun to watch their feathers blow in the wind. Yes, goldens have feathers too! 🙂

    I have read ALL these comments. SO FUN! All Y’ll have a BLESSED DAY!!!

  204. LINDA

    Hi,Look forward to reading your blog! They give me inspiration. No, I won’t be participating in the sew along as I have other projects I am working on now. Thank You for a great giveaway too!

  205. Marsha V.

    Yes to the sew along, I have five projects picked out I plan to join in on. I enjoy reading your blog and your stories so much. I have never commented but have communicated by e-mail with you once. I look forward to receiving your blog.

  206. Paula W

    Mary, thanks for taking your time to write this blog. Love reading about farm life and seeing all the projects you work on. I work on a few too many myself, but it keeps me going.

  207. Dianne Cook

    Yes I read all your blog posts and enjoy them. Yes I will be joining the sew along. We have had lake effect snow for over a week now here in Bruce County, Ontario and our church was cancelled yesterday. My husband is the treasurer and was to have church members coming to audit his records for the annual meeting the end of the month, but they have had to cancel until Wednesday. The school buses are still running, not sure how, I can’t even see the end of our 300 ft. driveway. Looks like it might improve a little by the end of the week. I sure miss buying from your store on line, but I hope you and Connie are enjoying semi retirement. This weather is a great excuse for quilting. Enjoy your day. Dianne

  208. Jenny Sullivan

    Yes! Would live to see along! But I might have to substitute one of my many UFOs–such as the red and white log cabin I started in the barn . Does that count?
    FYI I did just finish the nine patch Diamond Jubilee!

  209. Jeanice Domino

    I look forward to reading your blog. I have visited your shop twice and have made quite a few of your rugs. I will not be able to join the quilt-a-long. I enjoy the stories of your animals and your farm life. Thank you so much!

  210. Liz Dyer

    Yes! I want this book so bad. I love to sew tablerunners. I like small projects because I have a short attention span and they are like instant gratification. I also like to change them with eachholiday or season. Thanks for the great giveaway. I love your blog. .

  211. Sheila S

    Yes-to the sew-a-long. Sewing along with someone else actually inspires me to finish the project!

  212. Dot

    I subscribe to your blog through Feedly, and enjoy both the quilting and the animal stories. My mother was an Iowan, so I have fond feelings for Iowa. I’m not sure yet about the sew-along! Probably not. I have many UFOs to work on right now.

  213. Carolyn

    Yes, you are on my blog roll. When you don’t post I have gotten in the habit of reading backwards those I have not read. That man needs a lesson in dealing with several women at once if he messes with your blog. No, to the sew along. Have a problem with my hands right now that need nothing more than time to heal. I do love your books and have several in my library. Bless you for sharing your life with us.

  214. Dorothy

    I love your blog, but no on the sew along, I am in the middle of Bonnie Hunter’s mystery

  215. Maryann Lohmann

    Yes I subscribe to your blog Thoroughly enjoy it!! And Yes I sew and make rugs along side you. I had animals as you do thru out the years Miss them but can’t do the physical end of it any more

  216. Caryn (lover of all beagles) B.

    There is a new trend in workouts…Yoga with goats!!! This could be a new business venture for you!! 😀 I enjoy reading your blog!!

  217. Leigh

    I love to read your blog. Not only for quilting news but all the things you are interested in.

  218. Susie

    I had a Westie once who guarded the doggie door! She would sit right in front of the doggie door on the inside of the house ( laundry room) and bully the other two from coming in. It was so frustrating, it would be so hot outside and she wouldn’t let them in. We were constantly separating her. Then she started bullying them over the food bowls. Finally we placed her in a single dog household.

  219. Marcia Rocheleau

    Yes, I read your blog. Love the farm news and am generally in awe of all the quilting you get accomplished in addition to all else you do.
    I won’t be doing the sew-along project. I have a goal to finish more than I begin for awhile. Hope you got to see the photo I sent of my rendition of your Be Merry pattern.
    Happy Quilting!

  220. Joan Harrison

    Just read “Goat Gazette” April 2008 ! You can’t quit now, you are my lifeline!!! I mail your blog to a friend! I’m eighty, so stitches are not perfect but did make little quilt, will send picture….always went to
    Chicago quilt shows, bought several pincushions so now I’m part owner of a piano!!! Take care of Rick he is not replaceable…….farm girl with one CAT…..keep up good work….

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Joan – I thank you for your part of the piano – it gets used a lot!

  221. Pam Wakeman

    No for the sew along, but will certainly watch your blog! I don’t know how you accomplish so much!!!! Any medication(s) you’d recommend?!!!
    Pam W.

  222. Gwen

    I can’t say enough good things about your blog! I LOVE your pictures….the animals, plants, snow, quilts, your “collections”, etc., I love them all! Your words are genuine, funny, comforting, thought provoking and always truthful. I look forward to each new post. I will not be joining the quilt along this time.
    Blessings to you!

  223. Debbie G

    I can officially say YES!!! Just found you and signed up to follow. Would love to do the sew along if I can fit it in with my other commitments. So happy to be here!!!

  224. Ramona Tankersley (Clare's niece)

    Yes Mary, I read the blog every time. You are my one connection to Iowa and just love everything from the weather report to the status of the animals. Wish we were neighbors – except for the snow part!!

  225. Rita S

    Yes I follow your blog and love the stories and pictures of the farm animals. Grew up on a farm myself and remember teasing the ram we had. If I keep myself motivated I will try to work in the quilt. Thanks for the updates.

  226. Rebecca H

    Count me in, I love reading your blog!!!!! I love what you write and all your pictures are great. You make quilts like none other, oh my. I won’t be sewing this quilt your going to start but I will be loving to see what you make. Keep up the great work. Here in wa state where I live we have two feet of snow or more, haven’t measured. Then the clouds go away and then we get minus degrees weather. Ah makes for fun sewing, I love it, stay in and sew, yup.

  227. Judy Brennan

    Mary and Connie, LOVE your blog! You write like we were just sitting across the table from each other. LOVE your stories, your quilts, your animals, Rick, Connie’s cruise, church and the music you play, everything! Thanks for doing this. It is truly a delight in my day when I see your blog come up in my email. Thanks. And, would LOVE the new book. Will be doing the sew along. Thanks.

  228. Wanda Doehne

    I read your blog every time you post and look forward to what you have to share. Love the pictures of the animals and the quilts. I used to subscribe to The Goat Gazette. Love your book reviews also. I just might participate in the sew-along. I have the book and have been wanting to do something with Civil War fabrics.

  229. Sharon Geiger

    Yes! I read your blog every time you post. I just sent for the book “Sew Charming”. I will make this project along with you. I should get my book soon. By the way, I love reading about your life on the farm. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents on their farm in NE Indiana and I now live on a farm, too. However, the only farm animals we have are cats. LOL Keep posting!

  230. Joyce C

    Yes I Totally read you blog! I faithfully check it everyday! Love to hear about your daily life on the farm as I’m a quilting farm girl also ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  231. Susan Seiboth

    No, but I check your blog every day. Love to hear about your many animals and amazed at how much you get done!

  232. Judy L

    YES and YES! At first I thought the name of the quilt was Horney Triangles, and I couldn’t figure why you, or anyone else, would name a quilt that! It’s also an age thing!

    1. Judy Linn

      This is too funny!

      Not only is your reply funny – but our names are the same.

      What is so funny to me – is that when I first read the quilt name, I thought the very same thing! So when I first read this reply – I thought, “Oh, no, I actually typed that thought ….” Ha Ha! Someone else did it for me.

      Judy Linn, from Texas

  233. Peggy

    Love the blog, Mary. Thanks so much for the book recommendations, too!! Still working on the last sew along (making it bigger) so might pass on this one!!

  234. Joan West

    Yes I read your blog faithfully ever since the paper version. Love animals so really enjoy all your posts and pictures of your pets. Please continue it. No to the sew along, too many other projects in the works but would love to win the book.

  235. Becki

    I just got your new book. I want to make every single item in this book. Looking forward to this sew along.

  236. Rose Mikulski

    I follow your blog, am doing the sew-along and I’m Team Colton. My friend Carol reads your blog also and she will also be doing the sew-along. Stay Warm!!!

  237. Yvonne

    Yes – I love reading the blog (thanks for taking the time to write and share what’s going on with you!) and maybe on the sew-a-long. We’ll see if I can keep up. 🙂 The book looks awesome! Would love to have a copy of it. Thanks!

  238. Patty McDonald

    No, I will not be participating in the sew along, although, I will watch your progress . There are 3 projects in my quilt room I’m trying to finish this month and a slew of others waiting. This is the year I use up all those saved blocks and cuttings from former projects, and not buy any fabric…..don’t laugh too hard at that last comment. Although, this is a small quilt…….no……I can’t get distracted.
    \Your animals are so well treated……love it. Mine are loved and well treated too but we live in southern Calif. and the worst weather is a little rain. In comparison, it’s a breeze to do barn chores here. This is the 1st time in 40 years we’ve had 2 roosters in the same barn yard and they don’t fight or challenge each other. One is a white Banty and the other is a mixture and huge. A friend didn’t want him….because he’s a ‘him’. We have a large chicken area but they don’t even challenge one another. Last year we got rid of a Rhode Island Red because of all the fighting.

    1. Laurie T

      Yes I enjoy reading your blog. The sew along will be fun. Thanks for continuing to share with us.

  239. Dee

    Too busy with a knitting project right now so, no, I won’t be able to join you in the sew along. I do look forward to joining vicariously! Love your blog and so relate to stress when there is disharmony in the barn! Dee

  240. Lee Bowers

    Mary, read The Girl in Cabin 10. I can see why Connie
    should wait on that one.
    Yes, on the sew a long.

  241. Pat Huber

    I too love your blog, but cannot commit to the sew along this time. Trying to finish my ufos!!!
    Happy new year
    Pat Huber

    1. Claudia Sheets

      I just about have my act together again. I might be able to do this sew along! If not I’ll add it to the 2017 piles to finish! This is the year of finishing! Anytime a free day comes your way you know my#! 😁☮Claudia

  242. Jan Reliford

    An Absolute YES!!!! I LOVE your sew-alongs!
    What a great start to 2017
    Thanks Mary!!!!

  243. Pat

    No, can’t join the sew along just have too many other projects in progress. I do read and enjoy your blog. Always glad to see it among my emails.

  244. Jane

    Too many other projects in the works so I didn’t take on this one. I do, however, faithfully read your blog as it reminds me of growing up “in the country” in rural Minnesota. Our mother also was the church organist for many years and I remember sitting in the pew doing homework when she would come “to town” to practice at church during the week. Thanks for the memories, Mary!!

  245. Diana Weirich

    Yes to the sew along, and yes I read the blog every time you post. I live vicariously through your posts on a farm! Especially love your goats!

  246. Jo

    Yes, my friend and I are doing your book as a challenge this year, trying to use up some of our stash.

  247. K

    Won’t be doing this one. Still finishing the first one and need to order the book. Love all the pictures of the animals.

  248. Robbie

    No, but I did sew along to the Split Rail and loved it so am going to make a few more of those! I tried the machine quilting and really like how it turned out! I enjoy your blog and hope you continue. Happy New Year.

  249. bernadette

    I read your every blog and very much enjoy them. I am bringing my 35 yr old workhorse Singer in for service today. Will have it back in a week to 10 days. Found a Singer 7469 at a church thrift shop – like new condition, but I am bringing it into a local quilt shop which shares space with a Bernina store. So, I will hopefully have a solution to the stitch issue with this “new” machine and won’t be leaving with a new Bernina — not that that wouldn’t be an awesome thing!!!

  250. Karen

    Yes, I read and enjoy your blog. I’m not sure if I will participate inthe sew along until I see your tips.

  251. bernadette

    And that’s a lot of chickens!!! Is the one in the back standing on another hen your chicklet? Every crowd has to have a bully, I guess.

  252. Nanette Steed

    YES! I read your blog faithfully!! I love to hear about everything that goes on in your daily life. I have wondered more than once how you manage to do everything. My three favorite things are fabric, books, and being outside playing in my yard. Someday, I would love to visit your farm and meet you in person. Many times when you used to use the barn for quilt camp I wanted to come. For now, I look forward to reading your blog every day! Thank you for sharing your life with so many people. I will not be able to participate in your sew along this time. I will definitely be looking forward to seeing the progression of this quilt.
    Nanette Steed:)

  253. Brenda Cornell

    Yes, I subscribe now. I didn’t realize that was an option and I checked in on you an your farm daily. Your book should be on its way to me and I plan to join the sew along – thanks!

  254. Jan Remley

    No, I’m not able to do the Sew Along. But I have several of your books — which I love — as well as love your blog. Thanks.

  255. Kate Schloemer

    Yes I always read your blog and anxiously waiting for it each day or week.

    I also have been house bound because of the cold weather but have had a head cold so haven’t been sewing. I have been sewing hospital gowns for a local lady my granddaughter takes care of. Trying to cheer her up with some fun fabric. I have one more to finish then I will be back to my quilting.

  256. Karen Boswell

    Loved your shop, love your books and LOVE your blog! I hated it when you closed the shop but with the blog, feels almost like I am visiting eaqch time you post and share the pictures. I share some of the pictures and the animals’s antics with hubby too who always gets a charge from them.
    I’d LOVE a copy of the Sew Charming book which I do not yet have ..

  257. Diana S

    I love that you share the books that you have read. I am always looking for a good book, so I keep a list of the books that you say are good and refer to that list when I need to pick up another book. Thanks so much!!!

  258. gayle

    YES— love your postings and insights, and of course, love the animals! Happy counting—–

  259. Deb G. In VA

    Yes, I follow your blog via email and no I won’t be participating in the sew along.

  260. Maryann

    Yes Love the words of wisdom you impart about animals, books, and quilting.
    How do you get so much done?

  261. Mary Says Sew!

    Yes, I just subscribed to receive the blog by email. Before that, I’ve been reading your posts by going to its website.

    No, I won’t be doing the sew-along. Too many other projects going on, and this one didn’t grab me.

  262. Karen

    YES!! Love your blog!! I subscribe to it and love reading it…….still miss receiving the Goat Gazette!! =:) Thank you for keeping us up on the “goings on”!!

  263. Mary

    Yes, I’ll do the charm quilt. I already have the book so will just need to pull fabrics.

  264. Ann

    I do read your blog and check every day for a new post but will not be doing the sew along

  265. Selma Bennett

    Can’t do sew along because I am going on the cruise with Connie which gives me three projects to do not to even count what I have to do for work😊😊😊 Looking forward to seeing your quilt and love the blog!

  266. Mary Jo

    I love reading your blog and can’t wait to see what you are working on next. Yes, I plan on doing the sew along. Keep up the good work. Reading your blog makes me feel Ike we are best friends.

  267. Jane dumler

    Definitely yes to the sew along. Love the charm book–easy projects. Enjoy your posts–you keep me working on ufo’s with all you do.

  268. Julie

    I follow! I love your blog. The animals the quilts. I would like to quilt someday, but am not there yet. I am single and bought a house last year. Its keeping me busier than I like. Would love to be entered into the book drawing. Stay warm and hope you’re feeling better soon!

  269. Becky

    I won’t be joining. Sorry. I have so many projects going that I just don’t have the time. Thanks. I’ll check in on you though. 🙂

  270. msjean

    A definite yes from here. I haven’t sewed anything since before Christmas and I still have to bind the last sew-a-long thing I made. Be careful in all of that ice and snow.

  271. Dianne H.

    Yes, I plan to do the sew-along. We adopted a rescued kitten at the end of December. She wants to be with me every moment, which is fine. However, I’m not used to this, since this is the first cat I’ve ever owned. Our dog loves to be outside even when it’s so cold. When Murphy is inside, he is always with my husband. My cockatiel, Missy, is in my sewing room with me, but she is always in her cage when I’m sewing. Now, I guess I will be doing much of my sewing while Kit is asleep.

  272. Jayne S

    Yes, I subscribe and enjoy reading about the farm. We stopped at the shop years ago on our way to a wedding. No new projects until I finish a few (if I could only find the binding for a quilt made in 2004). Time to finish them up!

  273. Sharon

    Love reading all your interesting stories. Cannot participate at this time. I have the book and all the quilts are lovely

  274. wendy

    Unfortunately no to the sew along because of other commitments, but will follow along to see what everyone’s doing xx

  275. Janet Snyder

    No, not at this time. But I did get the book for Christmas. Love, Love, Love the barn pictures.

  276. Karen in Breezy Point

    I’m hoping to do the sew along if life doesn’t get in the way. Stay warm!

  277. Marilyn

    Yes…….keep showing your quilts and quilting pattern. Even though it is a straight line, I like to see how the lines look afterward. I get ideas from your work because I have lots of scraps which are too big to throw away!

  278. Helen G

    No I won’t be able to sew-along at this time. Too many life adventures going on. I do enjoy your blog. Just love seeing your cute animals. Love this book also and will probably purchase at some point. thanks for the giveaway! Be safe in this crazy weather.

  279. Doris M. Mitchell

    Yes…….love, love, looovvve all your barn stories and pictures. Former farmer’s daughter and farmer’s wife, now widowed and retired so miss the life.

  280. Lisa Zook

    No, not this time. I faithfully read your blog and enjoy what you share. I won’t be doing this sew-a-long, but am still inspired by all you do.

  281. Cindy K.

    Hello Mary, I am on the fence on sewing, only because I have some irons in the fire and don’t wan’t to get overcrowded. Love,love the pictures of all your animals, they are entertaining-I doubt you call it that as much as I do.I have two small dogs who are trying to run the show, so it’s a constant battle to maintain some degree of control in my house. It’s been very cold here in Wis. also-luckily my nephew runs to the store for me now.I’ll keep watching and try and write once in awhile.Stay Warm,Cin

  282. Eleanor from RI

    I was hoping that you would pick this quilt for January.

    I didn’t make the December one but I did get out the red and white fabric. I even have some of the fabrics that you used! Hope to make it this week.

  283. catherine

    Yes to the sew along. I will use some of my stash.
    Enjoyed doing the split square project.

  284. Shirley

    No, I won’t be doing the sew along. But please don’t let anything happen to your blog. It’s such a joy to read, and I always look forward to it. Speaking of reading, you might try The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict.

  285. Lois palmisano

    Hi ya Mary. No to the sew along for now. I have been making some string quilt books. I found that if I make a sewn line around each block, that will keep the bias corners flat. Not bowed!! Weather is a good thing to keep us in the studio. Love your blog. Lois in Omaha

  286. Sandy

    I read every post on your blog. I was lucky enough to visit your shop twice before you closed so I love to read your news and all the comments. I will not be able to participate in the sew along. We are having a snow day from school here in eastern Washington. We will be making this day up in February. I have been able to get some sewing done this morning, but I am pretty sure this is a one day closure so will be back to work tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  287. Brenda archambault

    Yes to the blog. Always inspiring.
    No to the sew along. Life gets in the way sometimes!

  288. Susan McKay

    Yes I plan to do the sewalong. I love your blog with all the pictures of the farm. It reminds me of my childhood in Iowa. That was a few years ago!!

  289. Pam

    I don’t “subscribe” but look for new entries on your blog every day. Love the combination of quilting entries along with news of your barn animals and doggies. I live vicariously through you!!! Your new book just arrived in today’s mail so guess what I’ll be doing tonite. Might try to join your quilt along. Thanks for all of your efforts!!!

  290. Jan Behm

    Yes I read your blog posts.

    Yes, I hope to sew along with y’all cuz I already have your new book & LOVE it!

    Yes, please pick me for the new Big Book of Table Toppers! It looks fabulous! 🙂

  291. Louise Tischendorf

    No but maybe later. I like the quilt. Leaving on the cruise with Connie teaching – so excited!

  292. Diana Stanfill

    I usually do not comment. But I read faithfully. Love everything you post. Especially about the animals. I enjoy quilting to obviously. I will not be participating, since I have so many started but unfinished projects. I really wanted to adopt Colton when he was first around. But my asthma keeps me from having to many pets. Such a cutie, sure have enjoyed watching him grow. We have been trying to sell out house in Moline, Il for 3 years now. We want to move to Tennessee to live near our daughter and grand daughters. I hope to have a place similar to yours when we move. I always loved being at Country Threads.

  293. Terry Nixon

    No, I’m not sewing along this time, but am sure I will another time. I already have your Sew Charming book and there lots in there I want to do. Your blog posts are always a treat to read – good newsy letters from a friend. Thanks for sharing your quilts, your life, your SELF with us!

  294. Teresa

    No to the sew along this time, but I do have the book so may join in the next one. I have commented before, and don’t know if you remember I sent you a picture of my dog with our polish chicken sitting on his back. Love reading your blog!

  295. Elrid Johnson

    Yes. Enjoy your blog. Am resisting the sew-a-long. Have too many sewing projects!

  296. Sandy Allen

    Wish I could join in on the sew along, but I have too many projects in the works right now. I also made a resolution not to start anything new until at least two UFOs are finished, and I haven’t finished anything yet. 🙂

    I have followed you blog in the past, then pared down, but have started following again.

  297. Georgia Anderson

    I love your blog..I check it everyday..That is how I found out about the new Sew Charming book..I am making the split square pattern but, not planning on the next sew along..Thanks for all you share with us!! Georgia from Minnesota

  298. Anne L

    No to the sew along. I’m trying to catch up on several UFO ‘s over the winter months. That is trying!
    I love your blog and reading about all the animals.

  299. Julianna

    YES I read the blog consistently! I’d be lost without your updates
    unsure on quilt along – too many projects going on :-/

  300. Mylo

    Hi Mary l suscribe to your wonderful blog .l have made 2 split block quilt tops now need to quilt them so no to this sew along as l am up to my elbows in UFOs but maybe if you have another later in the year

  301. Patty

    Not this time for the sew along, Love reading your blog and shopping before you “retired” when I was back home to visit the folks. Keep on quilting!

  302. Kay Price

    Yes, I will be joining the quilt along. I am really looking forward to it as this is the first time I have had the chance to join one of the projects. Yea!!!

  303. Susan Sundermeyer

    I’d be heartbroken to loose your blog! I’ve been teaching myself to sew little baby slippers. I’m in love with them. I belong to a group that sews, crochets, knits, etc. for charity. I would love to participate in the sew along, but as a beginner sewer, half-square triangles terrify me!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Susan – can you purchase some Thangles that finish 1.5? That’s what I’m going to use and you will be amazed!

  304. Patti Chapman

    Love the blog. Reading it helps me accept that Country
    Threads closed their doors.