Here are the four winners who will be receiving a copy of this book in the mail.  We had 608 comments which is almost alarming to me – maybe I should filter what I say if that many people are listening to me!  Eek!

Carol Possi

Kelly – she responded on January 9, 8:51 am

Judy Linn

Barbara Russell 

Please send your mailing address to my personal email mail —

I will get these books out to you as soon as I hear from you   —   compliments of Country Threads and Martingale.

Thank you to everyone who commented!  I read them all and I consider you all close friends!  Who else do I talk to this much?

Later today I will post about the Sew Along.  Gotta go to the barn and run a couple of  errands now.

20 thoughts on “Winners!

  1. Marilyn

    I’m not a winner but feel like one because you make this all do much fun.Thank you Mary. Watching for posting this afternoon.

  2. Diane

    608!! That doesn’t surprise me. Your blog is fun, interesting, educational, and a great way to learn about so many things. Thank you, Mary:) It’s going to be 60 degrees here in Central Ohio tomorrow–wow!!

  3. Donna Sproston

    I agree we are all winners because these posts brighten so many of our days. Now that you know how many followers you have, we are guaranteed you will keep us smiling.

  4. bernadette

    Congrats to all the winners. If the winners were the first four to respond, then it seriously puts west coasters at a disadvantage, sadly. But with that said, I will go ahead and buy this book, now that I know I won’t get it as a prize — it looks pretty good, and seriously, you can never have too many quilt books – or cookbooks!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bernadette – do you think I’d be that unfair? Really? Connie picked these numbers: 29, 202,380,601 at random.

  5. Linda B

    I think we are all winners, too! Can’t wait to get the book anyway, its on my list. Have a lovely day!

  6. Holly TH

    How fabulous that you have that many people following your blog; it just shows how much we all enjoy hearing about what you’re up to! No need for filters; we like you just the way you are. (With a nod to Mr. Rogers.)

  7. Karen Chaudoin

    I purchased the book and it arrived last night. It was more than I expected. My preference is not for bright colors and there was so many traditional patterns I was excited with the possibilities! Wonderful book!

  8. Judy Linn

    Hey Y’ll,


    My KY Sis texted me to tell me I had won! Of all days I had made-up-my-mind to NOT do computer this morning – NOT do anything until these blocks on the design wall are sewn together. I think they call that a quilt top. It seems like so long since I have put one together. Hee Hee!

    And that motivation to stop putting other things before quilting is what prompted me to respond and join the Sew Along, etc. etc. And now I AM A WINNER! “WINNER, WINNER, Chicken dinner!” My grands say that! Mary, cover the ears of the chickens!

    HUGS to all 600 plus of us!
    Texas had 70 degree weather yesterday and I ate lunch outside!

      1. Emily

        I’m from Texas, too. The temperature is wonderful! Congratulations to all the book winners. I’m looking forward to the new sew along. Thanks so much, Mary!

  9. Pamela

    If the prize is the book that came out right around Thansgiving, I already bought it, so its okay that I didn’t win. ~~ Pamela

  10. Jan Frank-de Ois

    Thank you for giving us all an opportunity. Reading your blog is always like listening to friend. As an Iowa farm girl by birth but a townie now, you bring back memories. Another thank you!

  11. Teresa

    Congrats to the winners! How fun that there are more than 600 people enjoying your blog.

  12. Nancy England-Poole

    You are loved and followed. Reading your blog and the pictures you post keeps me connected to the country life of my childhood. Nothing like that in Southern California.

  13. Vicky Davis

    I will be ordering the book ASAP. It looks like a great addition to the library!! Vicky

  14. Becky from Texas

    Don’t you dare filter what you say…..I love your blog just the way it is!

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