Icy Sunday Morning in North Iowa

Much ice and hard snow drifts in North Iowa this morning – an aftermath of yesterday’s storm. Our gate is going to require some work to get out but even then the highway is one way in several places between here and town. So even though church is not cancelled, neither Margaret nor I will be there.

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Since I had time yesterday I tried a new recipe for a breakfast bake with Grands biscuits.

It said “large casserole” – I thought this was pretty big but I couldn’t get it done in the middle – should have been a 9 x 13 for sure.

Here’s the recipe.

Grands Breakfast Bake

1 can Grands biscuit

8 oz. shredded cheese

1/2 c. Milk

1 c. Cubed ham

5 eggs

Mix all ingredients except Grands. Cut biscuits into fourths and carefully fold into egg mixture. Transfer to large greased casserole – I recommend 9 x 13 pan.

Bake 25 minutes at 325 degrees — or until knife comes out clean.

This could include green pepper, onion, sausage, hash browns – clean out your frig to mix in with eggs.


Loved all the college basketball games yesterday. Here’s a glimpse of what I worked on while I watched.

Hope to finish today – I want to be ready to hang it outside if and when Spring ever comes.

One customer received an empty envelope as her order. Hmmmm….the next day the mailman brought this – her Harvey pattern. I have no idea how this could happen unless we forgot to seal the envelope,the pattern fell out and someone else then sealed the envelope. I replaced her pattern, of course and this will likely remain a mystery. If you should have an issue with your order, just let me know and we will fix it!

Since I now have a free morning, I’m heading out to the quilt shop. If I actually get something finished, I’ll show you. I’d like to start my rug today, too. The day will not be long enough!

35 thoughts on “Icy Sunday Morning in North Iowa

  1. Paula Philpot

    I really like the line quilting. You are the first I ever saw do it. I really thought it looked really good on the quilt above. I quilted a pumpkin quilt on Friday and getting ready to put binding on. Watched the end of the N. Iowa game, sorry they lost I was thinking of you. We have had 3 new baby calves so far alot are loosing them this winter due to all the rain and the hay from last year getting so much rain. I was feeling good about not loosing any and then hubby came up tonight from feeding and the newest one had passed. Hoping she will b the only one. It is so hard then these animals are “family”. Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula P – so sad about your little calves – I could never raise livestock for a living and if I had to raise my own meat I’d be a vegetarian in the blink of an eye!

  2. Marsha from Kansas

    I am the one who received the empty sealed envelope. It is a mystery when the pattern turned up in her mail. I want to “publicly” thank Mary for the prompt “complete satisfaction” response. I knew she would make it right, but I just had to tease her that maybe I was the lucky one who got the Jimmy Stewart Harvey bunny pattern! 🙂 Mary could teach that radio service and lots of those big companies a thing about “customer service”. Thanks again, Mary!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marsha from Kansas – thank you for those accolades- I’m still chuckling about how that could have happened!

  3. Martha Engstler

    The sun is out and it is up to the mid 40’s. It’s a super day to ski here at Liberty Mountain near Gettysburg. There is no wind for a change. This should be about the end of ski season but they have a deep base which should last a while. They had a late start so it’s good it’s going into March. We did have rain last night and that can sure damage the condition of the snow. It will be a warmer week. Hope Iowa snow melts soon. I have family there.
    Martha near Gettysburg PA

  4. Kathy in western NY

    We all seem to enjoy reading the comments so much. Diane Bauer-I have had really good luck with my Bernina sewing machine. Look for one where you get good service and classes to use it to it’s full potential is my only advice. Everyone likes them for different reasons. We went out to get some groceries after church ( don’t worry he never offers to do that but I think he feels I will walk into a wall next so he wants to help me ). My bruised face is improving but still got a lot of ? at church. Even with the rain there is a lot of ice underneath the streams we saw on our drive home. Never got as warm here as they originally said..only got to 40. Thanks for the great breakfast recipe and I would love you to share any recipes!!! Hope you had a good time sewing this afternoon.

    1. Diane Bauer

      Thank you, Kathy!! I have always heard very good things about Berninas and was going full speed ahead toward that brand until a friend bought a Pfaff and raved. Trying to consider that this is likely the last machine I will buy, so I’m looking at all options.

      Glad your bruises are healing!!!

  5. Linda Thompson

    I had to laugh at myself last night…as I was getting ready for bed, I thought Ha…I’m really an Iowa girl….I had changed to my heavy wool socks, added a sweater over my pj shirt, tossed another blanket on the bed….brrrr it was so cold. I even turned up the temp on my CPAP machine….yip, I am in Yuma AZ…and yes our furnace works! Perhaps I was influenced by the pictures of all the snow at our home in NW IA.

  6. Pam Wakeman

    Thanks for the recipe! I’m always looking for breakfast ideas, especially to serve guests! Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt!

  7. Frances Carter

    Yes we can always do our own Sunday worship at home. Tired of the winter too! Can’t wait to see more sunshine than clouds and go outside without a coat or jacket. I wish a grand spring thaw for you really soon. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – no, it’s not too late – send $31 to Country Threads, address on home page – and thank you!

  8. Launa

    Mary, Doesn’t matter with DSTime..I was awake @ 6…10o out then. Had a scattering of a sparse few snowflakes and then the sun has been out since.
    Got the top finished for the March pattern and am going to sandwich and try to finish during the NASCAR race. Plenty of basketball games yesterday….wanted Duke to win☹️.
    Thanks for the Breakfast Grands recipe.

  9. Diane Bauer

    I LOVE your latest quilt and will be anxious to see it hanging outside!!! The colors are so happy together!!

    We are 24 here in Windsor at the moment, but sure felt warmer when I took the dogs outside. Supposed to reach 44 by 3 o’clock. We will head out for walks shortly! We had crazy wind all day yesterday, which makes Akira terribly nervous. They were warm Chinooks so most of the snow disappeared in short order.

    Two more Little Harveys came off my machine just before lunch, each with a different background color. I was thinking a quilt may emerge, but I’d need to figure out something other than buttons—maybe more embroidery??? We’ll see.

    I went out sewing machine shopping yesterday. I’m curious what you all have and might recommend. My trusty Viking is making new noises that don’t sound very good. It’s at least 30 years old and got a pretty major workout last year when my son was deployed. Not sure it will make it through another deployment and I’m pretty sure I can’t without a sewing machine! Mary, I think you said you had a Bernina you love. I looked at Bernina, Viking, and Pfaff yesterday. There are so many choices and they sure can go up in price quickly!!

    1. Deb - SW Minnesota

      Diane, I have always used Baby Lock machines and have had good luck. We have a dealer that also does repairs and cleaning – this is was a big reason why I went Baby Lock. Having lessons and continued support is a must. All 3 of my sisters also have Baby Locks and have had great luck.

  10. Sue in Oregon

    Received my Harvey just fine. Thinking about taking it to my Quilt Retreat. Leaving on Monday and be home Friday. But, first, I will be working on the quilt I promised my husband last summer. I will also be taking Bulls Eye for Show and Tell. I am just now finishing the binding. Also a mini of yours here on the blog from a year ago or so. Cannot remember the name of it, though. I call it Red Right Returning.
    You mid west and easterners are sure having a cold and snowy winter. It is a bit colder here than usual but we do not have snow and ice. Thank You, Lord.
    Stay warm, stay safe. Seems like that is the mantra cry this winter.

  11. Patti Kelleher

    Hello from West Barnstable, MA. Heavy rain and lots of wind today. The snow drifts are melting. It’s about 36 here now. A nice day to stay inside and sew! Mary, that quilt looks fantastic. I love your blog with all the animal pictures and news from the farm.

  12. Margaret Jessen

    Hi Mary, I received my small Harvey pattern recently but the envelope was almost NOT sealed. Some of those self sealing envelopes don’t seal. Choices are— put a piece of tape on, throw away or take back to the store. Love the pattern !!

  13. Kathy Hanson

    What a winter! We had rain too, then snow. I didn’t get to church either, better to be safe. With the sun coming out it may just make some of the ice go away. That egg bake looks delicious! What you made yesterday is stunning – I have been cleaning out scrapbook and stamping stuff that I no longer use to sell at a craft “garage sale” – so nice to have things cleaned out but…it takes a lot of time! Then back to putting my Bull’s Eye quilt pieces together. Boy, am I ever far behind. Enjoy the quilt shop!!

  14. Kate Schloemer

    We also got lots of freezing rain and then snow. Then in middle of night the snow slid off my steel roof and blocked the door. Of course it’s all ice underneath and finally got the door open far enough to squeeze through. I got a small place broke up so I could get the dogs outside to potty. What a way to start my day… lol
    Please come SPRING!!!!!

  15. Ellie

    Windy but not too cold this morning, probably in the 40s in central Indiana. We had a terrific thunderstorm yesterday which made the dog nervous. Poor thing. Glad you stayed home safe and warm today. Breakfast casserole looks tasty. I really love that latest quilt and I’m anxious to see it hanging!
    Much to my delight Beyond the Battlefield and SmallHarvey arrived yesterday! What to start first! 🤔

  16. Sherry Whalen

    Crazy windy this morning, but at least the sun is shining and the temp is above 20 degrees! We did get some rain, but I am not sure how much and then probably only a couple of inches of snow, which we already have plenty – the sides of our driveway are taller than me. We’ve been helping our next door neighbor keep his driveway clean as well as our own (we meaning mostly Al) as he is struggling with the effects of cancer treatment. Our other neighbor left last week to go to Mississippi to help clean up tornado damage and asked if we could clean their driveway while he was gone. And then my youngest son Tom had knee surgery last Wednesday and is on crutches for 6 weeks plus his wife is 30 weeks pregnant. So while Al blew snow, I shoveled, and then we walked to Tom’s house and shoveled. I got my workout in early today! The only casualty – the neighbor’s Sunday newspaper was in an eighteen inch drift. The snowblower made confetti!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sherry Whalen – you and of course Al have your hands full! Yikes, that’s alot of snow removal. Maybe this will be the last of it – I hope!

  17. Chris

    The casserole looks yummy. Our snow fall wasn’t as bad as predicted in northern Wisconsin but they did cancel church here. We have over 30 inches of snow on the ground and no place to put it. It’s hard for propane and large trucks to get thru the woods. I hope spring is on its way soon. Stay warm and safe.

  18. Nikki M

    17degrees last Monday morning.. not a Texas normal. About 4am Saturday morning extremely high winds, and a torrential downpour of rain.. by 9am while still above average wind the sun did shine. By mid afternoon was in the mid 70s…like “they” say, “if you don’t like the Texas weather just give it a couple of hours”. Did get out & drove to Fort Worth for visit with son, Bradford pear trees in full bloom and notices lots of green pastures along the way. Last fall purchased 6 black angus heifers and breed with neighbors bull so should have calf’s soon…my llama is staying with mommas…he is so good with the calves.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki M – how exciting! Baby calves this spring. Our neighbors have been calving in the bitter cold since January. Don’t know how they stand it. And your llama becomes the “auntie” who babysits – sweet!

  19. Ann Barlament

    I had a surprise visitor yesterday, but was worried she would get caught in the storm. Not to worry as it rained. But then through the night there was a layer of snow on top. The trees were heavily laden down, almost looks like each twig was painted with snow. I know it’s hard on the trees, but makes for such a wonderful display, especially against that brilliant blue sky!!

    I hear from friends throughout the States: 42 in Duluth before the storm hit; 50’s in Milwaukee; sunny in Charlotte, NC; 80’s in Texas. Last night, I slept with my window cracked open because it felt like 90 in my room. Nothing more comforting than snuggling under a layer of quilts, with the cool night air subtlety sneaking in your room.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann Barlament – and when you finally got heat, you got too much of it! Dang!

  20. Janice

    Snowing here in Topsfield, MA this morning. Supposed to change over to rain later in the day. Spent yesterday cleaning the house so today I hope to get some piecing done. Your newest quilt looks so happy, love the fabrics you’ve used. And that breakfast casserole looks yummy! I really hope this posts, I love reading everyone’s comments…

    1. Diane in Central Ohio

      Hi Janice, I used to teach The Crucible which talks about Topsfield. Small world. Diane

  21. helen

    I live in AL and waited to hear if I would end up in KS or IA. Luckily we missed out again in this part of the state, for which I am grateful. So I am back to making squares for a king-size quilt–will I ever get done. Hang in here, Mary, spring will eventually come.

  22. Carol

    I love a recipe that includes ”clean out your refrigerator” for this one!
    I never remember these easy recipes for Christmas brunch… but this one’s a keeper.

    High winds here in Buffalo NY.. I think we are the new “Windy City”… move over Chicago!

    In responding, there is evidently no way for us to post pictures of what we are working on? Sometimes people talk about their projects and my mind works overtime imagining…

    Enjoy your “free@ morning and I hope daylight savings time let’s you gain an extra hour of light towards the evening! Thus making the day long enough!

  23. Dotty

    Love waking up and reading your post. One thing I am thankful for is we don’t get as much snow as you do. But this year here in our area we have had lots of cold and snow. Love seeing all the chicks too. They are so pretty. Love the grey one too. Hope you get a big defrost soon.

  24. Angie

    Better safe than sorry. God certainly understands. Gee what can you get into being stuck at home? Maybe an afternoon nap? I LOVE those.
    Everyone stay safe. BYW the ground hog. Lied!

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