I’ll keep trying, 6-9-24

You already know how much this frustrates me so I won’t bore you with more whining.

Leona’s daughter Ros dropped me a text this afternoon and told me Leona has received 3 cards already and is so pleased. This makes me really happy and grateful to those of you who will send a card. You also know how I feel about mailing a card to a person who will be cheered by receiving it. First of all personal mail in my mailbox is exciting – thank you to soooo many of you who sent pet sympathy cards to Rick and me! Who doesn’t like to get mail? Not junk mail but personal mail! I hope many more of you will send Leona a card – a few lines of greeting will make her day and mine, too.

Reader photos

Caitlin Clark fabric!

This is the extent of my sewing – I know you’re impressed. Haha! But my lawn is nicely mowed. By the time I reach my sewing machine in the evening I’m too tired to sew.

Just heard on the evening news that a major road in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons collapsed – I’m thinking of the pretend grandchildren who are vacationing in that area right now.

And that’s all from the blog about nothing and about everything.

34 thoughts on “I’ll keep trying, 6-9-24

  1. patti

    you all are much too nice to me. i don’t deserve it. you notice that i never mention gardening, laundry, or cooking and/or cleaning. all those things take lots of time and energy. i have the time, no energy. all of you do those things daily, but i no longer can. i seldom leave my house (my one charity meeting, then doctor appointments or medical tests). that is it. i do most all of my quilting/piecing sitting down. lots of things are pre-cut already. the quilting is mostly being done by others. i can’t even go in my front yard and plant flowers or enjoy my large back patio due to breathing issues. so i sew! i don’t feel the need for fancy intricate piecing any more. i’ve done it already. i don’t have miles of property to mow like mary or animals to take care of like mary. i have my cat and my husband (who does my laundry for me). if i’m not up to cooking, he will bring in food (no, he does not cook, i wish!). i don’t ask for sympathy, i just keep on going because that is who i am. always been a ‘type A’ personality that runs 500 mph. the stitching and sharing is my way of staying connected. if i get too carried away, mary can reel me back in. today i was super tired and managed to do nothing except shower and make a sandwich for supper. i am resting like mary said. ha! patti in florida

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – I know I’m not alone when I say I wish I lived next door to you so I could lend a hand! Hang in there!

      1. patti

        thanks, mary. if you lived next door, we would end up talking, drinking coffee and sewing. that would be great tho. thanks patti in florida

  2. Beryl BC

    I have a question for this group. Our church sewing group was donated some quilt blocks that are hand pieced. I really like the colors, the hand stitching is done well, have suitable fabric for sashing, so would like to use them. The problem is whoever pieced them placed the 1/4 inch masking tape on most edges. Most was left on. When removing it, there is sometimes sticky goo. Do you think I could just leave it in? Would I be better off to start over with new fabric

    1. patti

      i think i would take the tape off at least one block. you might be able to use WD40 to remove the tape residue. but then you would have to deal with the chemicals issue. i would hate to leave the tape in the quilt. does the sticky residue dissipate at all just by being exposed to the air? that was my other thought. or maybe soak a block in that stuff that takes out stains – grandma’s stain remover? good luck. patti in florida

  3. Kris in WI

    Thank you to all for sending in pictures of quilts, gardens, and pets. I’m sidelined where the mowing, weeding, and planting are concerned and loved the peonies the other day. I do believe I could smell them through the computer! Garden pictures, yes, please! And what a treat to see the back of Grandma’s Attic, just as pretty as the front. Great idea with the wide strips for a LWR quilt. I need to get to the donated fabric from church and this looks easy to cut and sew. Hmm, also a good way to use up my children’s prints for the local EMS/Fire/Police groups. Thanks, Patti! I had to smile at the Caitlyn Clark table runner. Mary, you may have made another WNBA fan over here, at least when CC is involved.
    Well, there are groceries to put away and then maybe I’ll sneak downstairs and pull a few fabrics to make some basket blocks. They are one of my favorites and heaven knows I have enough sketches and patterns to choose from! Have a great afternoon/evening out there. Kris

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kris – I’m feeling bad for Caitlin as many others are, too. I do think she’s being targeted by the other players – jealousy is an awful thing. I hope she’s strong enough to persevere until they get over it.

  4. Viv in Idaho

    Good morning,
    Your pretend Grandkids should be fine. The road failure was on the Teton pass not in Yellowstone or Grand Teton national park. Since they were coming from the East it probably won’t affect them at all. If for some reason they were going over the pass there are other routes to take that would just add an hour or two to their trip.


    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Viv – thank you! They were already on their way to Rapid city

      1. patti

        i agree with mary. thanks for the update on the teton pass raod failure. patti in florida

  5. Fran

    I must have missed Leona’s address. Can you post it again, Mary?

    It’s been a crazy June so far. Last week I was on a beautiful retreat in NE. Tomorrow I start another retreat for 4 days. This one is what I call “local” because it’s 5 mi away and we come home to sleep. I have a friend staying with me as she lives an hr away.

    Yesterday I managed to get a quilt quilted. WHEW! I don’t have robotics! As I rolled down to the last 15″ or so I realized my backing was short. That meant taking it off the frame and adding 4″ to the backing then getting it back on the frame. An hr later I had it done.

    Patti has to be the most productive quilter here! Love it. Love all the pics and stories!

    Fran in SW Iowa

  6. Sunflower 🌻 from Michigan

    Morning, Mary and everyone. Loved the blog photos the last few days despite the comment snafu issue.
    I have been gardening continuously for the last month. My son and future daughter-in-law are starting a cut flower business and I am helping. We grew 300+ dahlias from bulbs under grow lights and over 1,000 gladiolas plus sunflowers, zinnias, celosias, and snap dragons. We are nearly all planted. Probably 6 trays left only so really making headway. I am also cleaning up our perennial gardens by dividing many perennials and weeding. Though we have very few weeds because of our thick wood chip layer! The garden is still lovely from all my work last year for my daughters wedding and now we are planning ahead for my sons wedding next summer in the garden. Because of the volume of plants, we had to make a few new planting areas and that was a lot of work!!
    I have not been in my sewing room in a while. I am planning to dog sit for my daughter at the end of this month so taking my machine and projects to finish then. I’ll rest too!
    Have a great week.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sunflower – Good Heavens! So much work – you really have to love gardening – planting flowers, dividing perennials, weeding, making new,planting areas!!! No wonder your yard is a popular wedding venue. We need pictures

  7. Kathy in western NY

    Morning – today I find where I can leave a comment as I could not last night. Hoping Richard can figure this out for everyone as our connection in the blog means so much to all of us. It’s a part of us to hear from others and I enjoy it.
    Thank you Mary for not giving up through all this frustration .
    Off to mail some cards out and go into city for an appointment. Then lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant where I can fill up on some good veges, sauce and rice noodles. Why do their sauces taste better than what I get from a jar. I can hear Mary groaning now cause she isn’t the vege lover like I am!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – not too long ago I made the statement to Sam that my mom lived to 92-1/2 and she hated vegetables. Owen heard it and realized he’s been brain washed. Haha!

  8. Janet S

    Debbie, Your Caitlin table runner is adorable. Susan, I thought it was admirable that you made 30 sixteen patches and found it was 35. Congratulations, it turned out beautiful. Patti, you get more done when you don’t feel good than I do normally. Okay, so I will have to do better. In the meantime, our weather is absolutely perfect. Let’s see how long that lasts. Have a great week everyone.

  9. Barbara Yarnell

    I am impressed with your mowing! But the sewing is nice too. Susan in NM, your quilt is beautiful and the backing is perfect. Must have been a trick to get that back centered so nicely. Looks like the rain has finally stopped here and we have a few nice days coming this week in MO.

  10. Patricia

    I’m so confused with this new format. I subscribed to word press and told me to put my email and then to confirm but all I got was this jet pack app I thought I needed to download but I could never confirm my e mail. And then I couldn’t find anywhere to comment. Sorry for my griping. Just don’t want to lose my access to the blog. Frightening to hear of the road collapse in Yellowstone. I thought something similar happened last year. I love your new blocks. There’s always so much yard work to do. We are having an inundation of earwigs. So bad that they caused a disconnection in the air conditioning unit outside and we had to call someone to take care of it. They also are making appearances in the house, in the kitchen upstairs in the bathroom, not to mention Destroying my flowers especially my daylilies. Heading to New Hampshire on Tuesday to see our son and grandkids. He’ll be a long trip in the car. And you know what happens when you sit. Too long, you can barely move when you try to get up. Not looking forward to the drive. Will try to get a card off to Leona. What you do is great and cheering people up.
    Have a happy week. Pat in Md

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat – I’m hoping today Richard will be able to fix this – don’t agree to sign up for anything more – something is wrong and I don’t know how to fix it on my own. I have to look up earwig.

  11. patti

    thanks to all who complimented me on my ‘magic with srips’ and my ‘energy’. i want to remember both of these when i’m feeling uninspired and lazy, thanks, patti in florida

  12. Connie R. in Wis.

    Mary, I love your quilt blocks. Is there a pattern name for the block or is it your own design?

    Patti, you get so much accomplished in
    A day and, with back problems. I admire your energy.

    Mailed my card to Leona today. Always fun to get mail that isn’t bills.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Connie – I’ve had one of these blocks hung up by my machine for years – can’t even remember where it came from but I’ll be happy to post measurements when I’m further along.

      1. Connie R.

        Mary, Thanks offering to post measurements for the block. I would love to try and duplicate it. Looking forward to seeing how your quilt comes out.

  13. Pat in AZ

    Mary, progress is progress no matter how small. As was said in the movie What About Bob: ” Baby steps, Bob. Baby steps “. The blocks are really cute by the way!

    Great quilts today. Susan with the double delight and great colors, Debbie’s cute runner and Patti who makes such magic with strips. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Beryl BC

    I’ve enjoyed the last two posts. Pretty quilts, summer flowers, and chickens! Your busy day sounded quite busy. I understand being too tired to sew. Some days are like that. We are past peony season; yours is so pretty. The cone flowers are starting to bloom; lilies are looking good this year.

  15. Donna Jo

    Hope your pretend grands are okay. Patti in Florida, I feel the same as you. I need to sew faster and get more done! Time is flying by too fast. Mary I love the Olympics especially the summer games but I have never watched women’s basketball and won’t watch this year either. The first Olympics I remember was Mark Spitz winning his 7 gold medals! He was so cute too.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna Jo – that just might be the first one I remember, too. Yes, he was cute just standing by the pool! He didn’t even have to do anything. Haha!

  16. Marsha in Michigan

    Oh, dear, the frustration of technology! It’s great when it works but . . .

    I hope the landslide out west didn’t have any fatalities. I’ve been busy the past few days with a photo project so haven’t been looking at the news. I used to think I could multitask. Umm, not so much! 😂

    Your little blocks are adorable! I haven’t sewed all week. 😢

  17. Teresa in Indiana

    Whew! Finally seems to be somewhat fixed. I had to read on the website instead of the blog to see the comment section. I love the Grandma’s Attic Quilt. And the back was a surprise – love it as much or m9re!❤️ Mary, your little blocks are adorable! Keep at it.
    I just started back to try sewing since March. I pulled out the box of 4 patches & HST and played. I’ll snap a pic in a few days. Have a restful night!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Teresa – did it feel wonderful to get back to sewing?

  18. patti

    just remembered about the road in wyoming or idaho that collapsed. saw it in slow motion. omg! it looked horrific. hopefully the pretend ‘grandchildren’ are on the ‘home’ side of the road. and anyone else we may know. patti in florida

  19. patti

    well, i thought i started a comment. must have dreamed it. remember all, we must be on the blog online in order to see ads to click on to help mary. thanks. yes, i was supposed to rest today. however, i ordered a new 7-drawer smallish chest to replace a plastic stand in my bedroom for quilting items. needed to clean around it and attempt to empty the plastic bin. lots of pulled patterns, mysteries, etc. i need to live to be about 500 to even attempt to do this. did toss a bunch that are ‘no way’. don’t do bags or totes. have quite a bit to recycle. but i could clearly go through again and toss another half of it. am concentrating on quick, easy, bright, use up the fabric and finish some ufos. i came across 3 or 4 tops that could be declared finished and set up for backs and binding. found bunches of blocks ready to be put into tops. a few of bonnie hunter early mysteries (cut up) that will probably not be done, will repurpose. realized i needed to clean the bed off so i could use it later tonite. made chili-dogs for dinner (really healthy, right!). i love all the conversations and the photos shared. need to get off a couple cards. i can do that sitting down. i wish i could cut and sew in real life as fast as i can in my imagination. did decide not to go to a quilter’s estate sale (saturday and sunday) as i clearly don’t need more. would have been nice to see how it was organized but… we don’t know our future. got an email from hometown with updated list of classmates who have passed. of 93 of us in 1968, we’ve lost 27. was pretty sobering to me. stitch faster, read faster, communicate more and socialize more. happy stitching to all. patti in florida

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