Fixed? 6-8-24

I’m going to hold my breath until I see comments come in. Richard fixed it and it’s late so good night!

Tell everybody what you’ve been up to!

44 thoughts on “Fixed? 6-8-24

  1. Jeanie S, Central IL

    It was a low key weekend. Since we were camping three days during the week, the weekend consisted of unpacking and catching up. We came home with a list of things we need in the camper, before we head west the end of the month. The weather here was breezy and sunny.
    We have not heard any cicadas here at home, but they were thick and noisy 30 minutes from here at the State Park campground. Fortunately, they are quiet at night.
    Thanks for the blog, Mary 🥰

  2. Sandy

    I attended my youngest granddaughter’s high school graduation yesterday morning. She was disappointed to miss a 4.0 because of an A- one semester in math, but she did earn two scholarships and was one of five recognized with the Superintendent’s Award. She is a driven go-getter with two jobs this summer and college plans in health care. I am so proud of her. Afterwards we all went to breakfast and then did some garage saling. It was a fun day, comfortably warm at 84 degrees.
    Today is sewing room clean up and organize day. Out of towners flying in next week and they definitely do not need to see that mess! They would think I had lost my mind.
    I am glad the blog is fixed. Technology is so wonderful when it works, and soooo frustrating when it goes haywire.

  3. Connie R.

    I volunteered at our church to paint some rooms in the rectory. Luckily my sister volunteered to help too. The prep work takes more time than the actual painting but, after 4 days, it’s starting to look really good. Still several days of painting left to do. Doing some sewing on a quilt project today. I found a Jo Morton mini basket quilt project at a thrift store that someone had started. All cut fabric pieces were included with 4 basket blocks done. I finished appliquéing the handles on the rest of the blocks and now need to piece them. I don’t usually do applique so, this will be a good Sunday project.

  4. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Worked in the yard for about 90 minutes. The deer this year are much more destructive than usual. Trying to plant even more that they won’t eat: ferns and perennial geraniums. I should leave instructions for the deer so that know they’re not supposed to eat them, huh?

    1. Martha W in WY

      I’ve never heard of perennial geraniums. Did you get them at a nursery? I love perennials. That is what I plant in my gardens. I only buy annuals to plant in the baskets.

  5. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Usually at the bottom of the blog is see comments. I have to click on the block to then open another screen and then I can comment and see comments. Watered my baskets then off to my nieces bridal shower today. Beautiful day her again. It’s been so nice to get a break from the rain.

  6. Jan in AZ

    I wasn’t the only one having trouble. Thank you, Mary, to your computer guru for fixing this. Like several others mentioned, I had to click on a button in the upper right hand corner, which I had done before, However, now the comment option is available again. 🙂
    Church and a new series on the Psalms. Home to finish a quilt for a baby shower Saturday. Too many other things going on this week, so it needs to be done today, or tomorrow at the latest.
    Have a wonderful day all!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan in AZ – I don’t think it’s fixed entirely – we’re still working on it but certainly we’re making progress

  7. Sue in Oregon

    Hmmm–There was no Comment to click on, so I got in by clicking Read the Blog. Then a sign came up to subscribe. I didn’t think that applied to me, so I ignored it and clicked the x. Hope I didn’t send myself away.
    I did yard work and planting too. I had lots of little zinnia starts and marigolds to plant. Today is cloudy and I need to bind a quilt, so no yardwork today.

  8. Tina W in Oregon

    Last night there was no place to leave a comment. This morning there is! Have been helping go through and organize a recently deceased friend’s stash for a yard sale. Since coming home, I’ve been going through my own stuff (specifically saved patterns and binders) that I haven’t looked at in years! I’d have to live forever to be able to make all the quilts I want to! I’m trying to be more realistic and keep only what I truly love. It’s overcast and muggy today. No rain in the forecast. Temps are in the mid to high 80’s.

  9. Sally

    I resubscribed to the blog. Yesterday, I took a cross stitch class to refresh my minimal cross stitching skills. This morning is church and community group in the afternoon. I made Watergate pistachio pudding cool whip dessert to take. Have a wonderful day.

  10. Brenda in Georgia

    I had no problem with your blog. For me it seemed to work as usual.

  11. Deb in Idaho

    Not much going on here. Yard and garden work early. I can’t take the heat . Broke my foot so plenty of sitting around. I do what I can. Lots of Netflix.

  12. NancyTD

    I had to click on read on blog in right hand corner to read it. Yesterday there was no comment to click on.
    Worked on a quilt in the morning. The afternoon we went to Menard’s. Bought another tomato plant. Their plants looked better than what I bought at a nursery. The wind was calm after supper and I sprayed the creeping Charlie back by the field.
    Today we are invited to our son’s for burgers. It is sunny, but rain will be back on Tuesday: Monday will be a catch up on yard work. That’s life!
    Have a nice day.

  13. ANN D

    I received your email but did not see where I could make a comment. I too had to click through to your blog.
    Had a big night out on Friday where I and my husband went to a Brooks and Dunn concert. That was a lot of fun.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ann – I’ve attended very few concerts in my life – Brooks and Dunn was one of them however

  14. Joyce from NY

    Rainy morning, starting out just like yesterday, rainy in the morning & hopefully a little sun in the afternoon, but cool. Was able to get in the sewing room yesterday & hope to get back to it today!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joyce – did you see my question a few days ago? How’s CHARLI doing?

  15. Sheryl Harrison

    I spent all day Friday doing yard work so Saturday, I was happy to sit all day at the ballpark for my grandson’s baseball tournament.

  16. Kathy in western NY

    For me now going between our 40’ motor home residing at my new place and my home, it’s been a learning curve of telling myself I don’t have to bring half my house with me. There are stores all within 15 minutes drive as well as good restaurants on the water. Attended our first association meeting of owners and a moment of silence was for one of the ladies who passed this week suddenly from septic shock. I never met her but wished I had taken a picture of her summer place as it was all decorated outside with colorful chickens. Her children were coming in to prepare the place for sale after they do the service. Sadly the women only enjoyed her cute summer home for 2 years so it makes me appreciate our new adventure together however long we can. We came home last night as I have a busy week of appts and two groups at church winding down for no summer meetings. I will finish sewing a donation quilt for one group and lunch out with Bible study ladies. I’m looking forward to Fri evening for a wedding of my great niece as it’s in a chapel barn built for this type of venue on a cider/brewery land. My kids say I will like their hard cider so we’ll see.

  17. Danette

    It may be the first time ever the blog has loaded and I can comment! Gotta give the guy credit for a fix. Weeded flower beds at a rent house; tenant doesn’t do that type of thing. Cut some crepe myrtle back. It looks lovely. Today is church and working on a “flower” wall hanging. Hope your day is blessed!

  18. Rita in Iowa

    Made the trip to Paynesville, MN. Daughters families from Chicago and Dallas will all be together for the week. Played Left Right Center with all ten of us with quarters. Fun time. The SIL and grandsons are out fishing already. Let the fun begin.

  19. ChristieB

    Went to grandkids’ sheep show yesterday afternoon. Brings back memories of our two kids showing sheep in 4-H. Today, it’s Church and this afternoon we go to a great niece’s college graduation. Will sneak in a little sewing sometime. We are journeying through the Bible this year and I am sewing the Bible Study blocks that Stitchin Tree quilt shop in Woodbine IA put out in 2021. Had saved them, but never got around to making them, so thought this is the right time! Have a great Lord’s Day! HUGS… and stitches

  20. Pat in AZ

    Same old, same old here too. Fourth day of excessive heat warning and everything is just withering. It’s always hot and dry in June but usually not this hot. It was 113 yesterday. Come on monsoon!
    Still trying to figure out how to get the current quilt I’m working on up to size. Right now I have it to 72″ square but would like it queen size. My brain hurts every time I look at it. Hahaha

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat – if you made 12” blocks to go all around the 72” quilt, it would be queen size – 96×96. Pick a 12” block you like to make or make many different blocks. Voila! Queen size!

      1. Pat in AZ

        That’s a great idea but I already did a round of 12″ blocks to get it to 72″ and am thinking of doing the next round with the same blocks but alternating with a plain block. Or 2 pieced blocks vertically and 2 horizonatal in the corners with plain fabric in between and applique vines and leaves there. I should send you a picture to see the mess I got myself into. Hahaha

  21. Sandra Goddard

    Went to granddaughter’s softball game and worked in the yard still planting and mulching. Rain expected this afternoon

  22. Donna A

    Nothing fun and exciting at my house. Yesterday I shampooed all the carpets in my house and hung all the laundry outside. It smells so good when I do that.
    I am trying to remember to feed and water the birds and water my flowers before 6 pm. The mosquitoes start to come out after that and just try to eat me alive!! Anybody else have that problem?
    The weeds are getting out of control in my flower beds. Since today may be pretty nice, I think maybe I’ll go out and attack one bed at a time. If I think of all of them, I get overwhelmed and don’t get any of them tidied up.
    See I told you…..nothing fun and exciting at this house!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna – and once again, the blog about nothing is about all of us – same old, same old! Kinda sweet really

    2. Paula Nordt

      Yes! The mosquitoes love me any time of day! Plus we are dealing with a severe infestation of oak tree caterpillars, web worms, and walnut moth caterpillars. My pecan trees look like skeletons.

  23. Vicki Ibarra

    I did lawn work for 7 hours Saturday. Not much fun, but must be done. I threw meat in the crockpot in the morning, so didn’t have to make an evening meal – just pull it from the crock and add two salads I had made earlier. I love the crockpot for this reason. Tired and sore this morning from all of yesterday’s outdoor work.

  24. Linda in PA

    Blog is working for me in PA. Clicked on the link in the email and the blog loaded as usual, no issues.

  25. Donna Jo

    It’s storming here in Kansas City this morning. Saturday was super busy. Laundry; baked an apple pie; off to a 30th birthday party for our nephew. I too was surprised that CC won’t be at least an alternate on the Olympic team. Hope to be in the quilting studio today.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna Jo – I’m glad she’s not going to the Olympics. Wore my red Fever shirt yesterday and the grocery checkout gal and I had a real conversation about C – very fun!

  26. Paula S.

    We’ve had storms rolling through Wichita after midnight. Not sure how much rain we got but no damage as far as we can tell.

  27. Maureen M

    I have been at Stitch Con and cross stitching with a group of wonderful ladies !

  28. Barbara Yarnell

    Been working on a t-shirt quilt for my niece made from my late brother’s shirts and I finally completed the top today. Phew! Glad that part is done. Of course, me being me, I didn’t just cut them all in big squares and sew in rows! Now to figure out how to quilt it. I’ll take pictures when the sun shines again.

  29. Brenda in Iowa

    I had to confirm my subscription to your blog. Never had to do that before.

    Been sitting in my chair most of the day as I had dental work done yesterday. Wasn’t feeling too perky today but do feel much better tonight although it is now 0300 on Sunday and I guess I’ve had one too many naps today and I’m not tired.

    I am stunned (not the real word I want to use) that Caitlin did not make the U.S. Olympic team but a player who gets arrested overseas for illegal drugs does???

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda – look at it this way – be glad she’s not going. She can go in 4 years and besides we want her to have some down time. the Iowa BB team was in Europe just last year anyway.

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

        I agree, Mary. She has had some difficulties not of her doing, but of opponents who want to knock her out. In four years, she will have established herself in the WNBA and do just fine. She is young enough to be able to wait 4 years.
        Today’s blog did not have a comments section to click on so I had to go to read in blog to get in. Not sure what is up with that. Maybe too many storms?
        We got to see our grandsons and their dad in Cleveland yesterday. It is always fun to be with them. I call them the “giant children” because they are soooo tall. They willingly bend wayyyy down to give Nana a hug:)
        I just finished A DOG’S WAY HOME by Bruce Cameron. I loved it and could not put it down.
        Working on two 3 yard quilt bindings and a few other things as well as stillll working on my Swedish death cleaning only I am Irish:)

  30. Martha W in WY

    I usually got the blog directly to my email. Tonight I had an extra step of clicking on “the blog” in the upper right corner. Today I planted 3 flower baskets. Then I mulched half of my little seedling trees and baby trees. We finally got some rain yesterday and today. It was less than a quarter inch totally. We lucked out though part of Cheyenne and east of Cheyenne got hail….lots of it. Many gardens and wheat fields were disemated.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Martha – we all welcome rain but hail? Absolutely not!! Poor gardeners and farmers.

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