I’m Going To Try This, 12-17-20

First of all most of you know me pretty well – do you really see this downtime as a relaxing break??????  I spend hours trying to fix the problems and when I’m not trying to fix them, I’m anxious, depressed and worried.  Some break.  When the blog is down, I’m a mess! And that’s putting it mildly!  When the blog is working I can sit down and write a post and then enjoy the comments over a cup of coffee …. or a beer.  I definitely have a love/hate relationship with this blog.

I keep clicking on suggestions that pop up and finally I got your comments!  It’s very hard for Kayla to help me over the phone and she’s in school during the day so I’m writing this on an admin page that I’ve never even used before for posting and honestly when you guys got the latest “test again” post, the message I got was that it wasn’t published!  This has been a stressful week.

Rick is in the hospital because his heart went out of rhythm on Monday morning.  We spent two mornings in the ER and they finally admitted him about noon on Tuesday.  Now just let me say that I looked at this week as my Christmas vacation – you know, no cooking, cleaning the bathroom, kitchen and living room once for the week.  Why is it that husbands can never put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher?  They leave them in the sink NEXT TO THE DISHWASHER!  I just don’t get it – can anybody explain this to me?

so….. I was looking forward to a calm quiet week while he was in the hospital getting meds figured out to keep his heart in rhythm.  Well, that didn’t happen.

Jo – she is doing well and I can watch her on my phone via a camera in the kennel.  Yesterday I carried her into the house and let her hide under my sewing island while I worked and then I carried her back to the shop where she is most comfortable.  Sam was here so she helped me put  the thunder shirt back on Jo – it will also keep her warm.  When I had her in my arms outside, her ears perked up and she sniffed the air which I thought was a good sign!  I’m going to do it again today!  She doesn’t fight me when I reach into the bed to pick her up which is a relief but she must weigh 45 pounds or so and one day I fell to the floor when I tripped with her in my arms.  Too bad she isn’t a little dog!  Her recuperation might take months but that’s ok – it’s going to be a long winter here in North Iowa and I will spend it with Jo.

I will take some new pictures and try to get them posted.  This will all be an experiment because I have to keep trying different avenues to post with pictures.  I know you’ll bear with me so here goes – I’m hitting the PUBLISH tab!!!


142 thoughts on “I’m Going To Try This, 12-17-20

  1. phy

    Got it! And when you find out why those dishes do not get into the dishwasher, next to the sink please let me know. Those dishes greet me every morning from the sink…every single morning of my 51 years of married life..

    1. Marj in Western Wisconsin

      My husband puts them in the sink, because I once complained about how or what or where he loaded something, so I have to do it. GRRRRRR. I think it was he put plastic on the bottom and the heater melted it, but it is just easier “he says” to have me load it. Why can’t I go a day without a dish in the sink?!!!!

  2. Phyllis

    Got it! Welcome back

    And when you find out why those dishes do not get into the dishwasher, next to the sink please let me know. Those dishes greet me every morning from the sink…every single morning of my 51 years of married life..

  3. Deb E

    Your posting came through! I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for you, with trying to keep the blog up & running, dealing with issues with your home & a husband who is in hospital now, too. I truly hope that things settle down so you can get a bit more ‘back to normal’! Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Laurie Mosley

    Your post came through. No pictures but I’m thinking you didn’t try to post pictures? Hope your hub gets well soon and that your stress level decreases!

  5. Dee

    My husband wasn’t a fan of the dishwasher but when we did the kitchen he said we didn’t need one, I told him if there was no dishwasher, he had just gotten the job permanently! He then used the same dish for days, would be sure it had not food stuffs left in it, then just keep using it. About once a week I would switch the bowl for another one, He had a diet plan that he couldn’t eat more than what was in the dish. Oh yeah. I know it’s stressful that Rick’s not home, but you know he’s with people who can help him with his problem. Take care,

  6. Cheryl in St. Pauk

    I’m so very sorry for the stress you are enduring. It seems it is hitting everyone in ways large and small. Sending prayers and a socially distanced, masked cyber hug.

  7. Sheila in WI

    Got it!
    Thanks for all your work.
    Thoughts and prayers for you and Rick. Hope things settle down soon.

  8. Sue

    Prayers that everything works out for hubby and his heart rhythm. I love that Jo is hanging out with you in the sewing room! Keep up the good work.

  9. Beryl BC

    Your post is here. Wishing your husband well. Be careful picking up Jo; she does sound like a handful. The only dishwasher we have are two hands, so the dishes should go in the sink. Enjoy your quilting.

  10. Bonnie McKee

    Good morning Mary!
    Happy to see your blog post this morning.😀
    Sorry to hear about Rick, but I’m sure his medical team will get things figured out so he can be home…filling the sink with dirty dishes! Ha!
    Believe me, I know your frustration!
    My heart was warmed hearing of the progress you are making with Jo. Keep up the good work!
    Sending prayers your way, for all!

  11. Nancy

    Keep trying, Mary. We all appreciate it and love hearing your news and seeing the wonderful pictures you post. Try not to get too stressed out about the blog. Take care of yourself, husband and all those animals. I drink tension tamer tea by celestial seasonings. Helps me get things in my life in perspective. My 20-something granddaughter, her husband, and Boxer mix young dog live with us. I understand about the dishes next to the dishwasher. She loves to cook but cleaning up? Not so much…

  12. MartyCae

    Oh my – what a week you are having! Prayers coming your way for some calm! Hope Rick is up and at em soon.

  13. Kaye

    YAY! Your publishing was successful. Jo’s coming around. And Rick is in good hands. Baby step, baby step.

  14. Annette Austin

    Came through great. Prayers for Rick. Poor Jo hope she keeps getting better and know that there is love out there.
    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  15. Sue in Oregon

    Take a deep breath, Mary. You are under so much stress. Keeping the blog going for us should not be at the top of your list. We will survive and wait patiently until things at your house settle down. We don’t want you to get sick too.
    Yes…those dishes. My husband always stacks his near the dishwasher when I am out and about. So irritating! Of course, this past year I have not been anywhere, except last week when I had a bit of surgery. Lo and Behold! He does know how to load the dishwasher. And, Unload!
    I sure hope Rick gets his heart rhythm going again. That must feel awful!
    Take time for yourself when you can. Put your feet up, have a beer, pet Jo and all of the others.

  16. michele

    Welcome back. Fingers crossed for Rick. Thanks for the chuckle re husbands and dishwashers – I know the feeling. How about husbands we cant seem to take the top off the dirty clothes hamper. Mine used to just put his dirty clothes on top. LOL. Hang in there.

    1. Carol

      I received the post. You have a lot on your plate but as you have said many things, BE STILL.

  17. Charlotte

    Mary, thank you for always being there for us with your blog! I am sorry you feel this stress when it doesn’t go right, but that is technology, and your friends and fans are sending you love and support always as we patiently wait for another post. I hope you and everyone on the farm remains snug and safe this winter, and pray for Rick and his doctors and caregivers, that they get everything reset in good time and he gets home soon. Wish I were there to make YOU a cup of coffee and have a chat. You’ve inspired me to take up quilting again, as I enjoy vicariously everyone’s projects. I am working on a Christmas scrap quilt and it will probably be done next Christmas when I will share it as one of the DD, haha. Take care of yourself, and thank you for your devotion to Jo. I am still holding out that she will jump in your lap on Christmas Day. xoxo

  18. Kay Crandall

    So glad you are back! Makes my day brighter when I see something from chicken scratch in my mailbox! Do be careful, dear one, when you are carrying Jo – don’t like to hear that you fell to the floor – that’s not good for your new knees! Dishes in the sink must be a male gene – made me laugh to read it and to read how many others have the same problem. Hope Rick is doing well. Take care of yourself.

  19. Marie Fibelstad

    Am so glad you keep trying with the blog as that makes my day when you send items to read and see!
    Sooooo glad Jo and Rick have you to take care of them plus all the other animals. Love seeing pictures of your pets.
    We have a 14 year old lab and two cats in the house, so you know what cat hair is also! But they keep us going during this virus time.
    Stay safe, Marie, from Storm Lake

  20. Janette

    Thanks Mary for all your efforts. Opening the dishwasher is a highly specialized skill that takes years of training for husbands and children to master! Glad to hear Jo is improving. Would she ride in a wagon or would that be too much for her? I am glad you didn’t have any major injuries from your fall. I’ll be praying for you and Rick.

  21. Jo in Wyoming

    Good morning…we have missed you badly!!!
    These techy issues are so infuriating. Everyone has em Mary, not just you, but it feels like a nasty cold. Everybody goes about their business, and you have to deal with snotty, plugged up nose, aches, no energy. Both are miserable.
    The dishwasher thing…no clue. My husband use to tell me he couldn’t tell if the dishes were clean or dirty, even when it was empty.
    When you fell carrying Jo, I bet that was scary. I hope both are okay. I guess for her, time will be the best medicine.
    You have had a rough week or 2, trips to the ER take forever. You’ve been there before, it’s not easy. You are an angel to so many. We’re pulling for you, Rick and Jo. After all that, you still have chores to do.
    God bless you, I hope you get some rest soon.

  22. Cathy D

    Yay!!! You’re back!! Prayers for Rick, I’ll bet he is not a happy patient having to be in the hospital. Slow and steady with Jo- sounds like she’s making progress. Be still and enjoy this blessed season of hope🎄

  23. Susan K in Texas

    I don’t use a dishwasher for just the two of us so the dishes do sit in the sink. I keep them neatly stacked – hubby does not. What drives me nuts is all the doors to closets seem to be too heavy for him to close! It must be so hard to open the door every time he wants something.
    I’m sorry you’ve had such a hard time with the blog. And praying for Rick. You’ve had a stressful time and here’s a big hug from me!

  24. Angie from Baltimore

    It I received it!!!!!
    Hope Rick gets fixed up soon. I believe husbands feel that getting the dirty dishes close is a GREAT accomplishment it inside the dishwasher not attainable.
    Great news about JO’s progress but sorry about the tripping and she has gained weight since coming I bet as well. Hard on the knees though. She is so lucky to have you but we know this for ourselves.

  25. Pattie Weber

    Yea, so good to hear from you. I know exactly what you mean about having a “vacation “ from all the chores and caretaking when a husband isn’t around. My husband went out of state with my younger brother this summer, to help my older brother with a project. I was going to have 2 nights and 3 days to myself with my fur child. Well! A disagreement occurred and they were back the same night! Ugh.
    Anyway, the reason husbands can’t put the dishes in the dishwasher is because….”I don’t do it the way you want it and you will just rearrange them anyway.” So there you have it, mystery solved. LOL
    Hope Rick is doing better. Thank you for everything you do for Jo.
    Merry Christmas.

    1. michele

      Oh my Debbie thanks for the double chuckle. “I dont do it the way you want it and you will just rearrange them anyway”. No truer words have been spoken.
      Merry Christmas.

    2. Robin

      Oh Patti Weber Ive heard that so many times . Now he’s gone and I have no excuse but I do find the dishes piled up in the sink 😢. I would just about give anything to have him Stack those dishes in the sink. On the other hand my kids purposely put them in The dishwasher wrong. Lol and they will close it up just fast as they can. Everyone is a joker these days
      Mary prayers for Rick, you and Jo. You certainly have your hands full. I think you Are doing great with Jo. I don’t have any four legged kids because we spent most of the last five years at hospitals. Now it almost been two years since he left me. I’m thinking I might get a dog again
      Merry Christmas everyone.
      Nary we live a d miss you when the blog screws up but T someone else said we I’ll wait for you!
      Robin in wa

      1. Kayla Pins

        Robin – get a dog! It will give purpose to your daily life again because it will need you!

  26. Lynn in Scottsdale

    I am lucky as my husband does the dishes and makes the coffee. A keeper for sure.

    Take care everyone and Merry Christmas.

    Thank you for the blog Mary. I enjoy it.

    Temperatures in the 60s here in Scottsdale. Some winter visitors are back.

  27. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Well, Mary, I certainly never expected you to sit still, nor did I expect you were spending time in a hospital and dealing with husband worries. Hopefully they will stabilize him soon and he’ll be back to piling up those dishes!
    I did expect working with Jo would not be easy, but it sounds like she’s making baby steps. What that poor girl went through … such trauma for an innocent. It certainly reduces my faith in man-unkind and our future as a species.
    Well, enjoy your week of less household duties, at least, while you try to conquer the complexities of technology.

  28. Linda Lewis

    What a good dog caretaker you are! Jo must know it too, just too many new experiences. I hope they figure out Rick’s meds, that will be a blessing. I’ll wait for your next post, whenever that may be.

  29. Debbie

    I’m so sorry to hear that Rick is in the hospital. Prayers for fast recovery.🙏
    When my husband leaves the dishes on the counter over the dishwasher I ask him if it’s time for a dish washer loading class.
    I’m glad to hear that Jo is making progress even if it is small steps. I hope whoever is responsible for her trauma gets a big bite from karma. Jo is such a pretty girl.
    You shouldn’t stress over the blog so much. It always gets straightened out. We are just happy to see you back.
    I hope you have a great day!
    Debbie A

  30. Pat Farrell

    Thank you for all your blogs, they keep me going during this covid thing and also as far as the
    dishwasher goes, I use to hold an in house seminar which everyone had to attend after dinner
    it didn’t matter who was at fault Everyone and I gave instructions on how to rinse and use
    dishwasher, this also worked on the washer machine. I was working nights and I hated coming
    home to a sink of dirty dishes. I LOL now at that and it did work.
    I hope your husband is doing better, and a deep breath will hopefully help I think you are doing a
    great job on the internet and I wish I had half the skills you demonstrate with the computer.
    Stay safe and Happy Health Holidays to you and your family. I admire your patience and love you
    show for Jo

  31. Dot

    I used to go to the week-long Empty Spools quilt seminars with a friend. Kids were grown and gone, so it was just our husbands at home. They knew exactly how long the drive home took, and we’d arrive to find a full dishwasher running! I was always glad I wasn’t there to see them accumulate.

    A-fib is exhausting; hope they can get Rick to feeling better.

  32. Liinda

    Prayers for Rick. I’m glad Jo is making progress. Sounds like she is gaining weight.
    Have a good day.

  33. Bonnie

    Sorry to hear Rick is in the hospital. Hope he’ll be back to good health soon.

    Why do ‘they’ leave dirty dishes in the sink NEXT TO THE DISHWASHER????

    They’re MEN!! ‘Nuf said!!

  34. Arrowheadgramma

    Mary, Will keep Rick and you in my prayers. Never easy when your husband is ill. Love that you are making a little progress with Jo. Keep the faith as is said. ❤️🙏❤️

  35. Launa

    I must confess the four of us adults use PAPER PLATES and BOWLS quite often! Things are different living totally OFF THE GRID. My husband of 61 years isn’t afraid to wash a couple pots, pans, wine glasses or mugs and will put clean things away without being asked! We rarely use the dishwasher! I use my GLIDE walker so I am limited in what chores I can do.

    Sending prayers for Rick, Jo and you, my friend!

  36. Ann D

    I admire your perseverance. I think I would have given up by now if I were in your situation. Best wishes that you don’t experience any more hiccups. Best wishes too for hubby, It’s never fun to be in a hospital.

  37. Rosie Westerhold

    Your post came through loud and clear. Unfortunately, I think it’s a “guy” thing about not putting dishes IN the dishwasher. UGH. Same thing here for 40 years.

    I feel for you about Rick and his heart problems. My husband is ALSO in the hospital for atrial fibrillation as well as belly pain of recent onset. They are both in the best place to get better. Just have to keep the faith.

    I know it’s hard NOT to stress over all of these things, but we are all here for you when the blog gets fixed. No need to feel anxious over it. We will wait to hear all your news. And, it IS good news that Jo will let you carry her in to the house! WooHoo!! Next, she needs to relax, but know that will take time.

    Be still, keep the faith, and try and enjoy the season. We all support you, love you, and miss you, but we are patient, as well.

    1. Kayla Pins

      Rosie Westerhold – Rick is having cardioversion tomorrow and then supposedly coming home – what about your husband?

      1. Ruth

        Isn’t it nice when you can click on ‘reply’ and your question/answer/comment back to a certain person goes right below their comment?? Sure helps to keep the “comment conversations” straight…

        1. Kayla Pins

          Ruth – I only wish I knew how to make it work that way all the time! I don’t, I’m afraid.

  38. Kimberly Lusin

    Got your post! Woohoo! So sorry for all of your stress. I’m praying for Rick and for you that things will be better. So glad to hear about Jo! Be well!

  39. Kelli

    So sorry to hear about Rick! And I think you are doing a marvelous job tackling the blog – THANK YOU for taking the time to do it for all us readers. Glad to hear Jo was in your seeing room – such progress since you brought her home – keep pressing on! Try and catch a bit of “me time” when you can 🙂

  40. Judi L.

    Mary, I certainly hope the drs. can get Rick’s heart working as it should. I know that is worrisome. I also hope you take care of yourself. I did receive both “test” posts so apparently something is working as it should. So glad to hear Jo seems to be coming along. You are so very patient with her and she definitely needs your love and support. If only she could talk and let you know what happened to her. I can’t even imagine. My prayers are with Rick for a speedy recovery and learning to use the dishwasher (I have one like that as well).
    I just don’t get it! I pray that you will have success with the blog (which I love) and with Jo. In the meantime, I anxiously await all the news and wishing you a very happy holiday and a very healthy 2021 for us all.

  41. Anonymous

    Bobby in Md.
    Sorry you’ve had so much trouble with the blog that so many of us enjoy and look forward to reading. Good to hear of Jo’s improvements. You are a miracle worker with her. Prayers for Rick.

  42. Gayle Shumaker

    Yay you’re back. I was beginning to worry about you. Prayers for Rick. I’ve been that route with my hubby. Jo is so lucky to have you and I’m sure she recognizes she’s safe with you. Lol Chuck mastered the dishwasher while I was hospitalized and then in the rehab facility, now that I’m 🏠 the dishes are in the sink again.

  43. Frances E

    Mercy! What a lot going on. No, I don’t think you are resting. I’m so sorry to hear about Rick. I’m hoping he gets to come home soon, maybe with a home health nurse coming by. I’m so glad to hear about Jo. She’s making progress. Faith, hope, and patience.

  44. Linda

    Keep positive Mary. Rick is with people who will help him; Jo is with you and you are helping her. Kaylo is helping you with the blog. Have another cup of coffee/beer, take a deep breathe and look at all the beauty around you. Dishwashers are just another tool to men – gotta have it, but may not ever use it!

  45. Marie Orton

    I so enjoy reading your blog and have never posted before but I do have a suggestion that might help the problem you’re having, perhaps if you got rid of all the advertisements that pop up it might help you. I know when trying to read any blog, if there are a lot of pop up ads they interfere . I open your site every day to see if there is anymore news about Jo. I feel so badly for her and for you but am grateful that you are so dedicated to helping her. Keep up the good work and I wish I was closer to help you with things, however I live in B.C. Canada and can only support you from a distance. Merry Christmas and please be safe, stay calm and continue to be kind.

  46. Paula

    Oh Mary! As if COVID and all it brought isn’t enough, now Rick is having issues! I am praying for his quick recovery! And you need to know how important you are to all of us and how much we LOVE your blog. But we can and will survive if you can’t make it work occasionally! Don’t stress and as you say, Be Still! You are doing a fabulous job!

    Oh, and I also have a husband with the dishwasher problem. SIGH. It’s 45 years and I’m thinking it isn’t going to change!

    Merry Christmas friend!

  47. Judy Klink

    Thank you so much for sharing and I hope that Rick is on the mend. I hear ya, they can do the darnedest things that make no sense to anyone else but them. Can’t live without em, so let go of extra stress when possible. I have had to learn this truth the hard way too! Miss seeing you at the shop. Merry Christmas and happy new year. Blessings to you and yours.

  48. Jeanne

    I pray Rick will be home soon and you both will have a blessed Christmas together with your furry friends. As for stacking the dishes near the dishwasher, I wish my hubby were here with me, even if he didn’t help load the dishwasher. After 68 happily married years together, I would give anything to be able to have him with me again, bad habits included. Makes me wonder what habits I had that probably irritated him too. We are all so very human, aren’t we? Don’t stress the small stuff, Mary. There are a lot of us out here that are not computer savvy, so we can appreciate your frustrations with the blog. Dear Mary, take some time for yourself in between chores. Prayers for Ricks recovery

  49. Rosalie

    When we both retired, I told husband that he could take over the cooking or the dishes (no dishwasher). He chose the dishes. A few years later he wanted to trade- that lasted about two days. He does the dishes 3-4 times a day. Not good at wiping counters or stove but dishes are clean and put away multiple times a day. He does get grumpy if I bake a lot and make more than usual mess as he doesn’t eat the baked goods (diabetic).

  50. Jane Miller

    I love reading your posts, I don’t comment much, this may be my first time.You are a wonderful person for all you do for the sweet animals that come into your care. I understand your frustrations why can’t things work as they should. Life is hard do you need this also. Keep trying with the emails,I am sure you have many people cheering for you. Jane

  51. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, I have to laugh! When we lived in the other house, Frank and I would do the dishes together. That was when we would talk. He was drying the dishes between swating me or the cat with the dish towel. When we moved across the street, the new house has a dishwasher. We didn’t have our little talks anymore. Now, be thankful that Rick brings the dishes to the kitchen. He could leave them all over the house, but in your house some critter would probably lick them clean — maybe that is an idea? I think everybody has little quirks that irritate us, but are they so very bad? Frank would always take his boots off when he came inside IF I WAS HOME. If I wasn’t home, well, I could see his tracks and trail of crumbs all over the house. Not the worse thing in the world. There is no trail of crumbs or boot tracks anymore.
    I’m also feeling a bit stressed, too. My 27 year old clothes drier isn’t heating and worst of all, my sewing machine has a problem and is in the shop. They just finished putting new shingles and siding on my house. I made myself a promise that I would not let myself get upset over such things. I would be patient and take my time going thru stuff and if I felt like it, I would sew. I’m tackling small sorting projects at a time in hopes that a bunch of small projects will add up. Also have to decide to do with stuff before I can get rid of it, etc.
    I always love something that makes me laugh out loud. It feels good. The other day the LOCKHORNS cartoon in the paper had the couple in the marriage couselor’s office. She tells the counselor “Leroy said he’d move heaven and earth for me… Now he won’t even lower the toilet seat.”
    Take care, Mary. This will pass, someday. And computers can be a horrible pain in the butt.

    1. Jeanine

      Betty….before doing anything else with your dryer, check to make sure the hose going outside isn’t plugged with lint. I had that same problem and my husband called our repairman, and he told us to check that, and that was the problem. Just a thought.

      Mary, so glad to hear from you again. Received all your entries. Take care and Merry Christmas! We love reading about your farm and life in general.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        You were right. The hose was blocked. The neighbor stopped in and checked it out. He blew it out with the air compressor and bingo!! Everything worked. Isn’t that nice. My sewing machine is back home with new feed dogs. They were wore down on the left side — imagine that! Now to the Christmas cards. Everybody, take care. Betty

        1. Kayla Pins

          Betty Klosterman – wow! You must feel like a new woman with the dryer fixed and your sewing machine back home!! I wish we lived close to each other – I like your attitude. I’ll bet you’re missing Frank now at Christmastime.

        2. Kayla Pins

          Betty K – this is Mary commenting – I have no idea why Kayla’s name keeps popping up!

  52. Mandy Stewart

    Came thru loud and clear. Hope hubby is better today. Jo is going to take time but after meeting you years ago I know she’s in good hands and will come around.

  53. Anne

    Wow, so much stress during your relaxing week. So sorry to hear this. Wish I could see Jo’s ears perked up … it always looks like her ears are back & her tail is tucked down. Makes me sad, but she’ll come around & love you back one day.
    Saying a prayer for your husband to get back to normal soon. I’m looking foward to watching his big beautiful corn field grow up to the sky in July on your blog next summer!!

  54. Gayle in Tennessee

    It must be a guy thing because my husband of 37 years apparently doesn’t know what the dishwasher is for either. Sorry to hear about your husband’s arrhythmias. Hope the docs can adjust the meds to correct.
    Good to hear that Jo is progressing. One day she will realize what a blessing she has in you!
    Try not to fret too much about the blog, although I would do the same. 😉
    Be still. God bless.

  55. Susan MM

    Success!!! Great to hear from you and I’m so sorry to hear about Rick. Sounds like he’s where he needs to be and I hope they can get his heart ticking along like new very soon!

    I don’t know about you, but I’m one if those people who “repositions” dishes that others put in the dishwasher “incorrectly”! Maybe that’s your answer!

    You are an inspiration with all of your patience and loving care for Jo. She’s one lucky dog!


    I feel your pain (and I don’t have a blog to post)! I love my computer and all the doors it opens for me, especially at this time of COVID and my “grands” are in other states. But…when it doesn’t work….well, lets just say I am NOT techno savy!

    I so admire the work you are doing with Jo. I hope there is a special place (heaven? he_ _?) for anyone that mistreats any animal.

    Keep up the great work!

  57. Sandy

    Great to have you back Mary, nice to hear Jo is making progress too. Prayers for Rick recovery, stay safe everyone, best wishes from sandy

  58. Wonda Myers

    Thank you for keeping on with the blog. As we get older nothing gets easier. 🤪 love the quilting pics and info but all the animals on the farm are fun to see and read about.
    You are an inspiration.

  59. Luci

    Glad you are back. Bless your Jo and you. She has to feel your love coming through somewhat, even if she doesn’t trust it yet. It is hard for me to imagine people on this earth who can cause this much misery in an animal, any animal. I keep all good hope Jo blooms into a happy, joyous girl with your help.

  60. Mary Hawk

    Oh! Mary, I hate that you stress over the blog. Sorry Rick is under the weather. My husband always puts stuff in the dishwasher!I think one of the challenges of this year and retirement is less “alone” time.
    Sure nice to have sun finally. I for one don’t expect you to blog every day, hope you can keep it fun for yourself.

  61. Patty

    Got it out here in CA.
    I am sorry about your Rick! My sister has that kind of problem. I hope his rhythm gets back in sync!
    I love to hear about your life. Jo is one very blessed pup! Please be safe and stay warm. No more tripping now!!! God Bless You!🎄

  62. Gloria B.

    Hi Mary. We will be happy hearing from you whenever and however you can connect. Since we can’t travel right now you bring us s slice of a different life than what some of us live in urban areas. I love that you have a “Jo cam”. She’d probably like a “Mary cam” to see what you are up to when you’re not with her. There’s a rhythm of living with a pet and got the pet living with us humans. The “stillness” is safety got her – no fear. Thanks for your care and your sharing with us.

  63. Joan Harris

    I have never commented on your blog but have read it for awhile. I so admire you for fostering the dogs that have been abused, mistreated. How can a human being do the awful things they sometimes do to animals, not to mention other humans. Anyway, I just want to say Thank You so much for helping them. I also hope you can soon relax with your new website. It must be so frustrating. Those of us on this end enjoy what you have to say. Hang in there and relax when you can. Joan

  64. Diane Deibler

    Got your post,Mary. Hope they figure Ricks meds out. I have the same kind of husband;you are not alone. Must be that era they were raised in. Glad you are making progress with Jo.

  65. Therese Wescott

    I am so fortunate, my husband does the dishes in the morning while the coffee is brewing!
    Very much enjoy reading your blog!

  66. Ellie

    Thank you for working so hard on the blog and trying to make it work. I hate hearing that your stressed over it. It’s not worth it! Do what you can and forget it. Sorry to hear Rick’s in the hospital. Hope it’s all straightened out soon. Congratulations on the progress you’ve made with Jo. You’ve worked wonders but do be careful carrying a 45 pound dog. We certainly don’t want you to get hurt. That would put the blog in real jeopardy! Lol! Be still. In a hundred years it won’t matter a bit!

  67. Deb C

    Whatever Kayla did to fix the blog worked. I received both tests and the real post. I hope this is the end of your blog issues. I can’t help you with your question about husbands not putting dishes in the dishwasher…..mine usually doesn’t either and I just stand there looking at them and wonder why….it doesn’t take much effort. I hope Jo will start warming up to you and wag her tail or something positive.

  68. Pat Smith

    I don’t think the word “rest” is in your vocabulary. I’ve seen what you have to do each day to keep everyone going on your farm and that was before the addition of Jo. Yes, I think it will take her a long time to come around as she’s been so badly damaged. My husband is very good on the computer, but I’m not trying to run a blog and make it all work. What I’m doing is a lot simpler. Snow here in northern Vermont. We are the tail end of the nor’easter. Still, it looks so much better outside than that awful brown.

    1. Kayla Pins

      Pat Smith – i have learned that blogs are lots harder to run than they look! Hugs to Sonny!

  69. Teresa

    I hope the doctors are getting Rick sorted out and it’s wonderful to see you blogging again, Mary!

    I wager my husband puts all of yours to Shame. I don’t like dirty dishes in the sink so they either go in the dishwasher or I was them up. My husband will follow the rule of not putting dishes in the sink by putting them on the counter, literally two inches above the dishwasher. I’ve even left the dishwasher door open for him to put his dishes in only to find them sitting on the counter, two inches above the dishwasher.

  70. Judy

    Glad to see you are back. Hope the doctors have Rick’s rhythm under control. I had my thought about the dishwashing comments and then I read Patti’s. Just what I had been thinking. I don’t mind dishes on the cabinet or in the sink. At least he doesn’t leave them elsewhere in the house. I don’t mind filling the dishwasher. I know where I think things should go. He took care of the kitchen for a couple of weeks after my knee surgery, cooking and the dishes. Not the way I would have done it, but it was done. My SIL is helpful in the kitchen, but he has a different way of filling the silverware basket. I try to keep quiet. I appreciate the help, but…. I am looking forward to the farm life pictures and your amazing quilt pictures again. Thanks.

  71. Gwen

    I am so glad you are back. I always enjoy your posts. Also glad Jo is progressing. She is a beautiful dog.

  72. Kathy in western NY

    Good to hear from you but gosh I didn’t think I would read that Rick was in the hospital! Prayers for his care and medical doctors straightening out the heart.
    Here no one is allowed into the hospital (well naturally some exceptions ) to visit when someone is admitted so it’s been so hard when I listen to friends tell me what they are going though. God bless these health care professionals!
    I think Jo might always be a timid dog but she is accepting the trust and love you give her so that makes me happy. Someday I imagine she will be glued to your side as my one rescue is to me cause she was abused. If I go to another room too long, she has to come find me to feel reassured I am still in the house. I am use to her being that way now and I know she feels peace with someone who will never hurt her again. Jo will feel that way with you.
    Have a beer and bag of potato chips tonight ! I just might join you. A local brewery came out with a Christmas ale and it sure is tasty.

    1. Kayla Pins

      Kathy in western NY – I just had to tell you that the first night Rick was in the hospital I had chips and beer for supper!

      1. Ruth

        Aha!! I thought it was you, Mary, posting under ‘Kayla Pins’!! She’s your blog administrator, and you said you were posting from the administrator window, so her name shows up, not yours, in the comments. How wonderful that you can post and reply on the blog again, under one name or another. Congratulations!

      2. Kathy

        I knew for sure that was your go to! And that’s okay during these stressful moments. I am glad we can admit it. Love that salt til the morning when my fingers don’t work and then it’s moderation again for a week or two!

  73. Gwen

    Hope Rick is doing better. One of the side benefits of meeting with my quilting group every Thursday morning for 20 years is to learn that all of our husbands have blind spots in the same place. They ALL seem to not notice the things we wives notice.

  74. Lorraine McGeough

    So sorry you are having such a terrible time with the blog. It is a frustrating time when all technology doesn’t work and we just don’t know what to do. Sit back, take a deep breath and be thankful for what you have and not what you don’t have.
    Hope your husband is doing better each day and you get him home soon. Maybe this situation is really upsetting you too.
    Glad to hear of Jo’s progress but be careful lifting her. You don’t need any broken bones.
    Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season. Please stay safe and prayers for your husband.

  75. Joan West

    Hi Mary. Hope by the time you read this Rick is home putting dishes in the sink again !!
    Was thrilled to hear Jo let you carry her inside the house, her trust in you has immensely improved. I still wonder why she won’t stand & pray there’s not an old injury causing it.
    Blog works great, thank you for hanging in there. Buddy sends his love.

    1. Kayla Pins

      Joan West – she walks all around when I watch her on camera but she hides as soon as she hears the door! Hugs, Buddy!

  76. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    So nice you are back, but I am sorry Rick is in the hospital. Hopefully, he will be home soon.
    I hope Jo realizes eventually, it is fun in the house with everyone else. So Mary, when you watch Jo on the camera, does she move around in the shop? I assume she can walk enough to leave her bed to eat and relieve herself?
    Take care and thanks for blogging. 🥰

    1. Kayla Pins

      Jeanie s – yes, she walks around the whole shop – just wandering but if she hears the garage door close, I see her duck into her bed!

  77. Lois Ann Johnson

    Dear Mary: I hope things keep working out for this blog so we can hear from you each day. We miss you when you aren’t posting. I also missed news of how Jo was doing. Many of us are becoming attached to her and want the best for that little girl. Praying that Rick will get his meds straightened out and will be back home soon. It is a cold, dreary, gray day here today. No snow in sight for Christmas (yet)! That’s OK with me. I don’t want to deal with it quite yet. Be still!

  78. Paula S.

    Mary, I hope this blog gets figured out! What a mess…
    I had to laugh about the dirty dishes in the sink. My husband does put them in the dishwasher. Guess I’ve trained him well. Ha!

  79. Heidi

    You are doing great, just try to relax and enjoy the quiet time. Somehow the blog is working. Hope they get hubby’s meds figured out.

  80. Sherrill

    Oh gosh! Sorry to hear you’re having so much stress with your hubby and the blog. Technology is a love/hate thing for me so I feel your pain. My hubby was the opposite-he would load and start the dishwasher in addition to handwashing whatever needed it. He’s been gone 8 years now so I’m on my own with the cleaning up around here. sigh

  81. Jan from TN

    Yep! Got your blog post. Thanks!
    So sorry to hear Rick has been hospitalized. What a horrible time for that to happen (you know, Covid19). Prayers that his problems are rectified very soon so he can get back home in a safer environment.
    Jo is trying, I guess. You shouldn’t be lifting that heavy dog & walking with her. So glad neither of you were hurt when you fell with her. Whew!
    Sorry your week off was so completely ruined. Here’s hoping that everything improves quickly!
    Hugs for you & Jo! Prayers for Rick! And Merry Christmas to y’all!

  82. Trudy

    Whew! Glad you weren’t hurt! About that man question, my mother called it testosterone damage! Seriously, I hope all goes well for y’all and they get it all sorted out really quickly.

  83. Delores

    Mary, sorry for all the problems with the blog and as all have said we miss hearing from you. Sorry to hear Rick is in the hospital and pray that with the surgery he will be home soon. Please take care of yourself!

  84. Mary Howland

    Prayers for all!
    Perhaps you can think of something Rick does for you as you put his dishes in the dishwasher.
    Stay well.

  85. Judith Ann Jaques

    I have missed your posts. Not your fault just have not been looking.
    Be careful carrying Jo.
    My friend fell and broke her shoulder last Sat. Her husband has terminal cancer.
    I took soup out to them today. I will bake something tomorrow for them.
    I am sorry you have had the computer issues.
    I am glad Rick is where he needs to be to get that heart running right.
    When I read so many posts about husbands it hurts my heart as I wish I still had my Tom.
    He was my life and he is gone.
    Alone is no fun.
    I have put up my real tree in the back patio. I can see it from my sewing room. It is where I feed the birds. They seem to like the tree. It might be that the lights give off a bit of heat for them.
    I have only put up a few trees in the main part of the house. and very few other decorations.
    I did see you went to Clear Lake for pizza. I was in Mason City last week to the theisens store.I needed some nuts for baking and a shower head ,now to get it put on. We ate at the Perkins. I love their breakfast for lunch. It has been ages since my friends and I ate out.
    I am glad for your posts/blog it helps with long days.
    Blessing —Judith

  86. Jenny Stevenson

    Hi- I hope Uncle Rick is feeling better soon and they figure out the right medicine.

    Merry Christmas to you both- relax and enjoy the day!


  87. Janice Brown

    Got it. Prayers that all goes well for Rick tomorrow. Miss the blog postings but understand about the technology gremlins. Take care.

  88. Sharon in Oswego, Il

    Gosh….hope things are better. All I can say is you sound like me: stressed and worried, especially if I am not sewing/handwork. My husband had surgery this week, so that wore me out. And your comments about the dishwasher are right on! Exactly to a”T”! May tomorrow be sunnier. Keeping good thoughts for you!

  89. Bobbie

    Lol Mary, I think every hubby puts them in the sink. I think they think something will jump out and get them if they open the door on the dish washer. Mine can’t empty it either. He doesn’t know where things go. I guess that is because he never fixes anything so he never take a dish out. If we have say chili for dinner and some is left over he can have for lunch he will ask where is the chili duh! In the frig what do I put it in duh a bowl. I think most men are lost in a kitchen.
    I’m so glad you are having help getting the blog back up. For me I check my email everyday 2-3 times to see if your blog is in my mail. I love reading it. So I’ll wait patiently till it’s back and running to full speed.
    Tell hubby hi from the blog readers. Hope the meds get fixed so he can get home to put more dishes in the sink.
    Merry Christmas to you both, and a better New Year with this blog fixed it’s smooth sailing again.

  90. Linda

    Did you know that google has been having major issues this week too? Does that put in the same tier as the big guys? Hang in there Mary, these are trying times. And in some households, everyone can be very trying!!! Jo is doing so much better; Rick is in very good hands, and we are all trying to take care of you – from a distance.

    1. Rosemary W

      that’s very interesting, as I had a situation where we were trying to send out a group email and those with the gmail addresses were bouncing back or preventing the email from being sent. Will check that out! Thanks

  91. Charlotte Shira

    Praying Rick is getting his heart back into rhythm. Always glad to hear good news about Jo.
    I use my dishwashing and there is only me in the house now. When I get low on spoons and plates I run it. My husband never left the dishes stacked in the sink. He was the neater one! He’d put them in the wrong place in the dishwasher but I just moved them.
    My 12 year old granddaughter was here yesterday for a sewing/sleepover. She made a pillowcase and 6 bowl cozies for presents. Love our sewing days.
    Have a great weekend. I plan on watching San Jose/Boise State football game this weekend. Go San Jose State!

  92. Cathy in IN

    I had to laugh about the hubs not putting dishes in the dishwasher! Mine is the same way. When he starts toward the kitchen with a dish I say “dishwasher” which irritates him but he will put it in. But let him be puttering in the kitchen by himself & nothing gets put in. One thing he does that irritates the daylights out of me is whatever he uses it ends up in that spot. Uses a knife, left right where he was using it, takes off his jacket, left right where he removed it & so on. Argh!
    I love hearing about sweet Jo. She has obviously lived in hell where she was & it will take time for her to realize there are good things in this world. She has the perfect teacher in you. God bless.

  93. Susan Boyd in VA

    So sorry to hear about Rick. Praying he will be well and home soon. Do miss your blog. I look forward to all of your pictures, quilts, animals and updates on Jo. You are making progress with her, but take care of yourself, too!

  94. Jodee Blue

    Sending prayers for Rick’s speedy recovery
    I hope after all this time with Jo you will adopt her so she has a happy safe home

  95. Diane and Squeak

    Oh, Mary. Tooooo much on your plate. I hope Rick is doing better and you can
    de-stress a little. It is good Jo can sew with you, poor thing, what has she been through?
    Dishes—mine is trained and does pretty well. Now, leaving ALL the cupboard doors open
    while he is working on something–not so much. LOL. 51 years on Dec. 27th. I’ll keep him:)
    Also, he calls beer time, “Beer Thirty” so go ahead and have your chips and beer.
    Praying for all of you.

  96. Kim J LeMere

    I’m so sorry that Rick is in the hospital, hope they get it all worked out. Please don’t stress out over the blog, technology is fickle and don’t want to cause you to be worried over us. I’m glad that Jo is willing to be moved by you but 45 pounds can be a strain to carry around. Hope Iowa continues to have good weather for the Christmas season, stay safe, stay still.

  97. Moe Baly

    Hi Mary, I hope your problems with the blog work out soon, it’s very frustrating! Also hoping Rick will be back on his toes soon, glad he was able to be admitted and is being looked after. I noticed right away that Jay was a neat, tidy, clean person and thought to myself, “I’m going to marry him!” I never have picked up a sock, a towel, or cleaned up a mess he left. He picks up after me! I used to send Thank You Notes to his mom! He is not allowed to touch my sewing room after he emptied my garbage can that had a potentially important piece of fabric in it. LOL. Merry Christmas! Love Moe

  98. Nikki M in Tx

    You & Rick are in my prayers.
    Cannot answer the agonizing dish in sink question nor can I answer the empty toilet roll question, not like they don’t know where the extra rolls are.. they will place it on back of toilet or on top of empty roll… must be a male genetic thing, only reasonable explanation.

  99. Meredith

    My dear husband used to rearrange the dishes I put in the DW. It was SO irritating. Then, it hit me: he does do a great job of organizing and loading the DW. So I let him. You probably guessed he’s an engineer. I have taken pictures of exceptional loading.
    Now, if would just organize his desk. Or the garage. Or the basement. Or his closet. I digress..
    Love, love your blog. Prayers for Rick.

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