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  1. Jeanne H in Finger Lakes of New York

    I’ve had no problems with your blog.

    Sorry about Rick, hope he will be doing better soon and able to come home.

    How is Jo with a leash, or have you tried that? or maybe it’s a trigger. She might like to be outside for some fresh air once in a while. (I don’t know if you have a fenced area she could be in by herself, if you want her separate from Telly and Hazel.)

    Re: loading the dishwasher, oh dear, am I a control freak? I prefer to load it rather than having DH do it because he doesn’t do it right! And I learned the hard way that he is utterly clueless when putting away clean glasses. Aren’t men supposed to be better at spatial things than women? Rather than trying to recall how it was when he got a glass out of the cupboard, he went back further to how his mother did it, and guess what, at least one glass broke. She was a lovely woman, but barely had a nodding acquaintance with logic. And the things he expects to magically dissolve in water and wash down the drain! We don’t have a garbage disposer, so plates should be scraped into the garbage, but his efforts are half-hearted. It’s been a while, but when a plumber had to come to unplug the kitchen drain, he was telling me what to do to avoid further plug-ups, and I told him to tell my husband!

    You have my sympathy with having your plan for a restful Christmas vacation disrupted. What’s that saying – life is what happens when you make other plans? I’m still getting ready! LOL

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