I’m trying again to post photos, 10-1-22

79 thoughts on “I’m trying again to post photos, 10-1-22

  1. Sandy

    Hi Mary, everything came through fine, knobbly pumpkin s and all !take care,best wishes from Sandy

  2. Helen

    Got them for the third time. Coming through for me. It must be an issue with people’s browsers. They need to investigate on their end. I think you are good! Fall is so fun!

  3. Janet M

    Yes, I can see the pictures but I have been able to see
    them on each of your posts lately.

  4. Rita in Iowa

    Pictures are here, Yea!
    Cleaned windows inside today, outside tomorrow’ before it warms up too much so thee wasps aren’t flying around. Bugs are gathering.

  5. Sandi

    Seeing pictures on your website, but not included with the emails. It’s been that way for the last few days.

  6. Rosalie from Iowa

    I don’t receive the pictures in the email, but when I go to the website, I can see them. That is good enough!

  7. Linda

    Got them – in the blog where they belonged and as you wanted them to show up. Fun show of projects.

  8. Joyce from NY

    Got all the pictures again as I have been in each post. So maddening, this technology!

  9. Carolyn Boutilier

    Pictures came through. Love the pumpkins. we are still getting rain from Ian.
    Cold rain wind, turned the heat on.
    Thank you Mary for keeping the blog going.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va.

  10. Bonnie McKee

    Once again, I got the photos AFTER I clicked on the comments. I’m using my iPhone, so perhaps that’s the issue?
    Bonnie in Oregon

  11. Daine in Maryland

    I have gotten the pictures everytime. No problems here. The quilts and pumpkins are very pretty.

    By the way Mary, I have family who live in Naples and Cape Coral, Florida. I am grateful to say they are all fine. They have some home and property damage but it can be repaired. They and many others are without electric and it is so hot down there! The devastation is horrendous and many lost their homes. Thank you to you and your readers who keep the people in Florida in your prayers.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – oh, it must be terrible to have friends and relatives there and not be able to help!

  12. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Pictures came thru just fine, Mary. I usually read your blog on my iphone, as my computer is too slow.
    Are you feeling any better? Take Care, 🥰

  13. Vicki

    As some people have pointed out, the browser they use can make a difference. I had a problem accessing some things (not your pictures) with Firefox as my browser. I switched to Google Chrome and all was well. So, I just use Google Chrome as my browser for everything now.

  14. Virlinda Day

    Have to go to your website to see photos. I’m using an iPad. Could it be an Apple problem? It’s happening on some other blog emails I receive.

  15. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    I don’t see pictures in my e-mail, but when I click through to the blog website there they all are. So they are posting on the blog, but, here at keast, not being included in the e-mail.

  16. Sue in Oregon

    All nine came through both email (on my PC) and comments. Love those warty pumpkins.

  17. Chris B in NW PA

    Your pictures and emails are coming through fine for me, but I read mine on the
    computer. I have not had any problems with your emails.

  18. RS

    Got your first batch of pix & comments on 9-29-22. No problem seeing them again, either!
    Thanks for your efforts!

  19. Kris in WI

    Thanks to all the quilters who sent pictures to post. More good ideas and color combos! I need to find some pumpkins soon. Yours are just too cute, Mary! Hope the cough and fatigue are better.

  20. Jan N.

    Mary, if some people can see your photos and others can’t, it’s nothing on your end … it’s a problem on their end. Maybe they need to update their browser and it that doesn’t work, they should try using a different browser. I use Firefox as my browser and haven’t had any problems with seeing the photos in your posts.

  21. Kathy in western NY

    My automatically sent emails for subscribing to you do not show pictures but when I click on comments, it takes me to the internet to see the photos in your whole post. It’s also where the ads are for me to click on as the email didn’t show them either. But I have no problem doing this as I try to comment each time or read them cause it’s our universe of Mary’s friends.

    1. Rhonda in Iowa

      No pictures at my house either in the email and Kathy’s words are exactly what I’d write. I don’t see this as a major problem and believe it is probably related to my personal email server and a change they may have made. The photos are visible on the website version of the blog and I go there anyway to see the comments. It is not a problem!

  22. Nicole Hanson

    Have had no trouble receiving your past few posts. I have enjoyed all the quilts. Loe the color arrangement in Connie’s quilt. Love all your pumpkins and gourds in all their glorious colors.
    Thank you for your posts. I enjoy your world in Iowa. Blessings and good health to you and Rick..

  23. Launa

    Mary…I love the pumpkins with what looks like warts…! Thanks for the other readers’ quilts pictures!
    So many good college football 🏈 games on today…and tonight as well!
    It rained lightly here all day….finally stopped about 🕟 4:30 pm. I really enjoyed the stove fire today; tis 49o outside @ 8:45pm!
    Looking forward to pro football 🏈 tomorrow! Go 49ers n RAIDERS.

  24. Bernadette

    I got the pictures of the beautiful quilts for the third time. What frustration for Mary that some are not getting the pictures.

  25. Karla T

    I have gotten them every time too Mary. Really love the Burgoyne surrounded? or low volume? quilt done in 0range/black. Very interesting combo.

    1. Georgia

      Hi Karla T – loved your 2 rag-style quilts! The best-looking fringes I’ve seen – can you share the pattern?

  26. Jeanne S in Co.

    No pictures, even after checking comments. The comments came in as usual. I’m frustrated right along with you, but don’t know how you can correct it because I’m not computer savvy either. I’ll check again tomorrow.

  27. Nancy S.

    All was fine until today…no pictures showed up, not even hitting the comments button. Dont think your trial worked for all subscribers.

  28. Charlotte Shira

    Same here. All was fine until today but there are no pictures on this post.

  29. Gloria from CC

    I have all the photos on my iPhone. Sometime when I’m on my desktop I’ll open one of your blogs to see if there are pictures.

  30. Mary Ann

    I’m sorry to say I was not able to see the photos. I tried different ways to go around it but nothing worked. The last group came through with no problems. Nothing worse than computer woes.

  31. Sue in Marion, IN

    Ok, this is weird. Photos come up in the Yahoo mail post. If I click over to the actual blog….they aren’t showing up. If I click on comments , they’ll come up. I’m reading using Safari on an iPad.

    1. Georgia

      I use Yahoo as well – all previous posts showed for me, both in Yahoo & on Word Press. I use Chrome & my laptop.

      1. Georgia

        No sooner did I post that comment and all photos disappeared in Word Press. Ads causing a glitch?

  32. Betty Klosterman

    The pictures didn’t show up yesterday or today. Always got them before. Are these some of the days that try men’s (women’s) souls?
    Good luck.
    Betty in Rapid City

  33. Sherrill

    I got all the ones from the past week or so but nada today. I know how frustrating that is…ugh.

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