Monday, 10-3-22

I know this doesn’t seem like a major issue to you but it is to me. I’ve contacted the local community college for possible help. Without the pictures there is no reason to continue this blog. Connie and I have always said it should be more pictures and less talking. I will keep trying to get us back to normal. There might be test posts in the future.

I really miss chatting with all of you.

81 thoughts on “Monday, 10-3-22

  1. Jeanine from Iowa

    I just want to say I have never had any problems seeing your pictures. I always go to your blog on my computer, and they have always been there recently. I know a lot of your followers don’t have computers for their communication, but it has always worked well for me. I don’t have other devices except my cell phone. We would really miss hearing from you if it doesn’t work. Have a great day. Our weather has been beautiful in southeast Iowa and the farmers are getting their crops harvested.

  2. Glenda Fletcher

    Mary, I really enjoy your posts. Hope you can get things worked out. Would miss them if you can’t get
    everything working again. Yes, I also like the pictures as it adds so much.

  3. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    I am so sorry for the issues with the pictures! Miss your pics! Hopefully you can get the assistance needed to get back up and running!!

  4. Jan

    Sometimes the pictures don’t show up until I go to the comments. But I always get them there so never found it to be a problem. Always enjoy reading the blog and seeing all the photos.
    Thanks and please keep posting.

  5. Kathy Hanson

    Praying that this can be worked out!
    Would miss this connection to you so much!!!

  6. Billie

    I hope you will be able to get some help with the issue. I will miss your blog. I love hearing about your life and farm and animals and the whole nine yards. Good luck!

  7. Lynn in Scottsdale, AZ

    Thanks for all your efforts Mary.

    I would really miss the blog and chatting with all of you as well.

    I will keep reading, commenting, clicking ads, and praying for as long as you blog.

    Take care.

  8. Rita

    I also use a laptop to look at your blog and have no trouble with receiving pics. I would miss your blog terribly, but understand your frustrations. Sunny and 60 degrees this morning in north west Alabama. A beautiful fall day!

  9. Maria L Zook

    I can understand your frustration. When technology doesn’t work properly, it takes up way too much time out of life. I do hope you can get things resolved. I love seeing photos of the farm and your animals.

  10. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    I am not sure why some are not getting your blog pictures, but because some of us are getting them always, I don’t believe it is something you can control. Sounds like an algorithm that their providers has put in place that is the issue. Please don’t beat yourself up over this, it isn’t something you can control. I would really hate for you to stop writing your blog, many of us look for your post every day as a bright spot in our lives.

  11. Jill Klop

    I’m so sorry for your frustration. I know that you miss Kayla at times like this. I’ve been seeing pictures all along. I also remembered that I have a UFO that is primarily blue! I’ll be pulling that project out later today! I hope you get some answers. I know I don’t respond as much as I should, but I’d sure miss your posts if this went away!!

  12. Lorraine

    So sorry for all of your problems with this crazy technology stuff. I do get pictures almost every time you post some. I enjoy looking at everyone’s creativity. Good luck to you in getting this issue solved-I am sure it is so frustrating.

  13. Cheryl in St. Paul

    And, I really miss hearing from you. Technology issues are so frustrating. Fingers crossed that you will soon be back at it.

  14. Marilyn Miller

    I would surely miss your commentary on farm life, your many pets and animals, getting updated on your projects, your great thrift store finds, all your friends, family and church activities, too. I surely hope you are able to work this out!

  15. Kathie

    Hi Mary.. I have a I Pad and I was receiving all your wonderful pics and text. Please keep up the blog. You and fellow quilters are so inspiring. Please keep brightening all of our lives.


    I do not know what the problem is, BUT I have been getting pictures ALL along

  17. Jan Reliford

    Good morning Mary
    So sorry for the computer issues…so not fun! But if it’s any consolation, I’ve been re diving all your blogs and photos which are so uplifting and inspiring!
    Keep at it gal….we all love you so much and I know I look forward to your emails daily!!!
    Lots of love and hugd

  18. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    If the photos don’t come through on my phone, I just tap the title of the blog and there they are! Takes half a second😀. I truly enjoy both the photos and your thoughts. I appreciate the time it takes to do this and would really miss you! We have had lots of wind. I am guessing from Ian, but it is calm
    today so I am putting out Halloween decorations. The pictures from Florida are so sad. Ugh.

  19. Kimberly Lusin

    I’m so sorry for the crazy issues technology is causing you. I hope you get it worked out because we all enjoy your blog soooooo much. I can’t imagine how frustrating this must be not to mention time consuming. I have been receiving photos, so not sure what’s going on. Sending hugs!

  20. Carolyn - NE Illinois

    Mary, it looks like everyone is getting the pictures. Some may just have to make an extra ‘click’ but that isn’t a problem on your end. It’s the reader’s device/browser. Settings change, upgrades happen, snd th8ngs look or work differently. Please keep posting- we would truly miss you, the animals, the farm, and the quilts.

    1. Gloria from CC

      Carolyn – you are absolutely correct. Most of the readers are getting pictures and the few who are not need to figure out what’s wrong on their end. Not getting pictures has nothing to do with Mary’s blog and how she’s sending it. Come on people – figure out what’s wrong on your end and fix it.

  21. Karen

    I’m sorry you’re having such a frustrating time with the blog. I’ve been getting the pictures all along on my iPad. I enjoy your blog so much as an expat Iowan, with or without photos. Hang in there.

  22. NancyTD

    I look forward to your blog. I would miss all the sharing. Hope things get worked out. A big thanks for all you do😃😃

  23. Myra Allen

    PLEASE don’t discontinue your blog. I love the pictures, the animals, the flowers, and of course the quilts. You have experience and knowledge and, I am sure many stories, that we would all love to hear without pictures.

  24. Wendy T.

    Hi Mary. Sorry you are having such difficulties. We’ll be here waiting. Just love your posts!

  25. Ann in PA

    I’m so sorry that some are not able to see the photos. All photos come through on my computer and iPhone. Good idea to reach out to Community College for help. Perhaps those who are not getting photos could state the type of device they are using : computer, Android Phone, iPad, Kindle, etc. That might help tech people analyze what could be causing problems for some but not for others. Please don’t give up on your blog! We all love hearing about your adventures on the farm, especially with those adorable furry family members and of course, quilts! . xxoo

  26. Jo in Wyoming

    Great idea! Those teenagers can fix everything techy.
    Sometimes, I go back to see a past post. The picture show up.
    Now that it’s the first of the month. I’m going to watch to see if the internet provider slows me down, trying to sell me a bigger, more expensive plan??? I don’t know, but I’m going to test it this month.
    If this is a cause, it would be on my end…our end, not yours.
    Have a great week

  27. Sandy

    Hi Mary..I use my I pad and for the past several posts no pictures appear when I open the e mail, but when I click on the comments the pictures are it’s just an extra step for me, but the pictures are there..

  28. Nilene Thompson-Finn

    Good morning from San Diego. Gosh, I wish I knew more tech stuff to help you with the picture issue! If it helps…I saw photos every single time you posted this last few days. The only thing I will mention is that I happen to know that certain browser apps don’t always “play well” with other types of apps. Case in point, I ran an online fund raiser during quarantine and discovered that I had to configure our shopping app several different ways to make it possible for some folks to even SEE, let alone USE the shopping app.

    It might help to know what browser the folks who can’t see the pics are using, because if certain people see the pics and certain people don’t, I know enough to be fairly certain that it’s not on your end.



  29. Lynette in Orlando

    Mary, I am so sorry!! It is so frustrating!!!!!! Guess that was a no brainier….. duh! Good luck. My rule is find someone young – they get the internet way more than we do.

  30. Susan K in Texas

    I hope they are able to help you. I have not gotten the pictures in my emails but am always able to get them when I go to the blog.
    I will miss the blog but understand if it becomes too frustrating.
    Take care!

  31. Joy

    There is nothing more frustrating than technical issues ! Good luck and keep us informed with your struggles 💕

  32. Dot

    It is only the people who subscribe to your blog by email that are having a problem. The people who go directly to your blog in their web browser have been seeing all the pictures every day. I subscribe to your blog (and many other blogs) using the Feedly website, and it’s also working just fine. Please don’t stop the blog!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      I feel the same as Dot. It is our email that is messed up but not the blog you post. Most of us are getting the pictures one way or another how we want to. It works and not everyone uses the same devices and browsers to read your blog but we all miss you terribly.

  33. Nancy Norris

    Mary, I know how frustrating technology is at times. I just want you to know that I have really enjoyed your posts and the pictures do make it better. I will pray that things can be figured out and that we can all be together again. Hugs

  34. Gayla Kenyon

    I receive your pictures and I subscribe through email. Are you sure it is your fault? Sometimes it is the person receiving the blog. Recently Jo from Jo’s Country Junction found it was the process some of the readers used to receive the blog. Hope it works out!!

  35. Caryn in Eastern Washington

    Mary, I have been getting your pictures all along. I only have an iPad and an iPhone. I get your emails and can go to your blog by clicking the title at the top of the text. Or I can go directly to your blog using by browser (Safari). I always see your pictures. I would really miss your blog if you stopped. It is a comfort and a breath of fresh air.
    I don’t know what the solution is, but please don’t stop sending the blog!

  36. Kris in WI

    Adding my thanks that you have persevered through your tech issues and to let you know how much the blog means to us. I include my husband in this because he always asks, “What’s the news?” He loves the fur family pictures and farm stories! I can’t imagine why he isn’t thrilled with all the quilt pictures! LOL. Oh, and he calls the bits of thread that I track upstairs and end up in the carpeting — Thread Bugs. Which reminds me, it’s time to vacuum again. Again, thanks for all your efforts in bringing the Country Threads life to all of us.

    (Able to see all the pictures and text on our ancient (in tech years) desk top computer)

  37. Micky

    I SHARE YOUR FRUSTATION WITH THE COMPUTER. You appear to have more of a handle on it than I do. I find that my day is brighten when you have a post. Hope you are feeling better. Peace Micky

  38. Vicki

    Mary, I agree with one of the other comments that it may not be a problem on your end. I receive the pictures both in your emails and on your blog using either my iPad or my desktop computer. No problems at all.



  40. Susy in San Diego

    I’m sorry Mary. I really appreciate all the work you are going through to make the blog happen. The internet can be a real mystery. I do enjoy reading your adventures and seeing the reader quilts. You got this!

  41. Marie C

    So sorry this is happening. I can get pictures on my tablet but not my android phone
    If the community college doesn’t pan out try your local high school. There are a lot of computer savvy kids there. The computer or STEM teacher would probably know someone.
    Throw in a written recommendation the student could use for scholarship application or college admission.

  42. Carolyn Boutilier

    Dear Mary, sorry you are having such problems with this blog. I hope you can continue as I really enjoy this feature every evening. Six years ago when I lost my son, your blog your each day was heart warming to me and I looked forward to your blog. You do not know how much your blog means to all of us. At 78 my friend, who was a quilter took me to quilt classes just 3 weeks after the lost of my son. She told me I needed that challenge to help with my loss. Sadly this friend passed a year ago from cancer. I have started a Kaffee Fassett quilt for my granddaugher’s wedding in the spring. Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

  43. Cheryl

    I was still getting pictures last week when you asked if we were getting pictures. I just didn’t answer thinking everyone else was getting the pictures too. Your readers will wait for the fix. How else am I going to know how high the corn is?

  44. Lisa B

    I miss you too. I’ve been traveling and internet is spotty. I’ve realized how much viewing my quilting blogs throughout the day relaxes me. Praying you get help fixing the photo issue.

  45. Beryl in Owatonna

    I view on my laptop. I have an ipad but don’t have it signed in for my email…same on my phone. I never have problems with the pictures, especially if I click on the Comment button. Sorry for all the problems, it is so frustrating! My Dish TV on Fire Stick was updated the other day…GRRRR it is nothing but problems. Updates aren’t better as far as I am concerned!! ‘m too old for all of the changes!! LOL!

    You would be so missed. You and Jo are the two busiest ladies I have ever seen!!

  46. Barbara Firesheets

    We’re still here with you Mary! Don’t stress. If I don’t see the pictures in your posts that come to my email inbox, I copy the link at the bottom of your post and paste it into the browser. The pictures are visible then.

  47. Angie from Baltimore

    I would really miss your stories of life on the farm. Hope you can get it fixed.

  48. Ginger S

    I love your blog Mary. I have been getting your pictures right along when others have said they were not receiving them. I get you blog via my email and I have also bookmarked it on my laptop computer. I don’t understand a lot about computers/technology but it seems to me that perhaps the problem isn’t from your end since many seem to getting your posts A-OK. I know it’s stressful but please know how much we all enjoy your blog and would miss it terribly.

  49. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Hi, Mary.
    I agree with many of the above comments; I don’t think the problem is coming from you. I always get the pictures. Thanks, 🥰

  50. Betty Klosterman

    When your emails come on my computer screen, the first thing I have to do is go to the end of the message and key in on the “comment” spot. THEN I can to go the top and look at all the pictures and comments. If I don’t key on the “comment” spot, I can never get back into the email. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea.
    I use my computer to see all the emails, etc as I’m not smart enough to know any other ways. I have never had any problems seeing the pictures, etc — until NOW. The comments showed up, but no pictures. Darn, don’t you hate it when that happens?
    Mary, you have created a very large, fun family on your blog which we all have enjoyed, especially during the pandemic. With so many of us, it was our contact with the rest of the world. Of course, anything quilts sends us into such a good spot. And all the other stuff — chickens, goats, rats, dogs, cats……….. We like that, too. Computer problems are so awful for those of us who only know where the on/off button is. I’ve found that having a very smart computer person’s number is great. It is really one of those things that a bit of knowledge is dangerous!
    Please don’t get yourself into an upset. It isn’t worth it. You have to take care of yourself.
    Everybody, take care. Betty in Rapid City

  51. Deb

    Modern times have really made things MUCH easier for us, but in some respects, its made it MUCH harder, too! I LOVE your blog and look forward to each entry, and I’m sure you’ll come up with a solution, having some help would really make a difference, I’m sure. I am not ‘techy’ myself, so I understand a little of what you’re going through. I just got back from meeting a new friend for coffee (and we walked around the outdoor mall the shop was attached to afterward). It was SO lovely. We are meeting probably later this week or early next week so that she can learn how to sew some items. Not sure if she has ever used a machine, but I will have Rose oiled up, clean and ready to go (a 1937 Featherweight that was manufactured in Scotland 8 weeks after my mother was born). We will have our ‘class’ at my house, so she has easy access to my fabric. I’m gradually using up some of my stash. In the nearly 50 years of sewing I’ve accumulated an obscene amount of fabric, and I use it whenever I can. We are also working on building a retaining wall in our backyard, and hope to have it done before the rains start (that’s assuming we GET decent rains, after years of drought here in California). That’s the ‘news’ from me! Best wishes to you!

  52. Betty Klosterman

    And remember, Mary, you couldn’t get rid of us even with a really big stick.! Betty

  53. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Mary, I’ve never had a problem with your photos. If I can’t see them on my email, I click and the message takes me to the blog and boom! Photos. Don’t give up!

  54. patti leal

    Mary, i would imagine that you could send your blog to the readers with a header that says ‘go here’ and in the writing section, put in the weblink to your blog. everyone would have to go to the internet to read. if the pictures are on your blog, everyone should be able to read them. as in:
    i always try to read on individual blogs not what is sent to me. it’s just easier for me.
    take care and try not to stress. we all have to do our part.
    patti in florida

  55. Beryl BC

    Good luck with the community college. I was seeing pictures last week, but don’t see the current pictures. I’ve never subscribed to your blog via email, and always look it by opening the website on my desktop computer using Chrome. I had updates come through yesterday, so hoped that would be a fix but it wasn’t. I tried checking on my phone and didn’t see the pictures there either. I have no idea where the problem is, but enjoy reading your blog.

  56. Kathy B

    So sad 😞 I hope someone can help you. I enjoy reading about your farm, love it. ❤️

  57. Karen Hamilton

    Doesn’t Kayla still help with your blog? I was thinking she could get it fixed for you. Best of luck, we want you to keep on blogging!

  58. Wonda Myers

    Miss your blog, farm animals and quilts. So much to read about. Hope you are back in business soon.

  59. Rosie Westerhold


    I use my iPad almost exclusively for everything. I can’t see the pics in my e-mail, but I never read your blog in my e-mail. I always go to your website to read, and the pictures are always there. I have no idea if they are in my e-mail or not. I use the Safari browser on my iPad if that helps. I can’t comment IN the e-mail, only on the blog on your website. How can people comment within the e-mail? I didn’t know that was even possible.

    I don’t think the problem is on your end. I think the problem is within the device that each person uses. It could be something within the browser that each person uses, as well as how that browser or phone or tablet is configured. How are people posting comments? Wouldn’t those comments be posted ON your blog which is your website? And NOT in the actual e-mail? It’s all SOO complicated, and beyond me, at times. Getting someone from the community college involved is probably a good first step. I hope you don’t give up your blog. It is so motivating and encouraging to so many.

    Please hang in there. We would all be so lonesome without you.😢😢

  60. Joy in NW Iowa

    I want to read your chats too! My chat today is bean harvest is complete! Yay!! I did a little sewing today plus my greeting card list from the bulletin . On to the next farm project.. don’t give up! We love your blog!

  61. Vickie

    i also am not having any problem with your posts. Always get the pics. Just click the title & there they are. I have had a Google update that is letting ads thru my Ad Block Plus. Maybe some have had updates that are causing a problem.

  62. Joanie

    I would be sad if the blog did not continue. You always brighten day with the animals, quilts and your world. Thank you for all that you do!

  63. Sandy Kolarik

    I hope this problem can be fixed. I love reading your posts and feel like a part of the family. I know it’s a lot of work for you but would definitely miss your posts.

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