In Recovery Mode

We are still recovering but all in all we feel great about the sale – someone called it the Sale of the Century – ha!  Here we are on Saturday afternoon, blowing away in the wind.

Here we are on Thursday morning.

As you can see, we survived.  Here are some more before and after shots.


The patio outside the Civil War building.

Here’s the hayrack, before and after.


Those big pieces of really thick cardboard are the box that my piano came in from Japan.

This was taken on Sunday.


See them on the bottom of the fire?

Here’s the Civil War building on Sunday – this many partial bolts left, that’s all!

On Monday morning Carla from Des Moines came and loaded up all the patterns for donation to a non-profit organization who has several rummage sales during the year.  I wondered if she’d get them all in her vehicle but after I mentioned that, it became a challenge to her and she succeeded.

Sunday night I got out my new jellyroll called Gardenvale by Jen Kingwell and started sewing strips for a 16 patch quilt – very easy sewing and very fun with no waste to speak of.  It felt great to be watching a ballgame and sewing at the machine.


I mowed for over 6 hours yesterday and today I have extra dogs.  Rain is in the forecast for Thursday so I’m hoping to mow parts again tomorrow.  It is growing very fast and I don’t want to get behind or I’ll have to bale it.

Thanks for tuning in!

16 thoughts on “In Recovery Mode

  1. Bobby Sutton

    From Chestertown, Maryland…..Leslie, Diane, and I have watched your every move getting ready for this sale. You are absolutely the Queen of yard sales and the Supreme saleswoman of shop sales. It looked like you were inundated by locust which devoured everything! Congratulations on a fantastic closing sale! Sorry we couldn’t fly up to join the long line of buyers.

  2. Becky

    Love all the posts….wish that I could have been there one last time. You both deserved a wonderful retirement…..ENJOY!!!!

  3. Judy Beck

    Congratulations on your retirement, you are going to love it. Gotta tell you though there just isn’t enough time!

  4. Launa

    We in CA have recycling…cities are very serious about it. Blue trash can is for recycle items..cans, glass bottles, newspaper, clean foil, plastic bottles, etc. Brown can is for garbage and palm leaves. Green can is for lawn clippings, composting items, coffee grounds, tea bags, pizza boxes, ice cream containers, etc.

    Love the colors and prints in Gardenvale and the pattern you are sewing. Looks as though your “recovery mode” is off to a wonderful start! We quilters enjoy seeing and reading about it.

  5. Charlene sexton


  6. Mary

    Congratulations on your retirement! I had always looked forward to visiting your shop but won’t be able to. I hooe to enjoy your blog postings and books for years to come. I was surprised to see the burning of the cardboard/boxes. I thought that was outlawed but maybe it’s only in certain states. Here in CA we are experiencing a drought and worried about fire season which used to occur in Sept./Oct. with the Santa Ana winds but now it’s all year. Please don’t take my comment as a criticism as that is not my intent. Thanks again for your posts – glad to see you had energy after the sale to keep doing all the things which bring you enjoyment. Can’t wait to see your new quilt.

  7. Maryjane

    Looks to me like you both survived it all well. What an accomplishment and a lot of work. Now you can enjoy that beautiful green yard. What is growing behind the fence you are standing by in the first picture? Looks like something that will be flowering. Do you have veggies planted yet? Nothing better than midwest tomatoes. Have fun everyday whatever you do! MjB Tustin, CA

  8. Vickie Devore

    While Ill miss you both a great deal, I’m so happy for you. I got to retire/quit work a couple of years ago (at 62) and it’s the best thing I ever did for myself. Sincerely hope you two enjoy a quieter pace but with more fun than ever imaginable!!

  9. Angie Rowland

    Dang, if you and Connie would have stopped for a moment they would have dragged you to the cash register and purchased you both as well. Those folks came to BUY. Glad it is over and was a success.
    NOW PLAY///

  10. Paula S.

    I’m so glad you and Mary survived the sale and you sold practically everything! That is a great feeling and now you’ll get to play with your fabric like the rest of us. :). Enjoy piecing those quilts and watching tv.

  11. Diane

    Wow–Did every single thing sell? It sure looks like it. Just as others have said, wish I had been able to get there once in my life!! Sooo happy you are joining those of us who are retired. It is a lot of fun:) Nice here in Central Ohio today. I took a Labyrinth quilt to the quilter yesterday. Fun pattern:)

  12. Michele

    Great job!! But, must admit that not only do you and Connie look exhausted but even Telly looks tired on the Saturday photo. I know all 3 of you deserved a lot of R&R after your marathon weekend. CONGRATS on your accomplishment(s) and your wonderful future of doing whatever ‘you’ want. No retail business for you both to fret about!!! YIPPEE!!!!

  13. Carol

    Looks like the Grinch who stole Christmas came to Country Threads and cleaned house! Congrats on a wonderful career and your already good start on phase two of your quilt life!

  14. Carolyn Boutilier

    Wished I lived closer for the sale. I have enjoyed your newsletters over the years. I am glad that you will put pictures of your sewing and the doggie days visits. Would have loved one of your plants. I know you will enjoy your retirement and happy that you have your health and able to sew on your own time table. Love all the pictures.
    Carolyn B

  15. Jan B

    It is so sad to know that it is really all over now! Sew wish I could have visited just once in my life!! I’m sure you & Connie are glad it’s now over over, right? But, it’s still sad to see that almost empty room & those empty table, etc. Well, you can now REALLY enjoy your retirement & sew your brains out!! Lol! Love that you keep up the sending the photos & telling us about your dogsitting, sewing, etc. Keep up the good work — but continue to have fun! (Mowing that yard of yours does NOT sound too fun!!) Did you get rid of all those cacti you had set out? Would have loved a couple of those, too! Not to be…………

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