A Busy Day 

Three dogs here today – Riley, Bandit and Ozzie.  Here is Bandit in the pool – he loves it! 


And this is Riley – going home tonight and almost asleep in her mom’s arms.

The pumpkins are growing and I planted 6 more tomato plants today.


The dogs laid in the shade while I worked in the garden.

The “house” yard is all mowed again because it’s going to rain tomorrow.

And here’s another big load of those blasted helicopters!  I cleaned the gutters before the rain.

And when I went to do chores, I discovered 3 goslings have hatched and the white goose whose nest was not successful took over the hatched goslings and pushed the brown goose out!!  And she’s the one that was so faithful about nesting.  I hate the animal world at times like this!  She is hanging out close to the nest – maybe they can share the babies? 


Oh, what a  day!  I am exhausted.  And now to answer a question from yesterday’s post.  Yes, we are still allowed to burn unless it’s very dry and a burn ban is issued.  We do not have recycling pickup in the country.  We have to haul all the paper, etc. to a dumpster about 10 miles away that is ALWAYS filled and overflowing when we get there.  So I am thankful we can burn paper and cardboard and burnable trash.  We do have garbage pickup once a week.

I am glad it’s going to rain tomorrow – I’m going to sew all day!  Right now I’m going to have a beer and go to the sewing machine.

12 thoughts on “A Busy Day 

  1. Kay

    I have been fortunate enough to have been to your former shop twice. The first time was with two other women I met at a large RV Rally. We all talked our husbands into traveling to Garner so we could visit Country Threads. My second visit was when I talked my good friend to fly to AZ and travel back to IN with me by car. Over 3 weeks later and over 3000 miles we arrived in IN. It was a fun quilt trip stopping at many quilt shops on our way. Yours was one that I had to take her to see. Needless to say
    It was a highlight of our trip. I will miss your shop but I do wish you well in your retirement.

  2. Bernadette Jackson

    When I was growing up in Syr NY, we would open up the sticky end of the helicopters and glue them to our noses. Didn’t remember doing that until your post. I know what you mean about the animal world — we came back from a week on the road to find an empty nest on our first floor windowsill, and a snake working on digesting a meal on the ground just below the window.

  3. Diane Meyer

    My son planted sweet corn for us this year. We are all looking forward to it. I see in your pumpkin patch you have the annoying weeds we have here-silver maple seeds and velvet leaf coming up. It’s hard to keep them out of the garden. Much cooler here today 60’s and rain. Yesterday it felt like summer 87 and humid. The dogs looked happy and cool. Elkhorn, WI

  4. Launa

    Happy Dog Farm looked like a swell place for resting under the trees while you did your tasks. Sure hope the white goose and brown goose settle the nesting issue and share the hatchlings.
    We had a rain cloud from Blanca storm stop by early last night and our lawn and trees sure appreciated the shower even if it dried up quickly.

  5. Diane

    Don’t let the “quilt police” catch you drinking and “driving”!! You are busy, busy. Hot here in Central Ohio tonight 80 degrees still:(

  6. Ann Barlament

    The dogs are good at supervising you from the shade!!

    Enjoy your beer and your day of sewing ~ I got some pillow cases started today and then worked on genealogy research. My two favorite activities….

  7. Helen

    Mary…when have you not had “a busy day”…it seems you are even more energized! You sometime mention things I know nothing about such as the “helicopters” you clear from the gutters (is this actually a plant or a term about debris) then “hops” plant (is it used in beer) I see that you shape it into a wreath (never seen the plant)…those happy dogs laying in the shade on the mowed lawn are so cute! Tonight we had our first growth of green beans from the garden (we call them snap-pintos) it is already getting too hot here for planting some seeds…you do have me interested in pumpkin seeds. Finally the rain (s) may have subsided as some of our plants were water-logged…but that is not a complaint. I do enjoy your newzzz. It is also fun to learn the various states/countries of the comments. (Texas)

  8. Rose Mikulski

    Goose gossip–love it…..I thought the goats were bad. You’re our link to our Bad Animal Behavior. Keep us posted. Riley looks so much like my Sophie. Hope you get some rest, that’s what is suppose to come with retirement.

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