I checked the 3 goslings this morning and found one pushed out of the nest, very wet and very cold but still alive. I wrapped it in a towel and held it for an hour and then put him into a bowl next to the crockpot which was giving off heat.

The heat did the trick and the gosling started to show signs of life.

Pretty soon I heard him peeping!

I headed to the barn yard to check the other 2 goslings that were in the nest this morning and found only one dry chick.  The other one was in a large puddle, dead.

Well, that did it!  Those 2 dummies couldn’t take care of those goslings so I grabbed the brown goose who was the original mama and the remaining gosling and took them into the barn to a safe pen.  Then I went to the house and got the other one in the bowl.  Here is the happy little family – Mom and 2 babies, safe and dry.  Honestly, I’ll have to keep them in the barn for awhile to make sure they get a solid start.

Bandit and Ozzy went home today and Biscuit and Sassy arrived.  I’ve been sewing most of the day – when I wasn’t babysitting goslings.

21 thoughts on “Intervention!

  1. Diana W

    Sometimes the animal world makes me so mad! I know that is the way God designed it, but so glad there are people like you overseeing the baby goslings! Bless you!

  2. Carol in Florida

    Sorry about your loss but as a “farmer” that’s part of the deal. A part I never got used to. I used to breed and raise exotic birds (parrots). I’m sure the heat did the trick. I used to use a heating pad under an aquarium or anything that will hold the temp. Hope they do well from here on.

  3. Diane

    That is amazing, Mary! Wow!! Those little goslings are lucky to have been born at your farm!!

  4. brenda A in sunny AZ

    Mother Goose: Those goslings are so lucky that you stepped in and did what had to be done. Are you going to give them names? Bless you!

  5. Diane

    Sooo happy Mama got her babies back! Good job:). They are cute. Our Mama duck took her 11 babies off to a pond the day after they were born–poor little things. Some mamas are not the smartest! Hot here today in Central Ohio–91 in the shade.

  6. Louise

    Mary don’t ever stop writing.! You have such a kind heart. Love your stories because they always make me feel so good. Bless you, Sweet Country Woman….

  7. Launa

    Good you intervened when you did Mary! As a youngster I spent a week at my dad’s brothers’ farm and the geese were so nasty to me when I’d venture out to the barn to watch my older cousin milk their cow. I had a long stripped tree branch on the back porch to “ward” the hissing, wing flapping gander away.
    As always we enjoy your pictures and hearing about your TLC for the wee goslings.

  8. Rose Mikulski

    Great goose news! I was praying and hoping you would intervene, I felt so bad for Mama BG (Brown Goose), this news made my day. Bill loves the farm drama; shall we call it farma? Hey it rhymes with karma. Can’t wait for more episodes. Great you got some sewing time today.

  9. barbara carlton

    So wonderful that you were able to notice in time to intervene. Blessings to you!

  10. Bernadette Jackson

    So the original mom got two goslings backwards, and the one that took over the nest was responsible for throwing the two babies out if the nest. So sad.

  11. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love all your farm animal stories. Glad you were able to save at least 2 goslings. We had a small farm when our 2 boys were growing up. they married and moved so it was to much for us old folks.
    Carolyn B

  12. Ann Barlament

    Yeah…mommy Brown goose got her goslings back!!! Thanks for your intervention and caring heart.

    Years ago, my grandparents raised several geese along their creek. My grandmother would get mad, because I would name them all…She didn’t want to get attached to them, as they were going to eat them in the fall. It was a fun summer watching those young goslings grow so rapidly and change into different characters. Thankfully I wasn’t around for the fall round-up.

  13. kay kopacek

    what a wonderful week-end you two gals had last weekend—-beautiful days, and wonderful crowds, we might need the beautiful rain we got but now time for sunshine as the grass needs cutting

  14. Maryjane

    What sweet babies they are. You certainly knew what to do about it all. Life gets a little rough on the farm sometimes.

  15. Penny C

    So sorry about the loss of one of the goslings. But great job reuniting Momma and babies. I feel they will be fine now. In the midst of all the animals you are caring for, you are finding time to sew!! Thank you for the inspiration, I will get some sewing done today…now matter what else goes on!!! I so love hearing from you!!!

  16. Kris Gavin

    Thanks for taking the time to post your stories. I look forward to them tremendously! You nurture the farm girl in me. 🙂

  17. Felicia Hamlin

    Oh Mary, it made me so sad about the dead gossling, so I can imagine how you felt. You have such empathy for your animals and so creative about what to do for them. I would have never thought about putting it close to the cooker, but it worked.

    Thanks for sharing, my plants are doing well,. Felicia

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