Indiana! 2-22-24

Indiana held Iowa to 19% tonight and beat Caitlin and the Hawkeyes soundly 86-69. It was a hard fought game attended by a record amount of people from Indiana, most were there to see Caitlin. But I remember last year when Caitlin’s three pointer at the buzzer put an end to Indiana’s season. The shock for those same players I watched tonight was mind boggling – payback is hell.

I really enjoyed the spring horse chatter.

Here is the recipe for Chicken and Stove Top Dressing:

The directions are so sketchy – does the recipe mean to sprinkle the dry stuffing mix or make the stuffing as instructed on the box and put it on top of the chicken and the cheese? That’s what I did and it was fine but what do you think?

Reader photos

On my longarm today

Boho Heart by Jen Kingwell made by Barb Veeder. This is over the top gorgeous! I did ask Barb about the directions and she said they were horrible. Jen Kingwell – can’t you do a better job writing a pattern? I love your designs but after making Gypsy Wife, I said never again. I love Barb’s color choices and after Joyce quilts it, the quilt will be a prize winner for sure.

A reader had a question about Delectable Mountains. Here’s the story:

In 1981 Country Threads did a series of patterns exploring the delectable mountains block and assorted layouts.

This was featured in the Premier Issue of American Patchwork and Quilting, April 1993.

A year ago American Patchwork and Quilting published a 30 year anniversary issue.

Here is the back page:

Yes, I can make this pattern available for $5 and SASE – you know the drill. I love making these blocks and could start again – if I’m not careful. Haha!

Would anyone be interested in sharing soup recipes? The only way I can do this is for you to take a picture of your recipe card and send it like a photo. I simply cannot retype all the recipes. Thoughts???

I watched Oppenheimer a few nights ago and absolutely hated it – the most boring movie I’ve ever watched.

Did I cover all the questions you asked? I’m working on directions for the horse panel. can’t think of anything else.

What’s going on at your house?

64 thoughts on “Indiana! 2-22-24

  1. Debbie K.

    I have made 3 of Jen Kingwell’s patterns, now working on a 4th. Don’t understand why some think they are so hard. You do need to read the whole pattern. I agree they are probably not written for beginning quilters.

  2. Dee from Shell Rock

    I also loved the horse chatter. I can’t get excited about Jen Kingwell, each to their own. I’m loving the good weather, not looking forward to the cold again next week. I love the animal pictures too. and the collections. My sister has 3 chickens, 1 rooster and she says this is the last of the chickens. I looked at baby chicks today at Farm and Fleet, so cute, but no, I don’t need them. Have a great day.

  3. Cynthia Rust

    Since there is no other liquid in the recipe I would make the stuffing first like you did

  4. Rosie Westerhold

    Was trying to finish machine-quilting a donation quilt today. And discovered the backing was about 4” too short😱😱🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️!! Guess I can’t read a tape measure because I was worried about the width, not about the length. It was time to stop working on that project and work on piecing instead. I will fix the backing problem tomorrow.

    The wildlife company came out Tuesday and installed another one-way trap to try and FINALLY get rid of the rascally raccoons living in my cellar🙌🙌!! They had installed another one-way trap in the back, and fixed all the skirting around the deck so they couldn’t get in. I’ve seen SEVERAL fat raccoons on my Ring camera coming from the back to the front and getting in a hole under the porch. Those little stinkers. Now they can’t get in there, either. Haven’t seen or heard them since Friday afternoon. They are VERY persistent, but they make lousy roommates😳😳😂😂.

    Almost have another top for a donation finished. Just need to add sashing to the last row, and sew top half to bottom half. WooHoo!! THEN it will be time for working on a quilt for ME🙌🙌!!

    LOVED the parking pics. You have made me very aware of how I park whenever I go anywhere. I STILL can’t believe the nerve of some people parking in the walkways and taking up 2 or THREE spaces. GRRRR😡😡.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rosie – the parking pictures continue to be sent to me and I can’t believe it either. I think we’ve all been enlightened about poor parking – and I really never gave it much thought before but the handicap spots really upset me.
      I cannot believe the wildlife company can’t fix this problem for you! It would unnerve me to have raccoons in my basement.

  5. Terri S.

    I am so glad about your review of Oppenheimer. I felt the same way! I was feeling like I was in the minority.Maybe it is a great movie but it was too long and I had a hard time following it.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Terri s – thank you! I’m probably not smart enough to understand it but I’m not afraid to say it was a waste of over 3 hours!

  6. DebMac

    So sorry to hear about Iowa’s loss to Indiana. I don’t follow sports but was hoping they would win the rest of their games and Caitlin would score BIG in all of them.
    I think I’ve seen the recipe in other cookbooks and they used the dry mix but it’s late and I’m too tired to look. Maybe tomorrow. I have a good one from a friend that is similar to this; make mix, add cream of chicken soup, cooked chicken (or turkey), and 1-2 cups of frozen veggies of your choice. Anyone else love lima beans?
    The same friend from above and I have been talking about making a Delectable Mountain quilt so will forward on to her for further discussion. I was thinking tonight about starting a Churn Dash quilt with the Accuquilter cutter I got for Christmas. Instead, I picked up my current cross stitch piece, Sally Spencer by Birds of a Feather (also known as “Mustang Sally” one of my favorite songs from the 70’s.) It is probably my most favorite stitch of all time. First night I stitched on it, I woke up 3 times and lay in bed thinking I could just get up and stitch instead of sleeping. First time that happened to me on any project. Did I get up? Well, not until the 5:45am wake up. Hubby was so surprised to see me up at 7am and stitching away especially since the last time he saw me was in the same place stitching at 10:30pm when he went to bed. “Had I pulled an all nighter?”
    Jack has been busy, he destroyed 3 squeeky toys this week. The one I had just bought to replace the chewed ones lasted less than 20 minutes. He also almost caught the rabbit that has been living under the deck this winter. Since spring is coming, I’m hoping the rabbit gives up and goes elsewhere before we have baby bunnies.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      DebMac – Jack may get over his chewing when he matures – he’s a puppy chewing on something maybe to relieve teething pain. I buy big beef bones from the butcher to alleviate that chewing urge. Actually bones at my local grocery store are in the meat case for $3.69/lb!

  7. San

    Loved all of the pictures. Even with back-up cameras, folks are still having trouble parking.

    Putting foam noodle pieces on the springs of the rocking horse was a very smart idea. Tiny fingers can get caught in the springs.

    Thank you for the recipe. I have some cooked chicken that I need to use up. Yes, cooking the stuffing mix first makes sense to me.

    Raining and rather chilly out tonight. Very glad to have 3 days off from work this weekend. It’s time for yard work and burning the leaves left over from last year. I don’t want any copperhead snakes thinking it’s a nice place to rest and stay awhile.

    Thank you for sharing Mary.

    San / Murphy, NC

      1. San

        Yes Mary. Their bite will make you sick, but won’t kill you. The bite of a diamond back rattler will. I live in the woods. So do various critters. I’m cautious and attentive if walking where they live.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          San – maybe you could send us a picture of your “woods” – I’d love to see what your part of the world looks like.

  8. Martha W in WY

    We watched the Iowa-Indiana game tonight (Yup. I caved and signed up for Peacock). Catlin just seemed to be off tonight. The crowd was so noisy. I don’t know how the players could concentrate. I’m working on cross-stitch. We are having some pleasant days here. I will have to water my seedling trees next week if it stays above 45 degrees.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Martha w – I agree about the game and glad you caved – you can always cancel Peacock after the season.

  9. Sally

    My mother made a similar chicken casserole with stove top dressing. 9×13 pan cover 4-6 chicken breast with cheese slices, Swiss or your preferred cheese, then mix 1 can cream of mushroom soup with 1/2 to 3/4 cup white wine and pour over chicken. Top with stove top dressing bread crumbs and spices mixed with 1/2 cup melted butter (no water, crouton like topping). Bake 375 for 45 mins bubbling. I cover with aluminum foil so the cream of mushroom soup doesn’t dry out to much.
    I love the Delectable Mountains pattern!
    Can you tell me the quilt pattern on the long arm?
    As always, your blog is a joy to read.

  10. Sally

    I hope the Hawkeyes can regroup and finish the regular season on top. Then the Big10 Tournament.

  11. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l carefully traced the designs l wanted on the small quilt l am making with the antique blocks, today l pinned it, then discovered all the wood pigeons are upside down! Will try to fix it tomorrow, first time for everything! Started sewing together the smallest HST into churn dash blocks, then see what happens when l do the next size HST,s .
    Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  12. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    I love your soup recipe idea! I make a lot of soup in the autumn and winter months. We have recently had roasted pumpkin soup, vegetable and beef soup with dumplings, eggplant soup and parsnip soup. I am in the process of finishing my New Year’s quilt and have several tops ready for quilting. Just need some time to quilt them!
    Our weather continues to be strange: February is usually very cold and either icy or snowy, but it has continued to be very wet and bizarrely warm. We already have daffodils starting to flower and cherry trees blossoming, a good month earlier than what used to be normal (which was late March).
    I think Barb’s Boho Heart quilt looks fabulous! But sadly I agree with you about how badly Jen Kingwell’s patterns are written: she could really use a good pattern editor to improve the clarity of the instructions. I get questions on my blog on a regular basis from quilters struggling with Gypsy Wife (now called Wanderer’s Wife). I have never had that for quilts by any other designer or pattern that I have made and posted about.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Fiona – I’m sure you, like me, can make many quilts by just looking at a picture but when we were in business writing directions was top priority but on the other hand we designed patterns for the average quilter. And what is with the weather????? Strange here, too.

  13. Gloria from CC

    The Boho Heart quilt by Jen Kingwell is drop dead gorgeous. I participated in your Gypsy Wife sew along years ago and it’s still one of my favorite quilts. I sponsored a Gypsy Wife sew along with the Churchberries group in WI. The finished quilts were featured in a quilt show in Rice Lake. Show attendees voted on their favorite Gypsy Wife quilt. I always attributed Jen’s sketchy patterns to the fact that she’s from Australia. They probably have a different way of explaining things.
    Yes on the soup recipes.

  14. Donna Jo

    Oh Mary that game was horrible! Caitlin and the whole team seemed off! Dan thought Indiana had a height advantage. There were not a lot of Iowa fans there either. The only good thing about watching the game at the bar is we have made friends with a great waitress Liz. She is in her mid 30’s; has 3 older kids and will graduate from college in May with a finance degree. My husband retired a little over a year ago and has a degree in finance and accounting. He has been giving her pointers. Liz had an interview and told us how nervous she was during it. Dan offered to do some mock interviews with her so she could get some practice. I know she will get a job; great personality and hard working. I do love that Boho Heart quilt! I didn’t like Oppenheimer either; so long and boring! I tried to watch the Barbie movie on the plane but couldn’t get past the first 10 minutes! These were supposed to be the best movies from 2023!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna Jo – so watching the games at the bar has been a good thing because you met Liz – how nice of your husband to give her a hand. I wonder if the people who like Oppenheimer are inferring they’re more intellectual than someone who didn’t care for the movie.

      1. Donna T

        Looking forward to Sunday’s Iowa game! We can watch it from home! May have to skip Wednesday’s game since it’s on Peacock and Liz has night class on Wednesday.

  15. Joy

    So sad for Caitlin & Iowa!
    Mary, I’ve been wondering what the pattern design/designer is for the quilt ‘on the longarm’ in your post 2-13-24 Happy Valentine’s day. Is it a Country Threads pattern? The dog fabric is so cute!
    Happy Friday everyone

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – I’ll go into detail about the quilt on the longarm when it’s finished so I don’t have to repeat myself.

      1. Joy

        I’ll be waiting 😉, reading every blog. I completely understand, you are such a a busy lady, no time for repeating. I look forward to every post & so enjoy!! It is far from a blog about nothing – it is a blog about everything 😊 thanks for all you do!

  16. Debbie G in SE WI

    I would share a soup recipe! Love the delectable mountains quilt. I spent some time outside in the afternoon cutting off all the coneflower and black eyed Susan heads. I like to leave them for the winter for the birds. It’s been unseasonably warm here! Working on a 9 patch SAL and also preparing projects for an upcoming retreat. I also went to my son’s house to meet the new puppy! A lot of energy and a lot of work in his future!

  17. Kathy in western NY

    The fabric acquisition is washed and ironed so now will cut up squares for charity quilts for a senior group I work with out of pieces I won’t keep for further quilts. I love soup recipes and going to try a new one tonight with a little coconut milk in it. Your sausage and bean one was a big hit here and son and grandson took the rest home as they loved it too yesterday for lunch. I watched with our daughters and grandchildren the Barbie movie but I’ve always loved her and I look past all the psychological barriers people make of her. I was checking out at that fabric estate sale Monday and the song playing in the background was “what was I made for” from the Barbie movie. I love listening to that song for its meaning tied to the movie so the men checking me out and myself had a wonderful conversation about the song. Much Cooler tomorrow but 60’s for couple days next week. My tulips and daffodils are popping up as primroses are opening up and February is looking like our warmest one on record.

  18. Sue in INDIANA

    Hey! Some of us live in Indiana! The IU women needed to win that game. I was thoroughly annoyed this morning looking for the results of the game in the Indy Star sports section. Not one word. Front page article about how bad the IU men’s team is, and most of the rest of the section was about the prospects for both boys and girls basketball state sectionals, coming very soon. I’m rooting for Caitlin to beat the men’s NCAA scoring record and surpass it. A lot of people think she should go pro at the end of the season. I have mixed feelings about that BUT if she does, the Indiana Fever have first draft pick 😍

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – that sounds like our paper – did it go to press before the game was over? Found out last week that the state paper isnt distributed beyond I-35 which is 20 miles east of us. I’ve never imagined such a thing. When I hear that a men’s basketball LOSS is more worthy of a headline than a women’s win, it infuriates me. Are we really back there in terms of men and women rights and dreams?

      1. Sue in Marion, IN

        My daughter and her husband live in Indy. They occasionally go to a Pacers game, but started attended more Fever games. They say the men’s NBA play is formulaic and predictable, while WNBA games are more athletic, creative, and exciting. I think the WNBA is getting much better attendance these days as it’s more fun to watch! I hope Caitlin smashes the scoring record so bad that it will be another 50 years before it’s broken again!

  19. Sheryl Harrison

    It was hard to watch the game last night. The whole team seemed off. Everyone has an off day/night so they will come back!

    I love the Boho heart quilt. I am trying to use what I have so I never bought the pattern. I’m glad for Barb’s review about the directions. Now I can look the other way when I see it next time.

    Cute horse pictures!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sheryl – and was the whole team “off” because Indiana was so tough on defense? Maybe. Boho Heart – not impossible but not for a beginner.

  20. Gwen

    I need to disagree with others, my husband and I saw Oppenheimer and really liked it. I love movies about historical events. I have the page open on the mountain quilt and want to start it after doing more to catch up UFOs.

  21. Joyce from NY

    Soup recipes sound great, I make soup a lot in the winter months. The weather has been incredible here, sunny with a chilly breeze!
    I am sorry for Iowa’s loss!
    I’m preparing for Hiatal Hernia surgery in a few weeks, trying to do some spring cleaning beforehand!
    Thanks for the chicken casserole recipe!

  22. Viv in Idaho

    I would like to have some new soup recipes. We enjoy soup all year!
    Love your delectable mountains quilt!


  23. Fran

    Thank you for the recipe.

    Yes I would be interested in soup recipes. I have one that we do at retreats often and it is always a hit.

    Love the quilt pics. The Boho Heart one is very pretty. Not on my bucket list but several of my friends have the desire to make that quilt.

    I spent my sewing time yesterday dealing with a pin cushion. I have to admit it came out the cutest. Not finished and stuffed however. I don’t do well with tiny piecing.

  24. Kathy SW PA

    Great idea about the soups, Mary. I make several soups in the summer using my garden vegetables and freeze them to use over the winter. Always looking for more good recipes. Husband wants to watch Oppenheimer tonight. I’ll try to keep an open mind. The Boho Heart quilt is beautiful. I bought the pattern last year. Melissa Corry of Happy Quilting blog did a monthly review of each block in the Boho Heart pattern with her tips on making it. After seeing the comments here about the pattern, I’ll be sure to look at both as I make the quilt.

  25. Judy

    I just saw the pattern this morning online for Teresa from Indiana’s quilt. I liked the earlier one I saw and Teresa’s colors. Both look nice. I like the colorful heart quilt. The colors are gorgeous. My first thought that it could be made with orphan blocks, but it would take a lot of them.

  26. Ginger S

    I just love the chatter about the bouncy horse. Such cute memories and pictures shared. I am amazed that they held up through the use by so many kids, cousins and even grandchildren. Toys used to be made to last for sure. I asked my husband to straighten out his parking yesterday as he was over the line. I didn’t want to see a picture of his truck on your blog!!! Ha Ha. I haven’t seen Oppenheimer yet. I find that I don’t really WATCH TV but more listen as I am most always quilting or doing cross stitch when I am sitting. I can’t get into things with a heavy plot and that require me to actually watch.
    I have been wanting to make Jen Kingsley’s Steam Punk quilt. It is nothing like what I usually make, but it just looks like a quirky fun quilt and a good way to use up some “what was I thinking” fabric that i have. So many quilts, so little time.
    Love your blog. Such a wonderful group of followers.

  27. Charlotte in No. California

    The Boho Heart quilt is beautiful. Great job Barb. Love Teresa’s quilt too. Can’t wait to hear about the quilt on your longarm.
    I love the soup recipe idea. I always make soup for my church sewing group potluck. I love trying new soups and I tell the ladies they are my guinea pigs. I will send you a couple of my favorites.
    Thank you for the Oppenheimer review. I was going to watch it. I may still check it out. I’ve found that most of the movies nominated for best of the Oscars are strange.
    So sorry the Iowa girls lost. Hope they do well in their remaining games.

  28. Sunflower from Michigan 🌻

    That little girl on the Palomino Pony looks to be in a horse stable, what a cute photo!! Teresa your quilt is stunning! I love it. Barb the colors in your quilt are beautiful too.
    I shake my head at the parking photos. I like the Delectable Mountain quilt too. Have a great day!

  29. Launa

    Mary, Thanks for the Chicken with Stove Top dressing recipe!
    My husband slipped on icy last step n has a compression fracture of T2 vertebrae….very painful. Was in ER one evening, …has pain meds n great heating pad. Had recheck by our dr today…more meds …hasn’t returned from town yet! Glad our retired son drove him!

    Sunny with no new snow…the snowplows were busy on Hiway 93 last night! Think we have 6’ covering our property!

      1. Launa

        Our son took him to a crab feed last night and both enjoyed that! It was @ the Elks and other than forgetting pliers to crunch the shells ….delicious! Lost Trails Ski Resort had their fund raising steak feed so there was much traffic over on Hiway 93!
        Just a few flakes of fresh snow this Sunday morning 🥳😉😊

  30. Marie C

    Love the idea of sharing some soup recipes. I finished a wall hanging that was part of challenge. It turned out cute. I’ll send a picture soon. I made cinnamon rolls. We got our first beef calf of the season two days ago. He is so cute.

  31. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary – it’s a darn shame the directions for that heart quilt are terrible as it’s a really neat looking pattern. It would be fun to do a soup recipe swap. I’ll find my favorite and take a picture.

  32. Cindy Nelson

    Thanks for the recipe. To me by her using the word “sprinkle “, I would shake/pour it from the box, thus sprinkle.
    I had a friend that would take her turkey breast meat/bones, make soup with veggies, broth and sprinkle/shake some Stove Top dry drsg into it. The best !!

  33. Judy Flynn, California

    I would love to get a copy of your pattern for “Point of No Return” quilt, but I need your mailing address to send my check and a SASE…thank you! Apologizes if it is somewhere in your blog and I missed it!

    By the way, we were at CostCo today and I thought of you as we witnessed some very cock-eyed parked cars and trucks in their parking lot. I don’t always do such a great job of parking myself, so I guess I shouldn’t be too critical!

    Happy Quilting!!! 🧵🪡 🧵

  34. Judy - Michigan

    Hi Mary – I would be very interested in the recipes for soup. I will get one started this weekend. Hope your wonderful groupwill be interested!

  35. Shirley K Gutzeit

    Mary, I don’t think you are old enough to absorb OPPENHEIMER. There is so much that goes on behind the scene in our history. I will watch it again to understand more of the Highs of developement and the Lows of the terrible Destruction. War is terrible in every way.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Shirley – really? I thought it was so boring and so long! How old would I have to be to appreciate this movie which is up for many awards.

    1. Shirley

      I wa old enough to remember the adults’ conversations and sense the worry in their voices.

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