Inspiration? 2 – 2 – 22

What a date! Here’s what I’ve been working on and some finishes because it’s such a cold day you probably need some inspiration to stay in and sew today!

A new improv quilt:

Improv is not new to Country Threads – this quilt was made in 2004.

Here is my Tilda fabric used for the pattern called Deck Chair:

Years ago I bought this doll bed at IKEA.

I have a Pinterest page of doll quilts and I plan to make a bunch of them for this little bed – some day I might know a little girl who would be tickled to get it!

Did any of you make Bonnie’s mystery quilt, Rhododendron Trail? I saw this version online and fell in love!!

Hazel brought me ANOTHER toy!

And I just loved this picture of Rod, my friend Carrolyn’s husband, and their little rescue named Cider.

Talk later!

49 thoughts on “Inspiration? 2 – 2 – 22

  1. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    Seriously Mary! I am so amazed at your stamina!! The work you get done in a day I can’t accomplish in a week! Cleaning, animals, sewing, caring for husband ….. Just WOW!! Love the little bed snd I’m sure some little girl would be super excited to receive it. I absolutely look forward to your blog! And love seeing Hazel want yo play or….get rats!!😂😂😂

  2. Moe in NE Illinois

    Glad you are feeling better Mary. I had same symptoms before Halloween, had a negative Covid test. Ended up being an inner ear infection or the cough/cold went in that direction. Wiped me out for awhile with dizzy spells. So if you aren’t feeling tip top be sure to see your doctor.

    Love the Improv quilt pattern. Looks like fun. Also love the doll bed. Definitely a fun project, making little quilts.

    We are getting socked here in Chicago with snow. It’s that light and fluffy kind at least. I’m about to go out to shovel, and I use my leaf blower to blow the light stuff.

    I’m working on numbers 9 and 10 Halloween Quilts! Having fun with the bright colors.

    I can’t imagine not making quilts! How boring life would be!

    1. Rita in Iowa

      Hi Mo, I have a daughter who lives in Bannockburn. We used to live in Lindenhurst before we moved back to Iowa. My husband and I both worked for Baxter in Round Lake,
      Stay safe with the snow.

  3. Sheri

    I love your doll bed and your quilt – really enjoyed the entire blog post.
    Glad you are feeling better. Do you have an oximeter? We have one that has been helpful for us. Some doctors have said people don’t realize when their oxygen level is low.

  4. Karen

    Mary, your piano and quilt are just gorgeous! What an absolutely beautiful place for music!

    So glad to read you are feeling better!

  5. Launa

    6o here this snowy morning. Looks like sun may be winning now! Fire feels so good!
    Our retired kids have a Yorkie with the loudest bark for a dog his size. He and Pepper have good times when he gets upstairs to play!
    Good to see n read you are staying busy and feeling better. News in Idaho reports the deaths are unvaccinated people!
    Love the doll bed! I sewed quilts and so many American Girl doll clothes for my granddaughters and their best friend!
    Thanks for the pictures!

  6. Marie Fibelstad

    Love the quilt that looks like a kosclidescope(sp) with the neat fabric.
    Cute picture of Cider, what a great rescue for family and Cider!
    Marie, IA

  7. Jean

    WHAT a great blog this morning! I’m not familiar with Tilda fabric. It looks like soft colors. Very inviting. Thankful that you are on the mend. But sorry to hear about Rick getting sick. I would rather scrub floors than take care of a sick man. Just sayin.

  8. patti leal

    congrats on your stitching and sharing the name of the pattern. good to see you have felt well enough to do that and build a doll bed. please make sure you don’t do too much too soon. that was always my problem. enjoy your blog tremendously and all the pictures you share. quilti hugs from patti in florida

  9. Kathy in western NY

    I love seeing anything made up in Tilda colors and patterns. I have her mermaid doll kit to tackle someday. Now wouldn’t that be something sitting on a pile of doll quilts on a bed! Making small quilts is a nice way to use our beloved scraps. And I too have a small bed I painted coral color. My cat likes to sleep on it!

    My niece who had covid was sent home from our crowded hospitals with an oxyimeter to check her oxygen levels which would indicate if she needed more intensive treatment. I wish the unvaccinated would grasp the strain their decision has placed on hospitals. I pray we don’t have anything that takes us to one right now as I would probably lose it! Just keep track of Rick as most men keep on trucking!

    Relieved that my number 5 is a spring wallhanging of a bunny I never finished hand quilting. With this storm coming I am going to sit down and get it done finally and hope my arthritic hands hold out while I stay safe inside. We aren’t ones who need to go places anyways so happy to be home.

  10. Jo in Wyoming

    Great post today and yesterday.
    I’ve never been to an IKEA, I’m told it’s an adventure. Destination for an all day trip.
    It’s cold here too 6 degrees, and about 7” of new snow.

    I’m not sure which has been more fun for you, the dirt pile you got a few years ago, or the hot shot rat trap! Keep smiling, life is fun.

      1. janet S

        And I’m enjoying the fun too. Great t-shirt ad, Hazel and the rest of today’s blog.

  11. Vivian from Idaho

    I love your quilt made from the deck chair pattern. I have a lot of Batik fat quarters I have been watching for a pattern to try. Maybe this is it!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  12. Teresa

    I so enjoyed seeing both quilts today, they’re beautiful and look like a garden. Very much needed on a cold winter day.

    Enjoy sewing today!

  13. Agatha B

    Mary you get more done in a day than most of us in a week. I try to accomplish at least 6 things a day. Sometimes I make it sometimes not. But Mollie our dog has to be taken out on a leash every time so that takes time. We have a fenced in backyard but she won’t go there. She loves to play there but not do her duties.
    Love your quilt and the fabrics you choose.

  14. Carolyn in Illinois

    Love the picture of the quilt on the piano. It’s perfect: the sun, the red barn with our flag, wrap-around windows…love it!

  15. Tina in Oregon

    I chuckled about your and Jean’s “sick man” comments.
    Here in NE Oregon, we had a little snow squall while the sun was shining yesterday. This morning it’s in the 20’s with new snow in the mountains and just a skiff here from yesterday.
    I like that version of Rhododendron Trail too. Maybe one day……
    Hope you continue to recover quickly, but take it a little easy if you can.

  16. Sue In Oregon

    Hi Mary…Your Rhododendron Trail quilt is beautiful. It looks quite intricate with small pieces.
    I love to make doll quilts, especially for American Girl dolls. They are about my speed now, making small things.
    The bed is adorable. Did you buy the kit on eBay?
    Love that Yorkie T-shirt and Cider, too.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue in Oregon – read the post again – the Rhododendron Trail was found online and the bed was purchased at IKEA.

      1. Sue in Oregon

        Thanks, Mary. We don’t have an IKEA here or much else for that matter. I will try Amazon.

  17. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l too laughed about taking care of a sick man! I once spent 2 hours on the floor waiting for my husband to help me up after an accident, he was downstairs and too busy! Washing old blankets today to give to pet rescue. Hope everyone is keeping well, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – what? You waited 2 hours for him to come and help you get up? What in the world was he doing that was more important than you? He’d get a piece of my mind! Rick gets a piece of my “mind” many times a day – I rehearse and go over my lines until I get over it, whatever it was. And then there’s another day and another “speech” to prepare – and so it goes.

      1. Susan K in Texas

        That cracks me up – practicing your speech in your head. I do the same thing!
        I can’t imagine waiting for two hours. I would have called 911 by then. I learned to always have my cell phone with me from a friend. She was up in her attic and stepped off of a rafter and through the Sheetrock. She was able to call for help since she had her phone in her pocket.

  18. Evelyn H

    I love Rod’s shirt. It’s really my sister-in-law’s dog, but my brother walks their Yorkie.

  19. Janie Lang

    Cute Yorkie! I have a couple of very old doll beds I need to make quilts for. Good way to use scraps!

  20. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    I LOVE your Tilda quilt! Definitely going to look for that pattern. There is a quilt shop in a town I pass thru occasionally that carries lots of Tilda fabrics, I think I’m going to copy you, if that’s OK. That colorway of Rhododendren Trail is the nicest I’ve seen so far. 2 gals in my quilt group made that quilt, while each one turned out very nice, neither is as striking as the picture you shared. Have fun and stay warm.

  21. Pat in Michigan

    Mary, I’m so glad you are feeling better. You can’t keep a good woman down for long.
    I enjoyed your new quilt “deck chair”. It is similar to your pattern in the Sew Charming quilt book by you and Connie called Staggered Squares.
    I’m glad you are getting such good results with your rat trap. What is the latest count?
    We have about 8” of snow here with a few more inches expected tonight, then blowing and drifting.

  22. Henners =^.^=

    Mary I’m happy you recovered pretty quickly. I was envious when you showed the Tilda fabric & now your pieces are sewn all together. I have that aardvark pattern so I had to order Tilda fabric too. The last thing I n ended was more fabric ) ;
    It “so very cold” here in Mn “negative numbers” both actual & windchill. All I want to do is stay indoors until spring or maybe April. I’ve been so cold this winter even wearing cuddle duds everyday & wool socks.

  23. Kim from TN

    I’m glad you are feeling better, and I must admit that doll bed is super cute. I keep a few Raggedy Andy and Ann dolls and bed would be a perfect addition. Hazel is being fierce and sweet. The “real man” shirt is perfect and what sweet puppers. Stay warm and safe this week end.

  24. Janice Robbins

    I have a small doll bed that I think was my grandmother’s. Thank you for inspiring me to make some little quilts for it!

  25. Susan K in Texas

    I’ve made many improv quilts and a couple of improv quilt coats over the years. Of course years ago I don’t think I called them improv. So many things are just reworking/renaming of previous things.
    Lately I’ve seen young people wearing wide legged bell bottoms like we used to wear in the ‘70’s.
    Have you seen where they use the ikea doll beds for cat beds? I have one I used for a little girl I babysat for. My kitty Cocoa used to nap in it.
    And the shirt! Haha! My neighbor down the street walks two Yorkies and a chihuahua mix. He’s a tall guy walking these teeny little dogs.
    Ps – back update – possible injection or surgery. We talk to the surgeon on Friday.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – if you live long enough, it all comes back around, doesn’t it? Haha! You won’t catch me wearing those old bell bottoms! Funny you should mention the doll bed – my cats are already laying in it with the makeshift “mattress”! I always imagined them loving it and when I make the doll quilts I know they’ll have to be washed often – they’ll look antique before I know it! Neither of your back options sound fun – sorry.

  26. Suzymae

    Mary! You dont need a little girl to like that doll bed, people buy those for their cats and make cat beds for them. That was a thing years ago, may still be.

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