Inspiration Overload! 8-4-21

I’ve got another quilt show for you today – enjoy!

Meet AJ, a reader’s new puppy

This is my friend Marline with Phinneus. Ginny and I drove Finn north from Missouri on a rescue transport about 10 years ago and Bob and Marline adopted him. Yesterday Finn crossed the Rainbow Bridge leaving a big empty spot in their family. My deepest sympathy to them on their loss.

In memory

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  1. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Such a great Quilt Show today! I am so deeply sorry to learn of Finn’s passing; they leave such an emptiness in our lives when they’re gone but those precious paw prints remain on our hearts forever. AJ is adorable!

  2. Andra Sims

    Mary, I love the hearts! Is that one of your patternd? Did you fussy cut the small designs on a couple of the hearts, embroider or applique?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Andra Sims – no, the hearts is not a Country Threads pattern – I hope the maker of the quilt will answer you here in the comments.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Andra Sims – I went back to look at the hearts and I don’t understand why you think they might be fussy cut!


        The pinl side. 1st row, 3rd heart, & last one on the bottom row. Maybe I’m just seeing things! I’m on my cell phone with a tiny screen. Thx

  3. Janice Hebert

    Finn looks so much like our Old English sheepdog, Fozzy. We inherited him from my father in law when he passed. He was such a good boy. So sorry for their loss. But ten years ago he was rescued? That makes him pretty old for a large breed dog! Good long life, which is great. Wonderful quilt show today! Loved them all but especially the 2nd one from the “village” one. Is that constructed like our bull’s eye? It looks kinda like that from a distance. And what a cute puppy! Anyone have advice on mosquito control? The spray that I made from a Paul Harvey article didn’t work. They are fierce here this year! And we’re getting even more rain tomorrow. Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janice Hebert – wish I could add some info about mosquito control but I haven’t seen one of them all summer – probably because we’re so dry.

    2. Rosie Westerhold

      Do you have a water feature in your yard? If so, there is something called a mosquito dunk that you drop into a pond/water feature, that kills the eggs, but doesn’t harm other things. The mosquitoes were TERRIBLE in the yard until I found out about that product. Otherwise, I spray myself with Off when I sit outside. Or turn on an oscillating fan where I’m sitting. Mosquitoes don’t like wind or air movement. I drained out pond earlier this summer, but rain had gradually filled it back up, and the mosquitoes were just AWFUL. I have a pond/waterfall guy coming on Monday to get the waterfall up and running. Pond and all the levels of the waterfall still need more draining and dredging before then. UGH. I’ve hired someone to help me with that, but the pond guy will install a new pump and things should be good to go!! I can hardly wait. My husband had been working on this water feature for more than 10 years, and it wasn’t finished when he passed in January. I’m using the memorial money people sent to get that area looking nice again. I am NOT a gardener, and that area has just been awful to look at because the weeds took over, and I really didn’t know how to deal with them. Found someone via the auction I had (who is a professional gardener/landscaper), and she has been working to get things under control, and finish the stonework. Monday the water will star flowing again🙌🙌🙌!! It’s been almost 2 years since it worked properly. The pump went out last summer 30 minutes after we turned it on for the first time in the spring. And there were a couple of leaks that needed to be repaired the previous year. I can hardly stand to wait until Monday. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas to get here. Hurry up Monday!!

      So, that is the extent of my knowledge of mosquitoes. Learned about the mosquito dumps from my landscape friend, and I saw them at Menard’s last week when I was looking for something else. Wasn’t aware of them before that. They really do work. Mosquito population is WAY down from 2 weeks ago👍👍. Good luck getting them under control! Oh, we also had a super bug zapper about 15 yards from our deck which helped some. Haven’t hooked it up this year, though. The standing water in the pond was just a breeding ground for those pesky mosquitoes!!

      The quilt show was SUPERB today. TONS of inspiration. I need to just keep working on my “stuff.” Need to actually FINISH something pretty soon. Almost done with a binding for a donation quilt. Another hour or less of machine-stitching the front (after I attached the binding on the back) should see it finished. Should be doable tomorrow in between everything else.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Rosie – your water feature will be a calming comfort to you, won’t it? I’ll bet your husband is looking down and feeling grateful!

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    Ah., oh! Uu!
    Every quilt is just a delight to see. Thanks so much.

    It’s so sad when our 4 paws friends cross the bridge. We love em, hug em, and spoil em, while we have them. My friend has a new puppy and asked me how to prevent him from becoming a diva like Loretta. I have no idea!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – I am laughing! Dogs are put here for us to treat like divas – like Hazel and Loretta!

  5. Kathy Hanson

    What a wonderful quilt show! So many beautiful quilts!! So sorry for Marline’s loss, So very hard to lose our furry family members! Jo is so right! Leaves such a hole in the heart! I am so thankful for Penny and all the fun and love that she has brought us. Rest in Peace Phinneus!

  6. Kathy in western NY

    Finn looks just like our rescue from Tennessee. Part terrier and something else. Ours is 8 years old now (as best the rescue group could surmise). I feel so sad for everyone when pets leave us, but shows we have compassion for those who depend on humans to care for them.
    A very nice quilt show. I have been trying to keep up with the posts with all the care my husband needs from the viral infection that brought on the heart failure and stroke. Our life has forever changed. Never thought my healthy man would be near death from a sepsis infection. It’s better he is home with covid back on the rise as his immune system is comprised now and we have therapists coming daily to help him recover. We are so use to wearing our masks as every medical personnel and facility requires it even if we are vaccinated.
    Just so hard cause I have to move the dogs out into an area away from therapy when they arrive and they don’t understand why.
    Oh and Jean who inquired about unscented soap- we were told to use dial for a wound years ago.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy in western NY – I’m so sorry your life has been turned upside down! I’m not sure I could cope. Is he improving?

      1. Kathy

        He’s not bouncing back as fast as the Dr would like as we are going on our 3rd week of therapists and home health nurse. The Dr wanted to hospitalize him yesterday as his blood work is not going in the right direction. But covid cases have doubled here in one day so I don’t want him in such a vulnerable place. It’s hard each day looking for progress but my church friends won’t let me lose faith in his recovery. I can’t even think yet of the “what if’s “ such as will he ever be able to drive our 40’ motor home again since he just retired last year. He’s always been healthy, no medicines ever, so yes, life is so fragile and we never know when it will change as ours has. Thank God he can walk.
        Thank you to each of you for your caring words.

    2. Linda from Oconomowoc

      So sorry to hear about your husband. Life is so fragile. PRAYERs coming your way!

  7. Linda Baker

    The Betsy’s Closet quilt gave me all the inspiration I need right now, ha ha, but love the one with the embroidered/redwork. I just finished a crib size with twelve embroidered SunBonnet Sues, so I know the time needed to put into one of those. Another wonderful quilt show, thank you, Mary!

    It’s always sad for us animal lovers when our fur babies are no longer with us.
    Best wishes to Kathy and her husband in NY. We tend to take health for granted until something happens, it shows us how fragile life can be.

  8. Gloria from CC

    Wow what a beautiful quilt show as always. Could the maker of the quilt above the house quilt share the name of the pattern please? So sorry about Finn. I remember when he was rescued but can’t believe it’s been ten years ago. It is so dry here. It seems like all I’m getting accomplished this summer is watering my plants.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gloria from CC – that’s Ohio Star Crossing by Country Threads – the reader made two of them included in this post. I hope I am commenting on the one you’re asking about!

      1. Gloria from CC

        Mary – that’s the one. I thought it was your pattern. Now I’ll have to see if I have the pattern. Can I still get the pattern from you?

  9. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Aww. So sorry for Marline and family. It is never easy to lose a beloved pet. Also, Kathy in NY, good luck to you and hubby. Illnesses are so hard. The quilt show is wonderful. The one with stars and 16 patches is a great way to use up those scraps. I am trying to get my pics sent. Soon, I hope. Nice here, but warming up. I like 70’s!

  10. Margaret in North Texas

    What a lovely show, Mary! All the colors work so nicely together in each quilt, somehow Vickie’s just glows with that green background.

  11. Launa

    Super quilt pictures today!

    As for mosquitoes…Hummingbirds eat them by thousands so put up some feeders!

    Went outside and was hoping the big black cloud would open, but it moved north without giving a drop!
    Heard the fire slowed some today. I have nothing but praise for the National Forest crews working around here in Idaho.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – our purple martins must have found something besides mosquitoes to eat this summer!

  12. Carolyn Barnett

    I always cry when a dog is gone whether it is mine or not… so so sorry for this great loss… Marlene may your memories of wet kisses ease your sorrow. Carolyn Barnett

  13. Diane in WI

    My condolences to Marlene and her family. Finn looks like a wonderful dog. The quilt show was beautiful. There are so many talented people who read your blog. No rain here yet and really hot weather coming next week.

  14. Susan K in Texas

    Lots of beautiful scrappy quilts! Using up lots of scraps making beautiful quilts is very rewarding.

    I’m sorry about Marline’s dog. So sad when our furry friends pass on. That black and white puppy is so cute!
    Kathy in NY I’m sorry you and your husband have had your life turned upside down. It is good you are home. Covid is rising here too.

  15. Jennie Cruzan

    Kathy so sorry about your husband. Sending prayers to you and him.
    Such a cute puppy!! Should keep you very busy.
    So hard to lose our furry friends. I’m sorry
    the quilts are great. very talented quilts. Enjoy everyone of you. Keep up the good work.
    Jennie in Texas

  16. Marie C

    Beautiful quilt show. So sorry to hear about Finn’s passing. Prayers to Kathy and her husband.

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