Can’t find it! 8-3-21

I have searched everywhere for the embroidered doll clothes pattern and now I think I remember giving it to a shop employee who had a granddaughter. I have even searched online – no luck. So – if the reader who submitted this photo would please contact me at

I will locate it and post the details. It may not be available after all this time.

Thank you to everyone who provided the show and tell quilt photos! I, too, enjoyed it so much! And just so you know, I keep a notebook of readers’ names and a few details. I remember a lot but I could mix up names and details very easily!! You give me way too much credit.

11 thoughts on “Can’t find it! 8-3-21

  1. Janice Hebert

    That embroidered doll clothes quilt was darling! I hope it’s available. And don’t sell yourself short – at least you remember where your notebook is to jot those details down! I have so many small notebooks, pieces of paper, envelopes with information written on them and somehow I can find what I need most of the time, lol. But not always… enjoy your day everyone! Jan in MA

    1. Jo in Wyoming

      Jan, I have lots of little papers too….I think it’s a club we must belong to!!!
      I got a little notebook, added page dividers and lots of paper. Now I tape the important info to a page . There is lots of pages under “misc”.
      My kids know where the book is, they have thanked my for doing that much.

  2. Mary Says Sew!

    Mary, that little quilt with the embroidered doll clothes reminded me of paper dolls. Maybe one of us readers can find them online or elsewhere if the quilter doesn’t know or doesn’t respond.

  3. Pat in Michigan

    The embroidered doll dress quilt is Betsy’s Closet by Acorn Quilts. It also comes as an appliqué pattern that I have made from my daughter’s childhood clothes. It is a darling pattern.

  4. Linda

    The Acorn Quilts link worked! Thank you so much for tracking the little clothes stitchery pattern. Many typing fingers have yet again helped! Heading off to order a pattern before they are gone! Thanks again!!!

  5. Ruth

    I actually ordered the doll clothes pattern! Thank you so much, Judy and Mary! The link works great! I look forward to doing some embroidery. Oh my, I’ll have to think about a lamp…..old eyes. Thank you everyone!

  6. Dorothy

    I submitted the picture of the Betsys closet quilt. Funny I never thought of it as dolls clothes but reminded me of little outfits that I wore as a little one. Loved embroidering the pieces and so happy it is finally done and hanging on my sewing room wall!

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