Iowa Weather, 5-21-24

Since I’ve had several inquiries I am going to post an update on our weather and save all the reader iPhoto’s for tomorrow morning.

As the storm approached I could feel it building and when it passed over us the wind was quite strong but no tornadoes for us. Not everyone was so lucky however and we couldn’t even see the evening news because all we had was weather bulletins on all the local channels.

Many of you saw Iowa mentioned on the national news and texted or emailed me. We are fine but I’m sure we have lots of twigs and branches to clean up tomorrow.

Parts of Iowa were not as fortunate – the southern town of Centerville was nearly leveled and tomorrow we will be able to see the pictures and reports on the news.

I just wanted to leave a quick note that we are fine here on the farm and tomorrow we’ll see what it looks like outside.

43 thoughts on “Iowa Weather, 5-21-24

  1. Sara in Indiana

    So glad you are okay—thanks for the quick post to let us know that. Here in Indiana we are going to get the same storms you got, but they are much weaker, so don’t have to worry about overnight tornadoes. Whew. Hope the rest of your Iowa readers are safe.

  2. Sandy

    Hi Mary, hope all are safe at the farm! Just readJo,s blog about her romance, Jerry looks like a nice man, good luck to them both!It’s a cold wet day here, going to the movies soon to see My way, the way, about walking 800kilometres as a pilgrimage in Spain. The malamutes next door are on the deck enjoying the cold weather! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  3. Diane in Colorado

    So glad to hear you are safe. The news footage shows pretty widespread damage. I will watch more in the morning. We had a huge thunderhead to the east this evening that dropped a lot of hail out there. It was impressive but I was glad I wasn’t right under it. I’m nervous about driving to MN on Saturday if the storms are still happening then!

  4. Dee from Shell Rock

    My sister in Oklahoma has a friend who is a storm chaser They called her, told her to tell us that this was going to be a horrible storm and not to try to ride it out upstairs. Go to the basement. The town of Greenfield is just north of Creston where my daughter works. They were just leaving work when the sirens blew, so they spent an extra half hour in the storm shelter. Then the wind turbines were down, caught on fire. What a sight. Shell Rock didn’t have too much trouble, I was in the basement with my phone. watching the weather. Glad you are all well.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dee – I saw the pictures of the wind turbines broken in half and on fire!!!!

  5. Kim from Wi

    So glad that you are safe and sound. Sirens going off is never a good thing no matter where you live. I hope the farm didn’t suffer any damage.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – and no sirens on the farm – you’re on your own but the phone is so very helpful

  6. Jan B from TN

    Happy to hear y’all are safe.💞 I’m sure Hazel was scared as I know Brody would be. We are expecting rain for the next 7-10 days but no severe weather predicted at this time. We have had SO much rain here in TN. Ugh! Good night & I hope you can sleep well tonight. Hugs! 🤗

  7. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Mary I’m glad you avoided tornadoes. Good to hear. I really like the picture of the hanging baskets on the railing looking towards the barn. Even though it looks like it pouring rain I like it. Stay safe everyone.

  8. Cathy D

    Prayers for the people of Greenfield, Iowa, in the aftermath of the deadly tornado there today. Drone footage shows the awful path of destruction leveling most of their town. 🙏

  9. Carolyn Boutilier

    Glad to hear you are fine . Sorry for the people that weren’t so fortunate. Working on my Mill Wheel quilt.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va

  10. patti

    so glad you had a chance to tell us you are okay. i had not seen the news today, but am glad you are safe. patti in florida

  11. Beryl in Owatonna

    So glad you didn’t have tornadoes there. I saw there were some in Iowa but didn’t hear where. I had a friend who was from the Centerville area years ago. Those old little towns are so special and such wonderful people. I hope no one was hurt too bad. We could have a little more rain tonight.
    We had about 2″ of rain here in Owatonna. I haven’t heard about anywhere else. We had a tornado warning about 5 that was posted til 5:30, nothing but lots of rain and some wind and lightening. Tis the season that I did not miss when I lived in Colorado and Montana.
    Your flowers are so beautiful, hope they weren’t damaged. I have most of mine planted, I think they are OK, I have pots, no garden area at the apartment where I live. Take it easy tomorrow when you clean up, it can wait to br finished the next day!!

  12. Arrowhead Gramma

    Sending thoughts and prayers to all those who were affected by this strong storm. May God be with all the people in Iowa.

  13. Bonnie in Oregon

    I’ve thought of you often today and am relieved to hear you are ok.
    Thank you for taking the time to make this blog post and ease our worried minds.
    Be well, and God bless!

  14. Lisa B

    I love the irises in every color. My mom grew them in a planter next to the garage. Her’s smelled like grapes. I have always enjoyed them. Thank you to whoever shared them.

  15. Martha W in WY

    I’m glad you didn’t have the horrible weather that some folks in Iowa had. We only got a little rain last night but our storm included pea size hail. Luckily it was soft so no damage but it was enough that the ground was covered and white. We sure can use more moisture. It’s be cool here…highs low 50s. With the wind it feels like 30’s. Brrrrr.

  16. Gloria from CC

    I can honestly say that I have never seen such wind – 75 mph! We lost at least ten large trees but luckily no damage to any structures.
    Between our house and Nashua a semi was pushed over by the wind – thankfully the driver was not injured. Nashua was without power as a huge tree fell on a main power line.
    Thanks to God that the damage is manageable.
    Prayers to all those in southern Iowa who weren’t so lucky.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gloria – oh, I’ve been thinking about you – so glad you only lost trees but oh, such a loss to your beautiful property.

  17. Rita in Iowa

    Mary so glad you were safe. Thanks for sharing your farm with pictures. Don’t work to hard picking up those sticks. We have had 2.1 inches of rain and nickel size hail. Lots of leaves shredded on the ground. But minor compared to so many. I live about 12 miles east of Marion. Cut my time short of sewing with my quilting buddy because of the approaching storms. We plant a lot of the veggies in pots so we pulled them up close to the porch.

  18. Teresa in Indiana

    So thankful that you posted this early message. I was watching the coverage on the news. Mother Nature sure can cause problems. Glad you are safe. Take care with the cleanup.

  19. Kelli

    Thank you so much for posting your ok! Everyone i see bad weather in Iowa, I always think of you! So sorry about Centerville. This spring has had crazy weather all over the place. We’ve had double the amount of tornados from last year here in Ohio.

  20. Vicki Ibarra

    I received an e-mail from friends in Canada last evening, asking if we were OK. I live in Iowa City and we did NOT have tornadoes. I let her know I appreciated them checking on us. I hadn’t watched the news, so knew nothing about the Iowa tornadoes. What devastation! Glad to hear you are OK. Scary to hear from the person near Nashua about that storm.

  21. Kathy in western NY

    Each time I see houses and towns leveled lately from devastating tornados I am so thankful our area doesn’t experience them but maybe once in a decade. Straight line winds can happen here but rarely with that much force. I can’t imagine not being prepared if a tornado forms quickly.
    So glad you wrote all is okay for you. Mother Nature is pretty powerful. Spring is over I guess cause we’re going to be close to 90 today.

  22. Earlene Springs

    So glad you are ok. Sending hugs to all those who are not so fortunate. Love to read your story each day. I often comment on things my friend in Iowa said and then I realized I am talking about you! You have become a friend to all of us.
    Your Friend,
    Earlene in AZ

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Earlene – those realizations about friends works both ways – as soon as readers started to text me to see if we were ok, I told Becky I had friends from all over contacting me. Ha! Friends indeed!!

  23. Janince B

    Unbelievable photos and videos of the tornado destruction. Prayers to all who were in harms way, and now have to rebuild their lives. We got a heavy downpour during the night when the storms reached our area. Janice Traverse City area

  24. Fran

    I am thankful for being spared too in yesterday’s storms. Sirens went off in the morning before I could get my coffee so I spent some time in the basement, lower level. Then in the afternoon I was working on my prep for retreat in the sewing room which is the basement, listening to weather chatter on iHeart radio through my Alexa, when they were talking system moving east from Omaha. Then Alert goes off on my phone. So I am there in the basement but I crept up the stairs to see what was going on. If there had been hail in that storm I would have lost all my windows facing south. The wind and rain was terrible. I went back down until it subsided. No damage here unless I lost shingles or something but I am not getting up there to look! HA

    I am glad you are safe too Mary. Greenville was devastated and had a few deaths. So AWFUL! Heard a wind farm was destroyed. Good riddance!

    Yesterday was a bummer since my retreat prep fell behind. I did manage banana bread baking last evening. So today I will have to finish up a few things as I have a potluck tomorrow for our weekly local sew group because of a show and tell for the sew along which I did not do.

    Fran in SW Iowa

    1. Jill Klop

      Thanks for letting us know. I woke up to all of the news coverage of the storm! I came right away to see if you’d left a note! I’m so glad that you are ok. I’m so sad for those who’ve been devastated!

  25. Billie

    I was thinking good thoughts while watching the news last night. So glad to hear you weren’t the the direct path. Have a wonderful day.

  26. Shirley Andersen Smith

    So glad you are fine and the animals too ??
    Your plants on the railing look beautiful and old glory on the barn, wow what a great shot from the house. You could have postcards made. I would buy them from you.
    So sorry about Centrrville and these nasty storms. I moved away from that years ago but have 3 brothers in SD.
    Shirley from Oregon

  27. Jane from St Marys

    We were in the direct path of the storm once it left Greenfield. We were so lucky with the damage we had compared to that town. I had to chuckle when I found my hummingbird & oriole feeders both still hanging where they were but lots of heavier items were misplaced! We had a power pole to our barn come down & several branches…one of which landed on the fence between the bulls & cows. All of that is easily repaired or cleaned up which today will be spent doing. I can’t imagine going through a total loss like several Iowa towns have now had to do this spring. Mother Nature needs to back off for a while! One other good thing…our pond is now full again after being terribly low!! Honestly though….shut the faucet off so things can dry out again! Prayers go out to the Greenfield area & all the other towns affected by these storms!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jane – you were lucky!!! It could have been so bad – I can’t imagine the terror of seeing that tornado heading right for you.

  28. Peg in MO

    You’ve been on my mind. So happy that your home is ok. Prayers for all the Iowans that weren’t so fortunate!

  29. Launa

    Great to hear you missed most of tornadoes! Praying for those who had big losses!
    Launa in Idaho

  30. Bobbie knight

    Thankful you are safe Mary. Praying for those who are missing, injured or who have damage. Take care.

  31. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    Whew! I am so glad you are all ok. I was at a meeting last night and missed the news! I hope the storms are over. We had tornadoes here earlier in the month.
    My neighbor turned 70 on Saturday. Her husband brought in baby goats ( some just a week old) from a farm that does goat parties. She said it was so much fun😀. I am going to lend her OH, SUSANNAH to read to her grandkids who were at the party. Now they all want a baby goat😹😹😀. Sewing ladies come tomorrow. Never a dull moment or time to sit down—whew!

  32. Sharon in North Carolina (previously in Oswego, Illinois)

    Glad to hear you are okay. I stayed in touch with my own family, living in Illinois and Wisconsin. Stay safe!

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