Too Tired, 5-21-24

After a huge busy day once again I didn’t post last night – it started with a constant rumble of thunder and you know how Hazel is then. All night long she laid nearly on my head so obviously I got no sleep because it’s still raining this morning. And it’s not going to stop all day.

Reader photos – love these!

Approaching storms last night

Hank visited yesterday afternoon so of course he and Keeper had to have a “rassle”. These two love each other and with the exception of Hazel, we are all in love with Hank and can’t wait for him to stay with us again. I think of him as a little boy.

My gorgeous Lisa!

Last night when there was so much lightning I tried to get a picture of the house with the sky lit up but couldn’t quite achieve it.


A package addressed to Keeper ETHERINGTON arrived yesterday from our friend Rose – a raccoon to match Petey Possum! After the visit from the raccoon a few nights ago, we wonder if Rose is clairvoyant! Of course Hazel assumed it was hers.

And to Diane and Rhoda and all of you who have sent Caitlin newspaper articles, thank you! I read every single one and I’m keeping them all as a historical map. The Fever played again last night and gave Connecticut Sun more than they could handle. The Fever lost by 4 at the very end but led much of the game. A missed layup with seconds to go eliminated the possibility of overtime. So much fun to watch this team get better with each game!

So…it’s still raining. Later this afternoon the real storms will arrive – about the time the old chickens would be heading back to the barn so I’m going to leave them locked up in the barn today. Dang, I wish I had mowed yesterday!! Grass will be so long by the time it dries off. I wish I were mowing today.

What am I sewing you ask? Valances! Lots of them. I should be able to finish a couple more today.

Oh, I forgot! I cleaned the greenhouse in the basement yesterday, too. Lights out till next fall when plants go back to their winter home.

Why are the irises so gorgeous this year? Rain? I think they are especially beautiful this spring and have enjoyed all the photos.

I love all your photos! Thank you so much! Send more!

50 thoughts on “Too Tired, 5-21-24

  1. Diana in Des Moines

    We just had a thunderstorm go through Des Moines. The weather people took over the TV and the sirens went off. What’s that old story of the boy who cried wolf? Over sensationalism at it’s finest. But we have had almost 4 inches of rain last night and this morning.
    Home alone this morning, so cleaned out my closet and tidied up my fabric storage room.
    My grandson had a friend over Monday afternoon. WOW! The two of them exhausted me! I had to go to bed early! Preparing me for summer. Last day of pre-school is Thursday then they are here all day, every day.
    Pray for me! lol!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diana – oh my goodness, I will pray for you! How will they entertain themselves all day? We turned from our DM station last night for that exact reason. It irritates me so much that they feel the need to capitalize on any weather disturbance. It makes them feel like the star of the show – holding court and yes, most of the time it amounts to not a fraction of what they warned about. They feel the need to be the center of attention and the station allows it! I am so familiar with what you’re saying – the Ames station was the same. We pay big bucks for tv and then are forced to watch weather in parts of the state that don’t affect us. What did we do as kids when we didn’t know the exact moment the storm would reach us????? Rant over – for now.

      1. Diana in Des Moines

        I could do like my grandma did with 5 grandkids – kick them outside in the morning and not let them in till lunch. 🤣🤣 kidding. But they will spend lots of time outside with papa on the tractor, playing in the pool, and just being kids.

      2. Diane, Squeak, Buddy

        It is the same here in Ohio. Hour after hour and it could be hours away!

      3. Janet S

        Diana, One great benefit of having the kids is you will sleep like a baby all through the night.

  2. Connie R. in Wis.

    Keeper must be in his glory to have Hank to “rassle with. I enjoy the pictures of the dogs having fun.
    Sounds like a lot of nasty weather headed our way tonight too. Hope it turns out to be an over exaggeration. Stay safe.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Connie – read my comment to Diana – exaggeration is right!

  3. Lynn

    Love your pictures and stories of Hank.
    Such different weather there than here in CA.
    I seem to never write or quilt lately. Still trying to clean and clear out my husband’s shop. He passed a few months ago and was quite the collector.

    1. Martha W in WY

      Lynn, I’m so sorry for loss. Hopefully, you can make time each day to do something just for you also.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lynn / I am sorry for your loss and don’t envy you the job of cleaning out. Write when you can / we’re all here to listen and of course, advise – haha!!!

    3. Connie R.

      Lynn, So sorry to hear of your husband’s passing. The cleaning and clearing out of your husband’s collections will be draining both physically and emotionally. Take care as you tackle the task ahead.

    4. Teresa in Indiana

      Lynn, I’m so sorry to read of your husband’s passing. Take your time clearing up his shop. And take care of you. 💗

  4. Cindy K

    That Hank just steals the show-such a handsome guy! How fun that Keeper and Hazel each have a toy. Now if Hazel will just share😂
    I had guild last night so was not able to watch the game. Hoping to get home and replay but some channels won’t let you-ESPN is one of them-bummer! Sounds like it was an exciting game.

  5. Jan in AZ

    Your house photo at night is terrific – no sky lit up needed. It’s so inviting. So is the sunset picture of the church yesterday. The comment about hearing cicadas all the time, due to tinnitus made me laugh. I’m in that club, too! Hank – what fun to watch him growing up – thank you for sharing. Mary, I always enjoy the blog about such a variety of things.

  6. Martha W in WY

    Gorgeous flower photos today! We had pea size hail last evening. The ground was covered in white when it stopped. My day will be spent planting more trees. Then we’re supposed to have a storm later today. The rain we need…not the hail.

  7. Vicki Ibarra

    I spent yesterday doing errands and yard tasks. I am already deadheading flowers as the heat we have been having finishes the irises and peonies quickly. Sigh! I wish their beauty would last longer. I did work related to opening our pool. I love the pool, but I no longer love the work associated with it. (Maybe I never loved the work – laugh!) I certainly enjoy stolen moments on our covered deck. What bliss to sit on a porch swing made by my Dad with a Coke Zero (I am not an “iced tea” drinker)! Today I got some outdoor work done before 8:30 a.m. when it started to rain again. Working on binding a quilt today. That is my reward for being so busy outside. Take care, everyone. I am so enjoying the pictures on the blog.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – I, too, am enjoying the reader photos!!! Rainy today but hopefully not stormy!

  8. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    We had a pretty nice weekend and in Canada it was our long weekend (Victoria Day weekend). I got my veggies garden planted and am trying something new – butternut squash, my husband is thrilled (not) but I hope they grow. Today it’s raining like it’s fall. All the plants need it and our water reservoirs need to be kept full. Our snow pack is considerably below normal so already we are on watering restrictions and it’s a worry for forest fires. My flower garden is growing very well and I wanted to get a picture to send you again but that will wait till the weather clears. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Teresa – butternut squash is a favorite of ours/ I bet you’ll love it

      1. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

        I sure hope it grows. I love roasted butternut squash soup. It’s so tasty.

    2. Kathy SW PA (the other Kathy Z)

      Maybe you’ll have our luck with butternut squash, Teresa. We get about 50 from our plants and that includes the volunteer plants that come up in the compost pile. I love them! I bake them and then put a sauce of butter, maple syrup and cinnamon on top. So good! Best wishes!

      1. Vicki Ibarra

        I did not want to hear that you get 50 from your plants. Laugh. How many hills do you plant? I ask because my husband decided butternut squash would be his new thing to plant this year. We have 4 hills. I shudder to think what production we may get, based on what you said. I know the squash is nutritious, but it has to have plenty of brown sugar and cinnamon on it for me – which reduces how “healthy” it is. I am bracing myself for your answer.

        1. Kathy SW PA

          My husband puts in about 6 plants but then the compost pile surprises me. Last year I got about 10 from the compost pile. I also substitute squash for pumpkin in my baking. Lots of uses for it.

      2. Teresa from Port Coquitlam,BC

        That sounds delicious. Maybe my husband would like it then.

  9. Diane, Squeal, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    I agree. Put Irises were stunning this year. Mary, thanks again for a super blog. Hank is getting bigger, but sooo handsome😀. You are most welcome for the articles. They are starting to gel as a team. Lovely quilts and photos today. Yesterday I went to my Friendship group and we rolled yards of fabric and Fat quarters for our Guild yard sale in June. We did 6 big totes😀. Hot here again!

  10. Diane in Maryland

    Love all the photos…quilts, Hank, Keeper, Hazel, lovely Lisa, flowers and a double rainbow! And, your basement all cleaned up! Cross that job off your list. I have been weeding all day and am exhausted. I just remembered that the quilt meeting is at 6:30. I’m going to miss another one.
    I know you will be glad to finish the valances. You will be so happy to have new ones but it ranks right up there with making the same quilt with the same fabrics over and over. Keep thinking how nice they will look.
    I could rant about these weather forecasters too. Is it any surprise that people don’t believe them about tornadoes and hurricanes? The forecasters on the Weather Channel are all ridiculous with their reporting. Grandson Trice gave us a weather stick and it has been correct every day. 😊

  11. Joy in NW Iowa

    Love all the pictures!! Of course my favorite is Hank! 💕💕. The irises are really beautiful! I had some for a.while years ago and they were all grass! Ugh! About like asparagus! Such a pain and I will not put weed control on my asparagus!
    We are in a tornado watch! This afternoon! Really? We were suppose to get mega amounts of rain last night!! Ha, it only sprinkled and then rained after 7:30 this morning. And it was a nice rain! We do not need mega amounts! Jay and I just finished pulling a bunch of rhubarb for the neighbor gal in case it does start to rain. She’s a young mom and has three little ones and works.
    Love your blog!

  12. Launa

    Had a few snowflakes, but they stopped! Prediction is for mañana n Thursday to give us a few inches! Perhaps I need a weather stick like Trice gave grandma Diane? The only thing coming to start blooming is a Lily in the pond.

    Sat out on the deck a few this afternoon; should have worn a coat!

    Launa in Idaho

  13. Donna Jo

    We are in a tornado watch here in Kansas City. It’s raining; thundering and lightening now! Love that Hank got to visit. He’s such a cutie. Love all the quilt and flower pictures too. Yes it is fun to watch the Fever get better. My BIL told me not to expect too much from them this year. There’s a reason why they were in last place last year.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna Jo – well, , he’s right. The Fever has come in dead last for the last two years!! So it can only get better, right?

  14. Ginger S

    i enjoy your blog so much Mary. Quilts, pets, flowers,and all are right in my “wheelhouse”. I love seeing Keeper and Hank “rassling”. They remind me of boys too. I especially get a kick out of the fact that Hazel, Miss Personality” is not impressed. Iowa looks so pretty in the spring and summer!!

  15. Anne in NC

    Hey! I’m enjoying looking at the pretty quilts and hearing what Hazel is up to, haa!! And I’ve watched 3 of Caitlin’s WNBA games …. she’s gonna figure it out, definitely. I only saw the 4th quarter last night, so I missed whatever happened that caused her leg issue that required her to leave the game. But she was going strong in the 4th quarter … can’t say that I completely understood the fouls and all that mess though. She’s tough, and she’ll figure it all out … and it looks like she can still sink a 3-pointer from the lobby!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Anne – oh, that game was just a taste of what we have to look forward to! I will also figure out the wnba rules but right now I’m pretty confused. I guess we need a reader group of Caitlin fans – I’m sure some are sick of me talking about her and I even promised that after March Madness I’d find something else to talk about. Haha! My interest just traveled from college ball to the WNBA!

  16. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Wow, cleaning the basement plant area had to be a big job; too bad you didn’t get much sleep. Hopefully, the storms will be over by bedtime. The storms are to be here this evening.
    The flower pictures are so beautiful; I really liked the variety of columbines.
    Hank is adorable; love seeing them having so much fun. Thanks, Mary 🥰

  17. Ann in Virginia

    Are you guys okay????? The news is talking about Iowa tornadoes this PM?
    Pray you are safe.

  18. Rita in Iowa

    Love all the flowers. I agree the irises are beautiful this year. Old fashion poppies are blooming, and peonies are getting ready to bloom. You ladies have been busy with quilts and the dogs and chickens are adorable.
    Working on a potato chip quilt. 7 blocks made.

  19. Margie

    The irises are especially beautiful and tall this year. I have purple and yellow. One of the pics looks like a blue one, but maybe it is lavender. Sure pretty. Too hot to mow here in northwest Ohio, 90 degrees. Maybe Thursday!

  20. Sharon G.

    Mary – I lost my 80-year old brother to cancer today. He found out he had cancer on April 11th and we lost him today. Due to scheduling issues, he hadn’t started treatment. He went under hospice yesterday as the pain was excruciating. Once he chose Hospice, treatment was taken off the table. Less than 12 hours later he was gone! My two sisters and I were fortunate enough to take a road trip Saturday to see him and his wife (his caregiver). It’s hard to believe 3 days later he was gone. Our hearts are broken. 💔

    Love the photos today and for the last few days with all the pets and children.

    Hank looks like he’s a hand full.

    Take care everyone.

    1. Teresa in Indiana

      Sharon, I’m so very sorry for your loss. I’m so glad you were able to see him in his final days. Take care. ♥️

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sharon G – oh my gosh, how could that have happened so fast? Had he been in pain and just ignored it – as lots of people do? I am so sorry for your loss and also so glad you got to see him. My sympathy to you and your sisters and his family.

      1. Sharon G.

        Yes Mary it was a fast! Our heads are still spinning.
        We know only that he had prostate cancer and that it had metastasized to his bones and lymph system. It must have been fast moving or he had it longer than suspected. He was a veteran, loved his wife and children, and was the kindest soul. He will be missed. We are forever grateful we saw him Saturday. 😢

        I’m so glad you and yours and the farm are intact. Stay safe!

        Take care everyone.

  21. Liz Withnell

    I’m tired reading all the things you do in a day. I thought I was busy, but you have me beat by a mile. Good for you.

  22. Pamela Dempsey in northeast Texas😻

    Sharon, I’m so sorry you have lost your brother. That was so fast and scary! My husband’s best friend has recently diagnosed stage 4 liver and pancreas cancer and they found it too late. 😔

  23. Bernadette in NE Iowa

    So sorry for your loss, Sharon. For those that decide they don’t like butternut squash, it does make a great tasting pumpkin pie. We do like butternut squash otherwise. Mary, you are busy.

  24. Sunflower 🌻 from Michigan

    Lovely blog today. Loved the pictures of the dogs playing. Hank is growing!
    I was up early and planted lots of vegetables…yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes, jack be little pumpkins, two other sizes of pumpkins, and marigolds. My greenhouse is almost empty. Going to wait one more week on my eggplants and peppers.
    Tonight my husband and I sat down by the lake with an “iced tea”! The moon was almost full and there were a few pontoon boats out. We helped our son get his pontoon cleaned up and it goes into the lake Thursday night!
    Sharon, I’m so sorry for the loss of your brother. Today is the three year anniversary of my sister’s death. I wish you peace and hope your memories ease your loss.
    And to Lynn, I’m sorry for your loss also. I hope at some point in your cleaning up and out, your memories also give you some peace. I know when cleaning out some of my sister’s things, we had a few “what was she thinking keeping this” moments. But then we’d find something and be happy the item meant enough to her to keep. Loss is hard, this blog can give you some support and encouragement. For that, we thank you, Mary! Have a great rest of the week, everyone.

  25. Bea knight

    Hi Mary

    Cinnamon my Guinea pig had to be euthanized. I cried and cried. She had been so sick.

    Canoli my other girl pig is alone and grieving. Tried to get another pig but it attacked Canoli repeatedly, so I returned the new pig.
    Got lots of advice from pig owners on how to keep just one pig. These advisories are working.

    Canoli is doing much better, eating again and not so stressed out.

    I honestly don’t know how you do it, losing animals you love and that have LOVED you deeply is very difficult.

    Your blog encourages me. Thankyou for being you.
    I’m grateful for all your viewers pictures and sharing of their lives.
    Bea knight Florida

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bea – I’m glad Canoli has started eating again and sorry for your loss of Cinnamon. I don’t know how we’ll handle our next major loss – Telly is not doing so good and yet how will I know when it’s time to let her go? One of my three remaining goats is so very lame I should probably have her euthanized as well. I can hardly stand to think about it.

      1. Bea knight

        Hi Mary

        I will pray for Telly🙏🏻 I remember her and the mailman when you had the quilt shop with Connie😊

        I still have one copy of the GOat Gazette🤩
        Praying for Telly and the lame goat. God bless you.
        Bea knight

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