Monday Morning, 5-20-24

Once again I didn’t get this written last night – I think I’m on to a different schedule because once again I’m in the porch enjoying my coffee. I have lots of pictures to share with you – a very fun post!

The best and my favorite is from Sheryl who made two granddaughter quilts and she embroidered messages using white floss as a private message to the young girl from a beloved grandmother.

Wonderful work!
ANOTHER Kaffe quilt
Lisa, my most beautiful chicken!

I filled the hole in the barn floor with poison, dirt, rocks and a cement block on top. Always feeling anxious about these chickens and if something happens to these guys, that’s the final straw. No more chickens! This is the reason I vowed never to have chickens again – the worry and the anxiety is always there and when I do let them out to free range, there’s the overhead predators to think about. I can’t believe I don’t have high blood pressure. I wish I didn’t love chickens so much.

No evening visitors last night – whew! It’s a cool cloudy day and cleaning the basement after moving all the plants out is my job for the day. And those curtains still aren’t finished. Ugh.

I’ve had the nicest selection of birds at my feeders which reminds me that Becky recently told a friend who’s thinking of retiring that she could always take up birdwatching as a retirement activity. I guess she’s right. This is my very exciting life of being a retirement recluse.

What’s on your Monday schedule?

35 thoughts on “Monday Morning, 5-20-24

  1. Diane in Colorado

    Monday schedule for me means clients until 4:30, then a backyard fire/wine time with sweet friends. I head to MN on Saturday so I’m making lists and preparing to be gone for a couple of weeks. Mom called last night and said Dad has another squamous cell carcinoma on the back of his head so we will spend some time at Mayo while I’m there.

  2. Susan K in Texas

    I’ve got three quilt projects to choose from today but first need to run errands.
    Lots of pictures in the blog today. I find myself going back and looking at them over and over. Each time I notice more.

  3. Carol Johnson

    I do love that quilt the cat is laying on with the cats on it. Is that one of yours? Also guess I missed the post about your chickens. I had a snake in my coop with his tail around my chickens neck and his head eating her eggs. Got there just in time to save her. What was your intruder?

  4. Karen Cyr

    I’ll second the recommendation to take up birding in retirement. That’s what I did and it’s brought so much enjoyment, though it does compete heavily with quilting and gardening, especially in the spring during migration. I can still recall being dumbfounded by the sight of 20 some white pelicans on an island in the Cedar River in Cedar River during a visit with family. I’m sure they were passing through all the time I was growing up there, but paying no attention to them. Nature truly is marvelous and rewarding when you slow down to watch.

  5. Jan in AZ

    Good morning,
    Monday will be laundry, going through slides to begin digitizing the ones to keep, and working on small quilting projects that have been on the back burner for awhile. Plus, there are projects in the works for using May’s Dirty Dozen stripes color. Will the DD be done by the end of May? Time will tell. Be productive all!
    Prayers for your Dad, Diane.

  6. Debby Krzyston

    I love Sheryl’s idea of embroidering sweet messages in white on her granddaughter’s quilt. It will be fun handwork to stitch any time. They will kind of be hidden messages. Thanks
    Enjoy your day Mary.

  7. Bonny

    I’m covertly planning to hijack my mom for a trip to North Dakota. In 1915 her parents married there, and both labored as part of threshing crews….he with the machinery, she as cook. I don’t expect any genealogy questions answered. Just hoping to give her a glimpse of a chapter in the immigrant story. At 101, we better go sooner than later!

    Love all the pictures! Thank you readers for sharing!

  8. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, you’re right, it is a fun post. I think it’s always a fun post.
    I noticed the bench planter on your sidewalk. All the flowers are so pretty. Mine is still in the garage, it still goes down into the 30’s here at night.
    Today I will do some laundry, a quilt job, line dancing class this afternoon. The carpet for my bedroom has been delayed again, till June 3rd. At least it’s not discontinued. Someday Loretta and I will move back into the bedroom. The furniture stashed all over the house will be moved. I’ll have access to summer clothes and shoes…..someday.

  9. Marsha in MI

    Nothing exciting planned for my day. I found a beautiful planter full of flowers and plants from my son & daughter-in-law. A late Mother’s Day gift! They were out of state on Mother’s Day at her parent’s home. There was another family function that weekend for her side.

    I need to make a grocery run. Ugh. Then go through a stack of stuff that ended up on the dining room table. Flat surface, you know?

  10. Kim from Wi

    I so enjoyed all those small quilts with the fireplace picture, so well decorated and welcoming. The t shirt quilt pattern is very eye catching and well planned out. I think adding those hidden messages to the granddaughter’s quilt is a beautiful idea and what a treasure for those young women to have. Another great post about nothing. Glad there were no intruders in with your chickens, they do make me smile and I for one am glad you got more. Today we will pack a few more boxes from the last closet and go shopping for a new mailbox for the new house.

  11. Cindy K

    Great photos today. The cute little girl with her dog must be you Mary? Haven’t had much time to post. Harvest has started in Texas and the crew is in the field cutting wheat. The photo of the little gal carrying a flag with her dog following posted a few days ago was adorable. Would be a good one to enter in a fair.
    Yesterday I spent 3 hours outside doing yard work. Pulled weeds in the flower beds, clipped grass where the mower can’t get to and dig up some thistles in the yard. Afternoon was spent on bookkeeping. Today I’ll get caught up on bookkeeping and go to guild this evening. Tomorrow I’ll start washing windows.

  12. Gayle in Tennessee

    Flower planting today around the pool. The drone of the cicadas are deafening. You still have that sound in your head when you come inside. Already hot in Tennessee.

    1. Martha W in WY

      Gayle, I have tinnitus so I hear the cicadas in my head all the time!

  13. Martha W in WY

    Mary, I think Sheryl’s idea of a special message embroidered into a quilt is so sweet and special. A thought just came to me. That idea could be woven into a quilt mystery story. Is there any writers on your blog??? My day will be spent planting more seedlings and bare root trees. When the rain comes later ( and boy we need it- dust flies when I dig the holes.) I’ll be making wire protectors to keep the antelope from nibbling on the trees. It sounds like everyone has a busy Monday planned.

  14. Brenda in Iowa

    Happy Monday, everyone.

    My Monday schedule includes grading students’ work online (I teach one class online) and hoping I can mow the grass today. I had to have work done on my lawn mower and I’m waaaay behind on mowing. If I don’t get it done in the next few days, I’m thinking of finding a neighbor who likes to bale it for grass hay – ha!
    As it is now, I’m going to have to make two passes over everything – one with the deck in the upright position and the next pass at normal mowing level. Can you believe how fast the grass has grown this year?

    I LOVE the picture of the church with the sunset behind it. Stunning.

    Barb’s quilts with the messages for her granddaughters is so special. They will cherish these quilts throughout their life.

    Have a good day everyone.

    1. NJ

      The church is my home church and someone shared this photo with me. This sweet little church is close to my heart and has sheltered our family through baptisms, weddings, anniversaries and funerals too.

  15. Connie R. in Wis.

    I just love the embroidery messages on the quilts. What a sweet idea.
    Went shopping to Dollar Tree and Walmart this morning and, always disappointed how the prices go up every time . The Dollar Tree was great when everything was $1.00 but then it went to $1.25.
    Now they are integrating all prices into the merchandise. Very few items $1.25 anymore. Don’t plan on shopping there much in the future.
    I’m going to sit and have a cup of coffee on this rainy, gloomy day and, do some housework after. Maybe some sewing too.

  16. Betty Klosterman

    Everybody says this blog is about nothing, but I don’t agree with that. It is about the daily stuff that makes up our lives. And our lives are not nothing. They don’t make the front page of the newspaper. They are about what we cope with in our lives, and this blog is one of the very nice things. We share our lives which makes a great balance and such a pleasure every day, just like visiting over the fence with a neighbor.

    Yesterday I finished 1 throw-size quilt top and 2 tops for pediatric quilts. Today I’m carrying books to the car to take to the library. The library sells them. These were packed in boxes 30-40 years ago and include when Kennedy was killed, etc. Maybe some of the younger people might find them interesting. We actually lived thru this stuff, including the 1972 flood. We may not set the world on fire, but we may have helped put a few fires out?

    And Mary, you have said you will never have any more baby chicks for quite a few years?? Glad you just said it.

    Take care. Betty Klosterman


  17. Sandy

    Hi Mary, the black and white photo looks like me whenl was young! Salt and pepper hair now and a bit plumper! An amazing range of photos again and drama! The snake attacking ghe chicken, was it poisonous?We don’t have dangerous preditors in New Zealand, only ferrets, rats and hedgehog who attack birds.All introduced by settlers.
    Baking another feijoa cake today from the windfalls, then string piecing for a spider web star, hope to clean out some of the bags of scraps! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  18. Fran

    Monday is laundry for me almost always. A little cleaning. And started getting ready for retreat. No walks since I pulled out my back a little. Yesterday I went to see a [lay in Council Bluffs. It was great! Chorus Line was the name of the production. Then last evening I took $ for tickets to the movie showing in our little old timey movie theater.
    No sewing time for days. So the eye candy hit the spot. Nice quilts.

    Beautiful very warm day. BUT we have been warned for nasty weather coming tonight.

  19. Gloria from CC

    Beautiful and amazing quilts as usual. I’ve had a lot of bird activity here also. Lots and lots of orioles. Two to three oranges a day and I fill the grape jelly container too many times to count.
    Looking forward to watching Caitlin tonight. The more they play together the better they’ll get. Caitlin is doing a fantastic job but she can’t win the game by herself.

  20. Jeanine from SE Iowa

    Our kids and grandkids are coming this weekend, and we will be celebrating our Christmas for this year. We have moved it to the summer whenever most of them can come. We have had too many blizzards at Thanksgiving or Christmas, and it’s just too dangerous for them to travel, especially the ones in ND. So, today I was getting things ready for that. Went to Bible study this morning, and then ran a few errands. A beautiful day here today. As always, enjoy the blog about everything! Will watch Caitlyn and team tonight.

  21. Li

    After watching some stealthy wrens in the flowering crabapple tree I have a dozen lemoyne stars to put together for a giveaway quilt. Trying to decide on which back as the work proceeds. Such beautiful days this time of year. The lavenders will be blooming in a couple of weeks. Picked a few weeds yesterday evening in time to spot a pair of quail bobbing across the driveway.

  22. Joyce from NY

    My Monday was mowing lawn, it was a hot one today 85, i started early before it got too bad! Then I planted some flowers in containers. Haven’t had a chance to do any sewing, spring is too busy! I do
    love all the quilts & pictures. Thank you Mary

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joyce – we all have to make hay while the sun shines!

  23. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, was the log cabin quilt one of your patterns? I seem to remember one that has the flag and a cabin in the design. I like it. Log cabins are so easy.

    1. Barbara Yarnell

      Yes, the log cabin quilt is Hometown USA from the book simply titled “Country Threads”. I love that quilt and have made it a few times for donation. Its easy and quick but looks more interesting with the houses and flag and uses a lot of scraps.
      Such a beautiful grey and white cat on the cat quilt and what a great shot of the church at sunset.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Barbara – the book Country Threads was part of the quilt shop series.

  24. Pat in AZ

    We’re traveling to Raton NM for the New Mexico State Trap Shoot which will go on all this coming week. Spotty internet so will catch up when I can. Have fun everyone!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat – does someone come and take care of your chickens?

      1. Pat in AZ

        Mary, we’re finally back in civilization that actually has internet service. Working our way home thru Northern New Mexico. Will hit Arizona tomorrow and home Thursday. I’m so ready! The wind has been incessant, relentless, a wind without end amen.
        Unfortunately I don’t have any chickens. I would love to and always go to the farm store in spring to get my fix. We just have too many predators to even try. Between the hawks, ravens and roadrunners, coyotes and snakes, they wouldn’t stand a chance.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Pat – I must talk to another Pat in AZ with chickens – because I even asked about predators and how she dealt with them. It’s hard to remember just a first name connected to the conversation. I’m sure she said Pat in AZ. I’m losin’it!!!

          1. Pat in AZ

            Mary, with all you have had going on you are allowed to lose it. Just the storms you’ve had would be enough but to lose Telly too? My heart breaks for you. Sending a big hug your way.

  25. Kathy in western NY

    I watched so many birds most of the day at our camp. It was a beautiful warm sunny day so sat out most of the day and read and like I say, listened to the birds and watched mama bring feed back to 2 babies in a hole in a tree right next to our motor home. They’d stick their heads out and it was so cute. I have no clue what type of bird so I’m going to look at purchasing a hand book to keep up here with us to identify them. All we get at home is blue jays, cardinals, robins and wood peckers. Have been meeting people who come from all the country who will spend summer here along Lake Ontario shores being permanents but luckily we will drive back home some days as it’s only an hour away. Farm market across the street we walk to for fresh foods but yesterday we moved fast to get inside before it closed to get soft serve twist ice cream cones. Tonight we’re only going down to 65 so warm night. Love all the pictures everyone so graciously sends us to admire.

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