It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Warm, windy, low humidity and sunny – it feels like September and this day reminds me of many past Open Houses that we had over Labor Day weekend.  It’s a perfect porch sitting kind of day.  The pampas grass is in full bloom – another reminder of fall.


There was a recent Facebook post showing cacti blooming — remember  I said this happens a lot to gardeners, not just me.  It’s just that I’m so easily impressed with these blooms that I take pictures of them.  This happened 2 days ago to my cactus named Pearl.  I think it’s amazing!
I was cleaning and rearranging today and Ernie took over this spot before I could even get it dusted.  Just look at those feet!

 I’m really posting about the rug DVD.  If you need Only the DVD, send $8.00 to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA. 50438.  If we start a rug along it won’t be until fall.  Stay tuned.

And here are my boarders this weekend – Lizzie, Izzy and Ollie.  Fun!


18 thoughts on “It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

  1. Betty Klosterman

    Just like we take pictures of our quilts to remember just what they look like, we take pictures of our beautiful flowers, too. They are magnificent and totally amazing. The pampas grass is wonderful, too. I tried that here and it didn’t make it. Friday we had a beautiful day, too, but this morning the sun was blotted out with smoke from the fires in Washington, Oregon and Montana. The wind has changed a bit and the smoke went away, for now. The sunsets and sunrises are unbelievably orange from the smoke. We have lost 2 firefighters in the Washington and Oregon fires. Some people are so brave they put their lives on the line. My heart goes out to their families.

  2. Susan K

    Those cactus blooms are beautiful. I’ve grown aloe Vera plants for years. In fact, every year I separate out plants that have gotten too crowded. This year I got a bloom. First ever! In almost 25 years of having them. Of course, I took plenty of pictures too. And that cat has the biggest fluffiest feet I’ve seen. Love kitty feet!

  3. Martha C Engstler

    Your flowers are fabulous!!!!. Here in Pennsylvania we also have had a beautiful day, yesterday too. Thursday afternoon we had awful thunder storms with so much rain there was flooding. We needed rain but not all at one time.

  4. Diane

    HI Mary–Pearl certainly is showing her colors:) She is very pretty. Love Ernie and the “boarders”, too. Betty, where are you? I”m guessing California or Idaho? Central Ohio had a gorgeous day today, too. Sometimes August is soooo hot and humid, but not today:)

  5. Holly

    I love the pictures of Pearl. Those flowers look absolutely miraculous to me. And Ernie has the cutest big biffers I’ve ever seen! What a great picture!

  6. Launa

    Just love seeing Ernie and how relaxed he always is no matter where he selects to snooze.
    Pearl sure puts forth a good blooming. Thanks for sharing.
    This late afternoon it’s RAIDER football and the Bristol NASCAR race….also Cedar Cove for us Debbie Macomber fans.

  7. LMK

    very cute kitty!!!! i sure miss having a kitty, been thinking about getting another one, it’s been almost 5 yrs. that we “lost” abby. still miss her a lot. the cactus is sure pretty. love the grass too, bet it looks neat blowing in the wind. sure been windy lately. love the rugs you just finished up. just what i need, another project to do. can’t believe all the things you get done, for me guess it’s easier to think about the doing than actually doing it. but sure enjoy hearing about all your doings and your busy days. guess it’s bedtime.

  8. Katherine Schloemer

    The first winter I went to Texas I was amazed at how beautiful the flowers were on the cactus. I took lots of pictures of them. Of course being a Iowa girl who now decided in Minnesota, was never exposed to cactus blooming. Of course I loved the beaches of the Gulf and the cowboys. Real cowboys!!! But as I have gotten older I seem to really look at the beauty all around me.

  9. Gail Bronner

    Cacti have the most incredible flowers, but they don’t seem to last long.
    Love those paws. He must be really relaxed.

  10. Mary C.

    A gorgeous weekend next door in Wisconsin too. These perfect weather late summer days are so precious, but bittersweet too because we know what follows! Your cactus blooms are beautiful. Ernie will probably have done a reasonable job of dusting that surface when he move on, so no worries there!

  11. Judy J

    Thank you for the opportunity to purchase the DVD separately. I have the book and will send the money for the DVD.

    Judy Jones

  12. MartyCae

    Thanks for making my day with the picture of Ernie! I also love the cactus blooms!

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