It’s A Sweep!

What an exciting morning at the Hancock County District Fair! Here is the building where all the 4-H projects are being judged. Sixty years ago this was the roller skating rink with open air windows all the way around. Roller skating parties were the thing when I was a kid and pre-teen age. We roller skated for hours -around and around, sometimes even backwards or in a long line – you didn’t want to be the last one on the line when turning the corners! There were reverse skates, moonlight skates and couples skate – it was like waiting to be asked to dance! Was roller skating popular when you were a kid or was this strictly a Midwest thing? Oh, what memories to step into this building,

I remember thinking it was so big — ha!

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Enough reminiscing for now – it was a sweep of blue ribbons for the Rauk kids! Three Super Blues and four blues with one of the blues being held as an alternate for State.

Here are Reed and Myra with the judge.

Reed’s quilt got a Super Blue – I am so proud of him! Myra’s shirt pillow got a Super Blue as well as her shirt pillow. I’m proud of her as well!

Myra did a super job refinishing this night stand – actually her mom refinished the same stand when she was in 4-H but the finish on the top got worn through the years. One thing we all learned is that the back side and the inside should all be finished with stain and varnish – good to know!

Here are Reed and Myra with their Super Blue projects – congratulations on a job well done.

Nolan made brownies and a shirt pillow, too, and got blue ribbons but his motor was being considered for State Fair when we left so I am waiting with hope in my heart to take his picture.

This is the hundredth year for 4-H and many past projects and record books were on display.

There was the 1980-81 Garfield Go-Getters historian book. Oh my!

And here is the opening page about starting the new club – the leaders were Carolyn Kumsher, my neighbor and me, Mary Beth Tendall.

This newspaper article was titled “1 of our 4-H leaders loves quilting”. Guess who that was! Sounds like an omen, doesn’t it?

This photo of our club members was taken in the old kitchen – a lifetime ago it seems. Carolyn is in the striped sweater – she died last year, way too soon and her husband followed.

This afternoon Reed takes his chickens and judging is tomorrow morning. Won’t the judge just love their names – Alta, Edna and Eunice!

That’s our first day at the fair – blue ribbons on everything! I am so lucky to get to be part of this with the kids! We’re already planning for next year. Tomorrow is another post with the poultry show starting at 10 am – watch for the fair report!

52 thoughts on “It’s A Sweep!

  1. Judy

    How exciting that the kids all won blue ribbons. I loved 4-H and learned many things through it including sewing, knitting and cooking. We would also show our cows at the fair every year and we stayed at the fair so we could take care of them. There was a small roller skating rink across from my Great Aunts house and we would go there and skate whenever we visited as kids. It was actually owned by the 4-H association. I loved roller skating and I am from the northwest so I think it was probably a big think everywhere.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judy – I have heard from people across the US who grew up roller skating – I think it was a sign of our times, don’t you?

  2. Sharon Geiger

    What an awesome experience for the kids! Congratulations to them! I love the chicken names. My grandmother’s name was Edna and she raised chickens, too.

  3. Bobbie Woodruff

    Congratulations Kids, you all made and fixed such beautiful projects. You deserved those amazing Blue Ribbons. Reese I hope your chickens dazzle the judges with there cute little walks and squawking songs and you bring more ribbons home. Kids that have people in there lives that take time to show them the wonders of childhood grow into wonderful adults. Thank you Mary these kids will tell there kids and grandkids about how wonderful you were as they grew up. You will always be a special memory and in there hearts of there youth. They will remember you with much love❤️❤️❤️.

  4. Debbie

    Congratulations to everyone on all the blue ribbons! Such wonderful memories in the making. There were several roller skating rinks where I grew up in NC. I didn’t learn to skate until I was 16 when I dated a boy whose parents roller skate danced. They did all the moves like the ice skaters of today. He did too but I never learned how to do any of those things because I wouldn’t pick my feet up-I just moved them sideways.
    There are 2 rinks close to me here in SC but my skating days are over.

  5. Diane M

    Nolan, Reed, and Myra did wonderfully on their 4-H projects. 4-H is so good for kids. I know the sewing section at our fair is getting less each year. I have projects to get done for open class sewing and quilting. I remember my roller skates had a key that was used to tighten the skate around my shoe. It seems the skates had metal wheels. There is a rink not too far from my house now.

  6. Nancy Wines

    So exiting to see everyone do well. 4-H is a great experience for kids. My daughter did horses in 4-H and attended district, state, and regional competitions. Lots of riders and they all had a great time. I think her 4-H experience helped her get into vet school at Colorado State. Can’t say enough good things about 4-H!

  7. Robin Boggan

    Yahoo for Reed, Myra, and Nolan for their blue ribbons! Fair time is so much fun. Your fair reminds me of the fair that I would go to with my Grandma. So many good memories .
    Roller skating was a big thing when I was growing up. We have a roller rink just down the road from us and the rink is alway busy.
    Thanks for all the memories! 😊

  8. Ellie

    Congratulations to Reed and his brother and sister on all their ribbons! Their hard works shows and pays off!

  9. Noeleen Taylor

    Dear Mary, although I grew up in New Zealand your memories are so much like mine. I too loved to go and skate,and marching, and sewing. I’m glad for all of you that your dedicated work has been recognised so wonderfully. What a lovely posting. Love,Noel.

  10. Eydie

    How fun for the 4H ers! (and you too!!!).
    I’m heading to Wisconsin this week for the 4H fair in Eau Claire. My cousins children are right there as well with Blue ribbons; it is so great to see them chuffed up with their entries. Plus they have a food hall where they sell an amazing offering of home made lunch items and donated pies from the 4H Moms. Rhubarb custard, yes please!
    I so remember the wooden floor roller skating rink that we went to during outings for Confirmation class and Birthdays parties. It was on the other side of town so we were thrilled when they built a brand new one with a composite floor and a Disco ball on our side of town when we were Freshmen. Wow, Friday and Saturday nights were as tense as going to Prom since every person you ever wanted a date with was there and you could hardly wait to see it they asked you to skate (or even notice you!).
    Thanks Mary for the flash back memory and all you do for Reed and his siblings. They are blessed.

  11. Launa

    Blue ribbons all around for Reed, Myra and Nolan…and to you for the hours spent guiding them. Know you enjoyed that! Congratulations.

    My parents met at an Ice Rink in my home town. I used to go to a roller rink with friends as the Ice Rink was long gone.

    Hope the three chickens 🐓 do well. Alta, Edna and Eunice are quite a trio!

  12. Janet Snyder

    Congratulations to those kids. How wonderful it is for them to have this opportunity. We went to your fair several years ago when the shop was still open. We visited your shop than saw signs for the fair and went to it also. We enjoyed ourselves quite a bit.

  13. Diane Cannon

    Oh this brings back such wonderful memories–I was in 4-H for 6-7 years and won my fair share of ribbons and state ones and such–for years I had it all in a scrapbook–but finally it all fell apart!! (my 4-H years were over 52 years ago now!!)
    I am happy for all the blue ribbons the ‘kidlets’ have won–and so great that you go and support them–( they are ahead of me–never entered any animals!!!
    enjoy, di

  14. Colleen

    Good for the children and good for you. I can just imagine how proud you are of the children and your husband of you.

    I really am looking forward to the chickens 🐔 being judged.

  15. Meta O’Connell

    Congrats to the kids on their blue ribbons. Mary you are such an inspiration to them. Back in the 50’s we went to the roller rink & we did alot of ice skating too. Hope they win more blue ribbons tomorrow.

  16. Moe

    Hi Mary! All your news about the kids and the 4-H is wonderful to read! Congratulations to all!

  17. Moe Baly

    Mary! All your news about the kids and the 4-H is wonderful to read! Congratulations to all!

  18. Moe Baly

    Hi Mary, growing up in Chicago in the 60’s my mom worked at an outdoor ice rink so we ice skated all winter long. My mom managed the food concession inside the large log cabin warming house. When mom went to work all of us siblings went to work with her. It was a wonderful time. Probably why I still love Winter. There were rollar rinks too, my older siblings went but I never did. My younger siblings and I skated on the sidewalks all summer. Loved growing up during that simplier time. We were so lucky.

  19. michele

    How wonderful for Myra and Reed! Congrats.
    I am from the midwest also and can attest the roller rink was the place to be. Thanks for bringing back some fond memories.
    And we also wore color matching skirts and angora sweaters on those special days. Oh my I sneezed a lot.

  20. Jessica

    CONGRATULATIONS to Reed, Myra and Nolan!! All of their projects looked fabulous. Thank you, Mary, for giving your love and time to help shape their minds and lives. You are such a blessing in this world.

  21. Carolyn Boutilier

    Mary, Congratulations to Reed and Myra. Good luck tomorrow on the chicks. Mary, you are like a proud grandma and that is wonderful for these young people to have you as mentor making the memories. our granddaughter entered her many different things in the fair and always come home with ribbons. It was a special time with her going to the fair.
    Carolyn B

  22. Janie

    There is a skate rink still open about 15 minutes from me. Haven’t been there in years though.

  23. Gloria B.

    Ribbons Galore! Congrats to each of you. Your hard work and skill earned the recognition it deserves. We are on the sidelines cheering for more.

  24. Anita Fetzer

    I just love all the excitement and solo many blue ribbons. We all have wonderful memories of th fair where we live…another time but good memories. Good luck Reed with your chickens. What a special family you all are.

  25. Sue Davis, Argyle, Texas

    You are the best Mary, I wish i had a mentor when i was young. Someone who had the patience of Joab as you do. All my grandchildren i have taught to sew. We had the best time. And the laughs were a memory in itself. Your kids are so blessed to have you.
    I was not a roller skater. We ice skated on the ponds where i lived in Illinois. Im sure those ponds are gone but not the memories of frozen toes!
    Enjoy every moment
    P.s. send some cool weather our way, we are baking here! Lol.
    Sue Davis

  26. Kelley

    Oh yes, we had many skating parties growing up. You felt very special when someone asked you to skate couples! Sadly the skating rink here has closed. This brings back great memories though!

  27. Kathy

    How proud all of us sure are of those kids getting blue ribbons. And also to have an item to go on to state fair. The quilt and pillows will be well worn through the coming years as quilts should be. I can’t thank you enough Mary for being with the kids through this. Such valuable life lessons 4-H gives them with caring adults such as you. I grew up when we roller skated in our school gyms after school so lots of good memories of the music playing while we held hands with friends and skated away.

  28. Shirley

    Such memories, roller skating growing up was a big night out, so much fun. Love the stories about t the fair, nice to see kids involved.

  29. Diane

    Way to go Reed, Myra, and Nolan!! They (and you) must be so excited. I love how Reed’s quilt turned out; his lines are so straight–great job. Our granddaughter is working at a pizza place now and so busy she didn’t show her chinchillas this year. I miss seeing her up there with the judge. She went to the Ohio State Fair three years in a row and won Superiors. Plus, we got to eat deep fried Buckeyes. Now that’s a TREAT:)

    We roller skated in Western NY when I was a kid, too, but mostly we skated on the sidewalks because the rink was at the lake–too far away to ride our bikes. Fun memories, Mary. Thanks:)

  30. Jane from Minnesota

    Winners, everyone! Congratulations on the completion of such beautiful and useful projects. Gosh, the 4-H years were so much fun for me and my family and we learned so much. I remember entering an embroidered potholder with a kitten on it. I may still have it. We even entered some items made when we were attending the one-room schoolhouse, one item being a navy & white gingham cross-stitched apron. I’ve always enjoyed sewing and crafting. Still do.

    Keep up the great reporting from the Fair! It brings back many fond memories.

  31. Martha Engstler

    So glad to hear of all the blue ribbons. Mary you must be so proud of them. I grew up in Washington D.C. and when I was very young we skated on the sidewalks but as a teen ager in the 50’s we went to a big rink by public transportation. My son spent most of his Saturdays (and mine waiting for him) at a big rink in Rockville, Mrayland. That was in the mid 80’s. Those rinks are all gone now.

  32. Terri

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! To the kids and to you for being a wonderful mentor!
    We had rollerskating here in Minnesota. It was a great pastime. I never did get very good!!

  33. Betty Klosterman

    Oh, yes, for roller skating. We used to go to the open air rink at Lake Cornelia that was run by Roy Cupp forever . My Dad would skate with us, but Mom sat in a chair. The wheels of our skates were wood so we couldn’t skate outdoors. AND the bathroom was outside so we were very careful of what we drank….. In the winter we would drive to Belmond to skate in a Quonset building. Oh, what fun.

    Congratulations to all the ribbons on the fair projects. Quite an accomplishment. And especially fun for you because you had the pleasure of helping the kids. It is amazing what simple attention can do for kids. Shows they are loved.

  34. Judy Brennan

    I was in 4-H and LOVED the fair. Congratulations to these 3 young people. How awesome!!!!

  35. Julie Burkhardt

    Oh Mary…so many memories of yhe Roller Drome in Waterloo. We spent many afternoons and evenings going round and round. I can remember the first time my dad took us…i was about 7. Mom and Dad’s friends were fa tastic skaters and had a “dance” for every song. Yhe night always ended with the Grand March. Such were the days.

  36. Donna Campbell

    Congratulations on all of the blue ribbons! Exciting times!!!
    Yes, I skated a lot when I was in the 6th and 7th grade. That would have been in the 60’s. In fact I wrote about roller skating in my journal yesterday. Good memories!

  37. Donna Sproston

    Our small Illinois town still has an operating rink. When our girls were growing up, the local elementary schools each had a skating party once a month and drew big crowds. I grew up in suburbia, and roller skating was one of many options including bowling and horseback riding, but getting there was more difficult.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary – a first time junior is not eligible for state fair so they receive a Super Blue ribbon which indicates state fair quality. Next year they can take their entry to the state fair.

  38. Janet

    What an exciting time. You’re are helping to raise an amazing young man, I am sure his parents are grateful for the time you spend with him teaching him compassion, patience and life in general. I am sure he enriches your life just as much.
    I hope you continue to write about Reed and his family, it really does take a village to raise children.
    His quilt really turned out nice. I can’t wait to hear about his chickens.

  39. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    What a fantastic result for the first day! Congratulations, Reed, Myra and Nolan! And Mary, what a trip down memory lane! Roller skating was a ‘thing’ too when I was growing up: for a couple of years round when I was 11 or 12. Our biggest problem was where to skate: most of the roads weren’t paved and there wasn’t much in the way of sidewalks (farm kids). The school had a long covered walkway though, with a concrete floor, so we used to skate there after class. And one of my friend’s father’s had a barn with a hard floor, so we could use that sometimes too, for skating parties.

  40. marie Beers

    Congratulations to Reed, Nolan and Myra. The thrill of getting a blue ribbon. Even though I am now a senior, getting a blue ribbon on one of my quilts is still a thrill and a outstanding ribbon even better. I have kept them all in a drawer. It is wonderful you can be part of Reed’s family, I miss my grands not being close.

  41. sandy

    Congratulations to Reed, Myra & Nolan!!
    Roller Skating was all the rage in So.California when I was young!
    Enjoy the fair….

  42. Christine

    Congratulations on projects well done. Also a big thank you Mary for working with these youth. As a county agent here in Utah, I so appreciate those who give of their time and share their talents with them. Not everyone will do that. So a big thank you and many congratulations on your blue ribbons. Keep up the good work.

  43. maxine lesline

    Exciting for all of you…4H certainly helps in raising kids… if every kid in the country could be in 4H our prison population would be far less. Reed and his family are lucky to have you in their lives…and you are lucky too.

  44. Judy

    Congratulations Reed, Myra, and Nolan! And good luck on your next projects!!!

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