It’s Monday!

Funny how the days roll by, isn’t it? It’s been over a week since my last post and honestly I’ve been busy the whole time. Connie and I are closing in on the book – we will be a month early because Connie is going to Florida in March and Rick is having surgery on March 20 so we have to be done. I’ve already started planning what I’m going to sew when I’m done – have several gift quilts to make and then I’m going to start with a new color scheme in my porch next summer which means new couch quilt, table mat and chair cover.

One day last week we woke up to a frosty treat – fog had rolled in and frozen creating beautiful tableaus everywhere you looked.

Reed has been here working on his fair quilt – you should see how fast he can sew! And remain accurate – which is key. He even likes to sew standing up – ha! Isn’t that just like a boy? Every time he’s here we check on the plants in the basement and in a few months he’ll be able to take them home again.

This is the chair cover I’m using right now – I think I’ll make a spring one to put on in March.

A couple of you asked about a pattern for the little quilt on Connie’s table last week. Here it is again.

We are not in the pattern business any more but if we were I’m quite sure this little quilt made of squares and strips wouldn’t qualify – it’s just rows of squares with a strip in between. Does everyone know how to draft a simple quilt on graph paper? I could show you how easy it is – would that be something you’re interested in?

Hazel likes to visit the care center where she rides with Paul in his wheelchair.

Rick has been busy building several bird feeders – I’m afraid this one will be just a squirrel feeder.

I’m headed to church this morning to practice some new songs with Margaret. Keep warm!

22 thoughts on “It’s Monday!

  1. Martha Engstler

    I love the ice covered trees, bushes and grasses. It’s like a fairy land.Your chair cover gives me a great idea for some of my MANY fat quarters. (How did I get so many?) Connie’s table cover is such a good idea for more of those fat quarters. We have bird feeders on our deck and our indoor cat spends so much time watching the birds. He likes TV too.

  2. Kathy Hanson

    So nice to “catch up” with you again, I miss your blogs when you are busy. So glad that your book is coming to an end and that you will have more time again for what you love as well. That Reed is quite a boy, sewing is working well for him so it seems and 4-H is so good for kids! Beautiful environment both inside and outside where you are!! Fun to see Hazel at the care center, so nice for residents there to have animals to visit them. Would love a lesson in drafting a pattern on graph paper. I haven’t done that it years.

  3. Martha

    I’m blessed to have started quilting in the 1970’s, where there were few printed patterns so I am blessed to be able to do what I call “quilt math”. Draw what I want to stitch and figure out what size I want it to be and then do the cutting math.

    Quilters who only work from patterns sometimes miss out on this fun experience!!

  4. Sue

    Yes, yes to the drafting lesson. I do it, but not correctly, I’m sure.
    Love your pretty winter photos. We have had it pretty mild so far this winter. Sometimes we get that frosted look, but not this year…yet, anyway.
    I love both your chair quilt and Connie’s little table quilt.

  5. Launa

    Enjoyed seeing your blog today. Nice to see Reed working on his quilt. Years ago my youngest son took a course in middle school I call Bachelor Survival. Sewed an apron n cooked. He’s quite a good cook now and looks up recipes on his IPad.
    The usual Idaho weather here over the weekend…snow, snow n more snow at my altitude…5800 ft.
    The elk n deer are staying at lower altitudes as we see them feeding on the lower mountain sides when we drive south towards town.
    Nice to see your chair and hear your new book sewing is finalizing. Hazel knows how to brighten the days at the care center.
    I’ve been watching the Hallmark Home n Family channel lately as they feature cooking, crafts, fashion and DIY seasonal decorating ideas. Stay warm…..

  6. Karen L Chaudoin

    A lovely group of photos. It is so fun to read about Reed and Hazel. We have several squirrel feeders too but my husband bought them. Ha! I would love to learn how to graph a simple pattern. Looking forward to seeing Reed’s quilt and the coming season in your area of our country!

    Karen in NC (our weather is dreary and getting colder with the dreariness)

  7. Linette Anne Stewart

    I would love to learn how to draft a quilt on graph paper! I just bought graph paper last night for my math class. Reed is such a great kid! Love seeing Hazel photos. Animals do so much good for those in nursing homes like my mom.

  8. Donna Sproston

    I too would love to learn how to draft a quilt on graph paper. When anyone asks me who taught me to quilt, I tell them Country Threads! That Charm of the Month Club was so much fun. I have all three charm books and look forward to your next one. Reed is indeed a lucky boy to have you for his teacher and mentor. The poodle that makes daily rounds and rounds at my mother-in-law’s care center is the best source of entertainment. He comes into every room, makes several circles to see if anything is different from his visit an hour before, and then heads to the next room.

  9. diane matthews

    Hi, a few weeks ago you mentioned a book you were just finished reading. Little fires everywhere. It was a featured book in my local library and I checked it out. I really loved it, as the characters were well developed and you can see how little ways we interact with people change the trajectory of their lives. I am going to recommend it to my teen age grand-daughter. What other books do you like to read? I like historical novels, gardening and quilting books and just “fun” quick reads. I’m looking forward to your next collaborative effort with Mary. Keep on quilting! Diane M

  10. Kathy

    Love to see your chair quilts and they sure must help with the pets. I started sewing 2 1/2″ strips batiks together for a loveseat cover but need to cut more or find a jelly roll in the same color palette. I was doing my lengthwise which I am not sure is right or wrong. I just wanted to copy you!!!! Ha!!!
    So glad to see that Hazel enjoys going to the care home to brighten days for residents. Can’t wait to see Reed’s project completed. Everyone remembers their first sewing project!

  11. Betty Klosterman

    Guess I must have liked math because I just love to get out the graph paper and colored pencils and have fun drawing the pieces or making them smaller. That is always a challenge. I love miniatures probably because they don’t take a lot of fabric and I never waste fabric! We always called that the Kirchner girl as Gramma never threw anything away.
    We’ve got winter, too, but it hasn’t been bad yet here in Rapid City. The area around hasn’t been so lucky. The big winter stock show is in full swing and it is great fun.

  12. Diane M

    My husband found out he had a fracture in his right femur. The doctor put a rod in it to hold it in place. So now he is looking forward to a couple of weeks of rehab at the hospital. I guess I’ll have time to sew most days. Connie’s table runner would be a good project for spring. I enjoyed the pictures on your blog today. We’ve had light snow and flurries the past couple of days.

      1. Diane M

        Mary, I had my knee replaced last June. With the way things are going, it’s a good thing I went ahead and had it done. Life can sure be interesting sometimes. He is anxious to get everything working again before it is time for spring planting. Thanks for asking-have a great day.

  13. Carol

    Yes to the drafting process! I enjoy every post you send us, I haven’t been much in responding… my mom moved in and somehow the days pass so much more quickly than they used to! Not taking enough time for myself. I love all your photos, especially the animals and pets and your decorating and plants and…. just everything! Can’t wait to get your next book! My sister borrowed the ones I have already purchased, I’m not sure I’m getting them back! She’s making something inspired by you, when it’s pieced I’ll see if I can post it to you so you can see it. Happy Monday!

  14. Susan Hodges

    Yes, I too would like to know how to draft a quilt ❤️ Love your posts and especially the pictures of your home decor 💕💖💕

  15. Cathy Davis

    I absolutely would like to learn how to draft a quilt on graph paper! And, I’d love to know how to make the chair/sofa quilt you’ve talked about before. Thanks for sharing your talents Mary 💕

  16. Paula

    I am still working on the Feathered Circles (red/white) quilt. Loving it. Mary so glad you showed it at Christmas. Is anyone else working on theirs? I was able to cut all the white from white on white scraps I have left from other projects. Using Moda Christmas as the red. Reed is so lucky to learn and sew with you. He must be a special guy. Anxious to see the new book. Paula in KY

  17. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, Reed is so lucky to have you teaching him to sew. He will grow up to be a well rounded young man. Lucky boy! Glad to see that Hazel is “a voluntary worker” at the home. A friend of mine takes her cat to St. Luke and sometimes I take Zinna. The residents love animals, most of them.

  18. Kay P

    In looking at the frost prints I was wondering if that was a Praying Mantises cocoon attached to one of the red limbs? When we were living in IN on the farm we would always have so many of them. Once I just happened to looking at our grape vines and found them starting to hatch. Ran back into the house to get my camera. I zoomed in to get pictures up close and catching some in pictures falling to the ground. When I was done I looked down and they were all over my shoes. Also I am looking forward to your instructions on drafting. God Bless You

  19. Sharon Geiger

    Love the pictures and freezing fog can be extremely beautiful. We are cold here in NE Indiana. This, too, shall pass. Enjoy your weekend!

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