It’s starts today! 3-17-22

Yes, March Madness has started – Iowa plays at 1:30 – sadly Becky and I are playing at the Care center at 1:30. Hopefully I’ll get home for the second half.

Hazel, the Wonder Dog, got rat #13 this morning! It was a sight to behold – we both saw #14 run but he got away due to the killing of rat #13. What a dog!!!

I was able to find a strong 15 year old to help me with the yard work – we will work again tomorrow since it’s spring break. His name is Nate and I am thankful for his help.

Here’s my one and only Easter display.

When pullets (young hens) start laying eggs sometimes the first eggs are tiny – I have saved these miniature beauties for years.

And another basket of vintage sewing:

A closeup

This bowl is in the piano room – I’ll empty that another time.

I sorted the pink and green squares – mindless sewing at the machine while I watch the games.

This is the first quilt I made for our next book with Martingale – and they rejected it. I was pretty disappointed at first but now I’m happy to have it back in my house!

Well loved pincushions from a reader

This photo was found online – I saved it to remind me I want to make this quilt!!

Off to the care center and then to the Iowa game!

43 thoughts on “It’s starts today! 3-17-22

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Loved your Easter display and the sewing objects. We have 75 degrees here today. How wonderful you got the young man to help with the yard work.

  2. Lynn

    Mary, now that my poor Gophers are done playing this year, I am cheering for the Hawkeyes, having lived and worked in Clear Lake for five years, plus Purdue, where I went for a year and lived for a couple years. But the games are so fun to watch no matter what!

  3. Cathy D

    Mary, I love the little house quilt!! Curious if the magazine gave a reason for rejecting it? Also, is the pattern for the table runner in that same photo available in the
    online store?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cathy D – the Tablerunner was a free pattern on the blog for Valentines Day

  4. Debbie G

    Love Love Love that house quilt!!! I bought that pattern, I think! I’ll have to track it down and put it on my to do list. Marquette is my game to watch today. Tomorrow is the UW Madison game. I’m watching too. My husband always watched and we also each filled a bracket with $20.00 to the winner! I miss doing that and him!! How could you not learn to watch college BB when it’s a game of competition!!

  5. Tanya T. in Houston

    Oh, what does Martingale know? WE love that pattern and your little quilt!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day and GO IOWA!

  6. Beryl in Owatonna

    Your house quilt is great!! Why did they reject it?

    13 rats!! I haven’t heard if my cousin’s daughter ordered the trap or not…I hope so!!

    Love your displays, I have the Happy Home needle packet too. It belonged to my great aunt. I am sure I am the second owner. I will sew some small pieces together…they look great in the display. We all have a shelf we can decorate outside our apartment door, something like this would be fun!

    Enjoy your games! Praying Rick’s leg is doing better today.

  7. Mary M Rhodes

    Love your displays. I didnt know young hens lay tiny eggs. Could you record the game so when u get home you can see it? The house quilt is cute! Happy St.Patrick day! Heat weave here in Bethel O!

    1. Patricia Campbell in AZ

      The tiny eggs are called “Fairy eggs”! Isn’t that precious?!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rosalie – we have done another book for Martingale that’s co I got out next fall. It’s a remix of some of our older quilts made in lighter palettes compared to dark and primitive when it was made originally. Also some new quilts – the cover quilt is new – I’m probably not supposed to post it yet but I really like it.

  8. Ann in PA

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hazel is doing a great job keeping the rat population in check. Wow can’t believe how many she killed already. Good girl, Hazel! xxoo
    Here’s my March Madness for the grandkids ~I’m making Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakes with green sugar sprinkles for Paddy’s Day. Also making, mini pretzels with chocolate wafer on top- heat in 200* oven to soften chocolate wafer then top each with M&M and let cool. I sat and picked out the green M&M’s from an Easter M&M pkg. lol Your house block is wonderful! Enjoy March Madness!

  9. Kathy in western NY

    Love the Easter primitives and your house wall quilt. All the pictures are so nice. I ran across old hand needle holders in a basket the other day and thought of you. They make me happy seeing all the artwork on the covers. It’s 71 outside today and does not feel like the middle of March. Sap is dripping like crazy off a maple tree near my clothes line so had to bring a quilt in that I had hung to air out. The tree has grown so much that the branches now hang over my clothes line but then again I often don’t hang out anything this early either when sap runs off maple trees. I am sure the folks will enjoy Becky and you sharing music today.

  10. Kelli

    Go March Madness!! Hope you Enjoy it as much as my husband and I do! We have a tradition for years of going away for the first four days and binge watching games. Lots of fun. Hope Rick progresses well.

  11. Carmen Montmarquet

    I sure love that little quilt Martingale rejected, glad you shared it with us! Also love those eggs, and all your vintage goodies, I can never get enough of seeing your collections!!! Thanks for sharing and Kudos to Hazel, the professional rat getter!
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  12. NancyTD

    Hazel is quite the rat killer. She needs a special treat!
    Iam sure the residents enjoyed your music. It really brightens their day. Thank you for playing.
    #12 is together and now I need to quilt it by hand.
    This afternoon I baked 4 dozen banana muffins for the freezer. Had too many bananas and this sounded like the easiest way to us them up.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  13. Amy M

    So happy you found Nate!!! Hopefully he will have time to continue helping you on a regular basis.

  14. Betty Klosterman

    Yes, we really look close at all the little stuff in your pictures. The old folders of needles reminded me of years ago. Dad would go up to the gas station on the highway to drink pop and see who was getting gas. People would come thru selling the needle folders and he’d bring them home to me. And I’ve still got them.
    It may not be any of my business, but curiosity is killing me. What did you pay for the little pink crocheted flower basket? It is darling. Never saw one like that.
    The snow melted and there is some green grass showing. I didn’t water last summer and all the grass died. Be interesting to see what happens this year. It is so dry
    Does Rick have to elevate his foot and leg? Frank got leg infection at least twice, had to be in the hospital with leg elevated and shots every 4 hours, 24 hours a day. His leg was hard as a rock and hot.
    I’m getting ideas on going thru piles of stuff and what to do with it, but not letting it get out of hand. Sewing is still the best!
    Enjoy the ball games. Betty in Rapid City

  15. Kathy Hanson

    As you can see, we all think that Martingale isn’t on the right road, that quilt is so beautiful! Oh well, that’s their loss. Enjoy March Madness, we are as well as more local high school tournaments

  16. Patricia Campbell in AZ

    Mary!! Martingale’s loss!! I absolutely love the little house quilt!! ❤🏠❤🏠❤

  17. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Your Easter decorating is adorable. As for the vintage sewing treasures, I especially like the tiny embroidery hoops and the crocheted pincushions.
    It was 70 here; I put a couple houseplants out in the sunshine.
    We enjoyed watching the IL high school basketball state tournament this past weekend. I think I will watch some of the NCAA and see if I like college basketball.
    Take Care, 🥰

  18. Pat in Michigan

    Mary, I’m hoping I can catch the Iowa game.
    We’re originally from Iowa City.
    Are you still using the rat trap? I’m so glad you have Hazel to fill in and take care of them.

  19. Connie R

    Thanks for posting pictures of your sewing basket treasures. I too love that little pink crocheted flower basket. The time it must have taken to make! Your house quilt is lovely. Looking forward to your next book. Enjoy the games.

  20. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Happy St.,Patrick’s Day 🍀☘️👒🍀☘️. My Irish Nana came from Northern Ireland to Sherburn, MN at age 9 in 1905.
    So sorry about Iowa. I always fill in a bracket and on mine, they won! Twice! Your little red house quilt is lovely. I love all of your little items. I always looked for the pullet eggs at my husband’s chicken farm. They are so cute. Good for Hazel. We’ll have to call her the Terminator😃. Iowa State still has to plat. Good luck😃

  21. Maureen Mullarkey

    I was so disappointed that Iowa lost 😠! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  22. Kris in WI

    I love playing I Spy with your treasures… chunky clothespins? I never saw those before. Your bunnies are perfect for Easter and the baskets and nest of eggs…so sweet. Sorry about Iowa. Crossing my fingers for the badgers tonight. And hooray for everyone’s team — Mary & Hazel 13 / Rats 0!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kris in WI – those old clothespins are hand carved and held together by a strip of metal – very primitive

  23. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Love this time of year! Even the heartbreak is part of it. The camera on that little boy crying when Kentucky lost…we love our teams. So sorry about Iowa! I was pulling for Creighton to pull it out…and they did! Now I’m hoping Akron can beat UCLA.

  24. Denise

    Not a good day for basketball here either. My UConn men lost their game too. It was a hectic game. Lead changed quite a few time but in the end they couldn’t get the win. I saw that your Iowa team lost too.
    Now hope the UConn women do better. They play on Saturday.
    At least Hazel made your day. She is quite the rat hunter.

  25. Sharon in Oswego, Il

    I love your house quilt! Bummer from my point of view….but thanks for sharing.

  26. JustGail

    The only March Madness I pay attention to is weather. And whether. As in whether or not I can convince myself to go out and do yard cleanup. I too need a 15-year old to help out, but not too many seem interested in learning to distinguish weed from flower or vegetable seedlings.
    I guess Martingale’s loss is our gain? As in we don’t have to wait to see it in the upcoming book. Cool beans, I’ll keep an eye out for it this fall.
    Hazel must be quite chuffed, as the British say, doing an excellent job living up to her heritage.

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