January’s Dirty Dozen – 1-1-20

Our Dirty Dozen number for January is #9 – number nine!

I hope many of you are playing this game which means you have until the end of January to finish your #9 project and send me a picture to post.

Happy New Year and Happy Quilting!

11 thoughts on “January’s Dirty Dozen – 1-1-20

  1. Jane dumler

    Thanks for the update on the dirty dozen. I am finally getting my schedule cleared so I can sew. Number 9 for me is a big one—Happy New Year to everyone. Thanks to Mary for keeping this going—it is a life line for me,

  2. JoAnn from MN

    I’ve chosen 12 sewing projects and 12 knitting projects, excited to get started. Happy New Year to all.

  3. Betty Klosterman

    A couple years ago I got an amaryllis bulb that had NO roots. It just sat there. So take it back if there are no roots. At least I think that is why it didn’t bloom and get leaves.
    I love the square tins. Are they cannisters? Sure wouldn’t waste space.
    The bean soup is cooking in the crock pot and I’m sewing pot holders. The nieces said theirs were looking pretty bad and we can’t have that.

  4. Launa

    Happy New Year…my husband’s birthday. Snow started yesterday about 4 pm and continued to fall making it safe for our fireworks! Been falling all morning, too. Think 12” more.
    Don’t have my DD list handy, but know where it is in sewing room.
    Enjoyed the quilt program last week, too! Nice you mentioned it.
    Sun tried to pop out, but it’s snowing again way up here in Idaho again!

  5. Diane and Squeak

    It’s still green in Central Ohio. I will be doing #9, too. I have really enjoyed the Dirty Dozen projects. I even finished a few others that needed to be done! The Quilt program on PBS was very good; I DVR’d it.
    Thanks for keeping us on target with the Dirty Dozens, Mary. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  6. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Happy New Year! Started out right, finishing up an old project not on the list but will be done tomorrow! What a good feeling!

  7. Kathy in western NY

    My 9 is a valentine chevron quilt I have no idea why I started it. Am finishing up an old UFO for a gift right now and have a deadline. It was great to sit and sew today. 50’s and sunshine tomorrow so will use the natural sunlight to help me sewing the black fabric.

  8. Diane Bauer

    Yeah!! #9 for me is one of my extra Harvey’s that I started last year for my nieces and my Mom–perfect timing for me to get at least one more of them done before Easter! I so enjoy seeing everyone’s finishes–such a wonderful variety of projects and beautiful work!

    Happy New Year All!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – lucky you! It’s almost time to bring Little Harvey out again! My #9 is a Christmas project – can I swap it out? Without breaking all the DD rules, if there are any rules?

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