Jellyroll Day, 9-19-2020

Connie is hard at work – here’s her cutting progress so far.

And the start of her layout – she says it takes all her concentration and lots of coffee to keep it correct.

Here’s her Jellyroll.

And I have not started because I’ve been waiting for the vet to come and treat Betsy. Before he came I actually used a turkey baster and gave her some baking soda dissolved in warm water. The vet tubed her and gave her several shots – I have now done everything I can do for her – she’s 10 years old and this just might be too much for her. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and a prayer in my heart.

I did finish this small charm quilt while I was waiting. This is always my go-to project with a charm pack.

I’ll get to work now and post my progress tonite. I’m telling my heart to BE STILL.

29 thoughts on “Jellyroll Day, 9-19-2020

  1. Donna Ondler

    Prayers for Betsy and hope she bounces back. Love your blog Mary, but I think you know this. Chose a pattern & jelly roll for your upcoming event. But, if I start a new project it means I’m leaving many others behind.

  2. Kathy in western NY

    You helped Betsy be comfortable and peaceful so It’s in Gods power now.
    Keep busy today sewing what you love and may your mind be at rest and still.
    Kinda nice knowing we are all attempting to band together with our 2 1/2 “ strips today.

  3. Charlotte Shira

    I hope Betsy will be ok. I love your charm quilt and Connie’s layout of her jellyroll quilt. I’m working on a baby quilt so I can’t start anything else yet. Hope to finish it this weekend.
    Be still.

  4. Beth T.

    I’m praying for Betsy, and for the vet. It is no small thing to be loved as your animals are.

  5. Mary M Rhodes

    Prayers to Betsy. Yep its in God’s hands still hard to let go as well.
    they say keep busy but I know .e crying all the way. Thoughts with you Mary.

  6. Jan from TN

    Sorry to hear Betsy isn’t doing too good. 😕
    I’m hoping to get to sewing a jelly roll quilt or anything but today I keep getting interrupted by others who just need something & now (DH). 🙄
    Can’t wait to see your progress tonight!
    Our weather is just gorgeous! It was 54 early this am & now it’s only 67 with a light northerly breeze. Headed for the low 50s tonight. Great sleeping weather!
    Enjoy your day!

  7. Joyce from NY

    So sorry for your Betsy!
    Guess I’ll have to pass on jelly roll quilt, as much as I hate to, but have too many projects to finish!!

  8. Diane Bauer

    I’m praying Betsy recovers with all of the incredible love and care.
    No jelly rolls for me today as I’ve got another sample to make for my local quilt shop and, while they have put no time constraints on me, I want to get it back to them as quickly as possible. I did finish another baby quilt this morning. I’d carried it back and forth to Estes Park at least 4 times in the last few months and never taken it out of the bag, though all that was left was to stitch the binding to the back. It’s nice to have it finished!

  9. Linda in So Cal

    Love Connie’s fabric. Using the same fabric in Lori Holt’s Farm girl II. I bought a fat quarter packet & yardage. Very hot here -hi 90s so I’ve been death cleaning. Found many surprises tucked away. Took an online class through my guild last week. Two 2-hour sessions by Ann Shaw. Everyone liked being in their own sewing room so we could pull fabric & ask questions. You know quilters; we are always changing our mind! But you miss chatting with the group. Hope Betsy is feeling better…. You feel so helpless when an animal gets sick.

  10. the other Angie

    More prayers for sweet Betsy. You know you have done all you can to make her comfortable, so may she can rest easier and feel a little better. It is just so hard. Looking forward to your post later tonight. I hope the rest of Jelly Roll Day goes well!

    Be still ….
    … can’t help but think that some creative quilt designer (hmmmmm) might come up with a quilt based around that saying, like when you, oops, she, has nothing else going on!

  11. Launa

    Keeping Betsy in my prayers n you too, dear friend! Trying times!
    Thanks for showing your HSTRIANGLES finish and Connie’s Jelly Roll project. Both are good eye candy to get us inspired!
    Had two good downpours this morning and the sun is finally out so the haze n forest fires’ smoke are lessened. Am so thankful!

  12. Sheila in WI

    Hope the best for Betsy.
    No jelly roll quilt here. The day has been filled with soccer games and a wonderful bike ride. It’s a gorgeous fall day and I’m enjoying it thoroughly.

  13. Linda Schluchter

    I’m praying for Betsy, for her comfort and ease to do whatever God has planned for the little sweet thing. Thank you for your care and love of Betsy, animals need only love and food and you provide both abundantly.

  14. Rhoda Ebersole

    It is a beautiful fall day up here in NE Wisconsin and tomorrow night I am back to Nevada. Mailed back boxes of fabric to finish this winter as I can only take One suitcase!!!

    Mary you have the kindest heart for all your farm animals. You are doing the best you can for them.

  15. Arrowhead Gramma

    Mary, Will say a prayer for Betsy and you. So hard when our babies get older and have health issues. Just know that you have done your best for her. ❤️🙏❤️

  16. Kathy Hanson

    I am praying for you and for Betsy! So hard to have your animals get sick. They all have part of your heart as mine do of my llamas. I sent you an email of my jelly roll and pattern. I had better get started! I am just finishing a quilt that I made differently than the pattern, I like it like I am making it, don’t think that I will take it apart to make it more like the pattern. Enjoyed time with Libby an with Roxy. Roxy even took an apple out of my hand. (Roxy lost her cria about 6 to 8 weeks before it was due. I just happened to be there on the day it happened. I guess one of the owner’s llamas gave birth and that cria seems to think that Roxy could be her mama so she had a darling little girl sticking close to her!! These small things mean so much to me! Animals really do take so much of a person’s heart!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Hanson – oh, I’m so sorry Roxy lost her baby! What is the gestation for a llama? Does the little girl not stick with her own mama? Is she still nursing? I’ll bet it broke your heart to have been visiting that very day. So sad.

      1. Kathy Hanson

        The gestation for llamas is 11.5 months. She had a lot of problems with an access early before she was bred. The breeder thought it was amazing that we got her so far along in the pregnancy but… The baby, boy, was the same red color as she is. I was so very sad but was glad that the folks where she lives, didn’t have to call and tell me and I was able to pet her and talk to her and help to comfort her. Yes, their new cria is nursing from her own mama but I guess they say that she also likes to spend time with Roxy! Who knows! I’m sure Roxy likes it as she loves being a mama!! Roxy is 15 now. I was able to give Roxy apples yesterday and she even took one out of my hand! I was thrilled!!!

  17. Jo in Wyoming

    Connie’s quilt does look like a commitment. I’m not sure I could stay focused that long.
    Let’s hope what has been done for Betsy works. It’s hard for us. I wish they could tell us what to do.

    I had lunch with the operators at the park today. We have lost 4, 3 this winter. It was fun catching up with everyone and what they have been doing all summer.
    Tomorrow we are celebrating the “boys” birthdays. Tailgate picnic. I love seeing my little family.

    Everyone, please stay safe…don’t let your guard down.

  18. Janet

    Mary, you are a very caring person. Could you tell me what kind of cutting blade Connie uses. I use a pinking one but I have trouble with it not cutting all the way thru! Thank you!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janet – why would you use a pinking blade?????? We both use Olfa blades – we thought everybody did! The only time I’ve ever used a pinking blade was when I cut rug strips. You know that the Jellyroll strips come with that pinked edge, don’t you?

  19. Lois Ann Johnson

    I am sorry that sweet Betsy isn’t doing so well. You are a good and kind “mama” to all of your critters, Mary, and they are lucky to have you! It was a lovely, fall day here in northern Iowa. A bit on the chilly side, but I still love this kind of weather. Bailey and I went for a car ride after supper this evening and she loves to sit up in the front seat and watch all of the sights as we travel up and down the streets in Humboldt. An old lady and her dog!

  20. Felicia Hamlin

    Beautiful colors in Connie’s quilt. Your poor goat, I hope she gets better, I know how hard it is for you to see her suffering. Hugs, Mary.

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