More Jellyroll News, 9-19-2020

Here’s my Jellyroll – not my usual choice because I’m not a fan of Halloween. I’m going to think of it more as fall – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Strip sets – many of them – good television sewing because it doesn’t take much concentration – like Connie’s layout.

Remember this is my project:

I don’t think I’ve picked the best Jellyroll for this project – not enough colors so I’m going to add some others. Nothing is simple, is it?

Here’s Kathy’s project:

And a past Jellyroll project:

And remember the Cakewalk project I talked about last night? Here are my four blocks for the table – borders coming.

And I can’t close without a Betsy update. The vet tubed her and gave her several shots – she was “down” and wouldn’t/couldn’t get up and I couldn’t get her up myself this afternoon. I checked on her many times and lo and behold, the last time I checked she was in the barn!!! I am now hopeful that she might survive and I know I’ll sleep better tonight.

We’re going back to one service at 10:30 tomorrow morning. What a relief to feel normal again. Since confirmation was postponed last March it will resume tomorrow and the next two Sundays following.

Only one DD quilt.

Back to my Jellyroll sewing!

23 thoughts on “More Jellyroll News, 9-19-2020

  1. Jan from TN

    I’m not a fan of Halloween anymore either. I was when my daughter (now almost 44!) was little, of course. Now I’m strictly a fall person! And that line by Fig Tree Quilts, Joanna Figeruoa is fall to me, not Halloween. There’s nothing in those prints that screams Halloween! I love it! Love your Cakewalk table topper too!
    So glad to hear Betsy is doing a bit better. Prayers that she will recover completely from this latest blip.
    Have a good day tomorrow and the rest of the week. Our weather here in TN is supposed to stay nice. Sure hope it does!

  2. Judith Ann Jaques

    I am not a fan of halloween either. I do love the fall colors,year round. Glad Betsy is doing better. Sick animals stress me to the max. Sleep well. j

  3. Kathy Hanson

    So good to hear that Betsy is up and looking so much better! Hope it continues and I will be thinking of you! Good to get back to church. Be still

  4. Diane Bauer

    So glad to hear Betsy is doing better!!

    I’m not a big fan of Halloween either. I did make two fun Halloween quilts last year and am glad to have them out again. I have a bunting project to to this year—leftovers from my quilt projects.

  5. Sheryl Harrison

    I love that collection of fabrics in your jelly roll. I am making the Pumpkins and Cream quilt but using fabric from my stash and a few pieces of orange fabric I purchased for this quilt. The quilt in the pattern picture is made with the all hallow’s eve line and is beautiful!

    I can’t wait to see your finished quilt from that fabric.

  6. Nancy

    I was hoping for one last update on Betsy before bedtime. Great news. Also the name on your quilt….I guess was done on the longarm? By the machine? Thanks. I love hearing from you.

      1. Sheila in WI

        I think she might be referring to the quilt on your machine that you posted on Wed. ( the same post where you showcased the new pumpkin patterns) It was going to be a gift for someone. Hope this was helpful.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Sheila in WI. – I went back and read again – she asked about the “name on the quilt” – what name on what quilt? I still don’t get it.

          1. Kathy

            Do you think she is referring to my jelly roll quilt with my name I “wrote” with my finger on the picture from my iPad before I sent to you?

  7. Pamela in Missouri

    I concur with everyone else. Love the Fig Tree jelly roll. Such pretty colors. Bah, humbug for Halloween. On Halloween I turn off all the lights in the house and go to my sewing room at the back of the house and sew up a storm. Great news about Betsy.

  8. Kathy in western NY

    I feel so relieved Betty got up and walked into the barn. Pets are always in our hearts. And I love your Fig Tree bundle Of fabrics. They are beautiful fall shades. Thanks for posting my jelly roll quilt. Sleep well tonight Mary.

  9. Susan K in Texas

    The Fig Tree fabrics say fall to me. I look forward to seeing your finished project. I’m not a fan of Halloween but my daughter in law is. She’s got an October birthday. I made her two lap quilts with a Halloween theme. They have happy black cats, owls, jack o lanterns, and bats. The fabrics are more old fashioned Halloween and not scary.
    I’m glad to here Betsy is back in the barn on her own. I hope she continues to improve.

  10. Sandy

    Hi Mary, glad to hear Betsy is improving, I will be naming one of the goats in my pattern after her! Just about ready to send photos of last month’s DD and a baby quilt, hope Andrew knows how to put my name on the quilt.hope everyone is safe and well, best wishes from sandy

  11. Lorraine McGeough

    So glad Betsy is better. Hopefully she will recover all the way soon. We sure do worry about our animals don’t we??
    Love your Train Tracks pattern. Can you share what book that is in?
    I love Halloween and have a big Halloween quilt at the long armer right now. Hope I get it back in time to bind and display by the time Halloween is here.

  12. Jean

    Hi mary! I just love the fall fabrics you are using in your jelly roll piece. I love making Halloween quilts so I guess i’m odd man out on this one. In fact I am working on a halloween piece now that I think is pretty swell. I hate Christmas quilts and so I bet i’m in the minority there also.
    Thankful that Betsey is doing better. Can’t stand to see an animal struggle.

  13. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Love the fabrics in the cakewalk squares. Those seem like the in colors now. Wondering how
    Betsy is. We hate to see our “children” not up to par.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Martha Engstler – when I got home from church and checked on her she was laying down in a different spot and then got up and walked outside! Maybe she won’t die after all! I will have to credit my vet.

  14. Sunflower from Michigan

    That is such a happy pumpkin 🎃 on the wall hanging! Finished my September DD!! Will send picture tomorrow. Glad Betsy feeling better.

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