Jo News and A Question, 11-20-20

When I don’t write anything about Jo it’s only because nothing new is happening. That changed today – she ate hamburger out of my hand! It was all I could do not to stand up and cheer! We can do this – I can wait her out!

And now the question: when a vaccine becomes available, will YOU get it?

I think we have settled the question about wearing a mask – it is your civic duty and only right to care about your fellowman. A person can claim it’s their right not to wear a mask but when that puts someone else in jeopardy, it’s just downright selfish.

Here are two of my favorite hens – both old, one is crippled, one is just lame but I always give these girls all the lettuce scraps because they deserve it.

Football tomorrow – Blue Bloods right now!

99 thoughts on “Jo News and A Question, 11-20-20

  1. Angie from Baltimore

    Yes I will get the shots as it may help others. GREAT NEWS ABOUT JO!!!! Trust is being built. Slow and steady wins the race!!! It would have been hard not to cheer but inside it must have felt like the Fourth of July!!!!

  2. Joan Privott

    Yes I will. I am taking part in one of the blind trials of the vaccine and feel that it is safe.

  3. Rosalie

    Yes I will get the vaccine when it is available in my area and for my group. I know some people don’t even take the flu shot but I have had flu vaccine yearly for over 40 years and probably gotten the flu twice- mild cases. I think there will be many people who get the vaccine before I do- healthcare personnel, nursing homes etc. whatever I can do to help stop the spread I will do and that means getting the vaccine. And my husband’s doctor is pro vaccine and I trust him.

  4. Deb B

    No, I won’t be getting the vaccine. I’ve tried flu shots 3 different times and ended up in the hospital twice and probably should have gone the other time. Hubby attributes it to my alien physiology (me being from MN and all).

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Deb B – oh no! I have not gotten a flu shot for years but did get one this year. Alien physiology – haha!!

  5. Mary S

    We were fortunate enough to move to a an ‘’assistant living’ home just before we were asked to wear a mask. It upset me because I had just met so many people and now couldn’’t see who they were. This is a great place to be during this pandemic. The people here are so friendly and the help is extremely helpful.
    I now know a lot of people by there beautiful eyes. Since we all are considered ‘old’ even though we’re only 80, they they say we’ll be the first to get the vaccine. WEll that’s nice but shouldn’t kids get it too?…and doctore and nurses?

    1. Susan

      Sounds like you are living in a wonderful place! Actually, the frontline workers are slated to be first (phase 1A), and it sounds like you would be eligible for phase 1B. 😁

    2. Frances E

      I think the idea is to protect people in nursing homes (and assisted living facilities) first because they are living clustered together, they are so vulnerable to the virus, and because we value them so much. Health care workers will be given the vaccine probably simultaneously because they are trying to save the people who are ill with the virus. Children will be given the vaccine but they apparently are less vulnerable than the elderly and adults. The medical and health care experts will make the decisions on when and how to get the nation vaccinated and we have to trust them. Obviously, you are a very young 80 year old! Stay safe and keep the faith!

  6. Jo in Wyoming

    I’ll get it when it’s my turn. I want more essential personal to be protected first. I can stay home a long time (you should see my stash) if it will get others safe in the workforce.
    Yeah for Jo! Yeah for Mary! I’m sure you are an outstanding cook as well as dog whisperer.
    Have a great weekend, everybody.

    Rub her ears for me.

  7. Beth T.

    Yes, I will. The people I trust–Dr. Fauci, Dr. Vin Gupta of the University of Washington and IHME–have stated that the proper procedures were followed in the development of these vaccines. I was especially encouraged when the first vaccine that was developed had rejected “Operation Warp Speed” pressure. It is going to be important for the vast majority of us to get the vaccine and develop immunities; that is how ‘herd immunity’ works. Vaccines are not what makes a difference; vaccinated human beings turn the tide. As I write this, hospitals in our are are installing temporary morgues outside of their facilities. I have not been inside a building other than my home since March, have not attended any event, nor been with any person other than my partner. There is nothing else I can do but get a vaccine and hope we do not die in the meantime, and that my niece, an Emergency Department Nurse, manages to stay safe as well.

  8. Linette Anne Stewart

    So glad Jo seems to be starting to trust you! Once they have provided the vaccine to our healthcare workers I will get the vaccine. This week a sweet friend from our church died from Covid after being on a ventilator for only 2 days. She was only 56 and so healthy. Her dad is in his 80’s and also goes to our church. Your children are not supposed to go first. It’s a horrible disease!!

  9. Peggy S

    Yay for Blue Bloods. . . New season starts Dec 4.

    Happy your girl ate from your hand. . . You got this!! How could she not love you?? Maybe a new resident on the farm??

    Peggy S

  10. Betty Klosterman

    I, too, will get the vaccine, but I also think we will be in the later groups putting the medical, police, firemen and other critical workers first for it. That is alright. I will continue to wear my mask and stay home only going to Walmart once a week for groceries when they aren’t real busy, the beauty shop and maybe…….the quilt shop! And I keep enough food and other groceries and supplies to last quite awhile. My menu might be a bit strange, but I won’t be hungry. So if we get snowed in, I’m all set. And I keep the snow shovel inside in case I have to shovel the big drift in front of the back door. And like a lot of others, my fabric stash and patterns could keep me busy for months, without reinforcements. Take care everybody and Happy Thanksgiving. This, too, will pass. Betty in Rapid City

  11. Mary Says Sew!

    I will get the vaccine when Dr. Fauci says so. Jo in Wyoming said it so well, “when it’s my turn”. There are many others who should it get it before me.

    I always get the annual flu vaccine, and I’m up to date on all recommended vaccines: tetanus, Shingrix, pneumonia, etc.

  12. Charlotte Shira

    Yay Jo! I keep saying she will come around. Mary, you are the right person for her. You have the patience.
    I have gotten the flu shots for the last 25+ years but haven’t decided about this vaccine yet. I don’t think I’ll be first in line with others in my age group +70.

  13. Launa

    We had waiting lists @ pharmacy for the senior dose flu shots! They were in short supply up here in Idaho. I finally settled for the lesser dose shot, as did my husband!
    I will get the C19 vaccine when it is available in my area!

  14. Sherry Whalen

    I will get the vaccine when it is my turn – since I will be 65 in January, I imagine it might be spring when my turn comes. I was concerned earlier this fall when there was such a push to get it out in October…everything I was reading about the vaccine trials didn’t support the roll out that early, the end of the year/early next year seemed much more realistic, so if the doctors and other health care professionals feel that it is safe, that is good enough for me. We were election judges on election day and about 9 days after November 3rd – we got an email that one of the other election workers had tested positive, so we waited out our 14 days, but there is so much community spread now it is difficult to tell where it might come from. We have grandkids in school, a son and DIL who are teachers (starting distance learning mode now), and elderly parents with health concerns so staying healthy is quite a balancing act. We spent most of October at Mayo clinic with my mom at appointments and then double mastectomy surgery, but EVERYONE there has on a mask, they really weren’t allowing any ‘extra’ people in and we used a lot of hand sanitizer! Stay healthy everyone!

  15. Diane Bauer

    Yeah for progress with Jo!!!! Patience is so important. I would so love to love on her!!

    I brushed my girls last night. My word they can shed!!!! So much Golden glitter!!!! Tomorrow is bath night and then there will be more brushing!!

    Yes, I will definitely get the vaccine when my turn arrives. My kids will be ahead of me as they are healthcare workers. I feel comfortable with the data coming out about both the Pfizer and the Moderno vaccines.

  16. Lynn in Iowa

    Good for Jo and good for you Mary!! Yes I will get the vaccine as soon as I am able. I work in a family practice clinic, not as a nurse or a provider, but do have patient contact, always with PPE but still very stressful. I know the masks work. A coworker who I sit beside 40 hours a week had COVID in August and I worked for 3 days with her before she had enough symptoms to get tested. I did not get it. Not wearing a mask is so selfish. Our family has cancelled our plans for Thanksgiving and probably Christmas too. Our three grandchildren all have birthdays in the next two weeks and we will miss those also. Hopefully next year will be better and thank goodness for FaceTime!!!

  17. Kathy in western NY

    I will get the vaccine as I worked in health care and received the flu vaccine for many years. Bronchitis ( 3 bouts – once hospitalized) never returned to me again once I started getting the flu shot. The only shot I experienced side effects was the shingles shot but I still would take that over how sick patients were who caught shingles and never believed in the shot. I am still here years later! I worked 9 years in Clinical Trials so have respect for the scientists who know what they are doing and take this serious. and also for the pharmaceutical companies who do the proper steps needed for approvals. There are laws in place so it cannot be messed with. It will take time to distribute but it will be safe or it will be withdrawn immediately. Front line workers should to be taken care of first as their exposure is greatest. I can wait it out just fine in my home as I have plenty to keep me busy! And you know I feel for the older chickens cause some days I like just being tucked inside safe and fed. Thanks for taking good care of your brood.

  18. the other Angie

    So happy for Jo’s progress today! Mary, that had to be such an unbelievable feeling for you! Your care and patience are paying off. That had to be a huge step for Jo.

    And the vaccine – yes, I would take it, but would want to speak with my doctors first, just to know how this one works and any contraindications, etc. I just don’t really know any other way to end this crazy Covid outbreak.

  19. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Hurray for Jo–small steps, Mary:) Happy for both of you. Yes, I will get the vaccine as everyone said, when it’s my turn. I never got the flu shot until I retired from teaching. My husband and I figured we were immune with being around sick kids all of the time. I can’t tell you how many kids would hold their papers out, sneeze on it, then hand it to me!!! Immune for sure, but after I retired–shots–flu and Shingles. Vaccine when it’s available.
    PS I love it when people put on where they’re from:)

    1. Malynda Reed

      Hey it’s Malynda from Ohio. I’m one of the 30,000 people in the Moderna vaccine trial. I got the first shot July 28th and the booster August 30th. I had to sign 20 pages of consent forms full physical and I get 5 tubes of blood drawn every Five weeks. It’s so worth it to be able to help this crisis come to an ens eventually. Please everyone get the vaccine

      1. Sherrill

        I have been participating in Pfizer’s vaccine trial. Have been in since the beginning but, of course, will most likely never know if I got the actual vaccine or placebo. I’ll definitely get the shot when available and have already had the flu shot.

  20. Maureen

    My husband and I will definitely get the vaccine when it is approved and it is our turn.
    I’ll bet you were doing a happy dance inside even if you couldn’t do one on the outside! It’s so good to hear that Jo is beginning to trust you. By the way, is she named after Jo Kramer?

  21. Bonnie McKee

    So happy to hear of your milestone with Jo! To know she is beginning to trust you must fill your heart. It sure fills mine knowing Jo now has a glimmer of hope and love in her sweet doggie heart!

  22. Julie B from Cedar Falls

    I will be the first in line for a vaccination. I will take 95% effectiveness.

    Good news about Jo…Mary, you are the dog charmer…she will come around.

  23. Sue in Oregon

    When Dr. Faucci announces that the vaccine is good, we will get it as soon as we can. Won’t it be wonderful to have this over? Can’t wait.
    Today we, just the two of us, went fishing in a near-by lake in our boat. No masks and it was wonderful. We always wear our masks when we go to town, but I must say, I really don’t like wearing them. They make it hard to talk and even to breathe. So, it will be great to be free of them. BTW…2 big trout for dinner.
    Jo is a sweetheart. One step at a time. You are both doing great.

  24. Julie D.

    So very happy that Jo took food from your hand, Mary! What a great sign that she is starting to trust you. Poor thing–she really had to go through such trauma in her young life to be this way. You are winning, but it’s just going to take a long time. She’s fortunate to have you in her life. As for a mask–I wear one all of the time out in public places or even around family members who work around clients/patients all day long. I will most definitely get the vaccine when it comes to my turn for my age.

  25. Sandy

    Hi mary,glad there is progress with jo, lm on the wait and see teamas l react to flu jabs.we are lucky in new Zealand, hard lockdown now mask on planes and public transport in Auckland only.stay home and sew everyone,take care,sandy

  26. mj from Hudson wi

    I agree with you 100%, we ALL should be wearing masks when with others. I made over 200 masks and still am doing it. Hopefully homeless people are wearing them.
    Absolutely getting the shot. BUT only if the scientists OK it. It can’t come soon enough so all our essential workers get a break and can return to their normal. Let’s help them out by doing our part…wear a mask…it is just a piece of cloth. I heard a nurse say, probably in June or July from NY, “we have a choice, wear a mask of cloth OR a mask to the ventilator.” It is our choice …make the right one. 2 of my children and 1 grandchild, all adults, have been recovering from this virus…it is terrifying.
    Sorry for the soapbox lecture…
    As usual I am grateful for this blog, all the pictures, notes, comments and etc. It is one thing I look forward to seeing and reading at this time of staying home…thanks..

  27. Candy

    Oh happy day … for both Jo and you! I don’t know how we’ll ever get rid of this virus if we don’t get the vaccine when it’s available to us. I’m ready!

  28. Beryl in Owatonna

    What exciting news about Jo 😊 I have shed tears for both of you. I can’t imagine what that poor thing went through or how any one could be so cruel. I will not be getting the vaccine. I have never had a flu shot and have worked in public for years. I will probably be one who will be scanned and not let in. I do not trust what they are doing. I wear a mask when I have to I can’t breathe with it on. I am a stubborn Norwegian, I guess. Have a nice Thanksgiving every one…we have so much to be thankful for!

    1. Carla

      Thank you for expressing yourself Beryl. So often I feel like an outsider. I’ve never gotten a flu shot either. I’m not against vaccines and get the disease preventative ones as needed. I was a tutor until my youngest graduated in 2019 and in contact with young people all the time in addition to my 7 sons and now DILs and grandkids. I am 56 and rarely get sick which is good because I am allergic to most major antibiotics. I eat healthy, exercise, and take quality vitamins. I wear a mask out of respect for other people, but they cause me to be in a constant low grade state of panic brought on by my cleithrophobia. It’s a thing lol. As far as I can tell, for every report that claims masks work, there is one that says they don’t. I don’t put my faith in either side. I put my faith in God. Some of my family have covid right now but they are fine. We are blessed that it hasn’t been a major issue for any of them. Sweden will most likely turn out to be the practical ones when all is said and done.

          1. CountryThreads Post author

            Carla- you have 7 boys? No girls? Just DILs now? How does one raise 7 boys – honestly, I just think about all the trouble little boys can get into and wonder how you did it! Those granddaughters were so lucky to get that Dagon – I’ll bet they love it! I have forgotten it’s name!

      1. Beryl in Owatonna

        I, too, put my trust in God…He is our protector and healer. I just say “I am not going to get…” I take vitamins also and have for many years. I do not run to a doctor with every pain…I don’t like them. If I feel like it is a medical problem I will go otherwise it is the yearly “physical” for my insurance. I trust my chiropractor. I will be 78 in a month. Civilization has lasted all of these centuries without all these things. Common sense plays a big part…if you don’t feel good, stay home take care of yourself then get on with it. Wash your hands!! Enough…

  29. Sharyn Resvick

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I will get the vaccine. My husband manages the Specialty Pharmacy for U of M and Fairview Hospital/Clinics. They have been working hard to have all the necessary special refrigeration for the vaccine as it has to be stored at very cold temps. Many Walgreens, CVS stores will not have the cold storage for it so Specialty Pharmacy will be storing huge quantities for others.

  30. Donna Sproston

    Mask, yes! Social distace, yes! Vaccine, yes, asap. I have four good friends who have survived Covid and one is still fighting the aftereffects. . A former student, a single mom, is still hospitalized and worrying about her adopted child and trying to pursue custody issues with a lawyer via Zoom. She has turned the corner but will be on oxygen indefinitely. Another former student lost her mom yesterday. One daughter is an international aide worker in Jordan, and I hope we can see her at Thanksgiving in 2021. Our other daughter continues to teach first grade virtually in Wisconsin, and it will probably be for the remainder of the year. Zoom helps, but we miss seeing friends and family. Stay safe.

      1. Donna Sproston

        The mother that died yesterday morning has two special needs adult children and was a pillar in the Special Olympics and her church. There were no hospital beds left for Covid patients in our area hospitals so she was taken to the nearest one with a bed. So sad and so hard to support families that are grieving.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Donna Sproston – oh my, what a sad story!! What will happen to the two adult special needs adults- are they in a supervised housing situation? And no beds? I can’t imagine – and she 2 was transferred to another hospital and was probably s sick she didn’t even realize it. Is there a husband? Oh, Donna, I am so sorry!

    1. Beryl in Owatonna

      I am so sorry, Donna. I lost a friend Tuesday to the virus. She nearly died alone…no visitors allowed. Another is in the hospital right now. Two other friends lost their husbands since September, one had her husband at home so could be with him, the other put her husband in the VA hospital, within a month he was gone…she could not visit. Another friend lost her Dad two weeks ago…no visitors. I have been able to visit my cousin who is in the VA home 4 times since March. His wife and I go when we can. two visits were outside the others outside his window, with masks on. One outside visit he reached for us and wanted a hug as we left…we had to walk away. This is cruelty, especially for those in care centers who need touch and love to even want to continue living. Nurses touch isn’t the same as family. Prayers for the Lords peace and comfort for you and your family.

  31. Susan B. in Virginia

    Yes, I will get the vaccine as soon as I can. I hope both of my adult children can get it first. They need to be out in the world much more than I do. I can stay home. They have their lives to get on with!!
    Great news about Jo. You are such a blessing, Mary!

  32. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    I absolutely will get the vaccine. I lost a good friend to it after fighting for 4.5 months. I remember getting the Sauk vaccine for polio as a child, no one gets polio anymore because we all took it for everyone’s benefit. Those who refuse to wear a mask or take this seriously should have to sign a waiver that if they are hospitalized, they don’t want a ventilator. I know I am harsh about this, but really people, until we all cooperate, this isn’t going away.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marj in western WI – I like your idea of signing a waiver – I am so cruel as to hope those who refuse to wear a mask are the ones who get sick. Sounds fair to me.

  33. Lorraine McGeough

    So glad to hear the little piece of good news that Jo ate some hamburger AND it was out of your hand. Patience is a virtue and I admire you for all of your patience.

    I don’t think I would get the vaccine right away but I am glad to see that the labs are working diligently on trying to get a vaccine that will help curb this horrible virus. I always wear a mask the minute I leave the house (which is not very often).
    Take care and be safe. Thank you for your daily news.

  34. Kathy Hanson

    You take such wonderful care of your animals! Your elderly chickens are receiving such great care! So happy to hear that Jo has made progress! You truly are the “dog whisperer”! She is a very lucky dog to have you to care for her. Jerry and I will certainly get the vaccine when it is available to us. It is the least we can do, as well as always wearing our masks, to keep our neighbors safe! I really enjoy Blue Bloods too! Didn’t get to see it last night, Jerry watched the Gopher football game!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Hanson – you didn’t miss anything on BlueBloods – it was a rerun.

  35. Sandra Goddard

    As of right now no I would not get the shot. I need more evidence and studies on its effectiveness and side effects. Good news with Jo.

  36. Paula Philpot

    I agree with HO, when it’s my turn….So happy your baby is beginning to trust you. Paula in KY

  37. Janet of MN

    Thank you Mary for all you do especially with Jo.
    I take precautions but will wait with the vaccine as there are too many stories both positive & negative about covid.
    Have a safe Thanksgiving everyone.

  38. Lois Ann Johnson

    Hurray for progress! What good news about Jo taking the food from your hand! If she is beginning to trust you, then maybe she will gradually start coming out of her shell. YES, I will be taking the new Covid-19 vaccine when it is my turn. I get flu shots every year and have only had the flu once in all the years that I’ve been getting the shots. My doctor said it was a “light case” which is good because I have asthma. I will not be with any of my family for Thanksgiving (they are all scattered around the country), but will share a meal with one or two other friends. Have a great weekend, Mary!

  39. Linda baker

    I was skeptical about the vaccine at first, but since the good reports are coming out, I will be taking the vaccine when it becomes available. Wearing a mask is SO important and it just galls me when I see people wearing one below their nose or they take it off to talk to people! Defeats the purpose, people!! Guess that’s just the retired nurse in me, lol.

  40. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    The vaccine when it becomes available will be in this order: Healthcare workers, First Responders including police and firefighters, other essential workers, then the general public. This information came directly from my physician. So basically it will be months down the road for us. I am concerned about the lack of the long term testing that the FDA would normally require, so I will be one of the last to have the vaccine and due to my many severe drug allergies, including flu shots, I may opt out entirely. I would rather see the vaccine go first to third world countries where the healthcare is so limited or nonexistent, rather than come to the US or Europe first.

  41. Judy A

    I loved your paragraph about settling the matter of masks. Wish everyone DID think that way 🙁 There are still plenty of folks who are not feeling courteous.

    Will I get the vaccine? Was to my doc this week for a checkup and he said when the vaccine comes out, GET IT! But it will be a while before there will be enough for everyone who wants it. Medical/First Responders will be first.

  42. Laura

    Yes, it makes me crazy when people don’t wear masks. I am a respiratory therapist. We have pulmonary rehab patients, that have 20% of their lung function, wearing mask and exercising. So when I hear, I have asthma, it’s ridiculous. If your asthma is that bad, stay home. Because, it you are unable to wear a mask, due to your horrible asthma, you most likely will end up on a ventilator, if you contract COVID.

    Yes, I will get the vaccine and so will my husband.

    Hopefully, Jo is over a hurdle.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Laura – we should all defer to your advice and thank you for your service. Yes, asthmatics should be quarantining long before they are exposed. Very dangerous for them – stay home!!!

  43. Ginny

    I’m not sure, I want to see what the side effects are, sometimes depending on your health situation the cure can be worse than the disease.
    Hooray for Jo, you gaining her trust!

  44. Pat Smith

    Yes, I will get the vaccine as soon as it available for my group of people. My husband worked for a pharmaceutical company for 25 years and I know what goes in to developing and testing these drugs. Also as others mention, I trust Dr. Fauci and Gupta’s advice.
    Wonderful news about Jo. I think it will take baby steps for a long time.

  45. Sharon Lowy

    Love those old hens! Jo is going to make it..just no way to know how abused she has been. You are such a special person with such love and patience.❤️

    Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁🦃🦃🦃🙏🙏🙏

  46. Kim J LeMere

    So glad to read the news on Jo, baby steps but progress. Yes we will get the vaccine, when its our turn. I lost a good friend at 58 to this virus, it attach her heart after being on a vent for 9 days. You can only flat line so many times…..I follow the science and not everything is about choice. Some folks have health issues that may make it not a good decision to take the shop but we are not those folks. We stay pretty safe at home and have enjoyed our life at a slower pace but I wish to see my children (both who are mandatory to work) and my parents.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kim LeMere – I am shocked and so sorry to hear about your young friend who lost her fight with COVID. I guess I always think about the elderly dying of it and I’m in that group that says you have to die from something. I’d rather die than be held prisoner in my room at a care center. A middle aged mom should not die from a virus!

  47. Jay

    I’m with you: wearing a mask is a small thing with a huge dividend, and common courtesy requires it. Although I don’t go out much, I always wear a mask when I do. It’s not that hard!
    I will get a vaccine when it’s my turn, which I suspect will be at least a year, if not more. So many more are ahead of me, from healthcare people to first responders to those at high risk. I’m just old, so not a priority, and I’m OK with that.
    While in isolation, we adopted an old, much-abused dog. She slept HARD for about a month, flinched when we reached out to pet her, and still hasn’t barked after 3 months. She leaks urine, so wears a diaper at night and has plastic under her (many) beds, but she’s started wagging her tail, bumping our hands for attention, and even prancing a bit when she sees us in the morning. She’s coming back to life, but there’s no telling the damage done to her before she came to us. She has broken and missing teeth, and a sagging belly, and rarely lifts her head. It’s tragic to think of the hurt people inflict on animals. We do our small part to remedy what we can, don’t we?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jay – I am so interested in your dog! I feel so sorry for Jo out there in the kennel but Rick says she might think it’s Heaven – a bed, a warm house, food, water, toys – maybe she didn’t have any of those things before. She is still just a puppy being 8 months old – what could she have possibly done to deserve such punishment??? Do you have another dog to befriend her? I anxiously await Jo greeting me in the mornings – it will be a good day when she does!

  48. Margaret

    Well first I want to thank you for all the care you give to animals. Your crown will have many jewels, I am sure. I love all the post about the dogs you foster, so heartwarming and I can hardly believe your patience? I alway love seeing the DD, wow so many wonderful quilts. Your flowers and plants blow me away,I love gardening , and love quilting, please be safe and take care of yourself. We are not taking the vaccine, we are bath in our 80’s and have been trying to stay safe. Not having our usual family thanksgiving, which is so sad. I miss my family so much. We have not even got to hold our latest great grandson and he is 8 months. But praising God for their health and ours. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Margaret – I can’t imagine how much you miss your family and what a wonderful day it will be when you meet that new great grandson. Rick and I will be spending the day alone, too, but it’s OK. This is a normal Thanksgiving for us.

  49. elizabeth a hinze

    I don’t think I’ll have a choice I’m a nurse at a big hospital
    if I want to work I’ll need to get the vaccine
    If I wasn’t a nurse I would continue to wear a mask
    go out only when necessary
    and wait till the second round of vaccines

  50. Candy

    Jay, you might talk to your vet about medication for your dog’s ‘leaking’. Our 15-year old dog started ‘leaking’ when she slept about 8 months ago … our vet said it’s something that can happen with older female dogs who have been spayed (I don’t know the reason). Once we put her on medication the problem stopped, thankfully! We were also considering nighttime diapers … I was so tired of washing beds! Good luck!

  51. Jean

    WAHOO!!! Jo rocks! She’s gonna be okay and will have won the doggie lottery landing at country threads! She will know this is one day. Good bless you mary!

  52. Jan in NW WI

    I will definitely get the vaccine(s). Two may be required. Like the flu shot and other preventative injections and other vaccines, these are reliable ways to control or eliminate serious infectious outbreaks. Think measles, mumps and rubella in the US. Think polio. Vaccines help the population as a whole with very few issues. Science is real. Follow it.

  53. Sandy

    Washington state has had to return to tighter restrictions for at least 28 days. On day 1, my 91 year old mom had a heart attack and I found her on the floor. They let me go in the ER with her, but because of the high patient census due to COVID, we were in the ER for 26 hours until she could get a bed. I could not go with her. I kissed her goodbye in the hallway when they took her away. I had to immediately leave the hospital. I cannot go back. She will have to go to a skilled nursing facility and then an assisted living and we will not be able to see her for many weeks. If people were following mask wearing, social distancing, not gathering in groups protocols… all the recommendations to slow or stop spreading COVID, I could be with her in the hospital. With a dementia/Alzheimer’s diagnosis, she is confused and has no one familiar to help her. I hope others will start following the guidelines and I will definitely get the vaccine.

    1. Maureen

      I am so very sorry to read your story. I cannot imagine how painful this is for you and for your mom. I hope you have family/friends close by to walk through this with you.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – your poor mom! And she doesn’t understand probably. Rick and I said – for the umpteenth time – we are so thankful our parents are not here during this pandemic . They wouldn’t understand at all and they wouldn’t be happy about it either! I’ll be thinking about your mom – and saying a prayer for her comfort and ease of mind.

  54. Patty McDonald in Sounthern California

    So very happy for Jo and you. It’s a huge accomplishment and I know you put in tons of work and patience.
    Also, I’m a chicken lover. Every time I think of moving next year, I know we will only be allowed 4 hens in a development. I have 10! I’m attached to all of them. Well, we haven’t moved yet and that might be what keeps us on our property. I had 2 hens that are 8 years old. This week the Rhode Island red died. I found her in a nesting box. Yes she was old but it just hurts my heart to have them die. So only 1 old girl left. Bought 10 chicks last spring and they are starting to lay. One of them flew over the fence and a coyote got her. I won’t give details but I cried. I did clip their right wing (months ago) but I will do it again.

    Yes, I am going to get the covid vaccine. I’ve had the flu shot every year for 30 years. Started getting it to protect my dad and now get it to protect me. Not one of my friends get the flu shot and none will go for the covid shot. They are lovely Christian women so I’m wondering is it a Southern California attitude?

  55. Paula in Texas

    Way to Go in working with Jo!!! Seeing a bit of improvement helps your soul! Yes, I will be FIRST in line to take the Covid vaccine. I have read several reports of people who are in the “studies”. They feel that they received the vaccine and not the placebo because of a slight reaction. I want to enjoy life and be more giving to others, and the vaccine will allow me to live a fuller life of helping others, I am wearing a mask, but I miss being able to smile at people.

  56. Alice

    Yes, I will get the vaccine when it’s available. I’ve been wearing a mask since we were told to & I carry hand sanitizer, & wash my hands, a lot. I do go out to shop when needed & wear a mask. I have a list & I’m quick in & out. I will have to say I see very few people without a mask. I did make well over 100 & even mailed to friends in other states. Not being able to visit loved ones in hospitals & facilities is so hard! They just don’t understand. I lost my husband last month, but not due to Covid. I was fortunate enough to find a facility that would allow me to visit thru an open window on the patio. That soon ended as our states #’s went up. As his condition worsened & Hospice was brought in, my children & I were allowed to visit. Life changes very quickly, I didn’t expect to lose him so quickly. Yes, 2020 has been quite the year! I’m thankful for much though. I have a sweet little dog that keeps me going, a very strong church family, & my quilting. Life is different. Slow but sure Jo will come around. I can’t imagine what her previous owner did to her for her to react this way. My heart hurts for this sweet puppy. Thank you for your love of animals, you are a very special person, Mary!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Alice – my sympathy to you – losing your husband in the middle of all this misery is unthinkable. We miss our friends at the care center even though our mom is no longer there. So happy you have a sweet little dog to keep you company!

      1. Alice

        My husband had dementia due to an allergy to anaesthetic he was given for a minor surgery & It caused brain damage. He could have died & almost did. We were married 55 yrs, & he was one of those really good guys!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Alice – 55 years! I’ll bet you miss him like crazy – an allergy to anesthesia- wow!

  57. KathyG from Oak Creek, WI

    HI, so glad there’s progress with Jo!

    Yes, I will get the vaccine. After working in healthcare for 37 years, I understand the science and how necessary it is for us as a community to do this. And it is the smart thing to do for your own well-being.

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