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How is everybody doing on their rug?  Evidently OK because I’m not fielding many questions.  I told you that DVD was easy to follow, didn’t I?  I never believed Connie when she said it was helpful but she was right.  Someone asked for some rug pictures.  The really colorful one is made with T-shirt knit, the brown one is made with brushed cotton and the red and white one is made from homespun.

We also made many placemats through the years but never used them as a placemat.  I have them under the dog water pail, under a pair of boots in the hallway, by the stove as a hot pad and here on an end table leftover from Christmas.  See all the threads on this one – made prior to pinking blades.


This closeup is taken of a rug made with woven fabric cut with a pinking blade.  If you look closely, you can even see the cut and you’ll see there are not so many threads.

Last night was choir practice and I felt well enough to go and if I didn’t go I’d feel guilty.  So off I went.  About halfway through rehearsal I felt a coughing spell coming on and it was a doozy.  Lasted almost 10 minutes as I paced out in the lobby and hacked away.  Ugh!

And just a few entertaining cat pictures for you.  Millie can find the darnedest places to sleep!

And now I’m going to bake me up some 9 X 13 Millie hot dish!

And then there’s JB – please NO!

And now you know why I never invite guests for dinner.

34 thoughts on “Just Checking In

  1. Noel

    What is the most comfortable way to work on the rug? I can’t seem to find one. I’ve had it braced in between the kitchen chair and table and up against the couch. Any suggestions?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I like to sit in a straight chair and lean the frame against a counter or table. When I get towards the middle of the frame, I put it up on a small stool so I don’t have to bend over to weave. Helps my back and shoulders.

    2. Pam Klemm

      I had the same question. Last night I was sitting on the table and had the frame propped up against the hutch with bags of kitty litter holding it in place 🙂 How long before the kitties lose interest in the fabric tails!

  2. Joanne

    Take Care of yourselves! Your animal family needs you! Haven’t started a rug yet still trying to finish gypsy wife.

  3. Carol

    I’m hoping to get my husband involved in the rug project. So it hasn’t been started yet! But there is hope…
    OK I love all kitties, but I love Millie because she looks like my Kitty …the runaway adventurer last May for whom you prayed…
    Please get that cough checked out, I had a never ending violent cough that lasted the whole month of January last year. Had I gone to the doctor sooner and got a z-pack I would have avoided a lot of misery. It took me through March to get my energy back.
    Take care and thank you for all your sharing. You are a marvel.

  4. Donna Sproston

    Love those cat photos. Perhaps you should carry some honey with you. I have found it helpful in ending a cough although at the height of the coughing spell, you might spew honey! Sounds like you have the bronchitis that went around area over and over last winter. Good luck!

  5. Diane Deibler

    Love the kitty pictures! When we had a cat in the house, she was always in the middle of whatever we were doing. Miss having one in the house but the spoiled house dog would not go for it; he barks at all cats.

  6. Linda

    Your rugs are beautiful. My grandmother made braided rugs long ago. I tried writing to you on the other web address you provided, but it didn’t go threw. I really want to buy the rug book and the dvd. I’ve always wanted to weave rag rugs. I won’t be able to send you a check till the middle of next week and just wanted to make sure you would still have the book and dvd available. Take care and thank you.

  7. Rhonda D

    We’re still running a day behind but weaving begins tonight since warping was done last night. Glad you got out and about for a bit- those awful coughing fits are no fun, though.
    Your JD looks just like our Fergus. We have most of his litter mates but you’d never know from looking at them all they were siblings!

  8. Gail Bronner

    Love your cat photos.
    I’ve found that Ricolla Dual Action cough drops are great for coughs. They have a liquidy center that

  9. Rose Mikulski

    I’m having fun doing mine in bright homespun. I die-cut my strips so I do have a lot of thread but I like the look. I’ve asked Bill to make me a smaller frame. I have 8″ done on both sides and am hoping I have enough strips. I’m sending you a photo; my two doggie girls, Sophie and Daisy do not like me twining and Sophie sits on the chair behind me and whines and Daisy has knocked the frame off the step stool twice. I find working with the frame propped up again my counter high table on a small step stool to work quite nice. Sometimes my shoulders hurt but after I give it a rest I feel fine and my sore right elbow has gotten better since I started.

  10. Joyce Mullis

    Your Millie looks like a beloved cat we had years ago. It was before my quilting days so not sure how he would have liked all the fabric. The one we have now loves fabric! They are such a joy.

  11. Cathy Davis

    Shame on me!, I haven’t started yet. Hope to get going Saturday unless the rain/snow keeps up and I get a snow day 🙂

  12. Liz

    Love the cat photos! JB looks just like my Cody. Exact color and almost the same markings. Cody was a rescue. He actually jumped into my niece’s car one day. My niece is allergic to cats. Though she didn’t want to take him out and leave him there in the parking lot. So she called me and what to do. Gave her instructions and after a two weeks of not able to find his owner, she got him out of Humane Society and put him on a plane and now I have him! All good!

    Anyway, I am working on my 6th row (top and bottom) now. I am having fun with it! Thank you again for replying to my email Mary! I did order a pinking blade for my next rug project. So far I am okay with the threads/strings. Threads/strings just gets in the way.

  13. Mareen

    Glad you are better Mary but take it easy. I still am not 100 percent better…..and I have had many a good meal at your place you are a great cook…..and after a beer who cares anyway it is the company shared right? Hope you are better soon!

  14. Pamela Williams

    Here’s a remedy you might try for your cough. Before you go to bed slather the bottoms of your feet with Vicks Vapor Rub and out on a pair of socks. I know it sounds strange but hopefully it will do the trick.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pamela – funny you should mention the Vicks and the socks- it’s the only thing that’s allowed me to sleep in the last few weeks. Weird, I agree, but for some reason it works.

  15. Elizabeth

    Thanks for the cat pics! I enjoy them, and my daughter in Sweden, and son-in-law in Spain are keeping up with you as well. I love your rugs; I was all set to dothe rug-along until someone close to me mentioned my recent tendency to fall easily. YUK! I am reading along anyway, and considering either a table runner or a table mat; I also like the idea of using a small rug under the kitty’s food bowl, for us and for gifts. Thanks so much for your blog — it gives such pleasure to so many!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Elizabeth – it makes me happy to hear I can make someone else happy in such an easy way!

  16. Moe Baly

    Hi Mary ~ i want to join you in the Rug challenge, I have one started on my frame so plan to get it out this weekend! Looks like fun. Love your photos and quilts and kitties.

  17. Julie

    I call your house “Cat Heaven”! What cat wouldn’t want to live there!! Love the rugs!! Will have to try them sometime! Glad you’re feeling a little better! My husband is going through the same thing right now.

  18. Loris Mills

    Mary, your cats are adorable =^.^= Actually, all your animals are. I love knowing they are all living quite well with you on your beautiful farmlands.
    I mailed off my check for the DVD yesterday. Today I will cut up some fabric strips.
    The coughing spell sounds like a reactive airway event like I get after a bad respiratory virus. I use an albuterol inhaler and an inhaler called Q-var (or it’s generic) only needed for a few days and drink more water (along with my tea 🙂 and it helps prevent the spasms like that. Your airway is just irritated and it will pass. I know you’re getting lots of ‘advice’ from us but you have to get a prescription from your doc for these so I’m comfortable knowing my words will get checked or confirmed 🙂 I’m a recently retired ER RN and hubby was a respiratory therapist and I resisted his advice for a few years. Finally gave in and have happy I did. PS if you get an inhaler, ask for a spacer to use with it….it makes all the difference of making it work well. Hope you feel free of all this soon.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Loris – I do have an albuterol inhaler and I drink over a gallon of water every day. What else should I ask for? What’s a “spacer”?

      1. Loris Mills

        A spacer is a plastic cylinder made specially for use with inhalers. The inhaler fits into it at one end and the mouthpiece is at the other. Instead of inhaling directly on the inhaler, you draw the inhaler med in through the spacer. The med goes into your airway better and you actually get less of the side effects from it. Important to draw the breath in slowly and then hold your breath for a few seconds to keep the medicine in..
        The Qvar (beclamethazone) I mentioned is a second inhaler med that decreases inflammation. It can be inhaled a few minutes after the albuterol is taken.
        So sorry to hear this is taking so long to kick. Some of these illnesses are mean. Sounds like your doing your best to hydrate and rest.

  19. Nancy Poole

    Mary I just love your posts. My only way to travel back to the land of my childhood.
    Wish I had time to make a rug. I remember we all had them when I lived in Minnesota. Can never find them out here in California. And your animals I love them all. Lloyd made me give away my cats when we moved(too many coyotes here). But my dogs are under foot and on the bed at all times. Nancy

  20. Felicia Hamlin

    A cat in the basket. She is so cute Mary. I would love to have another cat, but right now it looks like Zari will be the only one.

    You take care, the crud sticks around for good. Felicia

  21. Martha Engstler

    Thanks so much for sharing the cat pictures. They are so special. Please take care of your health. I miss your pictures when you are under the weather. So grateful for your efforts. Martha

  22. Jackie Baumhauer

    I was so proud of myself…I had my rug frame warped and had 3-4 rows finished on each end. I had given my book and CD to a friend. It took me a little while to remember what I needed to do since I hadn’t done a rug in a couple of years. All of a sudden I remembered going through the loop! Took it all out and started again. I have made four rugs and about seven table runners and didn’t think I would ever need the book or CD again.
    Does Rick still make the frames?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jackie – no, Rick is out of the frame business. Glad you remembered that loop!

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