Keeping Busy

It is so very cold and snowy that everyone is forced to stay indoors.  Here is another of Connie’s recent projects – art supply bags for her grandkids for Valentines Day.  This might be hard to see but the front of the bag is actually see thru vinyl and the backing could not be more appropriate for an art supply bag.   When I was at Connie’s house yesterday I should have snapped more photos because she had several new projects started.  She did admit she likes to start something new every day – ha!

I found another old small quilt top that I put on the machine and quilted with straight lines.  Note the dogs in their chairs in the background.


Someone asked how I keep the lines so straight – remember I’m quilting on a longarm but even when Connie and I quilt with our home machines, quilting with straight lines is not difficult and we purposely do not want each line to be evenly spaced which makes us very good at this.  Try it yourself sometime – it’s lots easier than you probably think.

Here’s a sneak peak at a layer cake project I’m also working on.  More on this later.

And these guys are why I’m spending hours and hours each day in the shop allowing me to get all these projects finished.  Elmer, Ruby, and Lucy love it outside – even when the weather is less than perfect!

Stay warm, everybody!

15 thoughts on “Keeping Busy

  1. Rebecca H

    Burrrr those dogs don’t have their winter coats on either. Their pretty cute. Love the pictures of your house, quilts, shop and all the animals. Keep em comin and stay warm….

  2. Launa

    I saw a child’s craft apron idea with individual places in the front to store the crayons. Great idea, except there are so many different colors now. I used to go to the local newspaper office and buy their leftover rolls of unprinted news print….I’d trace around the Grands’ bodies as best I could and let them color costumes on their traced forms. Connie’s art supply bags are ideal gifts for Grands or adults who are into the newest fad of stress releasing color books.
    Had a good laugh of the guest dogs in the chairs watching you quilt.
    The 16 patch quilt is coming right along.
    Happy Valentine’s Day Sunday…..

  3. bernadette

    I recently purchased a walking foot, a darning foot, and some quilting needles for my 35 yr old but still awesome Singer. Taking a class next Tue at local quilt shop to learn basics of machine quilting. Can’t wait! I have three 22 inch square Christmas wreath projects that I will finish myself. With that skill and some smaller projects, I will be unstoppable!!

  4. Dianne Cook

    Hi Mary
    I love reading your posts everyday. Your animals always look so happy. We have one dog and one cat who love the outdoors. Our eleven year old golden retriever/german shepherd mix loves to sit on the deck in the evening and watch the wild life (mostly rabbits) run around on our six acres which is half bush. Its hard to get her to come in when its time for bed.
    I have many of yours and Connie’s books and used to order from your web site before you closed.
    Sounds like we are having similar weather here in mid-western Ontario. Can’t see the trees that line our property today for blowing snow.
    Does Connie have pattern for the art bags. I think some of my youg grandchildren might like them too.

    Take care and stay warm.

    Dianne in Ontario

  5. Connie

    I love the art supply bags that Connie made. Is the colorful square print backing she used a fabric? If so, do you have any information on the designer or fabric company?

  6. Martha Engstler

    I also admire all the projects you get done. If my sewing room was on the first floor I might want to go there more often and get some of the UFO’s finished and maybe even get organized. ha ha. I’m sure it’s nice to have such good company in the shop when you work. The dogs look so at home there.

  7. Kate Schloemer

    I envy that you can stay in your sewing area so long at a time and get so many projects completed.. I struggle with one project at a time..

  8. Rose Mikulski

    Nothing beats reading your post with a hot cup of tea and a plateful of cookies! Love the quilt with the Jan Patek print. It’s so funny that yesterday I pulled out the Front Porch Kit that I bought from your shop and I was thinking that I didn’t want to cut up the wonderful Jan Patek print with the red geraniums so your quilt has inspired me to make something like yours. I’ll work with the fabric that I have. Just love your quilt with the straight line quilting which reminds me I should quilt some of my tops. Thanks for sharing. BTW your studio looks wonderful and just ripe for an occupational takeover. No guns allowed, just fabric, I’ll bring the cookies.

  9. Diane

    PS Those two in the chairs look like they are at the movies or watching a great show on TV. Soooo funny:)

  10. Diane

    Look at those three having fun in the snow. Reminds me of when I was little and stayed at the sledding hill until the street lights came on in our tiny town in western New York. I’d rather quilt now!! Mary, please do share the layer cake quilt. I accidentally bought one instead of a 2 1/2″ strip packet, but I love it so didn’t sent it back. Connie’s art packets are great. Last, but definitely not least, the black and red with birds is just stunning. You do great work and are so nice to share:) Diane

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