Some Successes, Some Failures

Well, don’t ever think I can grow just anything – I have been so proud of myself with this African violet until last week when I obviously overwatered the poor thing!  Evidently both my thumbs are not green.

It’s not the end of the world — I won’t give up quite yet but I am so mad at myself.  I know better and I preach this all the time.  Plants are better off on the dry side!  Here on the other hand is a rescued begonia that is doing beautifully in an east exposure.

I may be hitting that  winter “wall”.  When I got up this morning the cats had knocked a bowl of fresh eggs off the counter and they all broke.  The cats also attacked the fur on the hood of my parka that was laid over a chair and part of it is now bald because they killed it!  Somebody has been missing the litter box and nobody wants to go outside of course because it’s too cold.  Ufta!

Getting ready to watch the Kansas/Oklahoma game.  The previous game on Monday night which lasted 3 overtimes is the best game I’ve ever watched.  Anybody agree with me?  Anybody else gonna watch this game?  I have no favorite – I just LOVE college basketball!

22 thoughts on “Some Successes, Some Failures

  1. Ann Barlament

    My grandmother always had the most gorgeous violets. On watering day she would collect them in the kitchen, take her largest cake pan and put the raised cooling racks in the bottom of pan, then place the violets on the racks. Next it was boiling water poured into the pan and the violets would get a “steam bath”.

    I never got this technique to work for me…..

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – steam bath – really? I may try it. Anybody else tried this method with violets?

  2. Molly Daniei

    Mary – I have four violets and have them in these pots that came from Lowe’s. They are two pieces –
    the bottom holds water – and the other the plant. It draws water from the bottom and I can surely tell when the bottom is w/o water. I love all the pictures – dogs, cats and plants. Thank you

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Molly – thanks – I have recently learned about these pots from another reader.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo – what do you mean, nice ones? I’ve almost killed this one! Doesn’t look too nice to me.

  3. Nancy

    Beautiful violets!!!!!! Love the quilt under them and was wondering what pattern it was? Love it!!!!

  4. Diane Meyer

    My mother grew beautiful violets; I have killed every on that I have owned. On a better note, I have two Christmas cacti blooming right now. We also saw some robins the other day. Spring is thinking of coming I guess. As I write this it is snowing!

  5. Kathy

    Those rascals look so innocent! I love the table runner and you can clearly see the lines with uneven spacing. I will definitely give this a try. Isn’t one if the treatments for overwatering repotting in a slightly bigger pot? That violet will just have to get over it.

  6. LeAnn Keenan

    I hear you about the “winter wall”. It was a shattered picture at our house yesterday! Then, of course, as soon as she wants to snuggle, I’m over it!

  7. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary. Don’t feel so bad about the violet. I have killed so many. If it were a crime I would be in jail for life. That begonia is spectacular.

    Keep warm. Felicia

  8. Barbara

    I over-watered my violet (several times actually) and used one of those yellow-orange super drying towels I got at the state farm to dry it out. I took the poor thing out of the pot and wrapped the towel around it. I’ve also put it under the pot to draw out water that way. I bet that isn’t one of the uses they planned for those handy towels!

  9. Moe Baly

    Hi Mary, your plants are looking good. I cannot grow African Violets or orchids. I have over 50 plants that live in the entryway at work in the winter. There are many plant lights and a waterfall, I fuss with them once a week, cutting dead leaves, watering and turning them but just about this time each winter they start to get stressed, they are looking forward to May when they go home with me to live on my deck all summer.

  10. bernadette

    Mary, you could transfer your violet to a self watering pot. They are awesome. Just keep the reservoir full, and the plant will take what it needs. We have had three in such pots for over 10 years. Love the kitties.

  11. Diane

    We already watched our grand daughter’s 2 tournament bball games–6th grade. Now watching Ohio State/Rutgers. I think the violet wil be ok. Squeak sat in our Christmas Cactus when she was 3 months old and it’s still ok. She’s asleep in her fleece lined basket in front of the fire–spoiled!! Only 16 here inCentral Ohio.

  12. Launa

    Winter Wall……MARY ….NASCAR IS AT DAYTONA!!!!! So those activities have been on TVs. I’m entertaining family, grand-dogs and having a birthday dinner here for our youngest…14 yr old GRAND. Busy happy times. No cookies Rose; we’re serving RED VELVET birthday cake.
    Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

  13. reva

    My middle daughter’s young son is a junioor at OKU now and of course, is a die-hard fan. He was wearing black & white shirt under the basket on OKI’s side. Of course, we are die-HARD KU fans, so it was a good day for us – we are going to Morgasnville (tinyu town in Clay Co.) for chicken fried steak supper! Yeah Hawks! I watched K-State this afternoon too, but they did not come out so great. rc

  14. Diana W

    Your violet doesn’t look that bad. Let it dry out, and it will come back.
    My husband calls our Siamese kitten “Isis”. His name is really Poppy. He has to knock every single thing on every counter top off during the middle of the night.
    He is less than a year old and already weighs about 13 pounds!
    I understand about your winter wall. We went to Winterset today to the new quilt shop for a much needed break.

  15. jody gagnon

    i think your violet may come back. i have had it happen before. mean while stick a couple of the healthy leaves in water and let them root for a new plant just in case yours doesn’t survive. But from the looks of your plants you are a very good flower grower.

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