I Feel At Least 100 Pounds Lighter!

Five dogs went home yesterday and even though I don’t think boarding dogs is stressful, it must be.  It’s like grandkids – you look forward to having them come and you enjoy their time with you but it’s really nice when they go home, too.  I love these dogs but I was so tired yesterday, I had 2 naps before bedtime – ha!

Elmer has naptime all figured out.

Ruby can play ball like she means it.

And then Izzy and Ollie arrived.

See what I mean about feeling 100 pounds lighter?  Ha!  Today I cleaned house – I even put the very last lighted Christmas house away – it’s only February 15.  The weather was tolerable unlike the past 2 Mondays when we’ve had storms making everything feel impossible and overwhelming including keeping dogs.

When you watch the news and see all those semis stranded on the interstate in bad weather, do you ever wonder about the drivers?  Tonight it’s Rick stranded on I-77 in North Carolina on exit 56 in an ice storm along with at least 50 other semis who took refuge on the off ramp when the freezing rain began suddenly and the temperatures dropped to the low 20’s.  He’ll be ok and will wait with the others for warmer temps to melt the ice.

I bought gas today for $1.27 a gallon!

16 thoughts on “I Feel At Least 100 Pounds Lighter!

  1. Betty Klosterman

    Yes, the stranded truck drivers brings back memories of my childhood! Clarion had 1 very small motel. After supper my dad always walked up to the gas station to see what was going on around town. When the highway, No. 3, closed, there was no place for the stranded truckers to stay. I remember Dad calling home to see if it was alright to bring somebody home and my Mom answered “pick out a couple of clean ones.” That is 65 years ago… The good old days.

  2. Connie Olson

    But you had SO many dogs all at once!! No wonder they tired you out!! You are a brave gal!!

  3. Dorothy Sheldrake

    I assume truck drivers that know they may have “weather” are prepared with a sleeping bag or something for warmth. We have a small propane Buddy Heather that works great in our RV. Is that something that Rick could use? I always thought I would have enjoyed being a cross country truck drive. Our RV is as close as I ever got, but we never went cross country. My hubby is a home kind of guy.
    Dorothy Sheldrake
    Winchester, CA

  4. Debbie Miller

    I understand completely about keeping grandchildren and pet sitting! I’m in SC and we have freezing rain now. My husband is a truck driver and the end of January, he was stranded for 2 days in VA. He spent the first night in his truck and the second night walked to a motel about a quarter mile away in snow up to his knees. Our gas here is currently around $1.40 most places.

  5. Ginny

    I think of Rick and my son whenever I hear about bad weather. I know both of them are excellent drivers but I worry about the ones who are not causing wrecks.
    If you get lonesome I can send you some of my dogs, they all know about the doggy dog now. Al had to work on our pump the last couple of days in the cold but the dogs all hung out there with him. Now it’s fixed so they are all laying by the fire.

  6. Amy

    Prayers that Rick is safe and sound, warm and comfortable. And you need your rest so you don’t get sick again! I’m hoping for $2 gas if that will get the stock market to behave! 🙂

  7. Peggy

    You should enjoy the gas prices. . . You know they won’t stay that way for long. In the Twin cities today, it went from $1.39 to $1.69. Love the doggie poctures. The little white ones look like they’re watching their “parents” driving away!!

  8. Marilyn

    Glad Rick is ok. Today’s communications are wonderful……..no waiting and no wondering what if, you already know and can feel at peace.

  9. Martha Engstler

    Prayers for Ricks safe travel. The picture of Izzy and Ollie should win a prize. It is soooo cute. If I had a dog I’d love to have you dog sit. They all look so content. They know a good thing.

  10. San

    Hi Mary, be sure to tell Rick that the area of south western NC along the TN line is free from ice. Hopefully he can head home that way and won’t get stuck again. We were very lucky to not get any of that storm, just the freezing cold. Glad you get a rest after so many pups at once. I only have one and she keeps me busy enough! I paid $1.51 for gas on Saturday and that was the cheapest price around.

  11. Julianna

    Prayers for Rick and other drivers out there. I think it’s going to be an interesting February!
    WNY gas prices are like jumping beans but last fill-up was $1.99 – ugh.

  12. Diane

    HI Mary–Yes, I do worry about Rick. So glad he is safe and warm. Izzy and Ollie look so happy to see you, but their little faces looking out the window at “mama” tell it all. Just like the grand kids–love to come visit, but also miss the parents. Our gas in Central Ohio went up 35 cents, too. Now it’s 1.59. I’m waiting, it’ll come back down slowly!! Snow here–about 4 inches–very pretty and most schools closed. The kids will love it:) Diane PS My mom and dad got stranded south of the Buffalo airport one time and a nice family in Amherst, I think, took them in. That was so nice of them. My mom sent them Cuba (New York) cheese for many years.

  13. Launa

    Well Mary, It’s going to be another sunny day up to 74 here in the valley. I’m going to soak my bush Sweet Pea seeds to plant tomorrow in a stone basket on the back patio. We could get some rain by Wed. or Thursday, but most will be north of here…if I can believe the news report. The warm weather sure brought many people to the International AG EXPO last week.

    Izzy and Ollie look so cute and the picture of them looking out the window at the snow is calendar worthy. Stay warm my friend.

  14. Sue Davis

    Prayers are with anyone stuck on the road in that bad weather. Let us all know when he is home safe and sound. I just paid $1.09 here in Denton Texas at the Kroger. My car was very empty and it cost $20.15 to fill my Honda Pilot. I know that won’t last! Stay warm.

  15. Ann Barlament

    I often think of the truck drivers, keeping them tucked safely in my thoughts and prayers! A dear family friend (from Wisconsin) worked for Peterbuilt trucks and I often wanted to “ride along” on one of his cross country trips. Thought it would be fun…but only during the year when there wasn’t any snow or ice to deal with.

    I often “dog sat” when I was younger and always thrilled when their owners returned!! Am thinking the dogs were probably just as thrilled. lol

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