Keeping Everyone Safe!6-10-21

In this aerial photo you can see my property and the black line indicates fencing around those 6 acres. This is an older photo so the pond and garden are not in the picture. They came later.

Fencing is 6’ high chain link which is also buried in the ground 6”. Before I purchased all this elaborate fencing, I had many predators that killed my chickens. I also lost Janey on the highway and nearly lost Faye, too – who was hit but survived.

It became very clear to me that if I were going to live on this property, I would need to invest in fencing because I just could not stand the heartbreak.

When Mom died and I had some inheritance money, I spent over $35,000 to fence this 6 acres – and it’s been worth every penny! I have never regretted it and I have thanked God for it many times when a vehicle comes down my road at 60 mph! Chickens, geese, goats, dogs are all safe inside the fence. The cats are not always inside the fence but I haven’t lost one in many years. Yes, predators can and will climb the fence BUT they are so well fed around here with dead hogs laying outside confinement buildings that my chickens are not worth the effort, I don’t think.

That’s my theory about predators which doesn’t mean I won’t have an incident this summer but I’ve done everything humanly possible to protect everybody.

One of our AC units went out last week and the guy came this morning and fixed it – whew!

We’re heading to St. Cloud tomorrow to meet Eric, Nikki and Camber to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries at a hotel with a pool. I’m hoping to hit every quilt shop on the way there – can anybody help me with that? Tell me what shops are between Mpls and St. Cloud. I need fabric – sewing as fast as I can on quilts for this next book. As soon as I’m done sewing, I’ll have my carpal tunnel fixed.

So that’s Thursday – glad you enjoyed the farm tour!

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  1. Pat Johnson Burnsville MN

    The quilt shop in Shakopee MN is closing at the end of the month. Fabric is 30% off full yard cuts. It’s Eagle Creek Quilt Shop maybe you know it. It’s a lovely shop. Sorry to see it close.

  2. Donna O

    4172 Lancaster Lane “Four Seasons Quilts” south of 694 off 169 Nice store
    Grubers too in Waite Park
    SR Harris north of 694 / 169. “Overwhelming “ but look up address if you’re looking to be overwhelmed

  3. Sherry Whalen

    Hi Mary, it’s fun to see your farm from above! I think the only ‘predators’ we have in our yard are the numerous rabbits that we have to fence away from the beans, cukes and even the tomato plants. They are even eating our new grass planting! I haven’t shopped from Minneapolis to St. Cloud but it looks like there might a couple on the way, one in Rodgers (Quilted Treasures). Eagle Creek is in Shokapee, a little bit out of the way – and she is having a store closing/retirement sale. Plus Quilting Cove in Eagan, one in Noble, Gruber’s, and a little farther off the path – Millie P’s. Have fun, have a safe trip and try to stay cool!

  4. Susan K in Texas

    Neat overhead photo of the farm. My grandparents had one made of their farm way back when. My dad has the picture now.
    That’s quite a fence you had put in but if it saves your animals it’s well worth it. I enjoyed the farm tour the other day. Your poor chickens. I hope you can find a way to help them.
    We have finally had two days with no rain. It seems weird that other areas aren’t getting the rain. The humidity is about to suffocate us though! We’ve been fighting rats – I guess they were looking for shelter from the rain. A lot of people all over town are having problems. I’ve been taking Magnus and Klaus outside a lot more in the mornings and evenings. Since they’re black i don’t take them out in the middle of the day.

  5. Jan Shaffer

    Michele’s in Blue Earth, three in New Ulm – Sewing Seeds, Thimble Box and Spinning Spools,

  6. kathy briggs

    mary – just wondering whatever happened to the young man who came often and learned to quilt. Miss seeing him and his siblings.

  7. Tanya T. in Houston

    Apparently, Welcome Stitchery near Chicago has retired and moved to Blue Earth, MN. I know it’s not quilting, but if others do stitchery, too, and are that direction, it might be worth knowing.

    1. DebMac

      Thanks for the update on Welcome Stitchery. I never got the chance to visit them in person but made several orders from them. They had excellent customer service. I have a friend living south of there that may just get a visit. I know she would love to see me.

  8. MaureenHP

    Love the aerial view of your farm. It used to look like that around here, but no more. Perhaps when I get to heaven my mansion will be a wonderful old farm house!
    I always look forward to your posts, Mary. Enjoy the birthday get together!

  9. Sherrill

    Whoa! That’s a whole lotta fence but worth the peace of mind it gives. Are the dead hogs wild boars that tear up everything they come in contact with? We have a lot of those here. Sorry, I’m no help on the quilt shops but have fun in the hotel with the pool!! LOL

  10. Launa

    Surprise SNOWING up here now…sort of wet stuff! So much for our altitude; nearly 5300 feet! We needed rain so this will help and eventually turn to rain!
    Enjoyed your aerial picture! Know you will enjoy visiting with family and QUILT SHOPS. KIm Diehl’s new CHRISTMAS MORNING is out…has two printed quilts’ yardage in the line.
    Had a large antlered bull Elk up here this morning about 5:30 with three cows. They come down from National Forest mountain behind us. Love to watch them!

  11. Cathy Platzer

    Susan Henderson and I were at Gruber’s in May. I say it is in St. Cloud but the address is Waite Park, MN
    Still like that shop, and can usually spend more than I intend to.
    I use to like the quilt shop just over the Iowa/Minnesota border, but haven’t been there in years.

  12. Pam in NC

    Mary, I just referred this shop to a Iowa friend cause their video looked amazing though I haven’t been there. Sewing Seeds Quilt Co., 1417 S. Stile St, New Ulm, MN. 56073. Cute shop name, huh? Would love to know what you think if you happen to stop. Good luck and have fun!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pam in NC – very intriguing – I will try to find it!


    Calico Hutch in Hayward, MN right off of 35W north end of Albert Lea. Great store.

  14. Glenda Fletcher

    Totally enjoyed your farm tour. Grew up on a farm in NW Iowa so I can relate. Moved to SD tho in1984. Have a few ideas also for you. Some are off the beaten path also. Prairie Quilting 1293 Hale Place, Windom. (Part of an old feed mill/ husband in other part) Small but good place.
    Calico Hutch 20520 810th Ave. Hayward Right off of the interstate about less than half a mile. Big morton type of building. Liked it, bigger. River City Quilts 529 N Riverfront Dr. and 500 Raintree Rd. both in Mankato Gathering Friends Quilt Shop 101 S Main St. Bird Island (In the old bankbuilding plus the next building to it. ) Also very nice shop. Liked it. sister and former sister-in-law own it.
    Eagle Creek 333 2nd Ave. West Shakopee Liked it. In an old train station. Neat
    Quilt Cove 1960 Cliff Lake Road, Suite 134 Eagan Also very nice shop. Liked it.
    Affinity for Quilts 2199 4th St. White Bear Lake Was to one there long time ago but don’t think it was called Affinity for Quilts.
    Quilt Haven on Main 7 Main St. N Hutchinson I think I have been there but can’t remember
    for sure. So this one I can’t comment for sure.
    Quilted Treasures 14178 Northdale Blvd. Rogers Been there but can’t remember anything
    about it.
    Grubers 310 4th Ave. NE Waite Park (Largest quilt shop in MN) Been there . Liked it
    At the Heart of Quilting 304 4th Ave. #2 Waite Park Not been there
    Bound in Stitches Quilt Village 2078 45th St. NE Souk Rapids Not been there.
    Gone to Pieces Quilt Shop 70 South Main Kimball Not been there.
    Have fun shopping!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Glenda Fletcher – Wow! You’re much better than the internet, Glenda! I will print your list and take it along – and THANK YOU!

  15. Julie D.

    Did I read that right–next book???!!!! Where did I miss out on that announcement? Can’t wait and COUNT ME IN for purchase!!! I have visited many quilt shops in MN along the I-35 corridor but I’m guessing they’ve all been named already. Glenda gave you a marvelous list. I’m sure you’ve been to Calico Hutch in Hayward, MN–nice shop! Your fence is a necessity when you live by a highway! Enjoy your MN trip!! Can’t wait to see your purchases!

  16. Freda in Alabama

    Yea! The Fence is worth every Penny!! Now… that you have told us about it (probably again), I feel so much better knowing that your animals are inside a fence! Loved your photo of the Farm from above!

  17. Ginny

    I’ve always admired your fence, is my dream fence. Tess is an escape artist and a smart one. She doesn’t go far and she always comes back but I’m scared to death while she is gone. It’s a wonderful feeling to know everyone is safe.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ginny – it IS a dream fence if you have animals! It’s the best investment I’ve ever made! And Tess doesn’t even realize how good she’s got it! How’s my buddy, Arlo?

  18. Donna hoel

    Rogers, Elk River, st Cloud and Randall all have great shops. Fun time visiting them.
    Many other shops people have mentioned.

  19. Janet

    Minnesota here. The shops noted above are all fun and worth a stop. However, if time is limited, three must stops would be Sewing Seeds, New Ulm, Quilts on Main, Hutchinson, and, of course, Grubers, Waite Park. Grubers is known for their huge inventory. Temperatures are supposed to stay in the 90’s for at least another week – hate that. Enjoy your trip and stay safe.

  20. Sharyn Resvick

    You could hit Four Seasons Quilts in Maple Grove and Quilted Treasures in Rogers on your way to St Cloud.

  21. janet

    Minnesota here – again. As it happens, Minnesota is having a shop hop coming up(July 30 – Aug. 21). If you go into ‘’ you will find a state map with LOTS of shops taking part. You can easily plan your route. Good luck.

  22. Marj in Western Wisconnsin

    I like Grubers and Quilted Treasures. I am wondering if the shop in Hutchinson is the one that used to be Lynette Jensen’s of Thimbleberries fame.

    Try to stay cool, these 90 degree days are beginning to get to me. Hope they let up soon. Wisconsin is having it’s State Shop Hop, hope to hit a few off 94 tomorrow after attending the funeral of a friend and high school mate.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marj – yup, they’re both on my list! On Saturday when Camber wants to swim all day, I’m heading to Gruber’s!

    2. Pat Anderson

      Yes, it was owned by Lynette Jensen! It is a lovely shop and they are very friendly there…my husband was born in Hutchinson and we used to visit when we went “home.” No one left to visit now so I doubt we’ll go back (we live in Florida). All this talk of quilt shops is making me jealous! We only have one shop in Tallahassee!

  23. Brenda

    Quilted Treasures in Rogers is nice and on your way. Not sure what your route home will be or when you’re headed back, but staying to the west a bit, Highway 15, could take you to All in Pieces and Quilt Haven on Main…you could find several more great shops in New Ulm. They may require another road trip! Travel safe and have fun.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda – I have it mapped out and I told Rick to bring a book so he doesn’t get “rammy” while I shop. Haha!

  24. Agatha B

    Loved your blog today glad everyone is safe. Your weekend sounds fantastic family, motel and fabric. Can’t get much better!
    I have a question I am having a total knee replacement July 6 th do you have any good suggestions. And did you have the Iovera injections before yours?
    And I had the carpal tunnel surgery. It was a piece of cake no problems. Just follow the Drs instructions.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Agatha B – I did try the injections – don’t remember the name – but the relief was so short lived. I had to finally give in and accept the fact I needed new knees. I thought it was painful for 3-5 days or so and then it became tolerable except at night. I could not sleep! I finally gave up trying and against my doctor’s orders, I started sleeping in my recliner. They don’t want you to do that because your feet need to be higher than your heart. You will do fine! As everybody says – don’t skip your therapy! And ice therapy, too! I had a machine that was a nuisance but really helped with the swelling and the pain. I had mine done two months apart so that tells you the first one was good when I had the second one done.

      1. Anonymous

        Thank you so much for you input. I will be glad when it is all over for sure!!

  25. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    The farm looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Peace of mind with the fence is so important. Our son earned his Master’ s degree from St. Cloud State and was the assistant Women’s soccer coach. I went to a quilt shop there, but I can’t remember the name. Have a fun family birthday party and visit.
    Lots of hot, humid, rainy days here.

  26. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    The aerial view of your property is lovely! I did not know there were so many trees. Enjoy your weekend; you have plenty of shops to hit. Safe Travels. 🥰

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Holly Woodyatt – yes, I qualify as a real animal lover!

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