Last Saturday Ever!

What a busy last Saturday we had – Connie, Mandy and I are exhausted after a full day in the quilt shop. Several people were moved to tears while several other customers acted peeved and irritated that we were closing. For almost 30 years I have always felt there were those who thought I didn’t work hard enough. My folks sure instilled a work ethic in me, didn’t they? If I ever sat down and even took a nap, I felt guilty. Someone would think I was a “slacker”. I have to get over that!
Sunday services tomorrow morning and I need to practice so that’s all for today.

5 thoughts on “Last Saturday Ever!

  1. Carmen

    You get so much done, you are amazing! I just wish I would have been able to get to your shop.

  2. Pam Kottke

    I visited the shop one last time on Saturday. I only made it there a couple times a year over the past several years. It was always such a wonderful experience. The shop was always inspiring and the outside area was also a delight. I like being greeted by at least one dog. I remember one visit and there was a litter of kittens with their mom in a box in a back room. We talked Saturday about how sometimes I just think about my visits to the shop and it creates a happy feeling, I will also enjoy your mom ceramic Christmas tree every Christmas and it will bring back memories of Country Threads. Connie and you have worked hard over the years . I hope for a blessed and happy retirement for both of you, and the your other employees who are retiring.

  3. Carol Shaw

    I thought about you all so much this weekend. Probably you are more exhausted than anything else! I am so sad I never was able to meet you in person but I am so happy I was able to get to your shop in early September. I wish for you nothing but treats as you close the shop on Halloween and follow new dreams. Thanks for all your postings and photos, you always made me smile. May all the joy you gave out come back to you tenfold!

  4. Sue Davis

    Y’all have put such hard work and many years into a business that will leave you missed to so many all over the country. Keep in your heart the ones that will miss you so,
    and leave out the ones that are irritated. They are the ones that haven’t any idea how much love you have put into your business. Just five more days, just in time to start raking the leaves.

  5. norma

    Oh my goodness! How you work and had that shop at your home too!! Thank you to you and Connie for all the wonderful years of patterns, fabric and hospitality. You and a great staff were a great combination and you will be missed in the quilting world. Enjoy your well deserved retirement. Just don’t disappear completely!

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