Let’s Make A Snowman, 1-18-24

We’re in the middle of a tough winter – let’s make a snowman quilt.

Send $5.00 and a SASE and I’ll mail the pattern out immediately so you’ll have time to make it and enjoy it now in the throes of winter.

And did you realize Easter is March 31? Do you have a Harvey quilt to hang up sometime in February?

Ok – this was an extra post – I’ll continue Points of Interest later today. Time to head to the barn.

32 thoughts on “Let’s Make A Snowman, 1-18-24

  1. Deb

    i think this is sooo interesting! I, to be honest, was not familiar with your blog. before this week. But earlier I had a question and posted it and then signed up to receive comments on this post via email so I’d know if you responded.
    Well….I have been totally surprised (and pleasantly pleased!) with the number of commenters you have and of people who still read blogs!!!
    I still have a “slice of life” blog….but the number of quilting blogs I always used to read for years have all stopped posting. Blogging seems to be a thing of the past.
    I am thrilled that this blog is still going strong! And it’s been fun seeing the “aged” quilters commenting who are still quilting! 🙂 Amazing! I’m so glad an out of the blue occurrence caused me to google you and become acquainted with your current blog and seeing input from all your readers to boot!
    Thanks! Glad that everyone hasn’t abandoned blogging for instagram.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deb – wow! That’s a lot of encouragement for this blog! We are a group of like minded women who have become good friends via this blog. I would not know any of them if they walked in my house right now – I’ve met only a few of them personally and only know them here on the blog – frankly I’m not very interested in “meeting for lunch”, etc. I know many of their family members, pets, health issues, travels, and their favorite books – yet it’s all through the blog. Thanks for joining us! Anything to be considered for posting must be sent to my email – maryehazel2020@gmail.com. I am the administrator of this blog and the only one who can upload to the site. This Points of Interest feature has been soooo much fun for everybody and I’d encourage you to join in by sending me a couple photos from your home that are special to you. Where do you live? So glad you’re joining us!

      1. Deb

        Thank you Mary for inviting me!
        I’m in the middle of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. The Allegheny Mountains are in view out my front door, and the Blue Ridge Mountains are out our back door. I love it here! And I love quilting! I’m almost 72 😬.

  2. Jeanne in Co.

    You’ll be quilting until the day you die, and you will outlive all of us. No one else has the good Iowa farm girl stamina and perseverance that you do.
    You run circles around us all and keep us motivated to “keep on quilting”. Why do you think we all love you and love your blog? You are an inspiration. Jeanne in Co.

  3. Jeanne in Co

    Not quite 92, but so close it’s scary. I still have my quilting to keep me busy. Just finished appliquing the last leaf on the borders of a 96”x 112” feathered star medallion quilt last evening. Probably will be my last large applique project. All that’s needed on it now is to add the final outer simple straight borders. I didn’t use Marsha McCloskeys book that you pictured, even though I do have it. I did foundation piecing for the stars. This is the second quilt I’ve done using this pattern, but used different colors of fabric. First one is tan and greens and appliquéd red cherries and second has cream background with mauve and green with plums on it. Hand quilted the first, but will have to allow someone else to quilt this one. That’s one more unfinished project near completion. Let’s see, which one should I work on next, I have plenty that I could chose. Keep warm and keep sewing everyone. Jeanne in Co.

      1. Launa Peters

        My husband was 90 on New Year’s Day. Perhaps if he’d start quilting my stacks n drawers of fabric would be reduced? LOL
        Been snowing here since 8 am n into afternoon, too! I have
        Tall Snowman hanging and have your Tall Bunny to hang for Easter!
        Going to have his Elk in something good tonight. Our retired son is cooking for us.

  4. Jeanne in Co.

    Mary, you asked me if I’d get another dog now that my Abby is gone. Since I am nearing 92, I don’t feel it would be fair to a dog for me to adopt one. Remember, I live with my daughter and her 17 year old Shih Tzu. I’m sure she will want a break for a while after he dies. I do admit that I look online at the Shih Tzu puppies pictures , but only because they remind me of Abby.
    I think of you often and all the animals you have loved and lost there on your farm. I know how much you grieve when you lose each of them. I have to be content to enjoy pictures of your dear Hazel and the other bloggers’ puppy pictures. Thank you for caring. Jeanne in Co.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanne – well, I’m not sure I know you were 92! Or if I knew I forgot / I almost need a notebook to keep track but it would be a full time job!! I worry about my animals so much and wonder if I could really be happy or live without a dog. When Hazel dies, I want to die then, too.

  5. Joy in NW Iowa

    Mary it’s going to be a nasty couple of days over here, Saturday it is -23 for the morning. Ugh!
    I made a pot of chili that is cooling. It will be good for the freezer, love to have different kinds of soup in the freezer just …. What are you hungry for? Next, will be bean/ham soup for the freezer.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – we just finished bean soup with ham last night! So good! I don’t have the basic mix on hand but I’m hungry for chicken tortilla soup. And I also fixed a pork shoulder last weekend so barbecue pork is next. Then chicken with dressing and mashed potatoes and gravy – purchased in a jar! That should take us about a week – Rick loves leftovers – me? I’d rather eat a bowl of cereal! Haha!!!

  6. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    I have my little Harvey ready to hang for Easter. Is the big Harvey on the same pattern? I might have to make him, too😀
    We are supposed to get about 2 to 5 inches tonight so maybe I will make a snowman. It was 27* here today and felt like a heat wave!! I have my long Country Threads Snowman out, too. I love him❤️
    Buddy is sleeping in my lap as usual.😀. He is a big “child”!!!

  7. Nancy

    Thank you for the “points of interest”. It’s so interesting to see everybodies’ collections and how they are displayed. I’m thinking I have some things that have not seen the light of day in a long time. This is a good time of year to get busy, pull them out, and enjoy them.

  8. Deb

    Mary, I just sent you an email. Could you check your spam folder in case it doesn’t come in to your main account. I’m 1) looking for a pattern to purchase or 2) permission to copy this one I have. Thanks much!

  9. Linda in North Carolina

    Thanks for the reminder about Harvey. I will get mine out and hung in February. I am actually finishing up your Tall Pine Snowman pattern that I have had for years. Wanted to get it finished before Christmas but didn’t make that deadline due to many family issues that have been occurring since Thanksgiving. Mary, my husband is out of the hospital! Praise the Lord! I’m glad you liked my Musical Instruments CrossStitch. If my eyesight was better I would take up cross stitch again.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in SC – things are looking up at your house!!! I no longer could see cross stitch and my fingers couldn’t handle the needle!

    2. Pat in AZ

      Linda, great news about your husband! Turmoil since Thanksgiving can’t have been easy. I hope you have a more peaceful time going forward. My thoughts are with you

  10. Pat in AZ

    I too was expecting a real live snowman show and tell but here in the desert southwest I would be hard pressed to participate! This kind is more up my alley.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat – haha! Your AZ friends will laugh at you hanging up a snowman quilt.

  11. Kathy in western NY

    Jo I don’t know the answer to your question but I’m getting concerned about Carol at Pin Oakes quilting in Buffalo as we haven’t heard from her. She might have gotten out of dodge and sunbathing in Aruba……..
    Mary, cute pattern and my money and SASE is ready to mail out. This will be cute on my back door coming in.

  12. Jo in Wyoming

    Lordy, I thought you were going to show us real big snowman made by the kids!!!
    We’re expecting more snow and winds today. Gotta love it, even when it plays with my mind.

    Years ago, in my Wyoming history class, I read about a woman homesteader who got snow blindness for weeks. So, my question is…do cows and horses get snow blindness?

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