Heat Wave, 1-17-24

It’s 25 degrees warmer right now than it was last night at this time! The goose died and there’s one more that isn’t looking too good – cold weather combined with old age is deadly.

Points of Interest #10

My new buddy in the barn!

43 thoughts on “Heat Wave, 1-17-24

  1. Vicki Ibarra

    I am glad your buddy in the barn sought shelter. I have continued to enjoy the points of interest. So interesting to see what brings personal pleasure/happiness to us. We are more alike than we know.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – you said it! We are a very like minded group here and I so enjoy seeing that through the pictures.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        Your buddy in the barn just found Heaven on earth. Warmth and food. What more could a cat ask for.
        Our Heaven on earth may be next to the shelves of fabric……..
        Betty in Rapid City

  2. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Love your points of interest sharing! It’s interesting to see a glimpse of people’s lives and what they treasure.

  3. Kathy L

    Love to see all the points of interest pictures so fun to see them all,
    glad your barn buddy found shelter.

  4. Carrolyn Vidal

    I may not comment all the time but I read and enjoy your blog all the time! I have so loved these latest pix of peoples favorite things/places. I love the country look , antiques etc…they warm my heart but not the style of my children or most of my friends…..so I enjoy thru these pix!

  5. Sandi

    I’m loving all the pictures and the different ways we decorate! I love the rug in the first picture. Hugs,

  6. Marie C

    Such wonderful pictures. I love to see how others decorate. I’m getting lots of ideas.

  7. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas

    I’m so sorry about your goose. You’ve had more than your fair share of death. I’m glad your new buddy has come in from the cold 🥶. Hugs! 🤗

  8. brendalynne1

    thanks for the photo shares of delightful settings. hope it for continues for a bit. this time of year seems perfect for nostalgia.

  9. Jo in Wyoming

    “Points of interest “ has certainly been a wonderful show. Thanks to all who opened their cupboards, shelves, doors and homes to all of us.
    Mary, I’m so sorry about the goose. How old are they?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in WY – they’re old and frankly I wish they’d all die a natural death. When I first got geese 30+ years ago I bought a package deal called The Great Goose Group but didn’t take the time to read up on geese. Their life expectancy can be 35 years!!! Babies have hatched over the years but I’m betting several of these left are originals. After all these years they are still terrified of me and try to run as fast as possible to get away from me – and they can’t walk well anymore so my life would be much easier without them.

  10. Ginger S

    I love all of the points of interest photos. Isn’t it fun to see the various collections? I have noticed several Hoosier Cabinets in the photos. i love them! I’m so sorry that your goose died. It had a good life with you as have all of your animals. It’s a sad part of farm life. I loved the picture of your new barn buddy basking under the heat lamp! Stay warm Mary!

  11. Sandy

    Hi Mary, more wonderful cupboards to examine! Quilts, piles of fabric and China, 7th heaven! Even saw a bedside clock, how many have one beside ghe bed these days? Glad to see you barn buddy so cosy, but sad a bout the goose.
    Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  12. Debbie R.

    It is so awesome to see all of these points of interest pictures. None of my friends appreciate my decor and it’s so nice to see there is a whole community that does. I’m glad I have resisted the temptation to change it. This is what I like, and this is how I will decorate!!! So sorry about your goose. It has been so cold that I’m worrying about the squirrels and rabbit that are running around in the snow in this cold. And my dog hardly stays out at all because her paws just don’t like the frigid snow.

  13. Mary Ann

    Thank you for all the points of interest posts. So much talent and creativity on display.

    Mary, thank you for doing this. A lot of work.

  14. Lynette in Orlando

    Glad to hear y’all warmed up! Those negative temperatures had to be brutal. Feel bad about the geese, but as you say, that is the reality of life. Here in Florida we dropped 30 degrees in one day. For us, it is COLD!!!! So much for global warming. I view it as a gift — it’s a day to stay in my sewing room and sew. It’s the coziest room in my house. I hope everyone is staying warm and safe in all this crazy January weather.

  15. Marcia-SW Ohio

    Love seeing everyone’s favorite spots. I need to clean my favorite spot, my sewing room. I sent photos of other spots. I am blessed to have a large room but it only encourages UFOs to be strewn everywhere.
    The weather girl said SW Ohio was a -no French toast snowstorm. This means little accumulation so don’t run to grocery to take all the bread/milk/eggs🤣
    A warm up & rain/mud for next week is expected.

    1. Vicki Ibarra

      Never heard of the no French toast snowstorm. It is an apt description. Thanks for the smile.

  16. Linda in MI

    I too, have really enjoyed a look into everyone’s lives, I would like to visit each and every home and discover more about the people who sent in pictures. The antiques are my favorite but to see other’s treasures and creations would be wonderful. Thank you for inviting our friends you hear from to open their doors to let us into their worlds.

    I think it is supposed to get up to around 23 here today so my big Bear and the donkeys, Albert and Norman may get out of the barn this afternoon. It will be fun to see them run out and snort and roll in the snow.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – send me a picture of Albert and Norman – I’d love to see them!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dee – Fluffybun enjoys being the only cat in the quilt shop but because she alone I feel sorry for her and I feel guilty if I don’t spend time with her. Everybody wants/needs my attention! It’s exhausting. I’d like to bring her into the house but it will only upset the order of the cats already here. She loves to cuddle up to me when Im trying to work.

  17. Fran

    Such cool stuff! Love it.

    I walked through slush in parking lots yesterday. I can’t jump over puddles anymore. Thank goodness it was my last stop for outside bird food as yes that water was Cold!

    Leaving a day early for retreat because of nasty stuff supposedly moving in first part of the week. I am in full mode of get ready for retreat as cooking is on the agenda as we might not be able to travel to restaurants. Elk Horn only has 3 and they are not full timers. Plus no one wants to go out when it’s snowing and blowing!

    Fran in SW Iowa

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Fran – how big is the retreat? Does everyone bring food? Makes sense to prepare for weather issues especially in a small town. North Iowa has not gotten slammed like those poor folks who live south of us. I’m just curious – did you cut out your project prior to retreat? Have a great time!!

  18. Kathy in western NY

    Like Ginger commented there were many Hoosier cabinets and its testimony to the woodworkers years ago that built them to last. And they were used in homes east to west it seems cause your readers are scattered around. My friend just purchased one for her sewing room and is using the inside of the lower large door for storing her design boards and smaller cutting mats as it has a metal bar that holds them from falling out but she can stand them up to pull from. It’s about the width of a cereal box and we wondered what was stored in it during its useful kitchen time. This cabinet didn’t have a metal lined drawer for flour like some do so each one is built interesting but all seem to have that lovely enamel top.

  19. Linda in Michigan

    These points of interest posts are like a gift, I look forward to a new one every day! It’s sad to hear the geese are having a hard time in this weather, but as you say, “That’s life on a farm.” With accomadations like a soft bed and heat lamp, Mary, you know your new friend is never going to leave! Boxcar Willie is currently curled up on a heating pad on an old dog bed. They seem to know where to find an animal lover, don’t they?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in MI – I’ve been told there’s a sign out by my driveway that says “Welcome to anyone needing a home!” Haha!!

  20. Ellen

    Points if interest are fun!
    However your little buddy in the barn looks so cute in that bed! And he does look like one of my cats? So Iintersting. But he is not!

  21. Sue in Marion, Indiana

    I love seeing everyone’s pictures! Thanks for posting! Love to see the animals finding warm spots in the cold. I’m sorry for the poor geese, but it’s true that age and fierce cold don’t mix well. We are also having a warmup today and tomorrow, before the next arctic front comes this weekend. You’re probably getting it tomorrow!

  22. Shirley F

    I’m sure the cat is grateful for a warm place this winter.. I have a feral cat that stays in our house all winter. He goes outside every morning, but is back inside in just a few minutes. During the summer, he only comes inside to eat.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Shirley – remember the picture of Merle a couple days ago? He’s a feral cat that lives with my friend Carol in the same way. They’re no dummies!!! Thanks for letting him inside on his terms.

  23. Pat in AZ

    Mary, so sorry about your goose. It may be life on the farm but I’m sure it still isn’t easy.

      1. Pat in AZ

        Mary, I’m sorry for that. We had a goose when I was a child that was the meanest, most hateful thing ever. When it died, I bawled my head off

  24. Mary Rhodes SWOhio

    Love the pictures of interest. Enjoying them. Glad barn buddy has warmth. Sorry about your geese. Did learn from reading how long geese live. Wow 30 years! My grandparents seem they had that sign too! Stay warm.

  25. Joy in NW Iowa

    Love all the pictures! We were suppose to get 1-2 inches…that turned to 3 and still snowing, schools are cancelling as the wind is suppose to come up! Jay is loading out corn and the trucks just filled the last load at noon because of the weather!
    Fluffy bun is funny! That stray kitty has found a good spot!
    I’m staying right in my house where it’s nice and warm!

  26. Kris in WI

    Thank you everyone for sharing your vignettes and collections. I am suffering from a wee bit of sewing room envy. That sage green cabinet in the first picture is calling to me. What a surprise to find that the tall “file cabinet” opens with doors. And I spy glass refrigerator containers! Treasures in every picture, that’s for sure.
    I’m not sure I could cope with the ups and downs of farm life. So sorry you have to deal with the loss of your geese, Mary.

    It’s a whole 14* above zero here, but the sun has gone behind the clouds and by the time I got the trash bin up the driveway and shoveled a little bit, I was ready to come inside. BBQ chicken, baked squash, and green beans for an early supper. I’d better get cookin’. Kris

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