Around the Farm, 1-16-24

I’m still collecting Point of Interest photos so send yours if you haven’t yet. The farm is frozen solid and yet the geese sit in the pasture and come into the lean to at night. One just couldn’t get up today so I carried her into the barn where she’ll probably die by morning. So sad but I know that’s life on the farm.

The center part of the barn is heated – not to 50 but this is where it comes on.

More bedding – I know a man designed this packaging because there’s no way to grab the bag – no handle, no tie, no fold over at the top and I can’t handle them anymore. I have to move them by wrapping my arms around the entire bale from floor level and then stand up to move it. Ugh.

My visitor is back these frigid days to lay under a heat bulb.

I have another Point of Interest post – I will get that organized. Here are just a few – I have more!

Taken at Buffalo, NY before the game last weekend!

This is kind of a mishmash post – more coming!

54 thoughts on “Around the Farm, 1-16-24

  1. Sherry Whalen

    Hi Mary – as always, a great post. I know winter only really started a little over a week ago – with all of the warmer temps and no snow – but it sure seems longer! I am looking forward to the ‘warmer’ temps next week.

    I was going to send a photo of our nearly completed bathroom but that might be kind of a strange photo to post without explanation lol. It looks great though, we are very happy with it. Today we purchased more flooring for the entry into the lower level. New adventure!

    I wonder – with your big bales of bedding – I know you have made grocery bags out of bird feed sacks – what if you made an open bag with unsewn ends – more like a sling (think log carrier) with handle strap going under it, like a bag; that would support the bale, you could customize and make the handles short and it sure would be sturdy. You could lay the sling on the ground, and roll the bale onto it, wrap the sling around it and go. You could also carry brush and sticks with it too I would think!

    Very light snow here right now, we aren’t going to get very much, but still cold – ah, January. I have 6 more long seams to sew on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery Indigo Way. And they aren’t getting done with me on the internet! Time to get going!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sherry – that sounds like a plausible idea! Won’t you be glad when your bathroom is finished? And all the rest of the remodeling that went with it? I started sewing some strip units for Bitcoin and just about an hour ago I started a red, white and blue quilt! Haha!!!

  2. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

    Hey, Mary. I just thought of this. When you unload the hay bale from your car, could you put it in one of those saucers we used to use for sledding? They have a rope on them.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – yes, and I have two of them but I’d never wait until mid winter to buy bedding. It’s in a separate pen in the barn where it’s being stored until I need it.

  3. Pat in AZ

    Oh my gosh! That fabric stash is amazing! And the runner with flowers and hall rack and EVERYTHING! This has been so much fun peeking into other people’s special places.

  4. Launa Peters

    Mary, Loved all the comments n pictures. Was 8o up here in Idaho @ 7am! The folded fabrics is amazing!
    Was wondering if you received my snail mail regarding the 7 th birthday? 🥳 Couldn’t resist!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – so sweet of you to send Hazel a card – I took her picture with it for the blog tomorrow!

      1. Launa Peters

        Miss Hazel is a good, fun part of the group!
        Been snowing heavily here….just before 6 pm the two EMT’ s responded to a call out! Commented Hiway 93 was slippery in a few places. I noticed the snow plows were busily working for hours. Lost Trails Ski Resort opens @ 8am tomorrow!

  5. Margie Braaksma

    I have to drag my bags of wood chips through the house and out the back door across the yard so I tied a rope around it. Works great, in the winter I put them on a little sled once it’s out my back door.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Margie – I’m just going 20 feet through two doors but a rope is the best idea yet. Each small door has a step to get over.

  6. Glenda Fletcher

    Hi Mary, I like the Point of Interest pictures. It is fun to see all the different ideas. Thank you for all your
    work that you put into the blog. Do so enjoy it. Was wondering if Becky from WA from the Jan. 15 blog
    would share her quilt pattern for the quilt on the bed. On the previous picture she had it in the front
    of her houses wall hanging. It is quite funny now as I am looking for vehicles, etc. that aren’t parked
    properly. The motor cycle was really bad in a full parking lot. It needed one of those cards! Thank you
    again, Mary.

  7. Carolee

    Could you use a hay bail hook to stab into the wood shavings package and drag it or at least make a hole the plastic to get a hand hold?

  8. Jessica in Florida

    Hi Mary! Regarding the bedding package: I agree it was designed by a man, just like the 40lb bag of bird seed I bought! No good way to pick it up, especially since I weight 102lbs! HA! What I ended up doing when I got home with the bag was put a bungee-type cord around the bag and dragged it to where I wanted it. Could you do the same with the bedding? Maybe even with a strap or rope? I’m really loving the point of interest pictures!

  9. Jackie in NY

    So sad about your goose. Hopefully she makes it. That amazing fabric storage- wow! I like the entryway photo too with the personalized hooks for the kiddos. Love the pink lilies on that pretty table runner.

  10. Connie R.

    Thanks, Mary for all the wonderful pictures. And, thanks to all who shared their areas. So fun to see everyone’s special spaces.
    Such a beautiful and organized sewing room today. By the stack of quilts on top of the shelving, every bit of that fabric will be used. Having all those colors in front of you must be so inspiring. I’m jealous!

  11. Jean

    OMG that well organized fabric stash! I have never been blessed with that much fabric. Wow.
    Poor goose. Did he make it?

  12. Cheryl from Niagara Falls

    Aww, poor goose. I hope it survives. I feel so bad for all our strays in the winter and will feed the cats in the winter here. Love that nice, neat stash! Still working on my new sewing room and can’t wait to get in there and sew! I bought a nice skinny, sturdy table with two shelves and drawers at IKEA over the weekend and will have hubby fit a nice wide top on it for a new ironing station. So looking forward to that.
    Gotta love our Bills fans! It is supposed to be super cold again for this weekend’s game too, but they will be there! It is 9 degrees out this morning, all schools are closed and it’s a good day to quilt!

  13. Laura VS

    Great pictures. I think men have designed most packaging, impossible to open!
    The fabric stash is so neat and organized. I don’t feel
    So bad about my stash, any longer!
    It’s 17 here this morning, but no snow or ice.
    Stay warm.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Laura VS – 17 for you is just as brutal as -10 is for us …. Almost impossible to deal with!

  14. Sharon G.

    Yeah, that’s a bag designed by a man! That looks like a bag to put in a wheelbarrow and when you get it to where you need to spread it, tip it out of the wheelbarrow and slice it open with a box knife!
    Why not include a handle? Maybe you should suggest it to the company. Nothing worse than dealing with an awkward bag and trying to maneuver Notjing. Grrrr…

    Getting hit with another winter storm tonight in the PNW. Windows are iced and front porch is an ice skating rink. Heavy snow! Wind is howling! Sunday was the only day there was no wind in the last week. Wintry weather advisory in effect until morning. Hope and pray 🙏 we don’t lose power.

    Been enjoying the parade of interest photos. Some nice decor. I’m partial to Hoosiers so I like photos of them. There are a lot of similar pieces and just love the way everyone is so talented in decorating. Thanks, Mary, for sharing and to everyone who contributed such nice photos.

    Take care everyone.
    Stay warm and safe!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sharon G – I would sound like a complaining old woman if I suggested a handle, don’t you think? Even a handle to lift it into a wheelbarrow would be necessary for me but I’m inside the barn where no wheelbarrow would fit. Seems I always have something to rant about from poor parking to bales of bedding! I need to get happier.

  15. Sue Smith in OR

    The photos have been so much fun to see and study. What a lovely bouquet of flowers on a gorgeous tablerunner. And, so many great quilts and collections and vintage items throughout. Thank, Mary. You do a great job of it all.
    Do you have one of those big hook things attached to a wood handle. My husband used one for years to manipulate hay bales. Maybe you could claw into that big plastic bag and drag it. Just a thought.
    I had a mammogram today and now one of them is very sore. Hope its better tomorrow or maybe I will go braless?! HaHa. Good night, everyone.

  16. patti

    sad to hear about your goose but glad to know your visitor cat was smart enough to come in to lay under the heat larmp. cats are not dumb. photos were great. such an organized closet set-up for stash and such. so delightful. those ‘bills’ fans must be nuts. but i guess when you are working that hard you don’t get cold. i hate to say it but our temps are supposed to plummet tonight to 39. is 57 as i speak at 12:39 am. i am not leaving my house. thanks to all. patti in florida

    1. JeanneH in the Finger Lakes of New York

      Yes, Patti, Bills fans are nuts! LOL The game vs the Steelers was fun to watch on TV. Every time the Bills scored a touchdown, the fans threw snow and snowballs in the air like it was confetti! 😄

      Wednesday morning it’s 10 degrees here, so 57 degrees sounds downright balmy!

      Keep warm, everyone!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – and I know that 39 will feel very cold to you! We understand and hope for a break in this cold very soon. If I didn’t have to step outside I could entertain myself in the house for weeks but it’s those chores! Ugh

  17. Jo in Wyoming

    I’m so sorry about the goose. They are among my favorite photos you send us. But I love all the photos you post.

    I wonder if you could ask a checker at Target for a few of those straps they put on large packages. Almost like tape handles. It’s just a thought.

    The fabric organized looks beautiful. Mine does too till I start pulling for a quilt, then it’s messy. So, it’s been messy for about 15 years now! Oh well.

    It warmed up a bit today. 40 degrees warmer…from -20 to 20 above.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – yes, that’s what I do need! Maybe I could even purchase some at Target. Sorry to be on another rant – must be the weather which is impossible! I won’t be surprised if a second food will be dead this morning and then I’ll have two dead bodies to deal with.

      1. Cynthia from SW MN

        I am wondering if the bedding bale package would fit in a lawn/leaf bag, they are large and very heavy. Then you could just pull it to your storage area and not have to lift it up..I suppose you have to lift it from the cart to your car..just a thought as Target does not have any assistance for loading and unloading. The photos that have been submitted are so nice! Many interests, and a lot of completed quilts too! I love the quilt on the wall with the houses. I hope to make a table runner with houses. And I am very impressed with the young lady sewist constructing her fleece pullover and it is completed. I love it! Also, one of my favorite photos was the two shelves of Hummels, I am so happy to have just one, from my Aunt Netter, she was a birder extraordinaire! Also, my request now that you have probably completed your tv room with the ladder, could you take another photo? I am hoping that you will show us the rug you ordered…I love rugs too! I will get my ladder set up and take a photo of my couple of collections today. Mine are on top of my kitchen cabinetry, out of the way so they don’t get broken, and I don’t have much room for a cabinet to display them either. Mostly kerosene lamps, all with a story of course. Great idea to photo our rooms and collections.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Cynthia – I’ll be happy to take a picture of the den – still don’t have a new rug but you’ll see why. I made a note.

  18. Cindy K from Ks

    Has been fun to see all of the photos. I follow several blogs but have to say-I’ve never participated in any of them until this one. I appreciate the feedback on my photos and have enjoyed seeing all of the others. The fabric stash in this post is to drool over. And there were so many others that were great.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cindy- this has been a nice diversion in the brutal weather – I’ve loved it, too, and I have some other ideas to entertain us.

  19. Char in MI

    Loving the point of interest photos! that fabric stash storage is beautifully done!
    Sorry about your duck ☹️. And a chuckle about the car stereo post! Pretty hard to admit i’ve done it! 😁
    Hoping everyone is staying warm!
    Char in MI

  20. Dee from Shell Rock

    But I love your posts! Kind of like my mind, a mish mash. You are a kindred soul. A friend called today, we went out to lunch, then I treated myself to a massage. Whoa Nellie! the only thing that would make it better is if she would let me take a short nap on the table when she’s done! And right now she has her heat mat on the table and some warm fuzzy blankets. I’m getting a new battery in my car, it didn’t start yesterday and the one in is the original when I bought the car 6 years ago. I was meeting a different friend tomorrow for lunch, I like to be home before it’s too late, so we rearranged our playing and we’ll meet by the shop that changing it. Bigger variety of lunch places in there.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dee – there’s one way we’re very different – I hate meeting anyone for lunch.

  21. Barbara Yarnell

    Wow, what a beautifully organized fabric stash! Its inspiring just to look at it. I have really enjoyed seeing these pictures and especially noticing the things that people collect. I think my favorite so far was the photo with all the crocks of every shape and size. So pretty and useful too. And my other favorite was the 3 little dogs all looking out the window!

    1. Jeanne in Co.

      Loved all the photos of the points of interest in various homes of your bloggers. I too, am envious of those white shelves with the beautifully organized fabrics, by color, no less. Makes my stash look small by comparison, and I have more than I will ever use by myself. Not to worry, when I die, I have a daughter who quilts, a daughter in law, and a granddaughter who also quilt. I’m leaving it in good hands.
      Our temps are predicted to be in the 40s tomorrow, that is 60 degrees higher than we had a day or two ago. Unreal that the temps can rise that fast. But it’s been nice to see the beautiful white snow covering the grey, dirty streets. This too will pass.
      The picture of the three dogs looking out the window was adorable. I’m still missing my sweet Abby who loved to look outside and watch the squirrels too.
      Stay warm everyone. Jeanne in Co.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Jeanne – oh, I am sorry about Abby – will you get another dog? You need another dog to take care of – it’s the only way that I know to survive the loss but if I lost Hazel I don’t know if I could bear to get another. Hopefully we’ll die about the same time.

  22. Lynn

    It is fun seeing all of the posts of people’s homes. I find it interesting how so many of us decorate in the same way.

  23. Vicki Ibarra

    I thought I had a lot of fabric, but the picture with all the fabric on the white wire rack shelving makes me feel better. Thanks to whomever shared the picture. I don’t feel so guilty now.

  24. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Yep, that is our Bills stadium! I heard they paid $20.00 per hour to fans who helped shovel. And, they gave them hot dogs and hot chocolate. Western New Yorkers are a hardy bunch! Mary, can you use one of those canvas log carriers for the bale? A little easier?? Pat in AZ, I want your book shelves! And, the next photo with the awesome organized sewing room. Anytime you want to come here, please do! I need your help😀😀. Schools delayed or closed tomorrow!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Diane – yes it is correct from what I was told that people showed up to shovel out stadium seats and were paid $20 an hour and food too. And you know how dedicated Bills Mafia is for support. Poor Buffalo is expecting more snow tomorrow but they expect it to be good Sunday for the game. I can’t imagine what this game does for the economy there. A local store has received the contract for printed shirts if they win and was interviewed on the news tonight so very beneficial to their business and pockets!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I don’t think I could get a log carrier to fit around the bale and still get the handles in one hand – but it’s an idea that I could look into because the bales are impossible. I can handle alfalfa bales with twine just fine so it’s not that I’m too weak – there’s just nothing to hang on to!

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

        I get it, Mary. We had a mattress once with no handles—ugh! Kathy, Buffalo can use the boost to the economy!!
        5* this AM!

        1. Kathy in western NY

          Diane – well the snowplow drivers must be doing good finally as more snow is coming down on them today. Lake affect bands off Lake Erie and pushing north. Thruway ban to commercial vehicles in affect again due to winds and snow making it hazardous. I got a severe weather alert on my phone early this morning. Just need to go to Wegmans before the game and get some snack foods as long as our area stays safe. 60 miles away and I feel for them dealing with this again.

      2. Sherrill

        RE that stadium in Buffalo…I find it hilarious that we in the warmer states build our stadiums enclosed yet the fans up north love to watch a game outside in the deep freeze!!! LOL Here in DFW we have enclosed football AND baseball stadiums because we always want to be comfortable no matter the game.

        1. Kathy in western NY

          I know Sherrill….we say the same thing watching games around the country. There was controversy over this as they are building a new stadium but it won’t be covered. It’s a New York tough attitude around here but it doesn’t matter with reckless ones who jeopardize other people. My husband was in our outdoor hot tub this morning in 10 degree weather. He loves winter here. Good thing I like sewing inside. Opposites attract I guess.

          1. Kris in WI

            Ouch, that had to be cold in Buffalo for the game. At the end of the game, I saw what I thought were cans of soda (or maybe Iowa Iced tea) being shaken, popped open, and exploding all over. Nope! Just handfuls of snow being enthusiastically tossed in air! Shame on me for ever having such a thought from Packer Land. Sorry, Bills.
            It’s 10* here too, but the sun is shining so I’m going out to clean up the snow drift that has fallen from the roof onto the sidewalk. Then back in to do laundry and sneak in a little time at the sewing machine on my purple project.
            No idea on how to handle your big bundle of shavings, Mary, other than to fashion a sling from those yellow tie down straps and some canvas. So sorry about the goose not doing well.
            Diana in Des Moines, I like your “cloak room” idea for coats & things and the pink bouquet below is a lovely reminder that spring is only a few months away!
            Adding my thanks to all who sent pictures and to Mary for sticking to it through the tech issues. Stay safe, everyone. Kris

          2. Mary Etherington Post author

            Kathy – hot tub? How does he get from the house to the tub in the severe cold? Maybe he just holds his breath and skampers fast!

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central ohio

        Mine is, too. I haven’t show it to him, YET! He gmhas to recover from his surgery, then, projects. He offered to build me a ladder, too, which I like!
        Thanks for sharing, Pat. It is up to 21* now! We might melt😹😹

  25. brendalynne1

    bring on the photos of the “stashes” so i can show them to my husband when he wonders whether i need to do any more fabric shopping,

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