Points of Interest #9, 1-15-24

Chore time!

23 thoughts on “Points of Interest #9, 1-15-24

  1. Susie Lenz

    Wow! That was a lot of great photos! It’s so fun to see how people decorate with quilts,cross-stitch,cupboards,bowls,etc. Thank you Mary for a fabulous show!

  2. patti

    so inspiring to see young people embracing sewing. pictures of things we’ve owned or do own, great decorating ideas. love the bundle ready for chores. much sturdier than me. patti in florida

  3. Sandy

    Hi Mary, my smoke alarm went off while Kevin Costner built an outdoor fire on yellow stone! It’s a crazy alarIts hard to imagine just how cold it is for you!

  4. Susan in VA

    I went through all of the Points of Interest posts before commenting. I loved these! Mary, this was such a wonderful idea. I need to get a picture sent and will hopefully do it today.
    We got snow in Virginia — Yay! — about 4-5 inches. It’s not a whole lot, but way more than we’ve had in the past couple years. It’s going to be cold the rest of the week and then a chance of more snow on Friday! I love the peacefulness and how it slows us down for a couple days.

  5. RuthW in MD

    Oh! So the young lady sewed that Smore’s jacket herself!! Lovely! Thank you for these great “Postcard Delights”!! They are sized so nicely – and so many people are sharing. So glad you are for these, Mary. Stay warm!

  6. Cathie

    Great pictures! It shows how talented everyone is. Love the violin cross stitch. Just beautiful.
    Thank you, Mary, for sharing and thank you to those who sent in the pictures!
    That motorcycle should at least get a ticket!

  7. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    Wow!! What a wonderful array of art! That’s what I think of when I see all the beautiful ways people have showcased their favorite things. And thank you, Mary, for requesting and then sharing with all of us!

  8. Pat in AZ

    This is so much fun getting to peek into other people’s special places. What a diverse group but yet so much alike. Thanks for orchestrating this, Mary! It’s entertained me for hours!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat in AZ – this was the perfect time to do it – I’ve been thinking about it for awhile but wanted to get past the holidays and then the bad weather hit. It’s been a nice diversion, hasn’t it?

  9. Fran

    I sure enjoyed all the eye candy. Thank you to all who participated.

    I went to get in my car to go caucus last night and my garage door would not open. If I was 20 yrs younger I would have walked. So that was a disappointment. Not able to attend caucus first of all and secondly not able to get up and release the thingy that would allow me to open the door physically, if I can even do that anymore. I would try. But I won’t get on the ladder to do the release. And I have an appointment tomorrow and retreat next week. Gotta get it repaired. My negligence biting me in my butt.

    Sorry to dump my woes here. Seeing all the photos today was a wonderful few moments. Thank you.

    Fran in SW Iowa

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Fran – oh, that’s too bad! I hate when I can’t do things I used to do but just think what could have happened if you had fallen – in this cold and nobody would know you were laying in the cold garage!!! I hope you can get a repairman quickly.

  10. Connie in NV

    Loved all the pictures from a bunch of creative women! So nice to see the young girl sewing, it fills a person full of pride to complete a project. She will have many hours of enjoyment if she continues to sew in the future.

  11. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in 16* Central Ohio

    Who is that masked woman? Ahhh, it’s our Mary:) Hope you stayed warm.
    This is so much fun to see all of the unique collections from around the country and the world:) i love seeing everything. This is my third time through these posts:)
    We are an interesting bunch of talented women aren’t we. I love the quilts, cross stitches, embroideries, collections etc etc.
    THANK YOU, Mary, for doing this. It is so much fun.

  12. Joy in NW Iowa

    I love love all the pictures of all your special things. They are all so nice! I do not have a collection of pink antique depression glass or some of the other pretty collections you all have.
    My chuckle came of Mary all bundled up to go outside! Mary you looked about like my husband when he was all bundled up to go out to scoop the apron because his snowblower didn’t start! Ugh! Well today it got to 4 above!
    Hang in there everyone!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – no matter how I’m dressed my fingers are cold as is one side of my face. I can’t work with mittens on so that’s out. Someone asked about my white coat – thrift store, not my choice for a chore coat!

  13. Jackie in NY

    I love this idea Mary! Thanks to the reader who suggested it! Beautiful cross stitched violin and I love that entryway with the black and white photos and that welcome poem!

  14. Nancy Schmalenberger

    I have a really good photo of bad parking but I don’t know how to reach you by email. Can you email me your email address or how to send a photo? Thanks.

    1. RuthW in MD

      Look on the blog, under the picture of Mary and Connie. Blogger email addresses are nearly ALWAYS posted right on the blog.

  15. Jeanne Fee

    Mary, I have not been able to see any of your points of interest lately. I don’t know what is going on, just an FYI.

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