Let’s Start Over! 2-28-21

It just never pays to try to rush through something that should be thought out, like I did with the bullseye post. Good grief!

So what about that third circle? Have you considered using those circles you cut out of the back of previous rounds? If your previous circle, the second one, was cut from a 6″ square, the last one just has to be smaller, right? I would suggest a 4″ square but my first choice would be those cut away circles which might need to be trimmed down.

See this stack of circles?

I have several stacks like this and I’m going to cut them just a bit smaller so I can use them as the third round.

The next step in two weeks will be cutting the blocks in quarters and resizing OR resizing and then cutting into quarters, which ever way you choose.

Here are the Dirty Dozen:

I quilted this Big Star quilt yesterday and tonight I will bind it.

I’m also finishing up Dot, Dot, Dot which will be ready for quilting.

Then I think I can cut into the blue and white fabrics – I’m looking forward to a new project. I think it’s about time to make another log cabin quilt.

My apologies for the earlier post because I was rushing. My fingers got ahead of my brain!

28 thoughts on “Let’s Start Over! 2-28-21

  1. Peggy S

    Oh, my Mary!! Don’t worry about a little mistake. I just love seeing “Chickenscratchcountrythreads” showing up in my in box!! Get to read some more from the great state of Iowa!! 😉

    Peggy S

  2. Jan from TN

    Hi Mary!
    First, I can’t wait to see you new, updated Bullseye quilt. Looks like it’ll be bright & happy!
    Also, I LOVE your red & white Big Star quilt & your straight line quilting. That seems to be the popular way to quilt nowadays & it seems to look great on most everything.
    You get so much done. I’m just slow at the entire process. But my stuff gets done eventually. Lol! Have a good week! Hugs! 🤗
    March Madness starts soon & I know you love to watch those games! Enjoy!

    1. Kay Crandall

      Thanks, Judy. The pattern is called Sugar and Spice by Cindi McCracken Designs. The quilt takes one 40 strip jelly roll and is really fun and easy. It’s my “go to” quilt whenever I need to make one quickly to give away.
      Her website is wwwcindimccracken.com.

    2. Kay Crandall

      Thanks, Judy. I replied to this once, but don’t see it posted so here goes again. The pattern for the quilts is called Sugar & Spice by Cindi McCracken Designs (www.cindimccracken.com). The quilt takes a 40 strip jelly roll and is fun and easy to do. It is my “go to” quilt to make when I want a quick gift – I think I’ve already made 8 of them.

  3. Jeanine

    Hi Mary,
    This is weird, but no comments are showing up on my computer on your last three entries today. I see on the side bar that there have been comments, but none here on my computer. I wonder if it is something I did on my computer?!? Will see if this will show up. I have my Bullseye finished, but don’t want to send a picture of it yet.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Jeanine – I am having the same issue so hope this shows up today as I have seen no comments on the last three posts Hopefully another day makes the difference as I will need my grandchildren’s assistance if this continues. Ha!

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Kathy in western NY – Kayla is aware of this issue – it corrected itself the last time and I have no idea why it happened. I do NOT think it’s at your end.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Jeanine – thank you for letting me know – Kayla must have worked her magic! Yay!!!

    2. Sheila in WI

      I have had the same thing happen, Jeanine. Last night there weren’t any comments and this morning they are here. I’m also waiting to see if it’s just a momentary glitch. Just thought you’d appreciate knowing that you aren’t the only one that this is happening to.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Sheila in WI – I appreciate knowing, too, so I can tell Kayla

    3. Nancy S.

      Glad to see I am not the only one missing comments. They would not load from sidebar either. More tech issues?

    4. Pat Williams

      I am having the same issue. Don’t know of anything I did to my iPad. If I go to the blog from the internet I can see comments but not when it comes in email, can’t see comments in the same ones as you. Pat in Iowa City

    5. Pat Williams

      I am having same issue. Can see comments if I go to blog on internet but not in email. It is the last 3 for me also. I use iPad and don’t think I have done anything differently. Pat in Iowa City

  4. Sunflower from Michigan

    Beautiful finishes the last several posts! Very interesting about your chickens toenails. I’ll bet if you inquired about nail trimming for your goats with the local 4-H leader, you could find someone to do that for you. Take care.

  5. patti leal

    mary, your last statement in this blog post – really?? do you truly think none of the rest of us have never done the same thing? i do way more often than i wish. one reason i don’t respond as much as i could. tomorrow is my covid vaccine in the afternoon, but first thing i have to see the chf people as the swelling in my legs has gone crazy. i’m not sure she truly thought it was going to go away from friday mornig to monday morning. hopefully it isn’t too too bad. take care. patti in florida

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti Leal – I’m so sorry you’re having such leg issues! I hope it won’t keep you from getting your vaccination

      1. patti

        it didn’t. was really glad dh insisted on getting the rollator/transport chair over the weekend. i got to sit. would never have made it myself. and have next appointment already. thanks. patti in florida

  6. Kim J LeMere

    I really enjoy seeing all the finished quilts that folks are getting done. The big star quilt is lovely in red, I might have to do one of those, red is my color. I look forward to all those bullseye quilts that are being made. Its spring in TN and lots of rain showers.

  7. Holly

    Call me crazy but it is hurting me to cut the last bullseye down to a 4” is hurting my feelings. I am making one more cut. Do you see any issues with an extra eye?

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