March Dirty Dozen, 3-1-21

It’s time to pull out your unfinished projects that you numbered 1 – 12. Your project to finish before the end of March is NUMBER 10.

Here is my number 10. It’s another quilt by Lissa Alexander called Surrounded. (Kind of a different name!)

So what are you going to finish before the end of March?

17 thoughts on “March Dirty Dozen, 3-1-21

  1. Sue Jacobson

    No sewing. Getting my first knee replacement. Thanks for all the encouragement!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue Jacobson – good for you! You’ll be so glad you did this. My friend, Kathy, had her left one done last Thursday. I told her the first week isn’t much fun but things get better after that.

  2. Teresa

    Love the Surrounded quilt! Can’t wait to see it finished. Have a great day!

  3. Mary Hawk

    I made that from APQ magazine . It was called Tone it down there. I really like it for a summer quilt.

  4. DebMac

    What you have is a Burgoyne Surrounded quilt block. My MIL made a r/w/b version for our son’s 6th birthday. He was into all things military, Navy brat, and we lived near Colonial Williamsburg so she felt this pattern fit hiim. It turned out beautiful and she really enjoyed making it. Her pattern was named Burgoyne’s Retreat though. Have fun!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      DebMac – of course! Duh! I should have realized that myself – I am anxious to work on it!

  5. Deb Harrison

    Started mid January on 2nd of two quilts a camping friend in Tx brought me, assuming I would do them as I had done two birthday quilts for her the year before. This LAST quilt had a quilt was made by sewing very old Grandmother’s flower garden rounds to back ground 12” squares with 2.5” sashing (unfinished) around all 4 sides of each block. 7 blocks across by 8 down. Will be longarmer in June. Last one I do for someone outside MY family or friends. After we move in April, will concentrate on four laptops for two sisters and two brothers in law.
    All nieces and nephews received baby blankets and one Green Bay Packer quilts. My kids received queen size quilts. Honor received the fox quilt for achieving her masters. She retuned both quilts, last year. Her queen southwestern style quilt was given to auction for pet rescue and I kept the fox quilt. She gave them up as part of her ADD/ADHD anxiety issues. She cannot handle “stuff” well.
    Both grands have their baby quilts and a Dr. Seuss quilt designed reading quilt. I leave 3 quilts of valors in Dumont and another Dr.Seuss and a Spanish language quilt which accompanied two books, all donated to the library. Have donated Christmas quilts for Community Club Christmas raffle and many baby quilt gifts.

    Going to teach my daughter in law’s mother how to sash and complete her beginner sampler blocks (her UFO from 12 yrs ago and teach at least one of Hallee’s best friends beginning quilter lessons. Donating my left over red, white and blue fabrics to Hallee and her mom for her Navy brother’s QOV. Taught Hallee to sew when grandson was 6 months ( now he is 9!!!) and I brought her to Country Threads.

    Will still read you every day and miss you from afar. All my CT books will have pride is place on my bookshelves in new dedicated spot in condo!

    And I will never forget the Christmas night phone call from you when Jake died. The quilt I made with Red in the CT fabric adobe dedication label to Red and Jake will be on our Bed. I am your forever fan!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deb Harrison – what are you saying here, Deb? Are you giving up quilting? Or just getting rid of stuff? I see you do have several lap quilts on your to-do list. I’m with you – I’m not finishing up anybody’s quilt projects but my own. Nobody knows how much work it is and I doubt any of my recipients actually give a hoot. When I do make a quilt specifically for someone, I do think about them while I make it. Did your TX friend think she was doing you a favor, providing projects to work on? What a joke!
      I do remember when Jake died – I was so sad for you!

  6. Joyce from NY

    Mary I don’t seem to be getting the comments. They aren’t showing up on my phone, is anyone else having this problem. I love the comments as much as the blog, both so informative!!

  7. Judy

    My number 10 is actually a Christmas quilt. Just a simple 9 patch using 5 inch charm packs. However, the border is a keyboard border with scalloped edges. I was late to the game and started in February. Was able to finish January’s project and got the top completed for February’s project. Love these challenges and revisiting the old projects. It’s so satisfying to complete something that was forgotten.

  8. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l have the same problem with comments not showing up, then appearing a day later.I’m enjoying getting lots of emails from you, wish I had the time to do the bullseye quilt. Stay safe everyone , best wishes from sandy

  9. Kathleen R Robin

    I got every thing from your last post this morning. So wonder what is happening.

  10. Sandra Fraenkel

    I am watching PBS Newshour. In the background of one speaker is a bullseye quilt on a sofa🙂🙂🙂

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandra – yes! It’s been there all winter and I even wrote to him and asked who made it but I got new response. How are you?

  11. Kim J LeMere

    I’m not doing the UFO thing but I will continue to work on a king size quilt I started for a girlfriend to honor her wedding (which took place almost 2 years ago, ugh) she has since passed from Covid but I want to finish it for her spouse. We are planning a celebration of life in August and I hope to have it done so I can give it in person. We should all been vaccinated by then and it will be safe to travel form TN to Wisc for the celebration. I certainly regret not getting it done when she was alive, so its important for me to finish it now. She helped me pick the fabrics and pattern, some days its easier to sew on it and some days not so easy.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim LeMere – oh my, what a generous gift to her spouse! And she died of Covid? It’s too sad to think about – married just 2 years and is gone. Tragic and a king size quilt is not easy to make – so huge! I vowed I’d never make another one.

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