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We aren’t going to start sewing just yet because too many of you still don’t have your book.  In the meantime remember that this is a charm book and you could always start by cutting 5″ squares if you’re cutting from your own fabrics.  Here is the cutting recipe for those of you cutting from scrap:

Each block is made from 2 rectangles, 2-1/2″ x 5″ and 1 rectangle 1-1/4″ x 5″. The two rectangles measuring 2-1/2″ x 5″ would not have to match if you’re cutting from scrap but mine did.

Ignore the line about the gray strips for now – that is actually the binding.

If you’re using a charm pack, the 2-1/2″ x 5″ rectangles will actually be a charm cut in half so they will match.  The strips in the middle of each block are cut from yardage added to the charm pack.  Here are those cutting directions:

These cutting directions will help you get started.  I picked equal numbers of reds and lights so I could cut 2 blocks of each but it’s up to you.  If you want to cut strictly from your fabric collection, start by cutting 5″ squares. 

Here are my reds and lights:

Connie has already finished her Split Square Quilt.  She cut a layer cake into 4 charm packs and made her Split square project from one of those charm packs.  It’s already quilted and Ruthie has blessed it as you can see in this picture.

And now a Chicklet update.  Chicklet is doing great!  He/she can fly to the top of the door now to roost with Mommy.   Chicklet still wants to sleep underneath Mommy and because Chicklet is getting pretty big, poor Mommy has to stand up all night long.  Spoiled little chicken!  It’s so hard to get a decent picture – here’s my best effort.

A friend of Rick’s asked me the other day if Chicklet would make it through the cold winter and I laughed and said, Of course, the barn is heated, you know!”

Both of my old orchids are blooming – I almost threw them away but decided to put them outside last summer and they roared back to life!

Tonight I will start cutting my Split Squares project but will repeat everything next week if you’re not ready to start.

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  4. Emily

    Good Morning, Mary;

    Catching up on my reading of your blog. Thanks so much for posting the cutting recipe of the quilt. I love yours and Connie’s red fabric idea. I am preparing my fabrics while I wait on the book. I love your blog and I love your books!
    That little chicken is adorable. Her mama is one good mama! I have chickens. I work from home and when I need a stress break, I take a “chicken break”. I always come back with a smile on my face ready to tackle the rest of the day!
    You take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

  5. Vicki

    Before I start cutting, I just wanted to make sure the cutting measurements were correct. If the measurements are right and looking at how the blocks go together, will the blocks have to be trimmed to 5″ since they’d be 5 1/4″ once the 2 1/2″ sections and the 1 1/4″ sections are sewn together? Sorry if I’m getting ahead but just wanted to cut right the first time. Thanks.

    1. Mary Says Sew!

      I wondered about the dimensions, too, or if each block is trimmed; i.e., “squared up”.

      The cutting instructions create a block that’s 5-1/4″ x 5″. (4-3/4″ x 4-1/2″, finished).

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Vicki – the cutting directions are correct – we will be trimming to 4-1/2″. Without a book, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all! If you had a book, you could read ahead.

  6. Karen

    Thank you for sharing the cutting instructions. Now I’ll be able to keep up until my book arrives.

  7. Sneed

    I like this quilt very much and am glad you posted the pictures. I need to make something quickly for a backdrop for Santa pics for the pets and believe I have enough in my stash to put this together.
    Also, I have a tiny little hen that loves to go “out” every morning. This morning she ran out of her little sliding door from the barn to the pen, but zoomed back inside in minutes, shaking her feathers and headed straight to the wood burning stove. Too cold out there!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sneed – please tell me about your little hen – do you have a wood burning stove in the barn? Do you have other hens? Is it now winter where you live and is she normally an outside chicken who comes in at night?

  8. msjean

    I was hoping to get the book in time to join in but according to Amazon’s tracking system it won’t arrive until December 1st.

  9. Kim

    Got my book yesterday. Just need to get out my 5″ square box and pull out an assortment to “play” with! Love the book!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kim – we will be waiting for others to receive their books so you will be fine.

  10. Becky R in IL

    Ordered book from Amazon but they sent me the wrong book!! Now waiting for them to resend my book. Will pull fabrics using your post information.

  11. Gloria

    It’s appropriate that Thanksgiving is right around the corner because it reminds me to thank you. I love your blog, your photos, your sharing of rural life in Iowa. You are very generous in sharing your life’s ups and downs. It makes me stop and reflect on how our lives are all connected and to the beings sharing our planet. My book hadn’t arrived yet so thanks for the cutting instructions. Looks like a great project. Thank you for being you and sharing you with us.

  12. Pamela

    Chicklet is so cute! What a good Mommy.
    Relieved 😌 you are postponing the beginning of the charm quilt. Hopeful my book will arrive right after Thanksgiving!

  13. Carolyn

    Oh My! Chicklet is one spoiled baby. Hopefully, Mom will get it figured it where she can snuggle that little one without standing up all night. Your new quilting project looks like loads of fun. Unfortunately, I have a big quilt in the making for a dear friend and need to get it finished before Christmas. Love your blog!😊

  14. Tammy Guerrero

    Chicklet is adorable. She has legs as long as her mom. Her mom looks very devoted to her.

  15. Diane

    That little Chicklet is obviously in charge of mom!! Thanks for suggesting a layer cake as an option, too. I also have some charm packs–you know, on sale, couldn’t resist, no particular quilt in mind…..
    It’s cute to see Ruthie enjoying “her” quilt. My friend made a quilt just for her cat:)

  16. Carol

    It’s been sweet for a suburban girl to watch Chicklet grow! Thanks for sharing the cutting directions. I like all the versions of this little quilt.

  17. Marilyn K Hooton

    I have the book just need to decide what charm squares I will use. I’m enjoying this already. Thank you.. The pictures are great.

  18. Cindie

    Got my book, charm pack and 1/4 yard fabric. Ready, set and waiting to go!
    Chicklet is so very cute.. 😀

  19. Deb F

    This quilt looks great. i must have missed an earlier post about this and the book. I’ll look through my inbox. The chicklet and mom are so cute.

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