Getting Ready For Winter

All that beautiful pampas grass has to be cut down before winter or our entry would be plugged with snow until spring.

So this was one of the jobs on my list today, our last beautiful warm fall day.  Here is the full load of cut pampas grass that I threw on the trailer for Rick to pull out to the burn pile.

The next job was putting on the porch covers.

After that I took off all 20 screens on the porches and cleaned them.  While I was cutting the pampas grass, I accidentally cut the electrical line to the water pump with the hedge trimmer so while I had to tackle these jobs by myself, Rick was repairing the line to the pump.  Ugh!  It was a very time expensive goof on my part and I paid dearly because I had to do all this without Rick’s help.

Here are my fabrics for the split square quilt.  As you can see, I’m going to make mine red and white.  Are you ready to start cutting?

Our weather is changing tomorrow, they say.  I’m looking forward to a sewing day.

10 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Winter

  1. Diana W

    I would love to be ready, but haven’t got my book yet. Pre-ordered from Amazon so should be any day now. Hope you don’t get much snow, they said we won’t get any in Des Moines, but windy and cold. Sewing with my peeps on Saturday. Beef stew and carrot cake. Yum!

  2. Cindy Sabinske

    I will be sewing tomorrow too if I do not have to go to work, sounds like a bunch of snow and terrific winds…hope it fizzles out totally.

  3. Angie Rowland

    Sounds like a definite sewing day. I see the us map and it looks UGLY for the folks in the midwest. We are to get cold in Baltimore on Sunday but no snow. Stay safe and make a pot of soup. I have learned to make NO KNEAD BREAD. Embarrassingly easy and great with soup. Look it up on UTUBE
    Stay safe.

  4. Marcia Rocheleau

    Mary, you continually amaze me with your energy and all you accomplish. I must have something missing from my diet! ha
    Actually, I’m spending more time helping to care for my baby granddaughter than anything else but no complaints about that. I enjoy reading your posts.
    Eagan, MN

  5. Joyce

    We’re on the map for 6-10″ of snow tomorrow. It’s raining now so that’ll mean ice under the snow! Ugh! I’m staying in and finishing my 2nd UFO this month!!! So enjoy every post!

  6. Connie McGrew

    Still waiting for my book to arrive. While those of us who don’t have a book are waiting, will you tell us the first part of the instructions? Like how do we pick the fabrics? How many lights and darks? I’m anxious to begin, but can’t make your picture large enough to read the instructions. Still pretty warm down here in mid Missouri. The cold is supposed to hit us on Saturday. I’m ready for a sewing day.

  7. Karen

    I spent my day yesterday as you did by finishing up the very last necessary outdoor projects. Like a couple other commenters I, too, am still waiting for my copy of the book to arrive. Please share the instructions for each step as you start the sew-along.

  8. Jeanie

    My book arrived today from Mandy–so excited! Apparently, yesterday was our last nice day, as it is raining in southwestern IL today.

  9. Ann Barlament

    Was a dreary morning which turned into rain, then by 2pm it began snowing. It’s collecting on the grass and melting on the sidewalks and driveway. Doubt this will cause problems today, the ground is too warm.

    Guess I can’t hope for 60 degrees all winter long…dang!

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