Life Is Not Fair

Remember this picture taken of the “twins”, Ben age 3 and Claire age 5, taken on February 27?  We jokingly call them the twins because Ben weighs more than Claire even though he’s 2 years younger.  Just look at that sweet face!  Yesterday Ben was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  He will be in the hospital getting chemo for a week and then get further chemo as an outpatient for 3 years.  Roy and Connie and Ben’s family are all shocked and very sad to think that Ben will have to endure these treatments.  I know you will all remember them in your thoughts and prayers.  Should you want to send a card to Ben Tesene, here is his address:

Ben Tesene

8342 Heritage Bend Rd. 

West DesMoines, IA 50266

Connie’s son, Joe, is a dentist in Des Moines.  Life’s priorities can change in the blink of an eye, can’t they?  What I was so concerned with just 2 days ago, now pales in comparison.  I was having such a good time watching March Madness

36 thoughts on “Life Is Not Fair

  1. Freda Ireland

    I have just read all the comments you received, many sending Hugs & Prayer for Ben! Glad to hear about the many successful Treatments! Great News about Bone Marrow results! We here will all stay very hopeful and we send our Thoughts & Prayer to Friends, Family and Little (Big Ben)! Sorry for this Stressful situation and all that Ben Must endure! I worked in a Children’s Hospital in the Late 1960’s and found the children, for the most part, were up beat and took it day by day! Being so young they are not aware of all that they must face! I know you will keep us posted! Freda in Alabama

  2. Carol

    I will definitely keep Ben and his family in my prayers. Thank you for his address. Is there anything he especially likes- dinosaurs, cars, super heroes, etc? I will try to find a card that has something he enjoys. God bless this adorable little one and his family and give them strength.

  3. Susan Peters

    Sending prayers, good thoughts, strength and courage for their long road ahead!!!

  4. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Oh Mary, how awful for Ben and his family, friends and loved ones. You are all in our thoughts.


  5. Kim

    It is hard to believe this rosy checked little guy coild be so very sick. I hope his treatments work their magic and with the least amount of hurting. I’ll keep this family in my prayers. Thanks for letting us know, Mary.

  6. Randy Danto

    I hate to hear stories about such young children being stricken. As I understand it, though, it’s treatable and I’ll be sending the best wishes and hugs your way!

  7. Rosemary

    Connie’s family will be in our thoughts and prayers as they endure what lies ahead. You’re right, life doesn’t seem fair sometimes, but you have to take it one day at a time and trust they will all grow through the experience. God’s blessings to all of them….

  8. Charlotte Barnard

    I am lifting the Tesene family and dear Ben in prayer, and his doctors and all his caregivers too, and adding them to the prayer list at my church! xoxoxo

  9. Cynthia Arneson

    How sad I am to hear this about Ben. I will keep him and his family in my prayers. Such sadness for a sweet, little boy. God be with them in the tough days ahead.

  10. Jeri Niksich

    Prayers with the family. My Granddaughter had the exact same when she was 12, she is now a healthy college 20yr old. Hope it helps to know this type of Leukaemia. has the highest cure rate.

  11. Tammy Guerrero

    Something like this makes you realize how fragile life is. My thoughts and prayers will be with Ben and his family. What a beautiful child. Remember god has a plan for each and everyone of us.

  12. Pat

    Such heart breaking news. Will keep the little guy and his family in my prayers. Miracles do happen.

  13. Kate Schloemer

    My heart goes out to all of you. Ben will definitely be in my prayers as well as his family. It is a awful disease. I pray God will help us find a cure.

  14. Pamela Klemm

    I am so sorry to hear this news. We went through something similar with our third son when he was almost three. He was at Children’s Hospital here in DC. My parents had to come up from Florida to take care of the older two. Such a scary time for everyone. He and the family are in my thoughts and prayers. I am sending a little get well box.

  15. Launa

    Mary and Connie….Such sad news from Iowa. My heart goes out to sweet young Ben and all who love him as he starts his road to recovery. Sending prayers for him as he starts his chemo treatments. Stay strong my friends.

  16. Connie Blyler

    Mary – and Connie – my youngest grandson was diagnosed with ALL when he was 18 mos. old. Over the next 3-4 years he underwent treatment both in Minnesota (Minneapolis Children’s Hosp) where they lived at that time; and finished in Georgia (Children’s Hospital of Atlanta) after moving a couple of hours from Atlanta. James endured and survived it like the real trooper he is – as did their whole family (Mom, Dad, and 5 siblings). He is now 11 years old and doing well. Yes, your life and priorities can change in an instant. A strong faith is essential at this time – along with access to super medical care. Ben et. al. will be added to my prayer list! I assume you’ll keep us updated as things move forward!

  17. Leslie

    Treatments have come SO far, and new cures found everyday. Prayers for ALL the family, cuz it affects all of you. God Bless the family, the Drs. And the caregivers! It’s all in the attitude-stay positive!

  18. Angie Rowland

    May he be one of the lucky ones that bears this treatment well. It is so wrong to have to do this to children. May God Bless he and his family.

  19. Beth T.

    Oh, Mary. I am so sorry to hear about this, as I know how deeply a diagnosis like this will affect everyone who loves Ben.

    But cancer treatment has come so far, thanks to St. Jude’s, and countless dedicated researchers across the country. They have turned Ben’s diagnosis into a marathon of treatments–which can be so hard for the family, to be sure, but still, a marathon allows you to look forward to that moment when Ben crosses the finish line.

    I’m working on a kid-sized quilt for Happy Chemo, and will be thinking of Ben as I stitch away.

  20. Kathy Schwartz

    How very sad. God will take care–have faith. Please keep us posted. Prayers.

  21. Martha Engstler

    May God bless and watch over them. He’s so young to have to go through those awful treatments. They will be in my prayers.

  22. Marilyn Morley

    Bless each of them as they suffer in their different ways – God be very near to each one. M

  23. Carol

    I am so sad to hear this news. I was hoping your caption, a Life is not Fair might refer to one of those mundane things that annoy us daily. It’s all about perspective, that is for sure. I will pray for the best outcome possible.

  24. PJ

    So very sorry to hear that young boy will have to go thru all this, life sure can throw us curves, n it stinks!!!! Lots of prayers his way!!!!πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

  25. Julianna

    My prayers to the whole Tesene family. I will pray for strength for all – times like these I try to remember we have such advancements in medicine. God bless!

  26. Sandy Bessingpas

    Oh my..I have dealt with leukemia with my husband and several friends. There are so many different types, and I personally know of many successful treatments. It is tough going, but stay positive and you will get through it. Will keep Ben in. My prayers for sure.

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