Another Bowl of Show and Very Little Tell


Roy and Connie got back to Garner last night and Connie repacked her bags this morning and headed back to Des Moines where she can help with Claire while Nina is at the hospital with Ben.  I believe he will get his second round of chemo today and I will keep you posted as best I can.  Thank you on behalf of Connie for all your kind messages to Ben and his family.  My post yesterday posted before I was finished typing.  I was saying that priorities change so fast.  I was so upset with my new haircut as the gal layered my hair that I have spent years growing out!  New gal and obviously she and I were not on the same page.  Then the news about Ben and of course he will lose his cute curls – so what am I complaining about?  My hair can grow out.  From this moment on I will embrace my “new look” even though it isn’t what I had in mind.  How can I be upset about a haircut?

28 thoughts on “Another Bowl of Show and Very Little Tell

  1. Michele

    Are you kidding? I thought you hair on Sunday was CUTE!!!!! Really!! Love the new look. Makes you look sassy!! Which of course you are. 😉

  2. Sharon Ernst

    My very best wishes and heartfelt prayers are with little Ben and his family. I have a grandaughter who was diagnosed with AML at age 7 months. It was a very tough year of chemo and recovery each time. She also had beautiful curly hair – which she lost. But after treatments, that glorious hair came back in full force! She is now 12 years old! And she donated her hair last year to Locks of Love. There is always hope. Never let go of that!

  3. Carol

    I am feeling very sad for Ben’s parents, who are shouldering such great pain, watching their child suffer. For the grands, helping out while they are crying inside. And for Ben, who won’t understand what’s going on. And then you, Mary, who is always so kind to everyone, watching your friends’ pain.

    I was glad to read the post about the 12 year old donating her hair to Locks of Love! So now we know Ben is going to come through this with his lovely hair grown back in! Probably in ten years, he will be sporting a Mohawk (my son pulled that for about ten minutes) or green hair (my nephew has a green do and my sister puts up with it!)… and everyone will ignore it out of gratitude for his speedy recovery!

    Many prayers headed your way.

  4. Angie Rowland

    The difference between and bad haircut and a good one is a week. Bless Ben. I am sure that Connie is sick to her stomach that such a dear little boy is going through such a rough thing. Prayers for all. When things like this occur I always count my blessings that we are blessed with healthy grandchildren. Your life can change in an instant and we never know.

  5. Tanya

    We are sending love and prayers to you and Connie and all of Ben’s family and friends. The doctors can work such miracles these days and hospitals have Child Life specialists to “distract” children during procedures. We are hoping every day will be a little better.

  6. Martha

    Blessings of love and light from a quilter in Maine, surrounding Connie and her family, in this time of Ben’s leukemia. May hopefulness bring light to the darkness. May Ben’s medical caregivers be compassionate and brilliant.

    May Connie’s family find moments of joy in each and every day, greeting each new dawn with hopefulness and reflecting on the blessings of each day at sunset.

  7. sandra

    With tears in my eyes,I pray for Connie and her family.May the health of this little boy be restored,and may his family find comfort in the prayers of friends and strangers.

  8. Rhoda E

    Your haircut puts it all in perspective for sure like the bombing in Belgium puts our minor complaints in perspective. It will not be a happy Easter for those folks.

  9. sue

    So very sorry to hear of Ben’s diagnosis. My thoughts and prayers are with the whole, extended family and the care providers. True, we have little to complain about in comparison to the unexpected detours in life that some must travel. It’s such a blessing that Connie is able to be there to help.

  10. Louise

    Prayers indeed for Ben and hs family. He looks like a fighter.
    And we all know Who is really in charge here don’t we?
    God’s blessings for all.

  11. Bonnie

    I echo Louise’s comment——-we all know Who is in charge. My heart goes out to Ben and his family. It is so very difficult to watch those we love suffer. One of my granddaughters was born with cancer, a malignant tumor on her adrenal gland. She had surgery at age 5 days. She is now 20 and attending college. There is always hope and I too am sending all my prayers and positive thoughts. I pray that Connie and her family can find something for which to be thankful at the end of each day.

  12. Launa

    Mary, Those of us with curly hair know it “tightens up”….I’m not pleased with my last week’s cut either; seems like my “greying” hair is coming in coarse. That’s better than the alternative for sure.
    The pictured nylon run “mender” reminded me of going to the wonderful corner department store with my grandma where a lady would actually be behind a counter with a nylon stretched over a glass using a fine crochet type hook to “mend” nylons; everything was rationed in those times!
    Special prayers and thoughts to Ben and his loving family and friends.

  13. Betty Klosterman

    Whether it is green, a Mohawk, curly or bald, IT IS JUST HAIR!! We seem to put so much importance on it, but it will grow back. All of our thoughts are with all of you. We just never know what we can survive, but we do. Never give up hope.
    Now, what is the “thing” between the horse in the embroidery hoop jumping the fence and the old embroidery hoop with 2 spools of darning thread (or something) in it? I’ve never seen anything like that. It’s in the 5th picture from the top.

  14. Dee W

    Oh good! Betty also wants to know what that thing is. I looked at it a couple times, no clue here. I know when you open it up, we will both go, Oh Yeah! Thanks.

    Life is tough, whether they are young or old, when our loved ones are sick, it’s hard. Ben will appreciate the chance that getting well will afford him, and he’ll grow up big and strong. You can’t expect anything else when all of us pulling for him!

  15. Vickie

    I had breast cancer 8 years ago. After that my philosophy is that “it’s only hair.” It will grow back! Believe me I was a happy camper to just have hair when it grew back.

    Remembering Ben and his family. They’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  16. Barbara Russell

    You are so right. An event like this does make you think about what is important. My heart goes out to Connie and her family. So many of us will be praying for them as they go through this very difficult time. It just does not seem fair that an innocent child has to go through something like this.

  17. Patricia G Hayes

    Many many prayers and good wishes to Little Ben and his family too. |Times have changed for them now and they all need love. Piffle

  18. Miriam

    My sincere best wishes to Little Ben, Connie and the entire family.
    A diagnosis of that magnitude certainly makes one realize just who/what really matters. All of a sudden perspective is 20-20., or maybe it becomes tunnel vision with only one focus.

  19. Jane b.

    We have lived in my current town almost four years. I’ve had to start cutting hubby’s hair. My own is due to be cut but I don’t have the courage to face the hairdressers here. I had lived in Pennsylvania 12 years and only got one bad haircut. Illness is hard to accept but is beyond our control so we are forced to accept it. Beautician incompetence is a situation we can change. A victim feels violated.

  20. Kathy Schwartz

    May God grant all of the family peace and assurance at this time.

    Thanks for sharing all of your photos. Very interesting.

  21. Rebecca Haines

    Hang in there, they are going to need a good friend like you. I’m praying for all of you

  22. J Streetman

    I think the hook Betty is asking about is a button hook. When shoes had buttons instead of laces. My mother used to have one.

  23. Sara Reynolds

    I love, love, love all those old sewing tools, etc. I have some, but not nearly as many as you.

    Prayers for Connie’s little grandson and all of the family.

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