The Chicks Arrived

 I got the call 

at 7 am and the girls and I jumped in the van at 7:10 to go to the Garner post office.  Just inside the back door were 2 boxes of peeping chicks.  The smaller of the two boxes was mine.  I set the box of chirping chicks on the console of the van and Telly and Faye were beside themselves with curiosity.  We took them into the kitchen and opened the box – oh what fun!

Off to the barn we went.  Each chick must have its beak dipped in water to teach it to drink otherwise they won’t live.  The heat bulbs were already in place and it’s a good thing because we are supposed to get about 5″ of snow tonite.

Good news about Ben – no cancer cells were found in his bone marrow!  I asked Connie what he likes and she said he likes any little boy toys.  She is so appreciative of all your kind comments and positive stories.  We all thank you for taking the time and making the effort to post on this blog!  You will probably never know how much they appreciate your kindness in such a stressful time in their lives.  Thank you hardly covers it.

42 thoughts on “The Chicks Arrived

  1. Ann from NC

    I love your new chicks!!! I used to raise 100 chicks as a 4-H project!!!! Loved the baby peeps.

  2. Ann Barlament

    Praise God for Ben’s good news!!!! Will continue to keep them all tucked safely in my thoughts and prayers.

    Such curious, questioning looks on the pups faces. And what a variety of chicks, they will keep you busy!

  3. dixie

    Brings back childhood memories. I loved baby chick time! I can almost smell and hear them. When I was a toddler I crawled through the “chicken door” just to watch and play with them. Mom was frantic and looked everywhere for me-including in the stock tank and on the road, etc. So many places to look on a farm! What a relief to find me safe and sound in the brooder house. Enjoy your babies! Hope they are snug and warm with this cold snap.

  4. Emily

    So glad to hear the news about sweet little Ben! I will continue to have all in my thoughts and prayers. Love seeing your cute little chicks and their greeting the new members of the farm.

    Take care.

  5. Felicia Hamlin

    It was good to hear the good news about your little friend. He looks so sweet in that picture. May those treatments help him get healthy. Felicia

  6. Rhonda D

    Oh gosh, catching up with your blog and just read about Ben’s diagnosis. I’m glad to read here there is some good news. Sending prayers for his health and for the whole family.
    Enjoy your chicklets, they’re always such fun 🙂

  7. Launa

    Hi Mary, Ben’s wonderful news and your colorful chicks’ pictures sure have brightened this sunny day. Thanks for sharing your trip to the PO with the critters. Warm thoughts and prayers for Ben and his family. We all really care.

  8. Bonnie

    Thank God for the good news about Ben. Lots of prayers coming his way from my family and friends here in Arizona. We are all showering God with our prayers for him.

  9. Crystal Daniels

    Wonderful news that no cancer cells were found in the bone marrow. Sending prayers for comfort, I know how hard it is to deal with a cancer in the family. Please keep us posted and know that there are many of us praying for a complete healing. Love your cute chicks…good luck with that new adventure! lol I enjoy all your posts, they make you feel like you’re taking part in your country life…love it!!

  10. Shirley

    The chicks are sooo cute! And thanks for the good news about Ben. Will continue to keep everyone in thought and prayer.

  11. Pamela Klemm

    I am so happy to hear about Ben. That is a true Easter miracle. I love your chicks, they are much prettier than ours which were always all yellow. For several years we also got ducklings and I recall with a smile one Monday morning when the Clinton Post Office called and it was Nettie. She said, “Pam the ducks have come and we couldn’t resist, we had to peak inside. They are so sweet, but Pam, a couple of them are escaping, so could you come and get them, ah, like now?”

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Isn’t it great to hear everybody’s feeling about baby chicks and ducks. Just had to laugh thinking about the little ducks running around the P.O. Oh, where is Clinton? Iowa?

  12. Suzanne Beech

    Praying for Ben’s family and your new brood of chicks! Hope they stay warm.

  13. Dixie

    You are a blessing to your friend Connie as you will support her throughout this trial of heartbreak. Ben is so young and his body will be able to fight this horrible disease. He is a beautiful little boy with the nicest smile only a child can do. Your chicks arrived so healthy! Have fun. I think of you often.

  14. Bonnie Specchio

    Nothing cuter than baby chicks! Your crew seems very interested – ha! Mine are coming April 27 – I ordered cuckoo marans – they lay chocolate brown eggs – can’t wait.
    Happy Easter!

  15. Jeanine

    Also happy to hear about Ben. Your chicks remind me of getting ours just a year ago, and now they are laying eggs for us. What is the green stuff in with their feed?

  16. LeAnn Keenan

    I’m so glad Ben and his family got some good news. He looks like such an active little guy. It’s hard to think of him having to go through all of that.

    As for those chicks — oh, my gosh!! They are so cute! I can hear the peeping from here.

  17. Katie Hayse

    Very good news about Ben. Must have caught it fast. Is Faye feeling better today?

  18. Delores

    Love all of your pets…..and the chicks are adorable. One of our favorite exhibits in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is the “hatching” of the eggs. How fun to watch as well as sharing the excitement of the young children as they watch in amazement.

  19. Polly Perkins

    thought and prayers go out to all of them …. so sad when a child gets something like this. Thank goodness they have a wonderful and strong family to support them all.

  20. Helen Jane

    Thoughts and prayers for Ben and his family. You too Mary for your reports about him. I do remember baby chicks arriving by mail and spending time in the kitchen when the cold winds were blowing on our farm in Texas. All your interests are amazing to follow.

  21. Deb

    We usually got 300 – 400 chicks each spring when I was growing up. We got a mixture of laying hens and roasters for freezing. We never dipped their beaks in water and I hadn’t heard about that. We just took them out of the boxes and kept food and water in the trays.

  22. Joanne

    Thoughts and prayers all the way from New England. Happy to hear the good news and pray only more good news to come. Joanne

  23. Janet

    Connie, I think Ben’s bone marrow results are due to all the prayer that those of us who are good pray-ers have been doing. I will continue prayer for this little guy.

  24. Mareen

    Hey Mary – Oh how I remember getting baby chicks – sometimes as many as 350…..yours are layers and are prettier tho but oh so much fun – love the smell of newborn chicks and the peeps they make. I wrote to Nina and also told her to ask myself or Aaron any questions they may have. We would love to help in any way. My prayers are with the whole family as it effects everyone……It is amazing all the little kids we saw while Aaron was in Omaha for his stem cell and cancer treatments. Kids bounce back and I pray his treatments go well. so glad it has not in his bones. Want to ask about Faye as well????? Hunker down for the snow but it should not last long we can hope.

  25. Kate Schloemer

    So happy to hear something positive with Ben’s condition. Their family continues to be in my prayers.
    The chicks are so cute. Forgot what it’s like to get them babies. My two daucshunds would not have been gentle with them.
    Love the blog. Makes me feel like you and Connie are such good friends with all of us. You have only seen me a hand fun of times in the store but always made a stop there at least once over the summers a few years ago. I have many of your patterns and books. Just love your patterns.

  26. Loris Mills

    This is a good day 🙂 Great news about Ben. He is certainly in our hearts and thoughts and most of all our prayers. And the chicks are adorable. What a treat to see their picture.

  27. Sharon Ernst

    Ho Mary! Those chicks are adoreable!!
    I would like to send a card to Ben – but misplaced the address you posted! Could you send it out again, please?
    Thank you!

  28. PJ

    First so excited for Ben…wonderful awesome news!!!!! Second…love the baby chicks n all of the variety
    Of colors n as a child on our farm taking care of n feeding the chickens was my job, but I never dipped their beak in water, had not heard of that n we had loads of chicks????? Thanks as always for your blog!!!! PJ

  29. Holly

    My thoughts and prayers are with Ben. No child should have to face that, and you’re absolutely right–life is not fair. It’s such a terrible thing for the whole family to face, but it’s good to hear there’s been some good news to filter the bad. And the chicks! That’s a box of joy right there, and such a nice mix of breeds. It will be such fun to watch them grow and feather out to their adult colors. My heart just melted. Oh how I loved getting chicks! I still have some of those fluffy toy Easter chicks that peep, just to hear that sound. I would be so tempted to get a few chickens, but they aren’t allowed in Two Harbors.

  30. Louise

    What good news regarding Ben! Prayers to continue for him. I can almost hear all those baby peeps!

  31. Susan

    If those chicks aren’t the cutest ever!! Wish we could have chickens, which is odd since we had 2 coups of them when I was little, and I didn’t care for them at all.

  32. MartyCae

    So happy to hear about Ben. Good thoughts and prayers are coming from Estherville.

  33. Kathy

    I follow your blog and am fascinated by your variety of hobbies and animals that have surrounded you. The chicks seem so fragile to travel through the mail but I suspect there is great care in their transport. It’s wonderful to see the interaction with your dogs and cats as they sniff out the newcomers. I also have a desire to start quilting and enjoy hearing about the news projects you start. Thanks for making my day interesting. I am praying for the young Ben with cancer and so glad to hear a good report.

  34. LuAnn Dekker

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Ben, his sister, parents and grandparents.

    LuAnn Dekker

  35. Susie Fiorito

    What a miracle. I have been praying!!!
    He still has a long road ahead I’m sure. I have been praying for little Ben and his family. His parents just need so much extra strength now to hold them up. The Lord has them in the hollow of His hand!

    The chicks are darling and so are the helpers!

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